CU Head Coach Deion Sanders on the UNFAIR Treatment of HBCUs, Travis Hunter, and Life in The NFL

čas přidán 28. 09. 2022
In this exclusive interview the legendary Deion "Coach Prime" Sanders breaks down life in HBCUs, being a marketing genius, and wisdom from life in the NFL
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  • This man was blessed with a gift for speaking and motivating people

  • An incredible motivator, orator, coach & role model.

  • This man is incredible. No wonder he has been successful in life , just listening to him i get goosebumps

  • I feel like I’m in church receiving the message that God was sending to me through Deion💙🙌🏾🙌🏾

    • I’m not even a Christian nor have I ever been to church but I swear to god I feel the same way u do. Feeling like im in the front row in church receiving the message hahaha

    • Amen 🙏🏽🙏🏽

    • I totally concur and I am 65 yo semi-retired College Professor who grew up as a Preacher's kid( Pop was a Minister). It is akin to a sermon that is urgent, coming from someone who has the spotlight that can reach the masses. Thee I believe is their theme!!! No wonder, its ordained by God, that's my contention from my vantage point. God bless

    • @@noshotnova2432 soo watt just cuz he’s a celebrity is a big issue now..? How many men pick up domestic homie now there’s 3 sides to the story. Deions side the Lady side an the truth. Now u goin of accusation I’m sure u is. Unless u where there my friend an know Mr Sanders is guilty then be it, if not then cut it out because u sounding like a flat out hater foreal man . Smh

  • Coach Prime is truly a God given gift to this world. His amazing mentoring & leadership for those athletes, as well as anyone privileged to hear his message, is a blessing. Keep up the great work coach.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • I’ve watched so many videos on this guy and I have to tell you it is overwhelming how much respect I have for him as a human being and a professional athlete his confidence is so contagious it’s incredible not only what he’s done on the field but now off the field prime time is the real deal love him or hate him you have to have mad respect for him!!

    • @@noshotnova2432 I was not aware of this…. I was rather speaking to what he has done in his career as a professional football player and now as a collegiate football coach. I was not aware personally of any other extracurricular activity that you have mentioned. Sorry to have upset 😢 you.

    • @@noshotnova2432 again I disagree and sorry to have upset you.

  • This was very motivational & can be used in so many areas of life outside of football! I'm 43 years old & this was a whole word that I needed to hear. Thank God for Deion Sanders!🙏🏾 ♥️🖤💚

  • I don’t believe in idolizing anyone, but I admire Deion Sanders. I am going to go to see Jackson State play soon because of him and the respect I have for him and what he is doing. Keep up the excellent work coach Prime.

    • Thank you for all that you are and for reaching out to all of us.

    • Amen!! Well stated

    • Are you booking your trip to Boulder?

    • Exactly- it's not idolizing anyone ~ but I surely respect what he is doing and how he can speak so well without a written paper- no rehearse- I do believe God is using him

  • Deion got to be the best motivational speaker ever. I would’ve signed to JSU twice

  • This is WAAAAAAY beyond football 🏈🏈 Deion is on a mission from the Lord!’ The Lord is allowing him to use his platform to win souls for Christ and to encourage many young men who don’t have that father in their life!

  • This interview was so inspiring. Coach Prime is the complete package for inspiring, motivating, and encouraging. He is anointed for this calling and he is where God has assigned him to be. Bet on YOU.

  • Awesome role model! Jackson State is so fortunate to have him on their faculty.He is so much than a football coach.He also develops character and prepares them for life which is priceless!

    • Yes, he is preparing some of them to go to Colorado.

  • Too many times I didn’t “bet on me.” Great lecture, Coach Prime. Thank you.

  • I will always have a great respect for this man. I use to watch his family's reality show. That's how I gained my respect. I wasn't a huge lover of football growing up but I knew who "Primetime" was.

