Daily Juicy Memes 359

čas přidán 3. 06. 2020
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  • 6:45 assassin creed: hold my beer

  • This video hahan't

  • deku

  • My grandchild in 2050:i hate studying 2020 history Me: you’ll hate it more if you were actually in it

  • when i get a fortnite enemy on 20 hp and then holding my pickaxe saying "wanna hug"

  • Shizophrenia: exists Memenade: *S K I C O F R E N I A*

  • I dont get what the problem is with eating cereal dry make fun of em but what are they supposed to do when they are allergic to milk such a childish behaviour of people when someone just does it different and it gets all soggy which is gross

  • I didn't get the meme where u put a pic of a roblox game that I played years ago

  • 6:51 i played this game in roblox

  • 1:25:says that will be hot Me:is this a North American joke that I am to South American to understand?

  • Me holding the textbook for 2020 in 2040: stronk

  • 6:50 The Civilization games: *Sad whimper noises*

  • is no one talking about how he puts a scam ad at the end of most of his videos

  • 2:33 I started screaming inside because I love that movie. Also Constantine be like 🚬 and 🍺

  • Hahant

  • 2:45 GTA:SA

  • 4:29: *Exists* Me (an intellectual): ЗА АРСТОЦКУ Б%@ТЬ!

  • No one trump: In terms of brain cells i have no brain cells

  • At 7:07 the stealy wheely automobeely is from unturned dont try and hide that shit

  • Wouldn't the secret formula at 1:40 be 2012, since the outcome of the things mixed together is 2020?

  • Hahan't

  • Amertuers i live in 7.5 billion year watcha Talkin bout boi

  • 5:45 nah 2D still way better

  • Girls: *says hey* Also girls:*says yo* Me: Wut about 'sup' 🤔

  • 0:13 What shows is this???

  • My dad: Get to bed at a reasonable time tonight we’re probably going out to breakfast tomorrow Me: *Stays up until 3am watching memes* Also me: Crud, ima be in so much trouble

  • This video is so hahan’t loven’t it so much, So goodn’t. Goodn’t job my dude.

  • Hahan't

  • Cyberpunk 2077 : Finally released after 7 years *613,606.894 Hours more for the download to complete*

  • If your my twin comment now

  • Doctor: quarantine wont be that long. Quarantine: *Queen Elizabeth II*

  • Hahan't

  • *hahan’t*

  • Someone: *Uploads a comment on Memenade that is funny and popular* Everyone: *Comunism music starts playing*

  • 5:05 I felt that on a spiritual level

  • Are you a fan on my hero academia or something, if not you should watch it

  • 6:41 is that a jojo’s reference

  • NOBODY HEROBRINE imma haunt a game cuz I was human but died


  • No window ❌ Windown't ✅

  • 5:23 Pewdiepie in a nutshell.

  • hahan’t

  • Girls when see me: Togethern't

  • 3:21 So we're back at 11 AD

  • 7:56 the world only lost 10 days because of calendar changes not 8 years

  • I would have to wait like 6 weeks for the heropods to arrive. And the Website looks kinda scamy Bro ngl

  • 7:12 :Is that an unturned referance i see

  • :V

  • Pimples:0 Blackheads:0 Number of no protests in America:0

  • 6:30 the updates that Elons kid gets are ending the world.

  • well, china planned to cut out poverty in 2020

  • 6:46 Science teacher: « Video games can’t teach you fish and bugs » Animal Crossing: Am i a joke to you?

  • I am surprised the normies took this long to leanr about tor and the dark web and use it to make the "torpedo" meme. But I doubt many children use tor. ALso a lot of peopel use Tor simply to pirate video games, anime, etc.

  • There is no Easter bunny There is no tooth fairy And there is no peaceful day in 2020

  • Boomer:Pfft,the left wing sucks! Left wing person:we will build roads Boomer: *You son of a bitch,I’m in*

  • That roblox meme is actually from a CS-tv call Drew durnel

  • memenade: advertises "pods" me: (Y) Shame

  • Me:*checks for notifications* no notifications Me:*lays down on bed and closes eyes* My phone: *beep* *beep* *beep*

  • What’s the name of the thing that reads the memes

  • Hahan't

  • 0:33 Only Snails House fans will know

  • 0:25 me right there but it’s me telling people cuz of there zodiac. ASTROLOGY RULES!!!!!

  • y'all notice more mha memes

  • y'all notice more mha references

  • Thumbail: Not funny Video: It Isn't funny Clickbaits everywhere

  • My sister got the Bob Ross coloring book for last christmas

  • 7:12 that's from r/sbubby and I made a meme about it

  • Only 6 days intil the 1 year anniversary of DJM

  • 7:13 unturned be like

  • Indians during Pewdiepie vs T-Series: *im the bad guy* Indians after giving 1 Star ratings on TikTok: *we were bad, but now we are good*

  • 1:33 what about the ‘1720 plague, 1820 cholera outbreak, 1920 spanish flu, 2020 coronavirus’?

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-tKr5ZtXDK5g.html

  • 0:23 The mom:me telling my toys that they can move and i'll tell anybody The daughter: my toys

  • everyone here is making memes but I making memen't

  • My mom calling me a technological genius *Me who only double clicked to exit full screen*

  • When your able to predict the template before seeing the meme Some times my genius it’s almost frightening

  • Can someone explain the joke at 3:17, I don't get it.

  • 5:37 Where is this from, please?

  • All lives matter: 🍅

  • I heard if you say a youtubers name three times, you get pinned! Memenade Memenade Memenade Pls workkkk