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čas přidán 27. 07. 2020
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►Photo link : drive.google.com/file/d/1q5tr...
►Cutting step : drive.google.com/file/d/1QxYH...
► Materials : 12:26
►Colors listed on the screen
►Acrylic Brand : Mont Marte amzn.to/33kTp88
►Pre-Primed canvas : amzn.to/2QVzmuu
►Canvas size : 12x 12 inch
► line brush for details : amzn.to/2ZhfR1D
►Filbert brush : amzn.to/3bOEx7e
►Flat brush : amzn.to/30ujq56
►Paper tape : amzn.to/2EGGF1E or amzn.to/2EEZjqD
►Palette knife set : amzn.to/391xlCF
Thank you

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  • Hey all!! .Please check out my new video on CS-tv at this link: Daily challenge #326 / Silhouette Art Painting / Always and Forever cs-tv.org/tv/video-hokVak0ifbg.html Shop now : etsy.me/3t2vE4U Thank you .................................................................................. ►Photo link : drive.google.com/file/d/1q5trtxyytPkkO9Pnv1iIbR_zjcaGBNbh/view?usp=sharing ►Cutting step : drive.google.com/file/d/1QxYH-nicAtWOz6zZVl7NIMDQUJx1JAND/view?usp=sharing ► Materials : 12:26 ►Colors listed on the screen ►Acrylic Brand : Mont Marte amzn.to/33kTp88 ►Pre-Primed canvas : amzn.to/2QVzmuu ►Canvas size : 12x 12 inch ► line brush for details : amzn.to/2ZhfR1D ►Filbert brush : amzn.to/3bOEx7e ►Flat brush : amzn.to/30ujq56 ►Paper tape : amzn.to/2EGGF1E or amzn.to/2EEZjqD ►Palette knife set : amzn.to/391xlCF Thank you

    • Can we buy this painting some place? I want to buy it, may I ?

    • @Кораблик V Sorry this painting has been sold on my Etsy shop

    • Wow Art. Which program do you use for video editing,.

    • I love your paintings and aspire to make like them some day. I'm a beginner to acrylic so I have questions regarding the variety of Mont Marte's acrylic colors. Since Mont Marte signature acrylic colors are not available in my country. (As you have mentioned in the link above) What do you think about Mont Marte's Silver series acrylic colors and Mont Marte's Dimension acrylic colors? Thank you. :)

    • What's that song name i really love classic music

  • I wish CS-tv had an option that is “better” than just “Like” because this painting deserves a “double” love! ❤️ ❤️

  • From the right kind of music to the right choice of colours to the right kind of emotions and inspiration attached to every bit of this masterpiece.. This work of art is the best I have seen in close to a decade.. Whatever brought me to this uncommon painting deserves to be honoured..

  • This is a beautiful masterpiece! (like all they other ones you've made!!) I wish I could do this magic! But if I tried blending the paint it would just go over they other paint colors. '-'

  • Don't know why i am feeling so emotional after seeing this master piece🥺

  • Это было очень красиво ❤️

  • I wish I could do this art piece!!! It’s to good 😊! But can we just respect how much work they put into this

  • That...looks...so cool! .o. Why would they dislike this beautiful painting?!

  • Wow, es ist zauberhaft. Danke sehr für diese Wunderschöne Malerei. Sie sind eine Künstlerin diese die Emotionen einer Ehe malt. Ich bin mehr als Beeindruckt. Sie Wundervoller Künstlerischer Mensch. Respekt 🤗😍😇

  • Очень красиво💕

  • I've always dreamed to be a painter, so I started watching your videos to learn😍

  • какая красота🥰

  • Как красиво!!

  • I am thinking who would dislike such a good painting Thanks a lot for these likes , instead of it should like the painting 🖼 🧑‍🎨

  • Amazing, very Talented, really inspired by watching this,❤️

  • This is so good it makes me want to cry ❤ I hope I can be a artist one day

  • Okay, I'm crying......this is beyond beautiful 😭❤️ Can somebody please give me the name of tracks!? From 5:05

  • This made me cry. It's absolutely beautiful. The love story was amazing. I can't wait to be with my special someone(long distance relationship).

  • It's very creative and beautiful!

  • I can’t even imagine what her house looks like with all these beautiful paintings up on the wall

    • What is she throws it away or just put it in a box or sum

    • The lonely jOy why would she throw it away lol

    • @Jiggy Piggy idk I'm just guessing

    • The lonely jOy oh ok 👍

    • @CoolCharacter 10 It's he/she. That's assuming past the race

  • You are a very good artist, and this is the first piece of art work I had ever seen that made me feel emotion.

