Death Battle RANDOMIZED! Smash Bros Chooses Our Matchups! | DEATH BATTLE Cast

čas přidán 26. 12. 2022
Today, Cast is prerecorded as we're enjoying time off for the holidays!
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Komentáře: 581

  • I was born for this stream. It was insanely fun!

    • What the hell is smash bracket doing here? Love your videos man, keep pushing!

    • I was thinking that when I watched it, what did you think of them talking about the Smash cast’s feats?

    • HUZZAH, IT IS YOU!!!

    • mmmmmm

    • @powerguypacman thank you so much! @joseph sharp It was really fun! Also therapeutic to see them also struggle to make sense of Wii Fit Trainer and the Ice Climbers 😂

  • Wishing the DB team a very Happy New Year❤

  • Now I want an Ice Climber Vs Joker death battle where Nana and Popo wobble Satan to death

  • Ice Climbers VS Madeline and Badeline is legit fun as a MU. Would love it on CDB.

  • Hope the cast of deathbattle had a great holiday and new year

  • I never laugh so hard at Nick's explanation of how Wii Fit Trainer beats Pac-Man.

  • A very odd fight would be The Ice Climber vs the Duck Hunt ..' Stupid Dog you made me look bad Oogaa Boogaa Boogaa !'

    • I love I saw this comment after watching smash brackets icies vs duck hunt match-up

    • @Jay C hmm didn't know it happened 🤔 still odd I bet

  • A positive year, came a positive season. I wish the Death Battle community a Happy New Year.🕯

  • Ah… Truly a great way to end off the year

  • Yes, I enjoyed it . I would love to take part in the video.❤

  • This was a great episode. It was so much fun to watch you guys having so much fun. Happy Holidays!

  • Aion vs Griffith is legit fun as a MU. Would love it on CDB.

  • Guys, you missed a very important detail about Greninja in smash. Is not any Greninja, is Ash's Greninja

  • this also reminded me of the old screw attack days and how completely insane those would get!

  • Season 9 one of the best seasons of death battle keep up the great work you guys.

  • Pointing out for Terry vs. Byleth: They defeated Freyja by TAKING AWAY her universe-scale ability. She controls nightmares and her brother Freyr controls dreams; by using a special necklace, she took Freyr's power, making her nigh-omnipotent, but killing Freyr (which he asked the heroes to do) caused her to lose it, and THEN the heroes could kill her. She also made the mistake of toying with them while she was all-powerful; trying to make them suffer only gave Freyr time to sacrifice himself.

  • I just realized, this is the closest that we're getting to the original tournament idea when they started doing these matchups. I kinda like this, but at the same time, I feel like just keeping it to one series would be more... cohesive, I guess. Maybe to determine who the strongest character in a specific verse would be, kind of like the format of a tier list? Update: Nevermind, I kinda like how chaotic this got. Doing another round of this would be awesome! Maybe with... Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale characters? Just a thought.

  • I’d absolutely love this again! Include other games and adjust the format a bit…you may have discovered something really special. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Happy holidays for everyone This was really fun. Should do it again, maybe a small tournament with the season's characters?

  • This episode was a blast! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Hey happy new year something I thought you guys might enjoy trying is a tournament style battle where you take say 10 random characters from their respective fighting styles example being gunslinger and make the match ups random to see who’s the strongest of each class

  • I really hope that Sylvanas will appear in a death battle and i am curious with who.

  • I liked this setup! Very chaotic, but pretty fun. Would be interested in seeing more randomizers, maybe with other games like Marvel vs Capcom?

  • Isabelle is a Multiverse hive mind and immeasurable speed. She slams Link with ease!

  • This sounds like an awesome series!

  • Honestly, thanks for every single battle you made this year! They might not all be accurate, but dang if they weren't visually stunning! Happy New Year DB team! (Also, rematch of Ichigo vs Naruto please?)

  • Hm, this was a very interesting idea, i would like to see you do something like this again, maybe you could use another Game next time? Also, Ice Climbers vs Celeste sounds interesting.

  • Yeah, absolutely, you should do more Randomizers.

  • This was very entertaining

  • Finally a random deathbattle!!!!

  • happy holidays all! Also loved this idea! Bring it back!

  • Byleth literally has time travel!

