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Due to a series of accidental events, five young men find themselves in the modern world, surrounded by things they’ve never encountered before.
However, they continue on their journey to accomplish each of their goals by turning to the marvel of the Internet.

Luca Kaneshiro (ルカ・カネシロ)

Shu Yamino (闇ノシュウ)
• 【DEBUT】i’m shu ya...

Ike Eveland (アイク・イーヴランド)

Mysta Rias (ミスタ・リアス)

Vox Akuma (ヴォックス・アクマ)


"Luxiem" debut special streaming program information including debut livestream relay!
The debut special streaming program will be livestreamed on the NIJISANJI English Official CS-tv channel on the following date and time:

Sunday, December 19th, 2021 from 4 PM (PST)
Monday, December 20th, 2021 from 9 AM (JST)
Monday, December 20th, 2021 from 12 AM (UTC)

Debut special streaming program waiting room:
• Party time with「L...

Announcing "Luxiem" debut single produced by ChibaNyan
The music video will be released on CS-tv on the following date and time:

Saturday, December 19th, 2021 from 8 PM (PST)
Sunday, December 20th, 2021 from 1PM (JST)
Sunday, December 20th, 2021 from 4 AM (UTC)

Debut song MV premiere:
• Luxiem - Hope in ...

Debut single subscription:

“Luxiem” Member Introduction!

Mysta Rias - ミスタ・リアス
Category: Detective
Profile: A Detective from the past known for his eccentric nature.
As a natural-born genius, he solved countless mysteries with his keen deduction skills.
CS-tv: / @mystarias

Ike Eveland - アイク・イーヴランド
Category: Novelist
Profile: A Novelist from the past who seems somewhat closed-off.
When an idea for his next work sparks, he becomes a completely different person.
CS-tv: / @ikeeveland

Luca Kaneshiro - ルカ・カネシロ
Category: Mafia
Profile: A Mafia boss from the past with a slight temper.
Always down for a fight, whether it’s to show-off his own strength or to protect the weak.
CS-tv: / @lucakaneshiro

Vox Akuma - ヴォックス・アクマ
Category: Demon
Profile: A Demon from the past who held great power.
Though confident in his superhuman abilities, he looks after for those who are loyal to him.
CS-tv: / @voxakuma

Shu Yamino - 闇ノシュウ
Category: Sorcerer
Profile: A sorcerer from the past with mysterious abilities.
Though kind-hearted, he can call down a malediction upon those who wrong him.
CS-tv: / @shuyamino

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  • MY SONS ARE HERE! I can't wait

  • "Sorcerer? I hardly even know her" This trumps every single introduction line in nijisanji

    • Even the "Big Busts and Fairy Dust" line?


    • coming back here after hearing what his other one liner options were is making me crack up

    • @ely its a joke that any word that ends with "er" sounds like her, so for example, murderer sounds like murder her, explaining the "i hardly know her!" part. at first it was just normal words that made sense like blender etc, but its become more of just any word that ends with er. "sorcer her" doesnt really make sense lol hope that made sense lol

    • LOL Luca can’t get this one


  • the gap from mysta’s serious detective line and him after debut gets me everytime i see this


  • I can already tell Akuma is gonna sell like hot cakes

    • first nijien to hit 1 million now😭

    • look at him now

    • And so he did 😆

    • @whocares1814 I still can’t believe how insane luxiem is really. It’s only been 6 months!?

    • He's almost at 1M in just 6 months it REALLY aged well.

  • looks like Nina is getting some sons, her prayers were answered

    • Let's be honest, they're all going to be a lot better behaved than the gruesome twosome.

    • Lets hope she doesnt use the excuse of not being blood related

    • @Animedian that would be hilarious, I hope this guys are the definition of " boys will be boys" lmao

    • Plot twist is they are worse than millie and enna

    • I think there's gonna be some "Sweet home Alabama" since they're pretty hot looking xD

  • I just woke up amd they're already giving me heart attacks. NijiEN sons. We finally have NijiEN sons! Nina will be so happy but most importantly I wonder how they'll do with Oliver and the girls. This will be interedting.