  • This guy is the truth. Nothing fake about him and a good motivator

  • Thank you Coach Prime for doing all of these interviews for us

  • LOVE HIM grew up watching him...he practiced what he preached and was a phenomenal player...Congratulations Coach Prime 👏🏾 ❤️

  • Deion and Master P were my idols growing up. I have met both more than once. Glad to see both still showing and proving in there journey.

    • Lmao at those being your idols.

    • What about Master P inspired you? Do you remember an interview or album or some type of speaking event that first got you interested in him?

  • The best motivational speaker. I would pay to be a part of his seminar

  • I'm about 15minutes into this tape, have seen many Deion videos before, but this interview is truly eye opening into his thought processes since young and what motivates superstars when young, to be the best. He could earn big bucks if he ever decided to go on the motivated speaker circuit. His message is as sincere as it gets.

    • Yes!!! Timing and season is everything. His life has been orchestrated from on High for such a time as this. ACKNOWLEDGE THIS IS DIFFERENT!!!

    • What I don't get is who taught him all of this. How did he get this mindset so young. This is rare to have. His life wasn't even perfect but he's a perfect role model for men. If it wasn't a coach, God is truly within this guy

  • Prime time is the David going against the Goliaths of college football. The collective belief and self confidence of this team is awesome. The underdog overcoming the opposition’s advantages and defying expectations by results

  • Omg why am I crying? Coach Prime got me at 6:35. “Keep making plays”. 😭😭

    • It's cuz you know how great you are ... just gotta put it out there and make it happen

    • I swear it got me to whew... 🙌🏾

    • I know he was talking to me! I feel you.

  • Man I got so much respect for coach prime he take life to the highest level much respect

  • This man is so inspiring

  • I love to hear this brother speak. I really became a fan of his when he became a born again Christian. I remember reading his article in the JET Magazine when he got saved.

  • Deon is shaping a generation

  • Wow! New level of respect for Coach Prime. & that’s saying a lot considering my respect for him was already extremely high. Totally off the chart now.

  • God has been using Deion. He is a vessel dropping so many beautiful gems to carry you through your own journey of life. Listen and learn, then execute. Thanks for this blessing, great interview. 🙏🏽♥️

  • I was not bored for 1 second watching this video he's such an inspiration 👊🏾✊🏾

  • Coach Sanders is truly a gift to the world. I'm so thankful to have him in my life right now.

  • I've never liked Deion Sanders but as I look at it the reasons was because of teams he played for against my team. Now as I look at at his accomplishments and hearing his motivation speeches I see him differently. Prime example not to judge. He is sincere in all that he do and it's not about him but to better all in all he do. Great motivation speaker. He now have inspired me to better myself and the people in my life. My brother sent me a video with Deion praying because of times I was going through and it really inspired me. Thanks Deion for being you and changing me.

  • Great interview, Coach Prime dropping GEMS!!

  • Love coach Prime! What a great father and inspiration to all!

  • That was such an awesome word. He is definitely grounded in the world and versed in the word.

  • The best thing about being off work since November is watching Prime motivational speeches. Well back to work Monday and I feel so rejuvenated from his message ❤

  • If Bo hadn't gotten hurt, he would have been in the NFL Hall of Fame and Baseball HOF.

    • But he did…so there you go.

    • IF , IF , IF all day long

    • @@russpost2557 I think Bo and Deion are two of the greatest athletes to ever live. And that doesn't change the fact that "IF" is an automatic disqualifier for any argument. I've talked to friends who pick Bo over Deion. I always retort that Deion is simply the greatest FB Player of All Time. Bo was great, but he only played RB = one phase of the game. Deion was elite at ALL THREE PHASES of the game = Defense/Cornerback, Offense/Wide Receiver, Special Teams/Punt and Kick Returner. End of debate, end of story. There has never been a player in the history of the game who did this and not only that, did it WHILE PLAYING MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL. Prime is simply the best ever.

