Death By Delicious Chocolate - Cordelia Botkins was WILD | Mystery & Makeup Bailey Sarian

čas přidán 14. 06. 2021
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Thank you Hunt A Killer for partnering with me on todays video! Yay!


Hi friends happy Monday!
I hope you are having a good day so far! Oh todays story I found FASCINATING! Was cordelia a terrible person? yeah for sure but she was also just doing her thing no matter what everyone thought and that my friends is pretty badass. lol. I would love to hear what you think down below! Sorry if this video is a little too long! Sometimes theres so much information I never know what to cut out. Anywho, hope you have a wonderful day ahead. I love and appreciate you so much
x o
Bailey Sarian

Chapters :
00:00 Intro & Theme Song

00:38 Hunt A Killer AD

02:51 Proverb

04:41 Cordelia

06:12 Separation

07:24 Encounter

08:17 John P. Dunning

09:07 Mary Elizabeth

11:07 Affair

11:32 Reputation

12:33 Separation

13:56 Party Lifestyle

14:36 Gambling Addiction

15:36 New Job Opportunity

15:55 Separation

17:31 Letters

18:09 Chocolate Bonbons

21:45 Poisoning, Poisioning

22:42 Mary Elizabeth's dad

25:18 John knows

26:52 Police

34:50 Cordelia is found

35:38 Media circus

42:56 Sentencing

44:40 Divorce

46:23 Appeal

47:40 Goodbye

49:30 In Closing


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  • I like these old timey stories best. the stories are just so absurd.

  • 1889 not 1989

  • Bwahahahaha did Bailey really say 1989 at 32:53 rather than 1889

  • Please do a report on Anni Dewani. Love from London x

  • Happy Birthday!!!

  • This channel is addictive. Curious,, how women can put on makeup on their face and have perfect skin and I touch my face and break out like crazy

  • ...sounds like cordelia was 1 slice short of a sandwich, writing in her own hand! anyway, great selfesteam... love your videos -)

  • I noticed that +BaileySarian said 1989 instead of 1889 @32:54 . We still love you girl!

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  • Why are mostly females watching these why what’s going on ??

  • I mean she could have bought a whole box and took some out for her, instead of getting only half and having to explain. Just seems a lot easier to buy a whole box, then you, yourself get some. Or just empty the box cause didn't her chocolates look a bit different than the other ones? Not like she's a stranger to candy or chocolate. We see her! Girl is thhhiiiiccckkkk! lol

  • Just goes to show..You are what yourself to's all in the mindset..peace, love and kindness y'all

  • I never really look at the makeup links,but went to try to find this lipstick and she didn't write it down 😭 it's so pretty

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  • IRONIC the word 'gift' in German directly translates to 'poison'.

  • So true about the Agatha trunchbull thing

  • This one is my favorite

  • My question would be is after she got to California what happened to her little girl? 😕

  • It's probably been covered but your quote is derived from William Congreve's The Mourning Bride.

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  • Cordelia has to shoot her shot. With a face like that, she can’t replace him. *shrug*

  • Raise your hand if your brain is also soft from melancholy 🙋🏼‍♀️

  • I need those candles


  • Please do the Boystown story!

  • Hooold up…. Are we talking about Dover in England?? Cause I’ve made the drive from San Francisco/the west coast to Delaware and the east coast MANY times, and theyre definitely not 6,000 miles apart… it’s maybe half that, around 3,000. If someone turned that into a 6,000 mile trip, they made more than a few wrong turns along the way 👀

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  • Wait didn't she have a son what happen to him?

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  • She walked so the unabomber could run

  • In my country, a girl poisoned her cousin by sending milk tea to the counsin's workplace. Reason: having affair with the husband. She said nobody can understand why she did it, as she loves him.

  • the married man was attracted by random woman in a park make me sick. Then want to get back to his wife. Why

  • 45 minutes in and I had completely forgot about Welcome LOL

  • What color lipstick are you wearing? I can’t seem to find the link. 😔

  • Also, can I just say how much I appreciate not only your storytelling and stunning makeup skills, but the fact that you add timestamps and your products in the description? I get lost sometimes when I listen to true crime and have to go back; you've made it so convenient and I thank you. Side note, anyone know that ending music? It's fun.

  • "And that wasn't the only thing they were wrapped up in.... wink wink", lol Bailey.

  • you shud start adding bloopers at the end. lol.. of the funny scene you cut out

  • I was like "I swear I've heard this story before" turns out Briefcase covered it. The different ways you two covered the same story is interesting

  • 23:30 my mind went straight to apple seeds. they have a small amount of arsenic in them but you'd have to eat 150k to die.

  • Idk if it’s because how things are now a days but I would never eat chocolate left at my door but then again it’s probably because I watch crime stuff everyday 🤣😂🤣😂

  • “Thank-you very much.” “You’re Welcome!” “How’d you know?!”

  • so mary died thinking her friend killed her😟

  • Cordelia looks like Annie Wilkes 💀

  • its sad that the wife was just wrapped up in Cordelia's plans when she was just trying to move on


  • She mentioned my town 🥵✨💕

  • Hello from kcmo and this is not what we do she was a nut case

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  • No Lady Proverbs Are Quotes Not From The Bible... It Is Normally Out Of Wise Men Soul and gets around that particular nation. The Persians & The Chinese are amongst the two top nations with the most PROVERBS.

  • Jesus Christ. This is the closest to my own story I've ever heard: ✔ Arsenic poisoning ✔ Multiple jurisdictions ✔ Mailed consumables ✔ "There is nothing we can do for you." - Doctors ✔ Multiple male suitors ✔ Dad put the pieces together

  • Another moral of the story is to not have an affair

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  • Very happy for you, making these stories public. And nice commercials. Reminds me of making skits with my cousins. I'm still amazed at how the internet and logarithms work.

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  • This story really reminds me of Alice Crimmins


  • Cordelia is (no joke) a shirttail cousin of mine on my paternal grandmother's side.

  • it's from the bible.

  • “Her father died in 1900 after being kicked by a horse” I’m sorry but that part killed me 😭😭

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  • You are clever, unique, gorgeous…

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  • yesterday, i wanted to catch up on bailey's videos since my friend sjust talked about but i couldnt remember her name and only remember her "shana sha shana sha shana sha sha shana sha"

  • O.i . . . .or, P. _ joker

  • @32:54 1989? Oops 🤭 I love ya to bits and know you meant to say 1889. You rock for putting these stories up Bailey. You may not realize this but your stories have gotten me (and many others) through the hardest parts of my life recently. I don’t know what I would do without you taking the time to put these videos up and do all the research you put into each story. You get me through chemo treatments, sickness, and have me smiling every time I watch. Thank you for everything you put into these. They mean the world to me and others who are going through similar. You are such a beacon of light and so absolutely wonderful. Thank you.

  • Taking "not like the other girls" to a whole new level....

  • Cordelia's story is actually remarkable to me, that she was so bold at that time was really cool. Sadly she really misused all that energy, oh well. And I have no sympathy for John, he was smart enough to know the social consequences of his behaviour, he just felt emboldened enough.

  • Mysterious beauty that you are, I really enjoyed your delivery of this story. You truly transformed yourself from beginning to end. Starting out cute, and ending up elegantly gorgeous😘

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  • What we learned from this video? Don't eat things that randomly showed up to your doorstep!

  • It was a big deal then and Mary and ida was able to get justice coz of there father John Brown Penington who was an American lawyer and politician, from Dover, in Kent County, Delaware. He was a member of the Democratic Party, who served as Attorney General of Delaware and two terms as U. S. Representative from Delaware. There was so much media chaos.

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