  • I'm still waiting for someone from the railgun series to be on the death battle

  • This is the Smash Bracket and Death Battle crossover we all wanted

  • Happy new year to everyone at RoosterTeeth!

  • Makes me hyped for Bill Cipher vs Discord, Alex vs Cole, and any other fights for Season 10

  • Perhaps some of these matchups will be made real on the Smash Bracket channel some day.

  • I would like to see a jump force varient or multiversus varient of this because that would be epic

  • I really love the quick round argument format. Itd be more fun with actual matches and votes though

  • No one's really talking about the 3 movies of the fatal fury. That Terry knows how to use a move that is a god-like power that took out a God.

  • Isabelle slaps. She is like bff4e with the doom slayer and fought hordes of demons barehanded along with him. I think both creators even confirmed their friendship.

  • This was freakin hilarious. I think DJ 2 will make a great addition/substitution to the team.

  • Nothing is more op than the question mark smash character

  • This was fun but they should have done it where their votes counted towards the final, so there wouldnt have been tiessss

  • I hope they do Rean vs Byleth so we don’t see Ben talking about Byleth the way we saw it in this cast.

    • Rean vs Byleth would be amazing, ToCS is such an underrated and obscure game though that you hardly see this matchup be requested unfortunately. One thing going for it is that the matchup is really fricken good and makes a ton of sense. This is my dream matchup

    • @RuneTactics Rean is the *perfect* opponent for Byleth in all regards. I love this match up, and also so happy that Brandon made a song for it. This one would clearly be a 3D fight. The models are right there! Waiting to be use! The Legend of Heroes getting in DB would be fantastic.

    • I want Byleth vs The Traveler personally, but Byleth vs. Rean is a cool matchup.

    • Not only will this matchup be very interesting, being a mentor-themed fight between two badass university professors from JRPGs with various different abilities and skills, but also the timing for the matchup is getting pretty close to perfect, since: Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes was released about several months ago, and Fire Emblem Engage will be released around next month, And two more Legend of Heroes games, Trails from Azure and Trails into Reverie are officially coming soon for a 2023 release, with Trails from Zero having been released a few months ago.

    • Too bad everyone's also going use this matchup as an excuse for more "Time huh, thanks for the tip" jokes in reference to Byleth's Divine Pulse ability which lets them rewind time.

  • Ashi (from Samurai Jack) should get her own Death Battle.

    • Aki would work better

    • She should fight Karai from TMNT

    • But she's gonna need the right competitor to up against. Someone who share a similar with her. Rise by birth to become a fear, deadly, unstoppable assassin.

    • @Maribel Rocha who’s Aki

    • Karai (TMNT) Skylor (Ninjago)

  • Honestly didn’t know Pac-Man is round, pretty wall-level tbh

  • This is amazing , every character is broken somehow 🤣 chad and Liam are just losing it

  • I'm a really big smash bros fan and this sure is.... interesting.


  • I would love to see the punisher vs duke nukem!

  • I wanna see a Death Battle between Adam Taurus from RWBY Vs Samuel "Jetstream” Rodrigues from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, I would love to see this battle between the Murasama and Wilt & Blush. Sam can deflect shots from Blush in sheath or rifle form, Adam’s got range, speed, strength and agility cuz of his Faunus traits but Sam has taken down Metal Gear Ray, an early Bladewolf (when he was still under Desperado), and was able to time a quick draw at Steven Armstrong (despite Armstrong using his stub to impale Sam’s right arm). Adam was able to slice through an Atlesian spider droid, cut clean Yang’s arm off (I’m sorry to mention that), took over the White Fang and the first feat would be that he fired Wilt out of Blush fast enough to catch his blade and slice an Atlesian knight in the Black trailer. Both have similar yet slightly different fighting styles of i Akutsu and kenjutsu, only differences is that Sam would be able to taunt Adam and that would leave him vulnerable to violent outbursts and attack everywhere which Sam could take advantage of in the battle. Sam was killed by Raiden (who then used his sword to kill Armstrong to end rogue PMCs like Desperado, which was Sam’s original plan before he was swayed into working for Armstrong), Adam got killed by Blake and Yang by stabbed through the heart both front and back of the body, and then fell but also I think broke his neck (R.I.P). But I wanna see these two fight where one’s a samurai with a high frequency sword that’s kinda like wielding a thousand degree knife and the other is like a Yakuza themed swordsman (volume 1-3), just wanna put this here. That is all.

