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Dallas Cowboys vs. Los Angeles Rams | Divisional Round Game Preview | Move the Sticks

čas přidán 9. 01. 2019
Move the Sticks previews the 2018 Divisional Round game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angles Rams.
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  • Cowboys got ass beat by my rams

  • WRONG !!! GO RAMS !!!

  • I just want you Cowboy fans to know your team sucks ass in the playoffs. Educate yourself before you buy NFC Championship tickets ahead of time.

  • Hahah

  • Well these guys know nothing.


  • How about dem Cowgirls 😱💩

  • #FAIL

  • lmao did people really think they were going to score 31 were not the giants 2nd stringers

  • People really thought the cowboys would win this?

  • FUCKEN losers LMFAO😂😂😂😂😂 Rams 🏠

  • Rams played a great game, hands down, Go Cowboys Go!! Congratulations

  • Whose House? Rams House! Rams running game is unstoppable!

  • f**K the Cowgirls.. Dallas fans everywhere bitching about the "in the grasp" penalty and yet, thought they had a fair win over the Saints. It took two weeks for the NFL to issue the fine for the most blatant helmet to helmet hit on Kamara, on a 3rd down play, with 9 minutes in the 4th quarter.. Fans are only honest when they're winning..

    • Most delusional fanbase. 3 point win over the saints: "Saints exposed how bow dem cowboys" 23 point smackdown and shut out by the colts: "just an off day"


  • Cowboys need a quarter back. Looks like he makes mistakes on purpose. He cant be that dumb.

    • You should go out there and play quarterback for them then.

  • What about the boys 😂😂😂😂😂

  • They both picked the Cowboys because of the Rams run defense when it was actually the other way around. The Cowboys run defense sucked, that’s why you don’t listen to the commentators.

  • “hOw bOut DeM BOyz” LMAO 🤪...😂

  • Hahaha just came to say as mostly you got it wrong. Need someone better than you guys.

  • LA RAMs raming over the over rated & over confident cowboys. Another season, all talks bla bla bla but same old fate year after year for decades now. 🤣😂💯👌

  • cowboys got dookied on

  • Who is here after the Rams won?

  • The Rams are gonna have a tough time 😂😂😂

    • Did you even watch the game?

  • The Rams are going to win this


  • 31-17

  • Dallas newspaper headline tommorrow...👉COWBOYS GET RAMMED...LOL

  • Let's go Rams

  • desde buenos aires pero soy de MEXICO vamos rams

  • Rams baby since 1999. Titans, then pats beat us by 3ots fg last second smh

  • Go cowboys all the way have faith! Got get the Rams ! ;-)

  • 1 like=1dallas cowboy's fan

  • Cowboys Nation Tamika Jackson Super Fan!!

  • Horns up RAMS NATION we bout to get this w


  • Big fan here yeaaa:) go cowboys

  • I am not a Cowboys fan, but I like Blake Jarwin, Dalton Schultz, L.P. Ladouceur, Sean Lee, Leighton Vander-Esch, Brandon Reilly, Cole Beasley, Jeff Heath, Heath and Beasley probably my favorite guys. Heath my Michigan man repping the state hopefully will be in the game. I live in Los Angeles, and coming from me the Rams bandwagon this year in the city is crazy, the Rams bandwagon this year has made them my most hated team in the league, and that’s just behind the Patriots. In no way I am a Cowboys fan but when playing the f*ck bandwagon Los Angeles Rams I will be routing for the Cowboys 100% without a doubt.

  • Let gooo cowboys!!!!

  • 30/20 Cowboys

  • #finishthisfight

  • DAL: 17 LAR: 31

  • What channel's

  • Cowboys 27 Rams 24

  • Funny how people wana sleep on the rams. Funny. Cowboys will be goin home with they're tail tucked after tonight. #RAMSHOUSE

  • Where all my L.A Ram's fan's at baby i ain't gone say to much but yall know this will be a good game and this a l.a ram's fan in memphis sorry to say but the cowboy's gettimg put put today and yall on our field come on now l.a ram's baby let's go


  • Cowboys: 24 Rams: 30



  • I'm taking the rams

  • No Romo no party.

  • Rams all the way Rams 26-19 cowboys

  • 🏈🏈🏈Go Dallas Cowboys ⭐ 🏈👏 👏

  • Did this guy say that Todd Gurley "might" be better than Zeke?!? LMAOO!!

