Debunking Urban Legends w/ Jacob Sharpe

čas přidán 25. 10. 2021
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This week, @Jacob Sharpe and I sat down and watched an episode of the old Canadian TV show, "Urban Legends", to see if we're any good at debunking urban legends. Enjoy and play along too!! I don't even care!!







thanks for watching!

comment "i laughed so much i severed my digits" if ur reading this


  • I think more people have watched this episode than any episode of Urban Legend. The production is so "Canadian" lol

  • I literally have a (fake) skeleton named Craig. Now I know what happened.

  • fun fact, my great uncle craig has permanent brain damage cause he was hit by a car like 40 or 50 years ago

  • Yes the duo we all needed!

  • Why do the two of them look like a 1970s gay couple

  • next debunk some Japanese urban legends, they’re the creepiest out there and some of them actually seem real lol

  • There was one in my city that goes like this: There was a wooded area right across from a cemetery and next to another cemetery, and supposedly there was a homeless man that walked around hat area in a trench coat and had a suitcase with a million dollars in one hand and a shotgun in another. It was in a different part of the city that I grew up in and when I went to middle school, I was on the edge of the school district lines and I went to that area's school. I heard this from multiple friends and even my older brothers friends from that area. A related story to the homeless guys stomping grounds was that a factory that used to be there made artificial rubies for industrial applications (non-jewelry grade gems), and I combined these stories to make the one make a lil more sense, like the guy found a stash of artificial rubies and sold them.

  • I usually giggle at videos if i find them funny, but kurtis + jacob literally make me laugh out loud

  • More of this series please

  • 6:37 song?

  • I know a Craig that was hit by 2 trucks Tell me why it's so true 😭😭☠

  • me from Sicily watching this like: WTF IS THIS

  • Among us

  • *GASP* YOURE FROM HAMILTON? I’M FROM HAMILTON! I live in Nova Scotia now. I haven’t been to Hamilton in YEARS

  • kurtis omg!! i grew up in hamilton!

  • what the fuck is up with the audio in this one?

  • i would feel so safe with these two guys, i can't explain why but kurtis and jacob just seem so comfortable to be arohnd

  • ngl i used to watch this show all the time lol

  • 4:05 ben shapiro

  • 15:33 OMFFFGG💀💀💀💀

  • Craig got his by a bus

  • 11:25 so funny😭

  • Hay Jacob haw's cancel going

  • Jacob looks like a 1920s dock worker/fisherman

  • the boys 😩

  • I love you Jacob.


  • Canadians: ehy bud were the nicest people on earth donchakno Also Canadians, apparently: [VIOLENTLY SHAKES YOUR CAR AS A “HELLO”]

  • Wait no more intro? :( no more extra greeting??

  • I love rewatching videos with current ad spots because they're mind me to pay off my credit card

  • Just subscribed. When can I expect my turkey?

  • kurtis connor

  • One time I had a portable DVD player that I received after my Aunt passed away and I watched one movie (Mean Girls) and then my little sister broke it…😐


  • I could expect everything on this rainy Sunday night but a video of Kurtis Conner with Giucas Casella in it. I'm from Italy and I'm shocked 😂 Great video as always Kurtis! Love you and Jacob together!

  • The one with the lost fingers are a classic, I've seen it tood in in lots different ways and even in a swedish book from the 70s

  • Jacob like Brad from bon appetit 😭

  • I laughed so hard I lost my digits

  • He got blueballs from a bluegill

  • where's my warm turkey?

  • When Jacob laughs you could fit a fucking car in his mouth

  • Jacob is so damn sexy.

  • i thought jacobs beanie was his hair

  • Oh my god Kiwi is adorable I would die for Kiwi

  • “No more laptop, JUST MOVIES.” has had me silently dying for the past fifteen minutes.

  • Craig the Brute was hit by Master Chief’s fist.

  • After the first two urban legends, I thought they were all going to be finger trauma urban legends, and assumed a fish was gonna bite that guy's ring finger off or something.

