Cyanide & Happiness Compilations - Back to School

čas přidán 29. 08. 2019
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It's time to get back to school, and back to shorts!
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Book Report
Ladder Part 2
The Note
Shark Dad
Gym Class


  • 33

  • Yes. This commonly happens to me when I'm doing a book report

  • Ain't the teacher supposed to die first if a little kid was in kindergarten that doesn't make any sense😰

  • Rudy loky got bars though😂

  • Bruh he was roasting everyone even when he died

  • teacher talkin bout me be like me: you one mile an hour walkin no runnig as feet draging turtle son of a bich teacher: james lets call your mama im tierd of you foolishness me: hell naw you no neaked humpback granny lookin as fish turtle wearin as funny hat as your neak look like a smahed dingling neak as

  • Dees r funny

  • Did you know my grandpa*sigh he called me a bitch

  • 1:13 the guy with the glasses is @610cj (insta)

  • Cyanide and happiness ass makin’ me laugh ass best youtuber ass can’t stop watching ass-

  • That's all fucked up

  • Hahahahahhahahahaha loser

  • Dude what the heck!😦

  • Pause at 8:00 and turn your screen upside down. Now he's happy.

  • Yah.

  • Haha

  • 0:54 cats in the cradle ass 😂

  • I just got done playing plants vs zombies 1 i’m on the backyard part and i had to watch this and also i had to watch a guy litteraly destroy a wood pecker with his forhead

  • Damn son

  • Rudy is me when my teacher didn’t bring me my moms orange juice.

  • Yeah Suzy kick ace

  • Poor shark dad

  • Sharkrads son made me sad

  • Rudy in Puratony, Heaven or Hell?

  • Shark dad is so cool ur lucky kid ba happy accept no matter what happend don't be rude to ur dad guys ...

  • I just noticed he left the light on🤯

  • Ever heard of someone so slow that it takes a lifetime to get the Goddamn juice?

  • I feel bad fo shark rade

  • But his stupid

  • Shark dad is so poor

  • That shark skipt legday. Way to much

  • YOR.. WEL. CEM.

  • Wait how did the teacher outlive Rudy.

  • 0:52 the only time he smiled

  • Hi

  • Show marshmallow 10 million bunnies

  • 2:44 Dhmis gone wrong

  • Dude how did the teacher outlive him when his hair was already gray

  • I swear believe me my grandfather was :D he was rude until death :D morning to night.. all day..

  • When a cartoon character lived his life better than you.

  • The beauty of cyanide and happiness is not being able to predict what’s going to happen

  • The original sharkrad series was released years ago and in rewatching Cyanide and Happiness for my childhood. But it took me several years to realize that he said “You’re Whale-Cum” and not “You’re Wel-come”

  • HAHA His legs dont work no more.

  • 1:16 why did she slam her head down like that

  • How did Rudy die before his teacher

  • Smash the like button if you wanna smash Billy’s face in too

  • How much times did he say ass? 😂. The ends so funny 😂😂😂 the very ending

  • 11:08 oh yeah will watch this what the heck did bhe do oh my gosh🤯

  • every one: i what a gravestone like Rudy me: go suzy

  • The hell I can’t

  • Poor shark rad👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • er it was i love cupcakes

  • some one said i like cupcakes in the pool sene right before shark rad shows up


  • The first three were good but the other were dumb, lazy, boring, cliffed as shit.

  • Rudy’s like Gordon Ramsey😂😂😂

  • My name is Rudy 😱

  • 1:44 having a*s

  • Shark rads eyes don’t make sense

  • *Shiiiiiiiiiiiiii-*