    • He is a HOF husband, father & statesman from what I have externally observed. God bless this Circle Of Purpose. 🙏🏽

    • I’m referencing Bo, who respectfully & lovingly supports DS

  • Great! Great! Video! Thank you. The interviewer asked challenging questions and listened which allowed me to absorb what this man was saying, out of so many truths he spoke one thing that resonated with me was when he said to give back when you have been helped. Thanks Coach.

  • I followed Deion back when he had his reality show showing how he started his Charter School and the football team.I have admired him even since.

  • I really appreciate you so much and I will forever appreciate your channel. You've helped me the possible way you can with your channel information and your videos are really helpful. Thank God i was able to become financially stable after knowing the secret of seven figure earners.

    • Make research about Smith Trust Bk, once you find the page you will definitely find their support e-mail address on top of the page. Reach out to them and tell them you want to learn the secret of seven figure earners.

  • Thanks for not backing down or shrinking back or clamming up when it comes to speaking the truth about discrimination in sports and who is fully supported. Fair is fair. Thanks for all that you do. You don't fear a target on your back. We all salute and support you!!

  • Such an amazing person. He was my favorite NFL player...still is.

  • Coach Prime spoke exactly what I am going through, went through, coaching up and building on.....resignation of kindred spirits!

  • I loved this interview! Coach Prime is the best and genuinely cares about people. I love all that he’s doing.

  • This was an EPIC Interview, I Loved it . I saved it to watch again and again….. I got so… Much from listening to Coach Prime 💙 things that I can Apply my self

  • Working with gang impacted families, his cat vs dog analogy is spot on! Kids are allowed to come and go as they please, there’s always food on the table, pampered like cats and expected to perform like dogs.

  • Powerful, seriously insightful & inspiring 🏋🏽‍♂️

  • this man is SINGLE handily transforming HBCU exposure

    • But once he saw JSU was stealing money from the kids and he couldn't do anything, he left. Don't blame him

  • You demand everyone's best. You are a living and breathing example of how to bring your "A Game." I like that no one can doubt you. Your record speaks for itself. You don't just talk the talk, you also walk it... Go team!

  • I've been showing Jackson State footage to my preteen son and shared this is what Black Excellence looks like👏🏿

  • As a former track&field athlete from Alabama State University, I had the honor to witness the speed of Deion Sanders when he was the second leg for Florida State University's 4x100 relay team in 1987!

    • That’s amazing to have compete against Deion literally in his Prime! FSU 87 I bet he was at top speed back then a dawg hungry for the next level lol

    • You old AF 💀

    • @@GQJEDIglobal grow up

    • @@jamelcroley4562 cope

  • ❤❤really enjoyed this interview with Coach Prime I praying for you your coaching staff and team May the Lord keep blessing you 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️😀very encouraging this interview ❤

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    • That's great, your investment advisor must be really good, I have seen testimonies of people using the help of investment advisors in making them more financially stable. Do you mind sharing more info on this person?

    • look her up on the internet with her name. she's quite popular for her services as she was recently featured on CNN. She can work with anyone irrespective of where you're located

    • I just looked up this person out of curiosity; surprisingly, she seems proficient. I thought this was just some overrated BS, I appreciate this.

  • Even though I sat in the room when his interview was being given; I watched it again as it's if it was the 1st time. Phenomenal!

    • You are blessed.This was an awesome interview.

  • I've been an Atlanta Braves fan most all my life and have never seen a player who could be batting for what at first looks to be a single, or perhaps a risky double for most runners, but ends up on third base. What speed this man has.

  • Coach Prime is unstoppable. I love his energy and wisdom.

  • By the time my little brother got to school age, we'd moved out of the hood. My mom still sent him to a hood school because she wanted him to have the experience and atmosphere of where we came from

  • I enjoyed Coach Prime’s talk. He really is inspiring and devoted to the game of football. That love makes him a great coach. I hope the players know how lucky they are to have Dion leading them. Whether they go on to play professionally or not, they will succeed because of him.

  • This interview was epic!! Matt you asked all of the right questions and have continually shown that you are personally developed to the 10th degree. There was a ton of nuggets dropped within this interview.

