Czech Republic - 10 Shocks of Visiting The Czech Republic

čas přidán 1. 12. 2019
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Whether you like the incredible city of Prague or want to see mummies in Europe or have some of the best beer around, the Czech Republic has a lot of fun culture shocks that can inspire tourists and Czech vacations. Here we talk about some of our favorite parts of visiting Czechia.
Filmed in Prague, Czech Republic
Copyright Mark Wolters 2019
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  • Go to the Ústecký kraj😂

  • A doprdele znova špatná výslovnost a hrozný komentáře na naše jídla a modu Pokud je někdo z Česka nebo ze Slovenska tak to napište

  • I just want to say thanks for the great review of CZ 👍☺

  • Awesome video 😍

  • OMG, goodbye as "čau" - this is wrong, absolutely not a common equivalent.

  • The country is brilliant and a great place to visit. The people are so friendly and it's so pretty the make the best pizzas ever.

  • I remember when we were at Prague with school and one of the first things we saw was a Fake Taxi car. Best thing ever.

  • Socks in sandals.. It's a nightmare for most of us. But some people just don't get that it's awful.

  • Its so lovely,but remember those men in sandals with socks are tourists in Prague my dear....Our men can dress up..... 😁Anyway, its a cool video😃

  • Czech is one of the most racist countries people are just so judgemental and unfriendly plus their face expressions, its a beautiful country but community sucks even their food is one of the best and not saying there's only racist people but most of them are which makes the whole country shit

  • Yeah, you should czech it out

  • Hey more tohle je fakt dobre ale nevíš jaké to je na Moravě.

  • Try to pronounce the word "pivo" shorter, not like "peevo". The length of the "i" should be same as in a word "tip"

  • Great review and really perceptive insight of the Czech Republic.

  • For visitors - before you arrive, watch this: HONESTGUIDE, guy from Prague, has created a lot of interesting videos that show you place to visit in Prague (and some other czech cities) what f.e. Tripadvisor does not. And protect you from tourist traps and thieves in exchange offices - use credit cards and ATMs.

  • Tady je taky :}

  • We actually say, that Czech republic is "a heart of Europe" And our beer is the best in the world. You can't literally understand anything it's one of the most difficult languages... try gramma. After 18 years here I still kinda have a problem with that. I think I won't graduate 😂 have a good time man!

  • They had to pass a law here that you have to have a beverage on the menu that is cheaper than beer because beer was literally often cheaper than water.

  • Im from czech and you deserved your like and subscribe :D nice video

  • Čekal jsem na to kdy zmíní ponožky v sandálech a nebyl jsem zklamán. :D

  • Go visit " Český Krumlov " not only Prague 👌🏼😁


  • šumava is cool too mainly Lipno I go there every year and it is soo beautiful

  • we are one of most beer drinking country and you said it right Olomouc

  • When you don't look into the eyes during the cheers nothing bad is going to happen really. You will be just considered an alcoholic (as they tend to watch at the glass instead into the eyes).

  • Socks and sandals are comfortable and clean, not sure why all the hate :p

  • Maybe some Czechs wear sandals and socks but at least we aren't so obese like the people in the US . 😉

  • search for Honest Guide if you want to go to prague

  • kamarade ted jsem videl reportaz z Nemecka a taky spousta chlapu v sandalech s ponozkama nosi to kde kdo, jen nejaky idiot radoby modni ikona se tomu smeje a dela ze urcuje treny tak to vzniklo nikomu to nikdy nevadilo , az ted poslednich 10 let je to senzace , a aspon nemas prach mezi prsty

  • Socks in sandals thats us. Like 1/2 hate it and 1/2 do like it. I personally do it sometimes. Its good if its warm but windy or not enough warm for sandals.

  • There is no such thing as Central Europe, Czechs live in Eastern Europe. However, they are imbarrassed to admit this. They would like to be superior to Eastern Europe. LOL

    • @Michael Sarac Obliviously your making this up, with no source to back up your claim. I will only show you 2 sources that state the Czech Republic is Central Europe there are many others. Your comment about low esteem is only your own opinion, you know what they say about opinions.

    • @2000Wildstar Geographically, there is only Eastern and Western Europe. And yes, low self esteem has a lot to do with it. :-)

    • Maybe you should try looking at a map of Europe and it's geography, nothing to do with feeling superior.

  • And the biggest shock for ppl of your kind is that there is no 13%ers and islamic cultural enrichers here... What you call shocks is called culture among us humans... You suck balls... Thumb down...

  • You should have mentioned the specific Czech sense of humour, their ability to make fun of themselves, absence of prudery or exaggerated religousness (the fact that may have its origin in the Middle Ages (Jan Hus burnt as a heretic), but still a mysterious spirituality that avoids the institution of the church to make it possible for an idividual to cherish his / her own belief in their souls. Last but not least, the richness of beautiful Czech language, its ambiguity and play on words which brings to those who can master it bursts of laughter.

  • Me:Do you like beer? Friend:yes? Me:you lie me you are CZECH!

