"Dawn of 16th" | Dream SMP Animation

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  • i still get chills watching this

  • fire brother

  • This is actually so much cool !!!!!!

  • Manberg: Jschlatt Dream Punz Sapnap Karl George? Pogtopia: Wilbur Tommy Technoblade Tubbo Fundy Quackity Niki Eret

  • I got goosebombs ( . _ . )

  • Respect

  • 1:45 Quackity’s high again

  • dude i love the part with bad

  • I'm back 9 months later and this is still bad ass. Anyone wanna help me write a conflict theory /theory in the media about dream smp?

  • For some weird reason i just love the "What are you doing." 1:52

  • im gonna cry, this is sooooo goood!!!!! omg!

  • 3:04 First instinct: protec son

  • even though i never watch dream smp, and i definetely aint in it; this still hits different

  • 2:40 fact, its really brutal how technoblade stomped tommy on the chest i bet that felt really bad :/

  • I love when bad boy halo come out

  • u deserve more subscribers

  • Road: **Exists** Jack: **Goes near it**

  • It might be just me, but when Schlatt has his heart attack, if you look into his eyes, it might be the surprise of the heart attack, but it almost looks like he feels bad for what he's done.

  • No going to lie these videos of DSMP is amazing ✨✨✨

  • 1:43 my favorite part, bbh " Who cares" it's just SO COOL

  • I don’t care how much you hate the smp if this doesn’t give you chills yours not human.

  • I dont understand how people disliked the video it just AMAZING!

  • Philza came in the l’manburg exploding room like: are you winning son

  • awesome

  • These videos give me chills every time i watch them! I have watched them at least 10 times each and they never get old

  • Love watching these over and over goose bumps everytime

  • OMFG SO GOOD I can't live without watching it everyday.


  • I like How Fundy Never Talks And isnt in Any Of the Big Secens But he is just looking at us in the backround

  • This is by far the best animation I have ever seen. Literal chills.

  • Can we just appreciate how much time she puts into her videos.

  • Yo I love how Phil looked and how he protected will with his one wing i Really hope he gets the elytra from the DreamSMP challenge i hope to See more of Phil couse hes my favorite


  • Don’t you just love when you pause at the right time for example I paused when the said “What?”

  • this guy shall CLEARLY deserve more subs

  • 1:35 eh

  • More plz

  • I don't care what people say but dream has the coolest lines. He just seems so manipulative with everything he says. By far my favorite character in the animations

  • I love this videoss!! I love the way you animate them, is just- -cheff kiss- Amazing! Please tell me your secretss! XD

  • I was just rewatching this and noticed a flicker of something purple at 1:12 when the 'camera'[ pans away from Dream and now I'm sat here desperately trying to figure out what it is Update: its just an upside down image of dream but in purple


  • Really really really good

  • BRUH! 1.1M LIKES?!?!

  • This one literally sent chills throughout my body.

  • the edit IS SO GOOD

  • Seriously I think this is the best animation on CS-tv

  • F

  • F

  • F

  • F

  • I remember when this was new-

  • i love how tubbo is just walking away with techno's emeralds

  • I'm on CS-tv premium- Please let me stay

  • "Do it phili kill me" YOUR MY SON! lol i know its acting but it cracks me upppp

  • That was epic I'm very proud I love how Wilbur yelled and Philza just came up and said what are you doing. And at the end that Philza stabbed Wilbur I was sad but very shock or amazed😍☺️

  • Thanks SAD-ist for so much hell-o-shit references, so good ideas, and remarking how good people can live by animating all loved moments

  • 2:59 all the way to the end was my fav part

  • This animatic is really awesome!! I cannot stop watching it! 🤩

  • omg the transitions with the music after wilbur presses the button is just amazing-

  • "Ur my son!" Yooooo, thats like 1 of the best things Philza said- Also this is so frickin amazing like no joke

  • I just subbed


  • Your arts are so good like this give me chills

  • @technoblade FANTICTIC!!!!

  • 1:51 ok but the “what you say” fitted SO PERFECTLY




  • I love how you showed tubbo running with all the “necessary” emeralds

  • Im not a fan of the dsmp- or something but these animation is so good


  • the intensity has me like friggin falling off my chair and a concerned mother

  • I think I speak for everyone when I say that this all should be turned into a movie. Like seriously.

  • I really hope you make more

  • "this is where we take it all back, either that, or we get no'ing"

  • @SAD-ist you should definetly make a show your animating is EPIC

  • The animation is so fluid and amazing and beautiful and I’m sorry but when Philza says ‘what are you doing’ and it pans back to Wilbur and the music goes ‘WHAT CHU SAY’ I Friggen can’t 😂😂😂

  • wow watchimg this back in months i just miss the old lmanburg

  • hey techno why are u mean if you do that again im not gonna like dream smp

  • this is about dream :]

  • Yo it seems like the entire smp commented on this, it’s so good! You’re very talented.

  • 😯😯😯😯😯😯

  • Techoblade-A Victom of Hereos

  • 98% of dsmp fans have come back here so many times they can quote it alongside the animation In all seriousness I know I’m very very late to comment but holy crap sadist. I’m so glad your talent is recognized the way it is, because this is truly fantastic work.

  • I wish all the dream smp members see this

  • This is the best videos keep it up

  • This is epic

  • There’s no words that can be said to describe the level of talent that you’ve put into these videos, it’s amazing

  • This is so good I have watched it so much times this is so incredible.

  • Shivers Literally shivers

  • 0mg this is so cool this is super cool ahh

  • I absolutely love the "You wanna be a Hero Tommy?,Then die like one!"


  • Like Sad-ist isn;t the best drawer and not the best animator but I'll be damned if they are the one that captures the mood the best! So round of applause to being amazing at what you do!

  • I love the animations, I've watched them over 100 times, but I have one question... fundy and techno are both animals but techno wears a mask and fundy is an actual animal, why?

  • I luv this

  • tubbo is stealing the emeralds

  • Nice work

  • Technoblade and dream are the coolest person in smp

  • My favorite video on youtube