  • Naples just had like the most crazy mafia shit second maybe only to Sicily

  • I miss the extra greeting man

  • ah someone else from hamilton

  • The 2000s version of those Reddit story videos

  • I lokey love this show but the first two seasons are the best

  • That last guy really needed to get married to be on her insurance 😅. But seriously, the woman wouldn’t marry that guy after he did that. She’s like, I never married that douche

  • The urban legend in my town was that our man made pond that people went to in the summer had a sort of like vacuum if you went to far out into the water and it would swallow you up and you would die. It was closed down for chemical pollution lmao

  • Why is this video the lowest viewed in the last like… 8 videos?! Jacob and Kurtis always have the absolute funniest collabs, and I’ve already rewatched this video like 6 times.

  • ive never been less proud to be a North Carolinian.

  • I like how Kurtis calls a really good looking pic of himself one of the worst.

  • can u tell us why u stopped the extra greeting?

  • I love it when Kurtis and Jacob collab!

  • You should really make more videos with Jacob! I seriously love your both‘s humour !!

  • Kurtis shave your head or I will unfollow >:(

  • Consider my truth grabbed

  • Man

  • i laughed so much i severed my digits

  • My dads name is Craig and he was hit by a bus😃

    • aw 🥺

  • I’ve had nightmares after watching a lot of the episodes as a kid with my grandpa

  • Kurtis and Jacob have the best chemistry I srsly love them together omg. the energy in this vid is so refreshing ❤️

  • Cool to see there’s a lot of other italian people who watch this channel

  • Love ur nails Jacob!!

  • I imagine that craig is still in a secret relationship with that trout.. lol

  • Okay so at my old elementary school there was no mascot no flag no soccer teams no football team no nothing except For the track team and in the field where the track kids practiced and sometimes during recess we would go there and the crazy thing the kids said was that if you jumped the gate during school …………… you would teleport to the drum roll please………. Pyramids in Egypt! Yes the children there said you would teleport more than 7,000 miles!

  • Blowin a blowfish

  • How is Jake doing btw, I haven’t heard an update unless it on your guys insta or sum

    • hes cancer free now !!

  • 10:38 he was sleeping with the fishes…

  • Maybe im being a party pooper but the society we live in that a men rather fakes his own death than to talk about his emotions🙃kinda sad yknow

  • i laughed so much i severed my digits

  • i miss the extra greeting but i love jacob so it’s ok

  • I used to love this show, but I completely forgot about it til now. Love it

  • I feel like that Urban Legends show cheated with the first one. They make it seem like the story is a psychic made it so a child couldn't separate his hands. But the "true" part is this kid really did keep his hands like that and his dopey dad somehow didn't have the strength to pull them apart so they called the psychic on the phone and had him talk to the kid.

  • hi jacob i missed you!

  • I remember this show but literally only one story about a woman getting injured because she went to a dinner party and pissed in the sink. That one was false lol.

  • 5:48

  • you gotta make this a seriessss

  • Oh my god, country boy and ManBeatsCancer, my favourite fucking duo!!!!!!! :3

  • Dude wth no more extra greetings......... yi subkripe?

  • 6:45

  • Hamilton gang 🥲🥲🥲🥲

  • i laughed so much i severed my digits

  • “fucking a trout” IM ACTUALLY GONNA PISS MYSELF

  • Is it just me or do none of these stories actually feel like urban legends. Like last time I checked most urban legends don’t have full testimonials about what happened, right???

  • the first story just was ripped from a book or other show, I literally saw it before in an old show or something.

  • Jacob has a beautiful smile

  • I lost it when Craig got wheeled in 😭

  • jacob's nails are giving me life

  • OF COURSE you guys are from Hamilton

  • why did kurtis stop the extra greeting tho im so confused

  • my name is craig and i can confirm that i have been hit by a bus

  • Bad vibes from beanie guy

  • i jumped when i heard kurtis was from hamilton

  • kurtis drop your skin care routine