  • 🇨🇿+🍺🍻=love forever

  • pííívou

  • At si ten upocený kanec s plešatou palicí a copem zůstane zalezlý v té díře, ze které dorazil k nám. Hnusák.

  • Cech Republic - Central Europe … Simply the BEST!

  • Czech has some relativity to polish, Russian, Ukrainian, and other slavic languages from what I've learned. Also Děkuji sounds more like Deykoowie.

  • "and it´s really cool to czech out"

  • Don't forget about our dark sense of humour :D So dark that it stole my wallet... :( Greetings from Pilsen, Im happy that you like it here :)

  • Im going to Bring Love when I buy my flat....#Work

  • The Czech Republic is awesome! When will you visit The French Republic and The Italian Republic?

  • I believe that the misconception that the Czech Republic is in Eastern Europe doesn't really have to do anything with the geographical location but rather comes from the Cold War era. Since Czech Republic respectively Czechoslovakia happened to be part of the Soviet Block or the Eastern Block it is therefore commonly referred to as Eastern Europe. However, so has been Germany, and you would never label Germany as a Eastern European state now would you? So yes, it is not proper to base your claim on a 40-year-old period when the Czech Republic or Czechoslovakia were a part of Eastern Europe, when for over a thousand years we've been a firm part of the Western cultural and political spheres.

  • Děkuju

  • Prečo niesme my Slováci popularní?

  • 1:26 The Czechs don't "fake smile" as much as Americans.

  • I was born in Slovakia but my grandmother was from Morava. She had this saying about smiling in the street just for the sake of smiling. She used to say that "only idiots smile without a reason" :D

  • Shock 1 - Locals don't like it when you don't even have a clue where you are. Unlike when you're in New York and telling everyone how great it is to be in Canada I guess Shock 2 - Czech people are people - some are miserable and some aren't. The ones dealing with tourists mainly are. Because they have to deal with tourists Shock 3 - Beer is fantastic and cheap - in the city thousands of people come to every week just to drink beer and get drunk because it's fantastic and cheap Shock 4 - Stinky cheese is stinky. Other food is great. If only there was a way to know you were getting stinky cheese though so it doesn't surprise you, like maybe in the name Shock 5 - Prague is beautiful - That's right - the city with millions of visitors per year taking pictures is beautiful Shock 6 - There is more to the country than the capital city - unlike everywhere else in the world I guess. Oh wait Shock 7 - Things are cheaper if you leave the capital city and/or avoid tourist traps - which is unique to Czech Republic I suppose. Oh wait some more Shock 8 - Local people have local customs - I sense a theme developing here Shock 9 - Czech people have their own language and you probably don't know it. This may also be true in other countries, but is particularly true in Czech Republic Shock 10 - Some Czech people have dodgy fashion sense - Because everyone in other countries dresses impeccably and with perfect taste at all times and as a bonus... Shock 11 - The amount of joy someone can get out of pointing out the blatantly bloody obvious is astonishing...

  • Olomoucké Syrečky aka stinky cheese patties have truly atrocious smell, but some Czechs love them. They can easily compete with eg Limburger or other pungent cheeses from abroad, lol.. Speaking about shocks, I wonder why the dude didn't mention driving from Praha to Brno or vice-versa on D1 expressway. Locals derisively refer to it as a parking lot between the two cities, that's how horrible traffic jams caused by frequent crashes and backups by tons of trucks on it can be. If you can avoid it, take a detour (longer) via Hradec Králové and Svitavy, over the years Česko has become a transit country for hauling all kinds of loads by these monsters, and they are literally everywhere..Other than that, užijte si Česko!!

  • We just don't fake smile. We smile when we feel like it. And a foreigner trying to speak our language is something between cute and hilarious 😁

    • But we have kind of twisted sense of humor. Like, if you want to tell someone he is really good hockey player you say "smrdíš jako prase" (this was an ad on tv, google it and put to translator) or my friend who took care of some american visitors and tought them to say to girls "ahoj, dobrá pička" (I seriously doubt there is a translator online that would give you an honest translation 😆)

  • The stinkiest cheese is called olomoucké tvarůžky , and you spelled it well . Amazing video , also look at the left side at 2:00 and there is a girl in the background Is dancing

  • Thanks for your video. It really made proud of my country.

  • We indeed do enjoy them socks and sandals a lot. The comfort of having well ventilated feet without the pain of bruises from sandals and dust. :D

  • Hey mate, thank you so much for promoting Pilsen and other cities as well

  • hey man you are great.And I am so glad that you know this much about Czech Republic and Czechs.Awesome!!!!!

  • Dude, you missed the Calendar clock :D /the sound and bells are at the end of the show. :D The review is spot on, well done

  • Spot on video! Greetings from the Czech Republic :-)

  • I'm pretty sure everyone in Czech Republic wears sandals with socks

  • surprice that he never mention a proper "mullets"😅😅😅 that must be shocking beyond belief to rest of the world!! most mullets on one place on the planet is defo czech rep😅😅