Decorating My ENTIRE HOUSE for CHRISTMAS! (Affordable Tips & Hacks) | HOUSE WERK

čas přidán 2. 12. 2020
Today we're decorating my MAIN FLOOR including my foyer, living/dining/family rooms and kitchen for Christmas! I'm sharing all my hacks and short-cuts for achieving beautiful holiday decor results on a BUDGET. Welcome to VLOGMAS with MsVaughnTV. Tune in daily in December for a new video EVERY DAY at 4pmCST.

Did you catch part-one to this Christmas decorating series?:
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Linen napkins:
Evergreen napkin picks:
Merry napkin rings:
Salad plates:

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Thanks for hangin'! If you're new, I'm Vaughn aka MsVaughnTV and I'm a cop's wife and outgoing first time mom to a 4-year-old little girl with autism. This is a relatable beauty, lifestyle and home channel with new videos twice a week!

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  • Kicking myself every time I say “acorn” instead of “pinecone” whew! 🤣🤣🤪🤪🐿 🐿

    • I'm a new sub. Glad I found your channel. Happy Holidays! Looking forward to your vlogmas!

    • It’s ok lol My sons on the spectrum also. I noticed your sweatshirt ♥️ 🧩 it’s hard to get him to not touch the decorations I put up, especially the little things. I noticed your daughter listened after you said no lol my son will look me dead in the eyes and LAUGH! I need super nanny to get up in here ASAP with this boy🤦🏻‍♀️

    • 🤣

    • @Jk Haynes o

    • 9999i

  • Very merry nice job!!

  • Hi, This is my first time watching it and I enjoyed seeing your Ideas I loved everything and the colors as will thank you for sharing.

  • Hi, I'm sorry to say there called Pinecones, not Eggcorns.

  • Love it!!!❤

  • Beautiful, but girl…that’s a pinecone not an acorn.

  • New subbie here, you’re the first black autism mom I’ve find on this platform besides myself 🖤🧩

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  • Wowwwww!!!!!!!!❤️ from India❤️❤️ merry xmas der

  • Wow and more wows!!!!The way you decorated all the rooms is so stylish and not unnecessary excessive. You definitely lifted my Christmas spirit to the maximum. Great ideas!⛄🎅🤶🦌🌲

  • Absolutely lovely not over doing your Christmas decorations just enough to make your home feel like Christmas warm and inviting great job 👏

  • I love this decors. TFS. Stay connected 🙂

  • BELLÍSIMO 📸🎁🎀 saludos 🖐desde España 🇪🇸

  • Every room is beautiful! Your home looks so cheerful and merry! You have a great sense of style paying attention to every detail! Each room looks like a showroom and straight out of a magazine yet very warm, homey! 👍🏼

  • wow!

  • SO gorgeous!!

  • Beautiful and I love your fun spirit!!

  • Beautiful home!

  • Omg why did I not thank of that I have a Mansion and I did not thank of that

  • Gosh you are talented! Everything looks lovely!!

  • This looks amazing u did that 🤗🤗🤗

  • Oh goodness you have an amazing home! And your attention to cleaning and designing your decor as well as tips on storing items. Your home in just gorgeous! Merry Christmas 🎄♥️🎄♥️🎄

  • That was cool decoration for Christmas 🤗

  • I love 😍😍

  • Lovely! Merry Christmas!🎄🙏🏽

  • Absolutely beautiful!!!

  • Did you ever hear of ironing? The decor i beautiful but you need to iron things like the table runner. Look at a design magazine. You won't see any creases.

  • SO BEAUTIFUL! I love the at you found beautiful but affordable decor from different stores 😍

  • Very Very nice. Love it....................Jeff North Carolina

  • So beautiful

  • Looks great. Just subscribed

  • OMGosh I absolutely love your home and decor style!! Well done woman! Have a very wonderful and blessed holiday season!! Ps,,I never comment.

  • Wow. This is my first time watching your channel. I could tell you were a lady that had great taste by the way you designed your house. But honestly when you started using the black and white as your Christmas decor I thought to myself, this lady has no idea what she's doing. I tell you, I am so glad I waited till the end cuz I was so wrong! You did a fantastic job and I'm in love with it! I would have never thought about black for Christmas. I used black and gold for a New year's Eve party one year and I have all these black decorations that I didn't know what to do with them. Now I'm going to incorporate them in my design for Christmas. Thank you for showing me something new and for opening up my mind. Have a great holiday to you and your family.

