Cyberpunk 2077 Radio Mix (Electro/Cyberpunk)

čas přidán 27. 04. 2019
Hello Cyberpunk fans! This is first Cyberpunk 2077 Radio Mix, back again. This is an aggressive mix of Electro/Cyberpunk music. Join my channel for more related music! (TRACKLIST BELOW)
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1 The Encounter - Astrid (feat. Street Cleaner) (0:00 - 4:45)
2 Hyper - Clockwork (4:45 - 9:08)
3 EDDIE - Still Healing (9:08 - 14:31)
4 Owl Vision - Warhogz (14:31 - 18:00)
5 Boys Noize - Overthrow [blanke flip] (18:00 - 20:51)
6 Social Kid - Transmissions (20:51 - 24:45)
7 Owl Vision - Eclypz (24:45 - 29:29)
8 Virtual Self - eon break [blanke flip] (29:29 - 32:07)
9 Virtual Self - Ghost Voices (Shadient Edit) (32:07 - 35:20)
10 Lemay - Digital Disaster (35:20 - 38:06)
11 REZZ - Insomnia (BLACK NOIZE VISION) (38:06 - 43:10)
12 Notaker - Fatal System Error (43:10 - 47:35)
13 The Encounter - Claire (47:35 - 51:26)
14 Formshift - Devolution - HE08 (51:26 - 56:00)
15 Hyper - Spoiler (56:00 - 1:00:27)
16 REZZ - ID (First track on "Nightmare on Rezz Street") (1:00:27 - 1:02:24)


  • If you want to hear the "Cyberpunk Radio Mix 2" again here is the link: I'm still trying to find a way to fix the video on CS-tv but as people are telling me: CS-tv is not the platform for making mixes and I agree. Except for the problems that I have had lately, the good thing about the mixes I've made for the channel is that they made all you awesome people discover my channel, and I'm very very happy to have a little community of "cyberpunkers" :D. Thank you, people.

    • Where would you say is the best place to post mixes?|

    • Is "Cyberpunk Radio Mix 2", the video that uTube banned as, "not allowed in this country"? It is So awesome that I clicked the like button and I never do that. I even clicked the like button for "Genesis" in the same uTube playlist, posted by another Cyberpunk enthusiast and it was banned as well almost immediately after I liked it. So, I will do my part and Never Like Anything Again... I really LOVE your stuff! The mixes, the visuals... Too bad there isn't a LOVE BUTTON... There was a Love Boat though! ;)

    • I'm glad you finally got a popular video man! I only found out about you do to [ESC] Reality's channel, so I think its cool you got more people checking you out now!

    • Now we need a mix 3 with Boy Epic-Drama Inspired by Cyberpunk2077

    • Is there another location you could put it as well?

  • 33:11 That bass kick-in was like candy for my ears.

  • 3:24 *Tekken 3 - Yoshimitsu*

  • CD Project рулит!

  • Да детка класс, напоминавет движ 90х годов. Наверно впервые за год потанцевал дома в свои 30 лет.

  • im disliking it because of the amount of ads

  • ciri to geralt about the time he want to cyberpunk world, I met your match geralt, a guy who can kill 3 men with a fookin pencil

  • Breathtaking !!! =D

  • eeeh makarena

  • Hey man, you got any more. . . *midroll ads*

  • This is's disgusting! 😎😜

  • why title it this way when it has nothing to do with the game?

  • The Encounter - Astrid is a remake of classical Ann Clark - Our Darkness

  • You don't know how much focus i get from this list when i code. I mixit with coffe or argentinian mate and boom!...code starts flowing.

  • This is good, too good.

  • Really wish you hadnt monetized this. An advert every 5-10 mins isnt a very cd projekt thing to do

  • 3:25 Yoshimitsu, is that you?

  • Kavinsky 👍

  • I want all of these in beat saber that would be sick!

  • Thank god it isnt 100% full with retro songs. I would rate it 8.5/10.

  • This is just dark synthwave.

  • game hasn't been released yet.. yet there's multiple songs about it now

  • You know its good when i added this video to 3 playlists.

  • How do I get the GIF that you used?

  • Some of these are absolute bangers and hit hard, most notably Hyper, Eddie and Lemay, but what I just love are channels who make a compilation of music and put 16 double ads in the video to profit as much money as possible off of copyrighted material that doesn't belong to them. Go get a job you absolute leech.

  • Kick ass mix man

  • So good my friend

  • Ecklypz sounds like a danked up version of the ~Macorena

  • EDDIE-still healing become a part of my DNA

  • Еее, мазафака!

  • 12 adds for a 1h long music video. Wtf ? That's way too much

    • It’s not night-owl’s fault. CS-tv basically claimed this and put ads onto it ruining the immersion.

  • Is it just me or did anyone else hear Yoshimatsu?

  • my boy yoshimitsu at 3:20 they should have brought his tekken 3 alternate look back

  • Great mix fingers crossed Cyberpunk 2077 will go multi player at some point

  • i was searching for a synth music's title, but i only now that it has some sort of japanese midway, like "ryuujin no ken wo-" pls tell me if anyone knows, thx

    • well damn, dumb me finally found it.... it's the first song

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  • I love how the Corps are advertising "The Good Life" in between the tracks, who bring us back to the future, where everything is about " Give us All of your Money - Buy or Die", oops we're already there. Only "Silverhand Neo" can save us !!!

  • clip clip clip clip clip clip clip clip...... how to kill any sub and amp quick, clip the fuck outta it SMDH

  • More ads?

  • Тема

  • Is this just a random mix, unrelated to official game? Or is this music from the game? EDIT: As I understand then no. Either way, this is one of the best mixes I've ever heard. I actually didn't hope ever to get so pleased with the music. You must be well versed in this type of music in order to be able to collect and compile such a great mix. Good job, well done and thank you!

    • %99 there'll be a way to edit in-game music

  • CyberWitch ;)

  • What’s with the ads man, why are there a million of them here? I have to listen this video on my PC because I can’t without ad blocker.

  • The number is ads in this is stupid excessive

  • *⚠️_ERROR*

  • Is it just me or does the ERROR makes me want to look at it forever? I think it’s really enticing to look at. I really love how you animated the ERROR!!!

  • good song

  • Synth/Cyberwave etc is the last place I thought I would hear the macarena. Well done that was pretty cool. Also can't wait for the game of the generation either obviously.

  • Foda pra carai

  • 7 Owl Vision - Eclypz (24:45 - 29:29) It reminds me The Macarena song in cyberpounk version hahaha. Good job