  • You should do Makima from Chainsaw Man VS Light Yagami from Death Note. (They have similar abilities)

    • I know it’s not related to the video but it would still be a cool.

    • Makima curbstomps Light. In order to kill Makima, he would have to write the names of every single Japanese citizen. Even if Light manages to write down all of those names before Makima finds him and fingerbang him, he would still need to write one last name, his own name. If Light wants to kill Makima, he has to kill himself and everybody else in Japan. Hell, the Death Note shouldn't even work on Makima due to her being the Control Devil.

    • @Júst Ânôthêr Pêrsón ouch

    • Tooru from JoJolion (Part 8 of JoJolion) seems to be a more thematically-appropriate MU, Calamity vs Control. Thing is I feel JoJo has more popular requests. on its end even with manga-only characters let alone the Parts that have been animated such Funny Valentine vs Senator Armstrong.

    • @ExileUnbound They don't have similar abilities... like at all

  • All fun and games until we get Jigglypuff vs Sephiroth as the season 10 finale

  • Would Love to see gremlins vs critters


  • For any Death Battle that wasn't teased about for Season 10, I would be most excited if we got to watch Dallas from Payday get to be in one.

  • I just thought of of a DB that would bug many people. Cl4pTrap (Claptrap from Borderlands) Vs KVN (Gary's hated robot friend from FinalSpace). my money would be on Claptrap but KVN is full of annoying suprises.

  • Souly thanks to this DB cast, I want Link vs The Doom Slayer!

  • Petition for Smaug from the Hobbit vs Ridley from Metroid

  • 28:21 😂 that’s my new ringtone

  • Given previous death battles, I would suggest pitting megaman.exe against END from Sonic Frontier. I'd totally love to see how EXE's universe feats stack up to the full incarnation of END.

  • i hope this one doesnt get lost i think that a good idea for a death battle would be spawn vs. the mask

  • Yeah I watched the whole thing. It was quite entertaining

  • I would love to see a few fights redone with the modern animation skill you guys have, Like Barry Flash Vs Quicksilver would look amazing, or even a visual update of the first Death battle, no change just a remaster to visuals

  • Ant-Man VS The Atom

  • Terry has killed a God of Fighting.

  • I had a good time listening to this when I was working

  • You don't no how much I love your death battelS❤️ I wish för Emile from halo reach vs ghost it will be a big fight. And who is the real winner

  • Liam taking Ls is always entertaining

  • Y’all need to do Kratos vs Doom Guy

  • Well, that was fun. Looking forward to what 2023 has to offer.

  • Necromorphs vs the flood. You could have them both invade earth at the same time and see which parasite takes over.

  • I wanted to do Metallix form the comics VS Rainbow Dash.

  • Should Lord Drakkon vs Ohma Zi-O come at season 10 or would it be inappropriate?

  • This should be a series

  • Noelle vs Katara (Black Clover vs Avatar) because they both can't control their water powers, but they mastered water powers like a badass.

  • I will add that Wobbling is listed as one of the canonical powers of the Ice Climbers on the Vs Battles Wiki, and that they regularly use Smash Bros as a reference for the Icies' fighting prowess. Icies wobble Joker to death.

  • If Byleth got used, then can Byleth vs. The Traveler happen?

  • Asura vs Kratos is what I wish to see before I hit the grave

  • You guys need to do a battle between Luz from owl house and Anne from Amphibia. It would be awesome!

  • You doing great I love this video

  • A Mr Hyde Vs Mr Hyde battle would classic.

  • In your next death battle I recommend including Nero from devil may cry

  • This was a good cast.

  • They didn’t mention that Isabelle is comparable to human villagers which can casually lift whale sharks which weigh around 41,000 pounds!

