Dentist Uses Too Much Anesthesia

čas přidán 1. 02. 2023
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a dentist uses too much anesthesia.

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Also in this video, some dogs try sparkling water for the first time. A guy has a tattoo of a microphone. Some guy tries to cheat while bowling and fails. An Uber driver doesn't have a license to drive.

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  • She's in a quantum state of crying and laughing at the same time

  • “She’s got a killer body” makes me smile, because she naturally complements someone else without them being present to receive the complement

    • For real it’s kinda funny how she would have never known about it if they weren’t recording

    • Im laughing so much

    • @sable maybe, but everyone has insecurities about their body, and everyone feels good receiving a genuine compliment.

    • @Dee Montez Because complementing someone _is_ kind?

    • Well if someone looks great you can't help but to think it or say it out loud. Attractive people like with everything else that is beautiful is impressive. Not sure why you think she was being kind. lol

  • Love how the doggo looks surprised every time the ball goes flying out of its mouth 😆

    • @Yasuo Mikyit’s not a pug 😂 French bulldog


    • @Sir William Fox Stark still better than dogs that shoot bees at you when they bark

    • I think he was excited to see what he might have knocked over.

    • Right, dogs are things, hence it.

  • There’s something so therapeutic about watching Daily Dose of the Internet after a long day.

    • @Guy Who Likes Breathing I am actually, it’s called “Red Queen.” 10/10 would recommend.

    • Hello brother

    • npc


  • That cat was like, "Fool me twice? I don't think so." Thanks for these, always entertaining!

    • @Meg4 Micr0 His channel description says he hates self promoters who say their content is better, and then goes and does the same thing.



  • 3:05 Really appreciated the clip concerning ADHD. To actually see it in action is something to behold. On the reverse side, when they do lock into something they like as opposed to having something less pleasant to complete next like getting ready for bed, they can be overly focused.

    • I have ADHD so yeah i will relate 😅

    • I’ve always wondered whether I truly had ADD or I was just a procrastinator. I’ve been diagnosed with ADD but it was only through a series of about 20 questions that I felt like could apply to both procrastinators and people with ADD.

    • Why does everyone treat ADHD like it's a disability? We just have a hard time focusing, nothing to praise about

    • @msk prolly. A lot of people have it but just assume it’s something else. Also people don’t really like to self diagnose themselves cause it sounds stupid

  • I have ADHD and that video of the 2 guys working on a project was so funny because I do exactly the same stuff. Rocking in my chair, randomly scanning my room every 45 seconds, touching and scratching at my face, you don't realise how much you do it until you see video of you or someone points it out.

  • The way the cat still slowly blinks at the owner at 1:50 just adds to the hilarity of it. If you didn't know, cats show their affection through, among other things, blinking. So it's both a bit irritated that the owner thinks so lowly of it as to repeat the same trick and foolishly assume it's gonna work, and also saying how much it loves them. I love it

    • If you do the blink / squint eye while staring at a cat, they will answer with such a blink too. It's a "yep I'm safe and comfy don't worry about me" kind of thing.

    • "Look, I appreciate the fact that you are trying to spend more quality time with me, Susan, but don't do this shit ever again."

    • that wasn’t a blink, that was a squint. cats squinting means they’re either in pain, or they’re recoiling because they’re anticipating something hitting their face. my cat had the same squint towards a pair of grooming scissors. it definitely was t an “i love you” look. it was an “oh god please don’t poke my eye out” kinda look.

    • Honestly, just means the cat is able to and willing to relax. It shows that they are in their comfort zone. The putting the hand on the finger really is not that much of a cognitive reaction, this cat is just chill with their owner and not at all agitated at the poke. Although its funny.

    • He looks at her and asks “ Really? Who’s evolved here?”

  • I love that growl the cat gives after being pranked. He/she knows what's going on. That's a good cat.

    • @SirBloke. So are humans...

    • @SirBloke. It doesn't realise it's an 'animal' too. How adorable. May I pet?