    • @kal shes fright dude check Twitter it’s so funny

    • Finally, (more) male members o' NijiEN😌

    • Pomu confirmed that theyre bullying them LOL

    • but we already have a NijiEN son!


  • Mysta here: Very Mystarious.. Mysta reality: VINE BOOM

  • Pre-debut: cool looking ikemens One month after debut: Lazulight and Obsydia's punching bag I am really excited for this guys. Will they follow Prof Oliver's path or a grand duel against the senpais will happen?

    • so every freshly debuted group is a punching bag huh

    • @Rendender luxiem now Lmfao

    • Partially right lol

    • As of 2022, Lixiem so far. Mista: is everyone's lovable idiot punchingbag. Ike: Cool under pressure. Shu: Ipad baby with 200IQ Luca: Seiso Himbo speedrunner Vox: Voxic FPS uncle, rivals the toxic ghost. Mista is the only punchingbag and, he loves it. Vox really has those epic snapbacks to anyone trying to piss on his parade.

    • @Farhan Atashiga no I'm saying Kaida and Maimoto are the biggest examples of punchingbags in nijisanji

  • Okay but like Vox has no right sounding THAT FUCKING HOT. He said like 4 words and I'm already melting

    • Captain Sarina, you told the future alright!

    • @TJ yeah and there is a 1M celebration😂

    • This comment aged SO WELL. Six months later and he's already at 900k.

  • Oh my, a rather historic debut for this industry. I'm curious to see how this group turns out... This ought to be fun.


    • @Tired Man Definitely punching bags at first, but after a little while, they'll start giving as good as they're getting!

    • Oh god, I wonder if they would be a punching bag of jokes for the girls or they would match their level. We'll see, I'm excited

    • @digivagrant I literally cannot wait for Selen to break in these poor sweet boys After we've seen what she does to her equally powerful senpais they have no chance

    • Probably being Selen's meat shields for 5 hours.

  • Oliver is not alone now, he has *THE BOYS*

  • Me just now looking back at their Debut- I’m kinda crying tears😭

    • Started with hololive and now i am here . I wonder why people called it V-tuber a rabbit hole? IT'S A FUCKING BLACKHOLE

    • same

  • 男性グループだ〜 今のenもすごい好きだけど、にじさんじの魅力の男女コラボがもっと見れて嬉しい! オリバー先生後輩できてよかったですね

  • 最初のセリフは他の人のコメも合わせて見た感じ ミスタ「なんて…魅力的なんだ…!」 アイク「こんなことのために契約したんじゃないのになあ…」 シュウ「呪術師?何のことやら」 ルカ「さあ、幕開けだ!」 ヴォックス「ああ、噂をすれば…」 的な感じなのかな…?助けて!有識ニキ!

    • @凡ミス常習犯 『speak of the(だっけ?) devil』と、自分の名前(Vox Akuma▶︎声の悪魔)をかけてるのかなと… ものすごく今更ですが………

    • 有識者ニキではありませんが… ミスタ「なんてミステリーなんだろう(魅力的でもそこまでニュアンス的には変わらないかもです)」 アイク「まさかこんなことになるなんてね(予想して無かった、的なニュアンス)」 シュウ「彼女をソーサーしろ?ボクは彼女を知らないのに?(本人の配信にてネタばらししていました、erが付く単語は全て彼女に〜しろという命令形に聞こえるというオヤジギャグ的なもの)」 ※ソーサー(ソーサラーのer抜き)は動詞でもなんでもありません。 ルカ「パーティの始まりだ!(ニュアンス的にはそこまで変わり無いかもしれません)」 ヴォックス「ああ、噂をすれば…(英語の慣用句)」 と僕自身の中で解釈(意訳?)しております、ヴォックスのセリフは直訳するともう少し意味が変わってくるかもしれないです…100%あってる訳では無いのでご参考までにどうぞ…

  • VOXの声の良さ尋常じゃないな

  • Predictions just for the sake of them aging terribly Mysta is the straight man, all around type, "normal one", etc. There might be a rivalry between him and Luca being detective and mafia. He will probably sing very well. Ike is the quiet, knowledgeable, soft easygoing boi Sku is really funny Luca is very charismatic and fun to watch, a big loud showmanship guy. Will probably cover MAFIA by wotaku Vox is gonna explode in popularity

    • @Junko fRikEn Enoshima except for Mysta's

    • 7 months later and ya got it right on the money

    • @ivana I literally never would've noticed if you didn't point it out

    • Every time I go back to this video and see this comment, I always laugh at Sku


  • you guys really don't take a break, do you? i've never seen so many debuts in a single year lol. but i love it anyways, so please make more

    • @makii are you that talented to be a vtuber?

