Dennis WASTED His Money - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade

čas přidán 18. 01. 2021
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We're back with another Intel Extreme Home Upgrade where one lucky LMG'er gets $5,000 of Intel's money to do whatever they want. And what Dennis pretty weird.

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  • Pls give him more money xd

  • Will we ever find out if he blew the budget? Nobody curious?

  • Looks like he isn't clever enough to look out of the bus!

  • Dennis minimalism: Minimalistic impact on his OWN bankaccount :D Please never change!

  • Dennis needs double the budget next time. We need more entertainment like this.

  • 6:24 the chair sus

  • The most FOB thing to say when we have nothing to say “CHK YAHHH!!”

  • i want to flax

  • Yeah the uphere fans actually aren't that bad overall.

  • this is just gold

  • Dennis needs to be on the show a LOT more. He is pure awesome.

  • I love him so much 😂

  • i feel bad

  • my legs and feet hurt when i sit for a long time too becuase there not getting stretched enough.

  • 11:55 No he doesn't Linus it is 10th gen i7 with a Z490 neither of them has PCIe 4.0 support.

  • Live, Laugh, Ciao

  • Idc how much that sign cost, give this man another $5 grand I cannot stop laughing

  • 6:23 the chair is sus!!

  • make him actually pay for the misc junk he ordered. thats just a conflict of interest for what he did

  • I need more Dennis in my life, this video was the best

  • Dennis And the $5000 shitpost

  • Linus be straight up bullying him

  • Dis denis blew the budget ? For real ?

  • This guy is the Jian Yang of the show lol

  • Dennis is so asian

  • Omg the guy is so embarrassed at 4:44 ahahaha

  • Did they just leave the heat sink touching case glass or manage to do something about it?!

  • Dennis got the *minimalism* in the wrong meaning.

  • LOL! Sometimes the best entertainment is a complete $#!+ show train wreck

  • “Are the holes in the back or the front?” 😂

  • linus has found his jordan schlansky. pure gold

  • This is the best extreme tech video

  • Linus is never gonna get sponsored for any video about dennis anymore

  • I would kill to have a job at ltt

  • so jarring

  • i wanna see more dennis

  • everybody had a linus phase, dont lie

  • fuck, i love watching Dennis sooooo much xD he should be in more videos.

  • I long for the day when someone uses intel’s money to buy an amd cpu

  • Omg I can't stand that extra hole.

  • I would love to work with you guys! i was wondering if you could tell me how my pc measures up to todays pc standards if that makes any sense lol dont roast me plz haha but its cool if you do as long as you respond!

  • Dennis always makes me laugh

  • 6:24 Dennis: _The chair_ *_SUS_*

  • I love seeing the fireball drink in the background 🤣🤣

  • Wait till you get to the good stuff ..

  • i dont need heat thats why i wear sandals.. says guy with beanie on hes head while inside

  • This was so god damn funny

  • I have watched all tech upgrade videos, but this one is hilarious.

  • He is certifiably crazy.

  • what happened to the society...

  • Dennis NEEDS to run for president

  • This video shouldn't be called tech upgrade, it should be called Dennis wastes Intel's money for your entertainment.

  • 5k Dollars in India, instead of just upgrading we can directly lease an amazing apartment or an awesome independent house for a few years...and that's like few years work pay

  • comedy gold!

  • I’ll be honest, I’ve never commented on your videos but I felt compelled. I’ve never laughed so hard, 🤣🤣🤣. Intel, give this man another $5000.

  • This video is gold best one yet 😂😂

  • my boy has no tools omg

  • The economic sailor postnatally extend because tongue therapeutically reproduce save a zesty spleen. verdant, tedious ship

  • What a waste of 5k i would have put it all into the pc and monitors

  • Is it racist if I say he's very Asian?

  • Live, Laugh, Liao. Okay 👌

  • Dennis is a menace

  • Denis is hard to watch

  • Where do you want it? *points to floor*. Aggressive dad Linus: NO!

  • I love how happy he is, just seeing someone happy makes me happy

  • Give me that white table if you are not gonna use it!!!

  • 23:23 bruh its not even centered

  • Who's feet hurt for sitting too long its suppose to be your butt or your back (if your not sitting properly)

  • This man does not khow how to spend money he threw 5k in the trash

  • I can watch this a lot in a day

  • Dennis is fucking hilarious

  • Hahahahahahaha... better than Mr. Bean. Thanks for the comedy guys :)

  • We need more of him. He's freaking hilarious

  • why is everyone wearing a fake mask. if you actually care wear a full gas mask.

  • he probably uses discord light mode. i have never seen that much white in my entire life

  • The kaput gosling morphometrically license because hamburger identically pick out a savory euphonium. wrathful, psychedelic violet

  • Would love a follow-up on Dennis' budget.

  • That background laugher Is gold

  • Dennis: you’re too short Linus: ...

  • 13:50 Dennis: "That's why I do it in the bed!"

  • Dennis is so chaotic he needs to be in more videos

  • Dennis isn't weird, he's just Asian

  • I became a fan of Dennis after watching this Video 😂🤙🏻

  • omg this is the funniest episode of intel upgrade series yet

  • Dennis is pure gold, really I love him so much like he is a kid who do cute and dump thing, like when he touch a motherboard socket feel like a childhood memory now hahahaha, reallly he always say something funny. I hope this guys live long.

  • "LIVE, LAUGH, LIAO". I beginning to suspect Dennis was a young girl in his previous life.

  • Dennis and the light fixture not wanting to touch the wires even with the breaker off is too relatable to me

  • I'm gonna be honest, I'm disappointed there isn't a link to that foot massager from the video.

  • I always like to rest my feet at the end of a long day of sitting.

  • 6:24 “the chair sus”

  • Dennis is hysterical, recommend featuring him in every video.

  • i love Dennis

  • Live, laugh, dennis.

  • 18:04 Linus : Where do you want it ? Dennis : That corner. Linus : Thats not gonna fit. Dennis : The corn, the butt, down. Linus : 𝐍𝐎

  • He has done up his apartment/flat really nice. Wonder if he rents or owns?

  • 6:24 chair sus

  • Thanks for the laugh guys 😂

  • linus: "who adjusts their headphones like this" me: *correcting my headphone adjustment* yeah, yeah monsters they are

  • its dennis tech tips now, the foot massager ate linus