    • @bluerisk im not a native speaker so i was taught that it is fitting for animals, objects etc

    • @bluerisk Even some humans go by it/it's, so why not a cat? Not like it has any concept of what words are.

  • the speed and care in the way he made sure the cat didn't bounce off the trampoline made me happy


    • The pure guilt on his after is what gets ms

    • @kidenoka Agreed >:3

    • @kidenoka 0:24 - Cat literally just stands on air while the the ground is gone like a cartoon character 🤣

    • @mk You say "as you can see here" but he stopped exactly what I'm talking about from happening by applying the brakes with his knees. You can even see the cat realize the danger and basically say "whoops!" with it's body language. Lol

  • That little French bulldog popping that blue racquet ball into the room was hilarious! Couldn’t stop laughing! He can play his own game of chase the ball.

  • You can tell by the smile on the guys face when the tunnel exploded that this job never gets old

    • @Kalder Correct, but sound has no mass thus why we cannot see it, rather we see the effect of it :) I am enjoying this over the usual dribble I get dragged into :P

    • @SlayerofFiction There's always gas in the air, so compressed air always has gasses, in my view, the sound of a shockwave (sound, shockwave, imo the same thing) is what produces the compressed air. Although it's actually the explosion that produces the compressed air, but I mean it travels like sound. Sound itself is also the compression and decompression of air and gasses.

    • @Kalder Its compressed air and gas, could it be called sound? I suppose since it's the result of that, but in and of itself it is not :)

    • @SlayerofFiction A shockwave is literally nothing but sound, and you can see it, so you're wrong. But regular sound isn't visible, except with a visualizer like a spectrograph.

    • My grandpa died because one of the bombs didn't work as intended.

  • That kid with the bowling ball was the walking definition of "cheaters never prosper" 😂

    • @Paradox Edge no cheaters never prosper because people aren't islands. You can get a short term benefit for yourself by breaking the rules but you can't get any further than that because you've got nowhere to go. That is the point of rules, to acknowledge that we are all in the same boat. That's why changing the rules isn't the same as breaking them. You can't do that without the majority of the people supporting you. And that's why it's not cheating, it requires cooperation. Cheating isolates you and you can't lastingly prosper in isolation.

    • @WeAreDevs #UTTP Minor spelling mistake You lose


    • @Kellsr k

  • The police drawing notes for the one guy who wondered if the other guy got pulled over was nothing but pure wholesome

    • liking for your dp not for your comment

  • I couldn’t stop watching that tunnel explosion. Terrifying, mesmerizing, and amazing all at the same time I want to work with those guys.

    • You can see the shockwave and hear the sonic boom delay.

    • Every time I see a video of demolition workers, it's always looks like they're having blast. The other one I remember is the worker bursting through the wall like Kool aid Man.

  • I am amazed at how good you guys are at putting these together, the consistency over such a long period of time is down right astounding. I shudder to think of the sheer amount of garbage you must soft through each and every day, I take my hat off to you

    • @beardley well, at least he does credit the sources unlike thousands of other channels that do about the same thing.

    • You know he just buys viral videos and puts them together right? He barely does anything and our millions of views pays him a lot of money for doing absolutely no real work LOL

    • @ellery eggen Pretty sure his name is Jason. 90%.

    • It's just one guy. I think his name is Phil (?).

    • Guys? There is just one guy behind this.

  • I'm always happy to see your videos. It made me feel like I'm not alone. it also made me forget my struggles in life.

  • I love how she's not mad about it but laughing at how goofy the situation is, need more people like that

    • @Digital Hippie I don’t think she was supposed to have enough to make her face like that, also anaesthesia numbness usually lasts for 1 to 2 hours according to Google. Imagine having your eye stump open for that long.

    • @Jebber anaesthesia numbness usually lasts for 1 to 2 hours according to Google. Imagine having your eye stump open for that long

    • Unable to blink will damage her eye if she doesn't close it for more than a few minutes

    • @Moody-Petz Channel so that's what the SpongeBob episode was all about ?

    • @Miguel Garcia I guess this is directed at you in particular, but I love how my notifs are being swarmed with know-it-all shitwipes that think they've epically owned me for explaining one menial thing. DDOI commenters are a different breed.