  • LOL so many boys fans so excited because they beat seahawks at home by only 2, this is another west team that is at IN LA boys fans!

  • Rams all day long will take the CowGirls to the Cleaners...32-14...RAMS...Ba hahahahaha So long little doggy girls !!!

  • go cowboys

  • Who will win Like cowboys Comment rams

  • Coming from a cowboys fan: Can we all agree this is gonna be a good game, both teams are good and both teams need to bring their best to win. Good luck to rams. May the best team win

  • Cowboys gonna get Rammed!!!

  • RAMS

  • it's going to be one good tough game on both sides might even be decided by a point or field go. nothing against the rams I think they are an excellent team but I want to see another cowboys game. May the best team win

  • I see cowboys practice this weekend and the boys convince me 42-17 cowboys

  • Cowboys ain't winning another game.... One and done


  • Rams are going to play action pass all game and destroy the Cowboys. TG is going to have Hella all purpose yards


  • The Divisional Round: "A Question Of Numbers Raises Numerous Questions; 12 at 15?, 4 at 16?; 17 at 12?; and 9 at 9...?" ----------------------------- Will 12 prevail over 15? Will 4 upset 16? Can 17 do the same versus 12? And which of the two 9 wins?...because only one 9 can win...but one will... ==============

  • I'll cry tears of joy if we pull it off

  • This is all on Dak Prescott. He can’t suck like he always does.

  • 27-23 Rams Aaron Donald going for 3 sax

  • The only way were going to win this is if dak stops holding the ball for so long and doesn't clog up the pocket.

  • Here's the only comment that you all need to read, THE BOY'S ARE BACK IN TOWN. GO! COWBOY'S!

  • Cowboys 6656455 = Rams 6656456. Lol I'm predicting

  • Cowboys win convincingly shock the hatters. Zeke goes Godzilla on the lambs D ,,,,Cooooperrr opens up secondary like a new Waterbuger giving free burgers in the getto Dake makes a Name for himself in this game period,

  • This is going to be a great game. All of Todd Gurley's 100 yard games have been against weaker defenses. Every team the Rams have played with a great defense has held him under 100, 8 to be exact. Elliott, on the other hand is exactly the opposite. He has stepped up against very tough defenses, and all his 8, over 100 yards rushes, have been against the best defenses in the league. This will he no different. The Cowboys will limit Gurley, under that 100 yard mark, and force the Rams to rely heavily on passing. It will be a close game, but Elliot, and the Cowboys edge out the Rams, 31 to 27.

  • First time dj agrees with us

  • Go cowboys

  • I think the cowboys will win

  • The amount of annoying cowboy fans omg 🙄 . Hope to God Gurley smashes in this game or else the NFL community is gonna have to deal with this for another week

  • Woah since when do they both root for the cowboys I’m not complaining but that surprised me let’s go cowboys

  • Cowboys are going to destroy the Rams!!

  • Rams 31 Cowboys 23

  • It’s the cowboys all the way baby!!!! Let’s go!!!

  • Rams win 17-15 I'm a big fan of the cowboys but until I see us past the division round I don't see us winning the course lives on

  • Rams 24 cowboys 17

  • Rams with the dub

    • Came back to my comment just to say we got that dubbbb !! Whooos house rams house 😉😂😂

  • Judging from the matchup and the location, I think the cowboys will get slaughtered. I don't particularly care either way, but that is the feeling I get.

  • We’re my hawks fans at we didn’t get it this year but soon and if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all let’s go Seahawks

  • Just gonna go ahead and say the inevitable: Congratulations Cowboys!

  • Elliot is the reason cowboys can score. The passing game for the cowboys is really bad. Elliot opens up the passing game. If cowboys had a quarterback that can throw more than 7 yards, they be a very good team. Defense is the other reason they have won almost all their games by a couple if points.

  • Ppl hate the boys so much thats why were gonna win were gonna upset the rams in there own stadium

  • Cowboys beat the saints. Saints beat the rams. Therefore Cowboys will win. Math is always right baby!!

  • LA rams

  • Y'all are right we gonna take care of the rams and then if the eagles wanna come at us again were not afraid to beat them again and same goes for you saints

  • DeMarcus Lawrence & HOTBOYZ Dak, Zeke & Company Cowboys Nation BRINGING DOWN DA HOUSE!!!😡👊 Cowboys 31 Rams 17

  • You both pick Dallas to win against Cowboys?

  • 🔥🔥

  • Their will be more cowboy fans in that stadium than Ram fans...