Dads React To Try Not To Cry Challenge (Father's Day)

čas přidán 15. 06. 2019
Share or watch with your Dad & try not to cry! Happy Father's Day.
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Dads take on the Try Not To Cry Challenge. Watch to see their Reactions.
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Dads React To Try Not To Cry Challenge (Father's Day)


  • lol I got emotional and I dont even have one

  • I cried I don't have a dad

  • I'm a sympathetic person so when I see someone cry I will I cried

  • nobody : nobody at all: not a soul: my dad : ✌🏽

  • Every time I see this Fresh Prince of Bel-Air it’s always a tear jerk when I see it.

  • Aight. Im fuckin broken. Cheers.

  • I’m sad 😢 watching this

  • 910 people have no soul at all 😪🙄

    • Blanca Baby23 that my number name! Back off!

  • Will Smith's clip gets me every time

  • Wholesome

  • Makes me wish my Father stuck around.

  • Kinda never really had one lol

  • Heh I miss my dad Heh and here I am being even more sad by liking my own comment

    • I got you fam

  • 9:40 great man definitely a great father & teacher

  • Am I the only one not crying?

  • Absolutely no one: Me: *cries for 16 minutes and 46 seconds*

    • @Diego ManjarrezI mean I did say 16 minutes and 46 seconds...

    • you cried during the intro?

  • 5 out of 5 on every single one of them I'm bawling right now 😭

  • We have a Baby in the video. Wouldn’t make a dent!

  • Im not a dad but I cried on eery single one of the videos

  • Not the Fresh Prince....give me a moment. That episode always gets me.

  • 905 people have no soul

  • Will unintentionally flexed on us.

  • Will got me😢

  • Omg that guy with the tats and the hat on got me soooo hard 😂😂😢😢😭❤️❤️

  • that kid who dad an imovie video for his dad that's cute af

  • Fuck all these ads

  • That’s a 1 that didn’t make me feel anything lol best part

  • i am not even a dad and i cried

  • I would have suggested showing them the scene from Harry Potter when Harry and Cedric return from the Graveyard, but this is all happy crying soooooooo

    • uhm fresh prince is happy crying?

  • Wish my dad was here

  • Me lose at this challenge

  • Brb gonna go tell my dad I love him

  • Yup... Tears.

  • Everytime I see the Will Smith scene, I cry. Everytime! It always gets me.

  • the onion ninja hit hard this time

  • Father died when 8! Mom's took over.(Greatest) Father in Navy. Gone 6 months at a time. Loosing memory of him! Voice gone. Just signature moves or my reverse hiccup stay with me. I wish I could've known him known him! Mom! Thank you!

  • Yasssss narrator cry

  • Love this

  • Thank you Dad. You and mom, both, always loved me no matter what, even when I was a disappointment. Thank you so much.

  • 7:11 😂

  • I don’t even have a kid but I’m crying so fucking much oml

  • Should have just used a picture of Chester from Lincoln Park. That's how I feel.

  • needs more ads


  • June 15: July 13: CS-tv: Watch these fathers cry

    • 😂😂

  • Damn that fresh prince episode gets me every time😫

  • The guy with the hat is is so emotional 😭

  • I cried through the WHOLE video!!!!! And the fresh prince episode... ugh

  • Great vid!!! 💯🔥

  • there u see that moms are overrated

  • will smith: 'How come he don't want me man' it hit me cuz my dad left ad ever since my mom is struggling with money