Cutting Scissors With Paper

čas přidán 27. 11. 2020
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  • Ahh so at the start it’s opsite day

  • What did he have in that bowl that clean silverware

  • 1:55 Nah man this is clearly the movie "Wall-E"

  • looks like it got its revenge

  • 1:08 error: hamster program cannot load

  • the turn tables has happened

  • Hmm it should be Rock, paper, plastic

  • I mean I must say you don't have the most buttery voice to listen to, your attitude seems just right :) so yes, you did make my day just a little better!

  • 3:11 DAMN, those hunters have wallhack on

  • Try to cut the blade

  • Best hospital or most technological? Those OP roombas look like a fall waiting to happen 🙃

  • Paper: I'm bout to end this thing's whole career.

  • "Scissors! I win!" This guy: how cute

  • This is the biggest uno reverse ever

  • This reminds me of Walle(the movie) 1:55

  • the revolution has begun!

  • Wait... did he say later or litter?

  • janice :)

  • The stale work indirectly skip because poet accordingly brush apud a verdant cold. simplistic, automatic copper

  • So it's the oppisite?

  • Me chooses paper my friend choosing scissors shows them this video ok then

  • 1:52 been to that hospital in 2014, didn't know they automated things today

  • Yes but what about the steel part

  • 3:12 Predator vibes..

  • well well well, how the tables have turned..

  • 1:39 cute

  • That hamster is in shock put her down

  • the paper cut the blue scissors :( 😔☹️🙁😰😥😓😨😱😵😢😭😤😡🤬👊👎😖🥺😩😞✖️🤢🤧🤕

  • What how

  • 2:34 When I'm taking a nap and my mom wakes me up

  • So always play paper

  • Oh how the turns have tabled!

  • Janus

  • Janice? Janice.

  • 1:10 screaming pug rocket but it's not a pug and it's not a rocket Edit: 2:34 screaming pug rocket but it doesent scream it's not a rocket and not a pug

  • i’m scared of paper now

  • *Paper;* Omywawu moe sindeu. *Scissors;* NANİ.-

  • A revenge between papers and scissors.

  • This is a revenge.

  • This is how we do it in the Russian homeland.

  • it wasnt the metal part so doesnt count i guess?

  • This channel is so great - Good intresting content -Great intro -Not clickbait -Shows the thumbnail first -Has Cats.

  • 0:21 revenge!!!!!!

  • "cutting scrissors with paper" thats cursed ooof

  • The Fight { Scissors Vs Paper } Scissors : I'm stronger i can cut anything i cut so much of YOU Paper: Uhm "uno reverse card mate"

  • Im suprised no one is talking about the hampster that isnt ready for a human.

  • Ok, now put the in between part of your fingers into the blade.

  • paper can cut plastic -.-

  • Scissors: Time to die!!! Paper: Hold up, lemme just.. WEEEEEEEEE!!! Scissors: Enough joking around, now- AAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • How?-

  • 99% of comments are talking about rock,paper,scissors

  • didnt kill all of the scissor so paper loses

  • some guy: paper can't defeat scissors this dude: *observe*

  • I was dieing on the third one.

  • Rock: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAAAHAHAHHHAHAAH imma DEFEAT you! Paper: Oh no! I gotta do something fast! spins with the speed of sonic* Rock: AGH! Paper:UGH i dont have enough stamina left!..i guess im gonna die here.. Narrator: And paper is never gonna be seen again...The End.

  • hi

  • Janice *star wars blaster noises*

  • Me and my friend causally playing rock, paper, scissors. Friend: Puts scissor. Me: Puts paper. Friend: I won! Me: but its spinnnnyyyy paper. Friend: 🤨 Me: Shows video. Friend: 😑

  • wtf

  • In *America?* You Cut Paper With Scissors! In *Soviet Russia?* Paper Cuts Scissors

  • Oh, how the turns have tabled.

  • 2:00 walle in real life

  • 3:13 текстуркы не прогрузились

  • Well well well look how the turntables

  • oh how the tables have turned.

  • So i used speed to defeat scissors

  • The hospital robot was really like 🟠⚫️ 🟠⚫️

  • Rock paper scissors shoot! Me: chooses paper Friend: chooses paper Friend: I win! Me: wait till you see this video :)

  • Ima use this trick in my next ‘scissors, paper, rock’ match

  • Don’t taunt ur cats. Or pets/animals for that matter.

  • Is the revenge of paper

  • That's cutting the plastic part, now cht the actual scissors lmao

  • not to be dramatic or anything but I would die for janice

  • The mouse is the destroyer of worlds

  • Phat Gus returns

  • Janice the gator sounds so friendly

  • Ah yes the classic switcharoo

  • my car has air jack systems built in

  • well well well, how the turntables


  • ok rock paper scissors is wrong. ill play paper and win against scissors

  • Considering how expensive hospital fees are, your probably giving up your first born by simply stepping inside the building

  • That literally scared me HAHAHAHAH.... I’m gonna have nightmares

  • my life was a lie

  • “Scissors paper rock!” “I got paper and you got scissors, meaning that i defeated you!” “HOW!?” “Just give me a moment” “Wait wha-“ *spins hand really fast*

  • ROBOTS USE ROBOTS (elevators)

  • I knew the uranium paint one.

  • The Rock Paper Scissors devs: But that’s not how it works!

  • That crocodile was like oh hello

  • *”You’ve become the very thing you swore to destroy”*

  • 3:09 Bro he's using noclip.

  • Janice❤️

  • The brave hardboard comparably blind because ounce effectively breathe across a hapless season. sudden, quirky thing

  • Hi Jason, I have been a fan for years now and I just want to say, thank you, thank you for all the "Daily dose of Internet" and the nostalgic memories you're awesome dude👍

  • I thought those spoons were made of gold.

  • The ancient prophecy was true paper shall always win

  • My guys now you can win everytime playing Rock Paper Scissor

  • my life is a lie

  • Scissors : imma cut u now Paper : but it’s Opposite Day...

  • wow