  • Every detail was perfect...inspiration for 2021! Thank you!!

  • Très beau bravo

  • Having something at level that you don’t want your toddler to touch is ridiculous, I highly guess those cranberries will either be everywhere by the end of the season or will be moved to the mantle 😉 merry merry 🎄

    • Everything worked out fine. Have a merry Christmas!

  • Tips on how to attach garland to the mantle??

  • You did a beautiful job decorating and your home is beautiful! God bless you dear and wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

  • THE WIFE: Everything is Exquisite. I especially love how you set your dining room table. I would not know what to do with black ornaments, but you sure did wonders with them!

  • You did that!

  • This is a amazing video Christmas is my fav time of the year so I love decorating it all looks amazing

  • Beautiful!!!

  • Woow! Very elegant, beautiful, congratulations and happy Christmas! 🎄🎅

  • Love this 🥰

  • What a gorgeous house 😍. I love your tasteful decorations that are inspiring me to start decorating early.

  • You’re decorating your house very beautiful I like 👍 it .

  • Wow you did a beautiful job I like ev

  • Gorgeous!

  • Your house is insanely beautiful! Even before decorating.

  • Your decorations and your home are lovely.

  • Beutifull 🌲✨️👏❤️😘

  • I love ❤️ your decorations and ideas.

  • omg congrats girl love from Greece

  • this is literally the most beautiful house ive ever seen. wow.

  • You had beautiful house 🏠 🎄

  • You have a BEAUTIFUL home and your daughter is GORGEOUS just like her Mommy! Girl you can come and decorate my apartment anyday! Bless you and your family

  • Absolutely beautiful!

  • Wonderful Christmas decorations I love it your home

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  • Love it! Love it! Love it!..

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  • you have a beautiful house, I love Christmas decorating ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • So very lovely and homey. One tiny suggestion, your berry and leaf picks will look more realistic if you bend and fluff them a bit. Well done!! 👍

  • You have a beautiful home! Especially your dining room chairs and table 🙂 I just became a home owner and love how you decorated. It simple but classy/elegant! I love red/maroon/crimson and black/charcoal/dark smoky gray. God bless you all and thank you for sharing 🥰💕🦋🌻🌈

  • Love your home . Your deco is very well done.

  • you are a great beautiful woman 😍❤

  • So cute!

  • Beautiful!

  • This brings an amazing perspective holiday! I love the idea of how you brought the dinner table to life for Christmas.

  • Wow, your home is beautiful!! Your video is so well done and I will definitely be using some of your ideas in my own home! Thanks! 🎄

  • I love every detail of your christmas decorations. The colors are very feastive and yes red, white, green, black are the best color combination that vigorates your eyes. Thank for sharing your talent.

  • Awesome

  • You can cut the tags off of pillows….

  • Your house is a dream girl!!!! Beautiful 😍

  • Hermosa decoración que buen gusto 😍

  • Nice

  • I have that same grey sofa with the acrylic legs. Mine has dipped in the middle. Ugh.

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  • New to your channel. Love you normal decor too, looked like a beautiful house.

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  • She is a good man

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  • Love, Love, Love the colours. STUNNING 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄. Happy Holidays.


  • We have a 12 ft tree as well and you definitely need a tall ladder.Everything looks lovely....well done.

  • Quelle transformation , magnifique.👏😊🎄🎅💞💐🍀🍾🎉

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  • Absolutely perfect! What color paint did you use in your foyer? I love every Christmas many festive ideas!

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  • Congratulations.Beautiful colors and decorations.God Bless You and your Family.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤😘👍

  • Absolutely love the decorations. I can't wait to start.

  • just beautiful!!! Es increible la combinación de los todos los tonos tan clásicos con el elemento negro que ahora está muy moda. Gracias por compartir, me has dado muchas ideas muy bonitas.

  • just beautiful!!! Es increible la combinación de los todos los tonos tan clásicos con el elemento negro que ahora está muy moda. Gracias por compartir, me has dado muchas ideas muy bonitas.

  • Just stumbled upon your videos and wow! You are very creative and talented! I just purchased my house in December, two days before Christmas, so this is the first year for me to decorate...loving your suggestions!

  • Christmas is comming again 2021.

  • Actually, I don't like so many decorations everywhere. But you are so nice and funny and likeable, I enjoyed your video soo much👍