  • This is amazing I’m crying too and it turns out so pretty 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️but I love it

  • Absolutely stunning!!! My oldest daughter was born with the gift of drawing. As for me, I can barely draw stick figures. It’s mind blowing the gifts y’all were given by God to be able to draw what you see or feel. 💕 💕

  • So touching, I am above 21 and I haven't found love....this painting makes me look forward to it

  • this left me SPEECHLESS.. you are an angel!

  • When the artist is about to add a tree over the yellow clouds, I'm like 'nooo...these are the most beautiful clouds I've ever seen. Don't cover them.' But then he/she proved that it can be better .

    • Ik I felt the same way to but the trees make it look alot more unique

    • Matariki TAONUI shes talking abt the boys image☺️

    • That's exactly what I was thinking too 😂

    • “He/she” 😂 why not just say they?

    • @aMrIt cause as far as I know, 'they' is a plural form.

  • Wow this art is soooooo beautiful 😍

  • I just want to say, this artist has a truly beautiful and amazing talent and thank you so much for sharing it with us!! ❤️ While they were painting the tree in the woman at first I felt like it was symbolic that we need to stand tall and strong, and as they painted it in front of the beautiful sky scene it felt symbolic to me that sometimes we need to look for the beautiful things in life. Then while they were painting the tree in the man I compared the two trees and I feel like the second one looked older, like it had more wisdom and experience than the other one. That’s just a couple of symbolic things I thought of during the video that I wanted to share, so thank you so much if you’ve read all this!! I wish the best for you and hope you have a wonderful day and future! Just keep going strong and good things will come to you! Trust in the Lord and never give up! Keep trying to do good and I promise you will be so grateful for it in the end! ❤️💗 have a great day or night!

  • U deserve a prize for that beautiful work. I’m 10, but I doubt I’ll ever have the coordination to make such a satisfyingly beautiful painting 🖼 🤩

    • 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • I never saw something so wonderful, this is art

  • beautiful art work!!!!!!i am going to paint like that one day

  • The galactic one: the day they started to date The sunrise: the day they are old and still together

  • I’m just blown away at such creativity in every sense of the word. Watching your work come to life and telling a story is so emotional. Thank you 🙏 💗

  • This makes me sad but I love it so relaxing

  • Очень нравится эта картина, я бы так точно не смогла

  • I’m sorry but that looks a miracle the people in the pack look so good like OMG❤

  • Suas pinturas são maravilhosas sabe se uma só com essas pinturas

  • Me in the first 3 minutes: 🤨 Me after 7 minutes: 😮 Me after 12 minutes: 😱 AWESOME

  • pretty art I love it its so cool I never seen a art as butifull as your art

  • its really amazing i love what you do you are actually on the right track a lot of kisses i love you

  • Hey i wanted to ask you a question can i use simple paint to paint the shades?

  • does anyone literally cry watching this? i never knw watching someone painting can make me tear up

  • The painting is just amazing. The woman’s silhouettes design with the girl and boy on the branch combined with the music and looking at the city landscape just gives me a feel that I can’t describe. It’s just so amazing and beautiful

  • Очень красиво

  • Du kannst so schön zeichnen! Ich möchte das auch können!

  • I’m just literally sitting admiring your masterpiece✨


  • Then: Kids In The Tree Now: The Two With they're heads Together Forever: Them under the tree That's so pretty

  • I haven't felt such a strong feeling for a painting before until I saw this, Kudos to the artist.

  • I can‘t this is sooooo good wow?!?!😭😭😍

  • This is S’the most beautiful painting! I learn so much from your videos.

  • I’ve always wanted to be an artist when I grow up it very relaxing 😊

  • apaixonadaaaaaaaaa

  • Let’s be honest. We’re all here for that satisfying peel at the end

  • Here I was thinking I could recreate this until you started doing the figures. 😂 Beautiful painting. It touched me here ❤️

  • Тронуло глубоко до души и сердца👏👏❤❤❤...прослезилась😪😪

  • مبدع بكل معنى الكلمة💛🌸

  • Невероятно круто! Спасибо за такую классную идею! :)

  • This is the music or my marriage made me cry because my husband passed away 6 weeks ago we still think him to this day wish me luck dealing with my crazy kids Crystal (youngest) Brandon (middle) and Kora (oldest) and hopefully everyone has a great week month and year ✨✨💪🏿👍👍

  • thank you for the person that made that painting it gave me an idea for my mom birthday and for mothers day and for my parent anniversity.

