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  • I feel for those young men who were highly recruited by other colleges, yet chose to attend JSU under Deion Sanders. They bought into his coaching them throughout their college career playing football for JSU! I wish him the best in his future endeavors. But, my heart truly goes out to those young men and I wish them much success.

  • Respect! I appreciate the class that he handled this with. He didn't tuck tail and run like most these coaches do.

  • Deion's performance as a coach placed lots of pressure on other coaches to be better for their teams. Most of his students are better because of his standards. God bless him.

  • CONGRATS to Coach Prime for what you have accomplished for Jackson State and guiding the student athletes to become better men. Thank you!

  • Huge props to Prime for facing this and telling his team himself. I have worked in college football, and this is very rare, usually the coach dips out and the kids find out through the media which isn't fair.

  • I love that he’s telling his now former players “you see your opportunity, you go for it.” People like to criticize players for transferring just as much as coaches get criticized for taking a better job.

  • My coach left after my freshman year of college back in 04. That’s why I tell kids, when you are picking a school, never base your commitment decision on the coach.

  • I played Division II college football in the early 1980s and went through a coaching change my sophomore year. It was at that point when I got my wake up call about why I was really there. The new coach told us he was going run the team like a business and we were just like products on a store shelf. He said he would get rid of anyone that wasn’t producing. There was no warm and fuzzy feelings there.He made it clear he was there to win football games because that’s how he fed his family. The painful reality is he was right. He didn’t care about having a close personal connection with his players. It’s a business for college coaches unlike most high school coaches. I’m also a retired high school football coach of 35yrs with 25 as a head coach. I had players play on every college division level with a very few playing in the NFL. I told everyone of them before they signed their athletic scholarship that they were going to college to get a college education for a career first not the NFL. One was lucky enough to play 11yrs in the NFL and coaches in the NFL today. The rest only played one or two years. So with that said every 4 star and 5 star high school football player will not have a NFL future. When Coach Prime signed a high school player to play football at Jackson State that kid had already won. He was giving that young man an opportunity to get a college education to have a career beyond playing football and to help his family. Coach Prime has lived up to his end of the deal by giving these young men the opportunity at a better life through paying for school with a athletic scholarship. Most forget when it comes to education the laws of physics are the same at Jackson State and any Division I or I AA school. Education is first not football. Coach Prime thanks for raising the bar and reminding people that HBCUs play good football . I think Coach Sanders has done more to help these young black men than he will ever know by making being a head football coach cool. The next Eddie Robinson may be watching him and deciding right now he wants to be a successful head football coach at a HBCU.

  • I love watching Deion Sanders play for the Dallas Cowboys in the 1990s he was a dominant force and could not be stopped one of the best of all time NFL players!

  • When most coaches simply disappear and have their secretary or the media break the news, Coach Prime not only tells his players himself but will finish out the final game w them. Role model for all of us. 🏈🙏🏈

  • Great job Coach Prime! Thank you for all you did for the young men and the program! Best of luck in Colorado.

  • He’s so open and sincere about this. He genuinely thinks the world of this team.

  • My heart aches for the loss to the state, city, neighborhood, school, students, players and staff!! My prayers are with everyone including Coach and his family!! KEEP THE MOMENTUM JSU!!

  • I'm a CU Buff (94'). Very excited for #21 to come to Boulder. I pray for the kids at JSU that they will continue in their success and not take this too hard. Remember that it's not the coaches playing in the game, it's you guys. Go Tigers, Go Buffaloes!

  • man, you DON'T encounter many people like this man, DEION SANDERS. One of a kind class act (period)

  • Deon is a First class gentleman. When opportunity knocks you’ve got to weigh everything out. We are not in his shoes to FULLY understand. Coaches come and go at all levels. He was a gem while there, hopefully the next coach does the same. I wish nothing but the best for this program. Colorado now looks to be a better program. He makes change there he’s adding to those he has blessed in the past. Go BUFFS!

  • I feel for the youth, on this one…

  • The young brother that spoke up is a bright example of the players that listen, apply, and change. That young man is definitely going to be a captain and leader for that team. Coach Prime built up leaders. JSU will be fine these players will shine bright.

  • The hard part for me, as a former player, is when you hear a coach repeatedly say "buy in" or "trust" the process/system. As soon as they get something better, they dip out. But they don't want you to do the same.

  • I can feel the hurt, love, the holdback tears etc I can feel the change that was made here the love is so genuine this was amazing