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  • Trump will get punch Like👇 no more racism

  • thats a waste of money not a monster truck

  • What a junklord

  • My favorite was the jello

  • I loved the paintballs.

  • That’s a whole waste of things

  • You got 4x4 squared?

  • I'm just watching this because its number one on trending and because I'm bored

  • The tv

  • 1 on trending!

  • were yiu get the g wagon

  • This is so flipping the epic

  • Do the same exact things, but hydraulic press edition

  • da awesome LEMONADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That's not a monster's suburban fuckboy mobile...

  • I wish CS-tv would separate into 2 websites. One could be the actual good videos, the rest can be this bullshit Trending garbage full of smug millenials doing mundane things.

  • 2:20 for thumbnail

  • RIP green jello

  • I hata fanta i had UTI because i drink that 😡😡😠😡😠😡😡

  • Cause a lifted Jeep is a monster truck, gtfo

  • Why the duck is this #1 on trending

  • This is my favorite video by you

  • Why man the cheese balls are just the god perfect snack why just j j just why

  • Is in it your girl friends car

  • You crushed a TV! Oof i could have watched a lotbof spongebob on this 😂😂😹😹

  • Bro what about the tide pods

  • That's not a monster truck......

  • Your videos are better with Kayla like if agree

  • I just swallowed toothpaste

  • The monster truck that was rented

  • i tought thats Kalco rented car

  • TV

  • Wheres the monster Truck?

  • Like wtf this used to be a Minecraft channel 🤨

  • I loved this video so much😂

  • I thought you just rent it and i thougth its kayco's

  • Congratulations Hitting 3mill

  • Good Job getting on 1 trending

  • Ummm who’s gonna tell him it’s not a monster truck

  • "Ladies and gentlemen start you're engines"

  • My dad just called and said “I see you, last one to walmart loses.” He’s going 90 in a 55, gets pulled over. I’m dying bc he’s gonna get a ticket and I’m gonna win. Next thing I know this man flys by me and is getting a POLICE ESCORT TO WALMART.. I’m so done.

  • You finally surpassed Dora

  • Why must you kill dr pepper

  • Waste of food man. People are hungry around the world.

  • All that food that could of saved lives

  • The taco

  • #1 trending congrats

  • 1 trending.. GREAT JOB :D

  • How is this #1 on trending it must be a mistake


  • Way to go on #1 on trending

  • Retarded mother fucker it’s a a lifted g wagon not really exciting I’d prefer a 2019 lifted af dully ford platinum with big as tires

  • *crushing things in my lifted chick car

  • Congrats on 3 million subscribers

  • U just beat "Dora and the Lost City of Gold", with the MONSTER TRUCK

  • When you’re a spoiled rich kid w your monster G wagon toy and have too much time on your hands.

  • Why did you do this seriously

  • America now successfully entered finale level of “Bullshits” !

  • Why?

  • Just dustin? Is that you?

  • I would never destroy a tv for a vid like that Like if I agree

  • Bro 1 on trending

  • When you’re a spoiled rich kid w your monster truck and have too much time on your hands.

  • Gracias por tu apoyo. Aubscribete si no lo has hecho.

  • This is what you call a MoNsTeR tRuCk? And you’re in Texas? You must not get out much... settle down

  • Not a truck it’s an suv ya dill

  • The jelly one's is my favorite because green - unspeakable, orange or brown - moose, blue - shark and red - preston

  • Congrats on passing Dora

    • 1000 subscribers with No videos challenge was waiting on this comment

  • That’s a damn G wagon 😂

  • Weird flex but ok

  • your soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rich Man

  • Congrats on 1# in trending and I love your videos and like if you agree

  • Nathan u said in your last vlog that this g wagon was rented

  • instead of Crashing it,its more better if you give it to homeless

  • Time is tv

  • Just imagine how you could of donated all if that to people in need .

  • Use a unimog

  • Congrats on #1 trending

  • This kid is annoying af.

  • Congrats on 3M subs

  • Imagine being ran over by that thing

  • 2:31 All that Minute Maid they wasted 😫😫

  • It's a G wagon. I was going to give constructive criticism but I it's worth it.


  • That’s not a monster truck city slicker

  • Congrats on #2 on trending


  • Putting a lift on your car doesnt make it a monster truck

  • How a abot Anvil

  • #2 on trnding

  • I told u they still had it rented

  • quit wasting food

  • Well, now I want cheese balls!

  • Wow Unspeakable I want you to run over ice cream next

  • Where's kayco?

  • Who gave him a license?

  • Check out my rented "monster truck"with street tires

  • Trending number 2

  • Nobody: Unspeakable: wE gOT a mOnSTeR tRUcK

  • That’s not a monster truck. That’s a lifted G-wagon.