  • Then, now and forever, this painting says a lot, so deep , so emotional and so beautiful

    • Next time can you do step by step but still I really like it… do some more CS-tv videos with drawing not pantings

  • الرسم و التلوين حلو كتيرر استمرو

  • wow is so beautiful 🤩😍🥰😘por cierto soy española te mando mucho cariño por que eres un artista de primera

  • Beautiful, very beautiful!! Who is the pianist? Great song too! Congratulations, thanks for sharing!

  • Meraviglioso non ho mai visto niente di più bello!!!!😍😍

  • I cried every day when I see great artists and painters do what I could never achieve in a million years drawing and painting as always been a huge passion to me but I have never been able to draw not even a stick person it saddens me cause I feel all my effort was in vain wasted for nothing I studied I work hard idk what else I should do or even what else can I do there are times I ask im unteachable untalented or simply born to be useless I hate myself for not being able to achieve anything

  • I have no words.. This just hits so close to home for me as I just lost my husband to cancer. Words cannot express the feelings that come over me from just watching this video. Thank you for sharing you amazing talent with us.

    • Sorry to hear

    • Cancer se bachnay n kitnay percent chances hotay please reply me must my fiance is suffering from blood cancer

    • How many chances percent to recover from blood cancer?? please reply me must My fiance is suffering from blood cancer

    • Sorry for your loss, I hope everything will be okay❤️

    • Wow, I feel like you wrote what I felt. I just recently lost my husband to cancer as well. This video made me think of him and brought me to tears. It’s so beautiful.

  • 11:38 perfektní

  • I thought it was bad at the start but the finished result almost made me faint it was awsome

  • Очень красиво!!!!♥

  • It always starts with me going "NOOOO WHAT ARE YOU DOING" and ends in me totally in love with the final result.

  • Me encanta es muy romántico 🤩💝

  • I just clicked on this for the blending part , and I wasn’t expecting this masterpiece!!

  • Bellísimo, desde argentina 🇦🇷

  • Is the female figure a sunset and the male a sunrise? The art is gorgeous btw :) (Ik I’m not gunna get an answer but idc)

  • So satisfying as they peel of the tape, am speechless 😝

  • Красота

  • There’s even people on a tree?!?!?! Super cool I think I give it a 100/100

  • Это в тысячу раз лучше , чем пялиться в галереях на стены с картинами типа черного квадрата ... Мое восхищение !!!

  • какое чудо!!!👍

  • So awesome and creative! I was so excited when I saw the last part, feeling lucky that I was going to paint this!

  • I'm gonna take a picture of this wonderful art now

  • Those are really good colour choices and I’m really good at art like you🙂👏🤩🍃

  • What piano song is playing!? I love it and need to find the name of it!! The artwork and talent is phenomenal - I wish I could paint so well!

  • The message it gives is in the title "then, now, and forever." As you can see, in the girl it shows them as teens, and looking at the boy you can see they are old. But looking at the painting as a whole, it shows the present. Great piece "Wow art".

    • @Our midnight Confessions :(

    • @Sikander Ali That wasn't necessary. I just wanted to help I guess.

    • Hi, I am trying to understand is my art any good or should I just quit?

    • @69M views Its amazing! Keep going!

  • Me gustan tus obras de arte me gustaria pintar como tubsaludos de México

  • It’s fantastic!:✨

  • Omg she has created such a master piece the one I cannot even think in my dreams wow love it

  • This is one of the most beautiful paintings ive ever seen. Theres so much emotion in this that it brings me to tears. I adore the color changes from a dark mysterious side to a bright and warm side. This was very inspirational and thankyou for sharing it.


  • This precious masterpiece just brought tears in my eye. Now, this is something which is called an art from a talent 😍

  • Это шедевр

  • تلوين تحفة و بسيط

  • When you grow up you want to be an artist ya but your drawing is very beautiful 😍 💜 ♥ ✨

  • Ses vraiment magnifique j'aimerais tellement savoir faire de la peinture comme toi

  • I love the art keep up the hard work

  • Every second, the artist does something I didn’t expect

    • That's the exact thing that came from my heart😭

    • When you get likes but no replies People think you made alt IDs to like your own comment but in reality we don’t have words

    • I also didn't expect from all drawings that what it will be at last

    • @ashes to ashes what are you telling I'm not understanding

    • No entiendo ingles

  • يموت شكد حلو عاشت ايدج 😀❤️❤️

  • I've recently got into art because of you, at school we did a museum kinda thing and I brought in my artworks because of your inspiration 🖼🖍🖌

  • I love it!!!!! If only I could draw that well...