Cub Sport - Hawaiian Party (By Dolan Twins)

čas přidán 11. 09. 2018
Love is Love, for Everyone.
Written and Directed by Dolan Twins
SONG - Hawaiian Party
Spotify -
Filmed and Edited by Connor Brashier
Ethan Dolan
Kristina Alice
Vienna Kendall
Maddy Crum
Max Haddadin
Deon Hinton
Produced by Nu Dae Productions, The Epoch Advisory, and The Dolan Twins
Cars -
PCH Car Company


  • I dont understand cursive singing. But I like how it sounds.

  • No one else thought the thumbnail looked like Elvis?? I may be old ? 😂

  • 2020 anyone ?

  • Guys if you saw the pictures from the premiere for the documentary, Ethan’s really holding onto the girl he kissed in this... like extra handsy. idk I think they have a thing if u ask me. Also her name is Kristina Alice. Idc tho I was just making a discovery lmao

  • No what about Emma chamberlain😠😤😞😫😩😖🥺😭

  • Anyone here after the whole tea about Ethan and Kristina


  • Not to be dramatic or anything but song is the actual essence of summer and nostalgia and bittersweet haze and I want a 1,000 more like it. The twins have such good taste and I can’t get over how much this video punches me in the gut but like in a really really good way. Dear god it’s beautifully done.

  • and now they’re “dating”

  • No ones gonna talk about ethan wearing the douche bag shirt?

  • Lgbt yesssss yeesss queeen yeeesss

  • Girls tripping over these puffy bits of human are crazy, I don’t get it, nice song doe

  • Okay but the blonde guy in the black tank hits different

  • Interesting how Grayson directed this didn’t expect same sex kissing

  • Yazzzzz ethann

  • What kind of music is this??

  • Ethan fell in love with a girl he kissed 2 years ago in a music video what a loser

  • Ethan lowkey look like a buff GTA character

  • please become actors

  • ok but Ethan with those jeans is *THICC*

  • Those 13 yr olds won’t be happy seeing Ethan kissing a girl 🤭

  • Me: sees Ethan kiss the girl Also me: turns on I hope by Gabby Barrett

  • I want to commit suicide to this song

  • Was just me who had a crying fit and screaming fit when Ethan kissed the girl? It was?? oh ok then.

  • perfect song to fall in love to...… waiting to meet the perfect girl.

  • Anyone here after the dating room is about Ethan and this girl LOL 😂

  • WTF, I didn't get that at all.😕😕😕😕

  • How good it would be if they did a part 2 but with grayson directed by ethan 😍


  • Sees everyone kissing me feeling lonely then it goes to Ethan grant Dolan them not kissing. Me feeling relived with the good music and directing 5 seconds later them kissing me hyperventilating and cry

  • you can tell that she is supposed to look like emma.

  • anyone else here cuz of rumours that ethan and kristina dating??

  • comments: where’s grayson, omg the kiss, this song is so good me: who are these people

  • Everyone: omg Emma and Ethan kissed’ Me: ThaT IsNT EmMA

  • As a native Hawaiian, this makes me laugh


  • Emma is punching the air rn

  • still listinin to this

  • who wishes it was emma

  • Ethan is thiccer than the girl ngl

  • why is no one talking about the fact that his girlfriend literally changed from the bedroom scene to the party scene. what’s going on????

  • James charles is punching the air right now

  • *throws phone in anger

  • 😍😍😍😍😍

  • OMG

  • Still crazy that this even happened!!!!💜

  • WOW 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Ethannnnn Im cunfuzzled But ok

  • *sees girl with scrunchie* brain: EmmA chAmbErlAIn

  • Wtf wheres bailey at .......✨

  • Btw is this just what America is like or is this set back in like the 80s cuz it’s so cute

  • When Ethan was looking for her he looked so arkward 🤣

  • Why Ethan get so annoyed at a peice of paper thrown at him 😂

  • Background music is dope,it gives me some sort of nostalgia, it's sooo frekin soothing, love this song

  • caption: by Dylan twins Me; then were is Grayson

  • I thought that was Emma Chamberlain

  • 2020 anyone

  • OH MY GOOOOOOSH!!!!!!!!✨✨✨✨ THAT WAS SOOOO GOOOOD!!!!!! Loved the video, then I saw the side by side of all three couples and realized the message!!!!!!!!!! Fuckin RAD you guys seriously. Keep producing and directing. This was dope. Love is Love!!!!!!!!! 💜 I love your guys hearts man you're both the best!!!!!!

  • Made by the Dolan twins where the f*** is Grayson I’m getting RIPPED OFF HERE!!!

  • So like.... I got a tiny bit mad at the girl who kissed ethan than idk why?? 🤦🏻‍♀️😒😔😂