    • Yea its normal maybe a few years later we'd be in nijisanji aswell?? Lmao

    • This is pretty normal, 2019 is still crazier than this

    • Nijisanji never follow mortal rules honey.

    • You must be new here

  • From Nijisanji EN to Nijisanji E-men! Can't wait for their debuts!

  • Obsydia: Who're you? Luxiem: We're you, but edgier.

    • Boom! Noctyx

    • Nah i will edit this Luxiem : We're you, but more yabai Lol

    • X FOR THAT ONE Because selen is here also beforedebut!selen wanna say hi (If you know about her other lines that she decided not to pick) also you should put Male ish version of them but many

    • @Therighttrousers343 she swears a lot but also feels bad about swearing _at_ people so it just cancels out and becomes adorkable instead

    • @Therighttrousers343 Yeah but it's like a puppy calling you a rude word. Sure it's happening but who cares they're too cute.

  • Male vtubers seem to be overlooked in the community, so it's nice to see so many people excited for this wave, I can't wait for these five to join the chaos that is NijiEN 👀

    • One month later and luxiem are the most popular of the en branch

    • Honestly, I suspect adding them into the mix will help add a little more Nijisanji-ness to the chaos that'll be fun to see :D

    • @さよ Oh...that's a shame, but at least the majority of people aren't like that

    • @Tom Watts Yes everyone loves Oliver. But if you know a bit or Russian and watch Nina's Unrailed collab with Oliver, Millie, and Mika, there are a few Russian boys bad mouthing Prof for being nice to Nina.

    • @愛莉 Yeah the 'straightness' of the community (for want of a better word) does irk me sometimes, especially how certain hololive fans treat the girls interacting with boys. I hope that can change though, I mean Oliver's been collabign so much with NijiEN that he's practically an honorary member by now and nobody's lost their minds over their 'pure waifus being corrupted', so hopefully the attitude is changing.

  • I was just listening to their voices like: nice they will be really nice to listen to - and then came Vox and literally melted me. What the hell bro, why you have to sound so good?

  • ぶっちゃけ日本のにじさんじライバーしか興味なかったけどすごいかっこよくて英語勉強したくなりました!!!

  • I just realised that the detective really is named Mysta Rias (mysterious)... Also that 'hardly even know her" got me laughing way too hard.

  • They have not even debut yet and Elira is probably already scared of Luxiem due to literally one sentence. you know which one.

    • Oh god LMFAO

    • @Bear Elira hates it when her chat comes up with an "I hardly know her" pun because it means someone came up with it before she did. So her chat likes to tease her by making those puns whenever possible.

    • @Bear Hates puns

    • I laughed out loud at my work XD

    • ohh i understand the sorcerer pun. i mean why elira?

  • Tazumi really knows how to please fox mom. She asked for a son, he gave her a whole wave of sons

  • "Sorcerer? I hardly even know her?". My joy is immeasurable and my day has been made

  • I love how serious Mysta’s line was, when he’s actually a goofball 😄

  • oH NO THEY'RE HOT- Jokes aside, really looking forward to Luxiem's debut!

  • Vox's voice got me melting bro- Man,Im so excited for everyone's debut!

  • 自分用 メモ 0:10 Mysta 0:15 Ike 0:20 Shu 0:25 Luca 0:30 Vox

  • Luxiem will forever be my og's from Nijisanji


  • チバニャン、ほんとにかっこいい曲作るから楽しみすぎるし、全員声と顔が良くてそれも楽しみ!!!

  • God! I'm Keeping an Eye for Vox and Luca once they debuted!