  • Death Battle/Cast Matchups I am interested in seeing: Jimmy Neutron vs Dexter Spider-Man vs Miraculous Ladybug Bart Simpson vs Eric Cartman Frieza vs Megatron Axe Cop vs Inferno Cop Finn & Jake vs Mordecai & Rigby Alphonse vs Nezuko Zim vs Crypto Scarecrow vs Mysterio Galactus vs Unicron The Riddler vs Jigsaw Yuji Itadori vs Denji Gordon Freeman vs Isaac Clarke Henry Stickmin vs The Second Coming Chucky vs Slappy(or Springtrap) Pennywise vs Freddy Krueger(or Ronald McDonald) Joker vs Green Goblin Baki Hanma vs Tokita Ohma

    • they did cover Spider-Man Vs. Ladybug before but they can always make a full discussion for the cast.

  • DEATH BATTLE Season 10: Cole MacGrath VS Alex Mercer (Infamous VS Prototype) Akame VS Satsuki Kiryuin (Akame Ga Kill VS Kill La Kill) Ant-Man VS The Atom (Marvel VS DC) Sly Cooper VS Rouge the Bat Roy Mustang VS Levi Ackerman (Fullmetal Alchemist VS Attack On Titan) Tigra VS Tigress (Marvel VS Kung Fu Panda) Timmy Turner VS The New Kid (The Fairly OddParents VS South Park) Incineroar VS Leomon (Pokémon VS Digimon) She Hulk VS Rampage (Marvel VS DC) Gotenks VS Jay Garrick (Dragon Ball VS DC) Connie Maheswaran VS Marco Diaz (Steven Universe VS SVTFOE) Chucky VS Slappy (Child's Play VS Goosebumps) Onaga VS Tyranitar (Mortal Kombat VS Pokémon) Bolin VS Crocodile (Avatar VS One Piece) Monkey D Luffy VS Boruto Bunnie Rabbot VS Chappie And DBX Is Back In Business: Erma Williams VS Phantump (Erma VS Pokémon) Megas XLR VS Titan Maximum (Cartoon Network VS Adult Swim) Palutena VS Mothra (Kid Icarus VS Godzilla) Pac-Man VS Billy Hatcher (Namco VS Sega) Chell VS Faith Connors (Portal VS Mirror's Edge) Duck Hunt VS The Evil Twins (Nintendo VS Crash Bandicoot) Dhalsim VS Iceman (Street Fighter VS Marvel)

  • Isabelle is Doom Slayers pet. She eats characters like Link as dog treat. He’s not even breakfast to her, he’s a snake. Therefore Isabelle destroys

  • You wanna know a fight I would pay death battle to make? The mask vs Popeye (battle of the toons)

  • *SEASON 10* *Episode 1 😀😄(SEASON PREMIER!)💥🌞: Bill Cipher vs Discord (Gravity Falls vs My Little Pony)* *Episode 2: Perry vs Skipper (Phineas & Ferb vs Penguins of Madagascar)* *Episode 3: Ant man vs Atom (Marvel vs DC)* *Episode 4: Joker vs Giorno Giovanna (Persona vs JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)* *Episode 5: Akume vs Killua (Akume ga kill vs Hunter X Hunter)* *Episode 6: Tigress vs Tiger claw (Kung Fu Panda vs TMNT)* *Episode 7: Ruby vs Maka (RWBY vs Soul Eater)* *Episode 8: Gru vs Megamind* *Episode 9: Bushido Brown vs Black Dynamite or Alex Mercer vs Cole MacGrath (Prototype vs Infamous)* *Episode 10: Finn & Jake vs Mordecai and Rigby (Adventure Time vs Regular Show)* *Episode 11: Nami vs Lucy Heartfire (One Piece vs Fairy Tale)* *Episode 12: Dark Vader vs Obito (Star Wars vs Naruto)* *Episode 13 😈👿🎃(HALLOWEEN SPECIALL)🌚👹☠️: Golden Freddy vs Slenderman or Mysterio vs Scarecrow (Marvel vs DC)* *Episode 14: Ghost Rider vs Spawn (Marvel vs Image Comics)* *Episode 15: Kratos vs Asura* *Episode 16 💥✔️🤩😃🌝(SEASON FINALE!!!!!!!!)🔥💯👏👍🤟: Dormammu vs Trigon (Marvel vs DC)*

  • You guys need to do King from Tekken, he’s like the only fictional character with almost nothing made about him

  • What ever happened Death Battle Q&A's? I miss this segment that DB used to do in the past.