Dead By Daylight Parody 7 (Animated)

čas přidán 15. 07. 2019
Oh happy days!
Written and Animated by Sam T Nelson
Additional Animation & Church BG by SpiritGear
Sam T Nelson:
Wraith, Freddy, Ghost Face, Adam, Hillbilly, Jake, Claudette, Trapper, Meg, Dwight, Nea, Huntress, Tapp, Clown, Spirit, Leatherface, Doctor and Hag.
Frank (Legion) and Jeff.
Jay the Bard:
S.V. Wright:
Goddess Charm:
Laurie Strode
Allison Bowley:
The Nurse
Jane Romero
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Sam T Nelson
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Albuquerque, NM 87114-4007
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  • They see me loading... They hatin

    • They see me loading they waiting

    • personally, I don't think this deserves 7.2K likes and a heart. It's a reference a lot of people understood and isn't really that creative. Sorry, I am just really dumbfounded by the fact that this comment is so popular.

    • This is getting pretty dizzy job so far

    • F*ck michael smiling wtf he can do that in a mask😨😨😨

    • Avery Amey it was actually because back then people faked ghost face was coming to dead by daylight

  • 5 33 QWQ Это так милоооо:ээ

  • This not as funny the killers aren't supposed to follow the book

  • I just wanna see a video were they all just read the book

  • Ok

  • Survivors rule book for killers is basically the survivors wants to win for free by the way trapper you are to good for survivors rule book GG

  • Michael Myers X Ghost face

  • I love the Huntress bit. I hope we see more like Tied-up-man getting a free pass since his wife is a “Hooker” ;P

  • 日本人いる?

  • hellbent is an epic man

  • 5:35 :)

  • Trapper is an badass

  • Me after people stop shitting on me for being a legion main: 0:10

  • The trapper is actually so cute

  • This is great XD

  • When is ep 8 coming out

  • Thank you for the translation into French I subscribe

  • If I get people telling me the rules I would just say what trapper and kiba. says about the rule survivors give to killer “screw your rules”

  • Ummm Jason was there, maybe be crossover

  • I realized what ever happened to the Rest of the legion. Susie, Julie and Joey? Are they trapped in a pocket world waiting for their turn playing poker?

    • @vl MISFIT lv Okay and what about the wedding then? If the rest aren't there then how can they even be in trails when all the survivor(s) are clearly at the wedding

    • They're busy participating in their own trials. Frank is the leader of the group and also the entity prefers him

  • "Oh I so _sad_ boo hoo, gg" - The Trapper

  • *is huntress even a female? she/he looks like a dude a bit*

  • I'm surprised the plague wasn't the one doing the ceremony

  • Can feng min and doctor be nice or something cuz they actually are father and daughter

  • Lmao aint nobody got time for that

  • Oh, happy DAYS! :D

  • Ding!Ding!

  • Ugggghh, what no- *dead*

  • I want to see a tapp and huntress hybrid

  • Video is pretty D@mn accurate. Survivors keep bltching about killer doing this killer doing that, but they are not wrong cause game dev keep making killer stronger and stronger every patch, and at the same time nerfing survivors.

    • To be fair, the flashlight was so stupid back then, literally, when i would play killer it was so dumb to get instantly blinded by the odd bulb combo.

    • @TheGamingGuy Calm down guy. I'm clearly talking about game dev not the players.

    • So... the fault is on the players playing killer, and not the devs? We just play the game dude, also the nerf they did on flashlights was very reasonable, because those things were OP. They're still viable, but you have to use them right now instead of shinimg the light in the general vicinity of the killer.

  • and thats why i am evil to every survivor ^^

  • and they lived happily ever after

  • Should we follow the rules?

  • Make more parodys plz

  • I better no one noticed Micheal Myers smile after the stalk off

    • It can be easy to miss. Glad i caught it though. And i laughed so much. Lkl

    • i noticed hehe

    • I didnt notice that

    • Apocalypse Katani I know bro

  • Killers Rule Book For Survivors Pg 482 : Take a Survivor's " Survivor Rule Book For Killers " and burn it so you can do anything you want.

  • Can you add more of the Dolan planet gang like hellbent?

  • I love how Michael smiled after the stalk off

  • Sorry we don't have any rice. Just salt. Only salt. Rolf just like ever game of dbd

  • What now?

  • Man fuck yo survivor rules

  • The hags voice got me dying these whole episodes.

  • Why Jason Voorhees is in the marriage ????

  • Sorry but 0:37 Ghostface looks too cute XDDD

  • Any of you reckon they could add Jason into this game?

  • Love the wraith voice

  • The rules are so accurateeee lmaoo. I find that so funny because I always refer to the rules even though I know that there are no rules

  • What now

  • I love legions voice

  • freddy egg-kru

  • Idk why but l like legions voice

  • my fav is the crapper the trapper the nurse ash and dwit boi

  • the wrath uhh frank your rework has been inproved it looks like your now a hooker frank aka the legoin oh happey day

  • lmao this is way too accurate

  • 5:49 Lol Jeff's sound is so cool

    • He's voiced by Hellbent I'm pretty sure.

  • Hellbent!

    • Man _hunt215 from planet Dolan

  • Yay for the hooker

  • The book thingy is sadly so true

  • Next killer: ash's puppet

  • 0:12 when i dont get an F

  • If next killer wont be Jason I leave a game...

    • ​@Duston Shields It would be a 7 dollar DLC (or whatever they charge for licensed content). It wouldn't split anything. It's the same as adding Ghostface. The makers of Friday the 13th: The Game can't stop others from making Friday the 13th related games or DLC. They don't own the rights! It was on loan to them by the person who (USED TO) own the rights. DBD devs have already stated a year ago they could add Jason to the game if they wanted. My guess would be through reboot Jason. Will it happen? Probably not. I guess we'll see very soon.

    • Ok but would they want you to buy him for $7 or would they want you to buy the $30 game with $15 of dlc with it. To me it makes sense of them not to do it. It would split up there community as well into 2 games one of which they don't own. It will sadly never happen. And this is coming from someone who wants Jason in dbd. I just know how to read the facts

    • Samination Ohhh I didn’t think about that maybe this could happen then !

    • Jason can have more than one game. I mean, he already does. There is the game you are speaking of and then the puzzle kiddy looking one. DBD could technically license Jason if they really wanted to. And let's not forget, this September is the 13th chapter and there is also a Friday the 13th.

    • bro what game you will leave

  • I love how you gives Ash only few lines since he can talk in the game and that makes him can only talks few lines in the animation.

  • 5:40 does that mean sumn?

  • Какие Дураки Придумали Правила, Как Хочу Так и Играю, Если Есть Возможность Срасти Спасу, Хочу Кемперю и тд.

  • Trappers redemption arc

  • I wish they use Myers a little more🤕

  • wonderful animation as always, keep it comin dude i live for these


  • Survivors rule book for killers Available on Amazon Prime

  • @SouzaSoul

  • 5:48 is that mark

  • IMPORTANT. - You need to address in your videos the Lag Switchers in this game. it is OUT of control.

    • Samination it’s funny xD cause most of this still relevant. I love your videos. Now, time to be insulted for face camping, by following 2 survivors running by me to unhook.

    • Spelling Bee Master aka ImDaBest2008 agreed

    • The next parody should have the survivors handbook for killers in it lol.

    • That will be gone by my next parody as they are bringing out dedicated servers in the next month.

  • Huntress is bae.

  • 5:32 micheal face change. 😱

  • 5:54 When Jane burns her pupils to smithereens!

  • Also is it just me or is the nurse nøkk?

  • Wait, what the *meg?*


  • No one cares about rules