  • I came back here to look back on how they were in the past, now they are all grown up, their personalities are the thing that has changed the most. 🧡💙❤💜💛 Especially Mysta, after a while of debut, he really changed into a different person~

  • Mysta had such high smart energy at first and then we got the bri'ish bo'om dog. My how expectations crash hard

  • I physically died three times watching this. I loved Mysta’s voice, and died a little. Then, when Shu did the hardly know her, I actually coughed and choked and my dog came to see if I was dying. Then, Vox’s voice and… I melted. Bury me, I love him. Wow, amazing. First time I’ve ever died three times in 30 seconds.

  • Nijisanji is on a roll and really looking forward to the next wave of the EN branch!

  • God really does sees all, Nina's wish for sons has been granted (and five sons at that)🥳 Good luck guys! Looking forward to your guys' debuts~ Also, am I the only one who kinda gets Zhongli vibes from Akuma😳

  • Came to watch their teaser again after the new released teaser. It hasn't been long but it sure feels nostalgic! 🔫 🐻 to both Luxiem and Noctyx !

  • man i always go back to this video they're such legends

  • I’m just happy that Prof won’t be alone anymore!

  • Man when new fans inevitably ask Ike in a few months how he got in Nijisanji it's gonna be awkward once he tells them he didn't even sign up for it.

    • Welp this aging bad cuz now it is our inside joke lol

  • OMG THEIR VOICES IS SO ?#&*!? really looking forward to their debut!!!

  • dude why am i getting emotional, they've come so far I'm so proud of these bois ❤️🧡💛💙💜

  • OMG THE BOYS ARE FINALLY HERE AND THEY ARE FRIKING FIVE LETS GOOOOO! Can't wait for my first expectations of them get completely subverted in 180º as soon as we meet them. XD The hype is real, Nijisanji EN as been releasing totally banger vtubers recently and doesn't seem like they gonna stop. o7

  • finally!!!! I waited for the nijiboys for a long time and they are finally going to debut

  • They did not disappoint at all

  • やべ、個性も声も容姿も最高やん。 軽率に推しちゃいそう。楽しみ。。

  • New batch already? OH DEAR! Edit: Miss Kosaka, please welcome your sons!

  • OMG IM SO EXCITED YAYYYY niji en guys are debuting

  • I can already sense the debut song being a banger

  • Here comes the new gen but I’m still laughing at the senpais’ debut video… luckily I did dig into their streams, this debut trailer is so cringy but eyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I love Lexium so so so SO MUCH now. First impression: Mysta - not mysterious enough Ike- 清 純 正 太 Shu- meme guy Luca- chill guy Akuma- hot guy Now: Mysta- bo’um but Rias is hot af Ike- deez nuts, always with coke, not seiso anymore Shu- smart guy eyyyyyyyy Luka- P O G G G G G G Akuma- a warm dad who don’t know how to handle those new technologies, window XP’s Minecraft

  • I went back to this to hear Mysta say his line. He sounds so different to me here HAHAHAHA

  • looking back at their debut vs them now omg 😭

    • I KNOW RIGHT! They’re amazing and grown so much in their career!!

  • i don't know why but after 1 year i think that mysta's voice sound different in the teaser lol.

  • hope in the darkのインストが聞きたくてこれ見るんだけど インストが好みにぶっ刺さってる トランペットの音とキラキラした効果音的なの好きすぎる

  • にじさんじENに遂に男性グループか…… 有名になって欲しい!

  • Fangirls! Please do your magic and make the boys popular 🙏

    • Luxiem as a whole is quite super successful now and I'm glad

    • Vox already on success rn

    • I've been endorsing them in my circle ever since they came out😌👌

    • @Corrupt Pixel Yes, I know! (I'm one of them lol) But I already saw some guys already backed off watching them just because they're not female livers. Which is sad, but understandable. And I intuit that these boys intended viewers are for girls and women (or for those who like masculine peeps if you want it more broad). So, I wish these boys can bring more girls and women into V-Tubers. Though, I didn't say guys can't watch them

    • @xai Keep it up! Make V-Tubers popular with girls, too!