  • Great interview...inspirational and life-changing!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • I love what PRIME is doing with the kids and HBCU`S!💪🏾💙

  • Wow,wow,wow!!! Congratulations to Coach Prime . He makes me want to be as great as I can be today.

  • 6:57 I needed this message so much right now. Perfect timing. I'm going to keep pushing.

  • Great commentary. My daughter attended an HBCU. They are better at teaching you to cope and compete than other universities. Their business practices are from hell.

  • We love you Coach Prime. You are so inspiring. What a BLESSING!!!


  • I love Deione. I could listen to his wisdom all day.

  • Thank you for this! 7 minutes in, and I'm in tears. I need this now!

  • Powerful interview, much respect for Coach Prime! 🫶🏼

  • Oh My God... the LEVELS of wisdom in this interview!!! I'm a new fan now... I'm a real fan now!!!

  • I hope to play for coach Prime when I get older

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and left inspired by Deion. 🙏🏾❤️👍🏾

  • Much respect Coach Deion!

  • One of the best interviews ever!!!! This made my day!!!

  • Totally Awesome Interview!☺️👍🏼❤️🐅🏈🎉 Coach Prime is all that, a bag of chips & a 20 Oz drink.🥰👏🏽

  • That's as Real as it Gets Coach Sanders 🙏❤️😇

  • Deion has ALWAYS ALWAYS showed love for the hood. He came to Jim's Barber shop in Clearwater FL on MLK Blvd.. 25 years ago, Pulled up in a black suburban with the playstation in it (lol), had 2 huge wraps on his knees and signed all of our cards and jerseys.

  • If and when he decides to become a Motivational Speaker, he will become the best at it, like the Athlete that he was and the Coach that he is. After he retires from coaching he will be the best at doing it period!

  • Very good interview. I’m 80 and I could still learn from this guy.

  • What an inspiring interview. Thank you

  • This is something to definitely have on repeat 😌

  • Deion is so bright. Yes he was incredibly fast and athletic but his IQ is so high as well. He was born to speak and to coach.

  • Coach Prime should be paid for this motivational speech. I will use this to improve, win, and build.

  • This was an excellent interview!!!! Coach Prime your message was heartfelt 🥰😀🥰🥰🥰💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

    • thx for watching ... what was your biggest takeaway?

  • Such a blessing to hear this! Good for all young to hear this! God is definitely using Coach Sanders for his kingdom!

  • If I had a child who played sports, I would want them to play for Deion

  • His chosen words are phenomenal ✨️

  • Became a bigger fan of Coach Prime!!!! Anyone else hope he wins a natty with the Buffaloes?

  • Love how he gives props to Bo.

  • No weapon formed against Deion Sanders shall prosper against Deion Sanders Amen 🙏🏽🙌🏽🥰🏈

  • New Sub here 🤗 Now let Me tell You, this is a great talk Gentlemen 🤙🏾Glad to have seen this Content & I pray nothing but thee best for Colorado under the Leadership of Coach Prime #WeComing 🥰

  • this was such a good interview i absolutely loved this

  • Real Talk I Believe Much Love 🏉👀 Keep Dominating Prime

  • This interview was an entire vibe! If you understand then you’ll understand!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙏🏽🙌🏽🏈

  • I never pay attention to Football but watching this guy I will follow his success at his new team. Gotta love Deion 😍 wise and intelligent man.

  • Mississippi was blessed with dione, I hope this sparks other former players to coach a HBCU!

  • "I'm not perfect but I'm present" Coach Prime !

  • Coach Prime is inspiring and a True Leader and Legend 🎉

  • Wow thank you we are lucky to have this man out here am going to come back from his speech I'm going to look back on this

  • All anyone has to do is be yourself and you'll be fine, that's what Deion Sanders represents.

  • Deion Preaching. I was on the edge of my seat every time he spoke. I just want to go after this, Wow!!!!