  • 全員声がとてもいい…これは期待できる🤦‍♀️

  • i remember seeing this the day this released and now theyre already 6 months in, im so proud of them 😭

  • 4 words in and Akuma already won my heart 💜


  • HOLY SHIT HOLYSHIT IKEMENS!!!! Thank you so much for serving, Nijisanji. I love you foreverrrr

  • Man I will never forget this IT WAS SO EXCITING SEEING THIS LOL

  • That voice that Vox made- 😍😍😍😋🤩🤩

  • BIG HYPE Such a big surprise and having my fav artists, tcb and lam sensei as mamas in this wave is too amazing Can't wait for their debuts, Oliver would def be happy having comrades

  • "i didn't sign up for this" i didn't sign up to be this DOWN ATROCIOUS for u either, ike eveland 😭

  • Vox: Well, speak of the devil Ironmouse: I feel great disturbance in the Force

    • Welp this comment age well i guess since vox being invited by mousey in her talk show lol

  • デビューおめでとうございます!!! 活動楽しんでください!!

  • I- Holy crap I almost mistook this for an otome game. I am SUPER excited to meet them! I'll just prepare my face before then... This trailer had me blushing

  • Watch them all be total goofballs despite the serious designs and voices. Can't wait to see the boys

  • Wow it felt like yesterday when I watched this trailer and anticipated their debut

  • Can't wait to see how they'll interact with the girls, definitely looking forward to see Vox

  • バックミュージックきいて歌えるようになってきてるのやばい

  • LET'S GOOOO!! I must say, the teaser videos for each wave that debuted are really cool. Also, looking forward to see Elira and prof host for their debut program!

  • Millie and Enna finally got brothers that they all can share a boxer together

  • Ok boys, this might be the last wave for long time, so be nice with them, i know some of you new to nijisanji so this might as well be your first male vtuber

    • This aged weirdly now that we have Noctyx

  • Oh no. Vox is everything I want in a 2D guy. The voice, the aesthetic, oh shit. I'm a simp.

  • Is this the debut that gets me into vtubers 😭😭😭

    • welcome to the rabbit hole 🎉 enjoy your stay~

  • i legit thought ethyria's voice packs are gonna be released first before nijiEN boys regardless, I'M HYPED


  • ENG MALE VTUBERS LET'S GO!!! Also this background music is catchy af

  • THE BOYS ARE HERE LETS GOOOOO also deep voice akuma...

    • @Reijin Vyskra kamiya actually made a video reponse. Its pr funny

    • Reminds me so much Kamiya Juu.

    • Reminds me of corpse..

  • Ngl, I'm digging the whole electro swing vibe. I'm kinda hoping to get a mix between Oliver and yabai in this group. Either way it's gonna be a good laugh watching them with some "seiso" members.

  • LEZZZGOOOWWWW!!! All things considered Nina would've fainted for the sudden Ikemen influx lmao.

  • Can't wait for the EN boys!

  • looking back at their debut feels so nostalgic 🤪👍

  • きっとこのLuxiemの為に私は今まで英語を勉強してきたんだ…ありがとう…ありがとう…

  • Ive been waiting for a EN male vtuber group for years holostars EN did not hapen but nijisanji finally did it im exited

  • My prediction : Mysta will probably act like the normal one for a while after going full on chaotic, ike will probably get bullied like kaida(probably by luca, shu and the girls), shu is gonna be chaotic asf from the beginning also can't wait for him to meet elira, luca is def the extrovert of the group very extravagant and vox is gonna get a ton of simps. Can't wait for them to meet the girls and oliver sensei, congrats Nina for finally getting some sons Hats off to nijisanji for so many successful debuts.

    • Mysta as "the normal one" is aged terribly lol

    • Other than Mysta's and Ike's predictions which aged worse than Mysta's milk, these held up fairly well

  • It's finally happening! But boy, oh boy, I'm scared for them in the hands of the rest of NijiEN.

  • Finally! I've been waiting for this one for a while. It will be very interesting to see how these lads interact with the family. The Professor laid some ground work already so it will be very interesting how that gets expanded. Looking forward to it!

  • ok ok I'm only watching this now even tho I've been a fan for a few days and I have no idea why but knowing Mysta now from how he is and him saying that line made me laugh so hard XXXDDDD I guess it's cuz he sounds so serious

  • OMG they are shooting on my heart! Love them

  • Gosh I thought I was already deep in the rabbit hole of vtubers back in 2018. And I’m happy that Luxiem resparked my love for vtubers now