  • That actually happened to me when I had a wisdom tooth removed. I could only close one eye! It was funny at first..then extremely painful! Held it closed until I could get some eye drops. Definitely one of the weirdest feelings I’ve ever had!

    • My eyes were fine, but I remember I had to stand in front of the mirror and hold my bottom lip to the cup in order to drink.


  • 2:23 the fact you can actually see the shockwave actually travelling through the tunnel as the dust falls off is really cool

  • Nobody gonna talk about a microphone guy, he's a pure talent.

  • She is the human embodiment of the laughing and crying masks

  • I love how the guys weren’t hurt, shook hands after, they gave their dog sparkling water to see how they would react 0:36

    • @Spades I got that.

    • ​@Axodus It's a joke. What was said in the video WASN'T one connected sentence, but the way it was said made it sound like it was. Hence, the comment pointing this out.

    • @Spades who would just repeat what they heard in the video in the comments word for word?

    • @Axodus Why?

    • this comment must've been written by a bot.

  • The first lady laughing so hard made me cry laughing. She was having herself a time😂

  • “Guys,can you keep it down I’m trying to sleep😂😂 Got me laughing so hard I fell off my chair

  • 0:23 love his quick reaction ❤️

  • "Can you keep it down im trying to sleep" That had me cracking 🤣🤣🤣

    • @Simic 0racle It's a spam bot ad promoting it's other channels.

    • I'm dead lmao 😂

    • @Selection I've seen a lot of hist standup stuff and appearances on other shows. 😁

  • Loving the daily videos AND having them be longer. Well done!

  • Man I've watched your vids for years, you don't need to feel 1 a day is ok. Your work is good and beautiful. You take the time you need. Respect, all the videos you work through, I can't even imagine. Good Work. Keep at it. I love the squirrel, got a few around my place.

  • I love how the dog looked surprised every time the ball popped out of his mouth

  • This is one of the funniest compilations you've done in a minute. Almost every video had me in near tears with laughter. It took twice the time to watch this because I had to keep going back to watch again 😂

  • 1:15 the silence is what has me weak 😂😂

  • Props to her for laughing, got done at dentist doing her face dirty like that, yet still is optimistic

    • @PegLeg facial nerve hit.... Her face can be like that for years or for the rest of her life if the anesthesia was botched......... When it's done too much or if it hit and damaged the nerve this will stay forever......

    • @Jul Dionson So it's still infected (I go back Saturday to get my final cleaning, I don't think it will be a full root canal though) it's taken about 3 cleanings and 2 root canals to get it down.

    • @Blindfire hi. I know your comment is two days old. Can I ask about your root canal. Did you got it re-treated because it gone bad??

    • @Blindfire yeah those root canals suck, had one about 8 years ago. Only one ever and the grinding against the tooth definitely didn’t feel good at all. They numbed it however it didn’t work very well😂 I just dealt with that shit because I figured there was nothing else they could do besides put me to sleep which wasn’t gonna happen. The worst part though was that damn light shining in my eyes the entire time. I made them stop and let me go get my sunglasses out of my car😂

    • @This guy Dannyyy bruv copied comment be original..

  • I would like to personally thank you for a 4 minute video. Love you!

  • If that was a time lapse of me(with ADHD) there would have been a LOT more movement. Including getting up and sitting across the chair superman style, sitting on my legs, sliding off it slowly, back straightening and seat adjusting, etc, etc..

  • Thank you Daily Dose of Internet for increasing your video lengths that’s awesome more clips for me to watch🤭

  • That cop interaction was so wholesome! I love it ❤️

    • @rexman971 No worries lol

    • @Marissa Maté ah I stand corrected, I apologize.

    • @rexman971 You really thought you did something there

  • I love how sorry the guy was about the cat. That was beautiful.

  • That cat's meow is so humanlike in emotion. Its like the cat version of "heyyyy... :( "

  • OH MY GOSH the dodgeball thing happened to me!! There was one person left on the other team and they threw it right at me. I jumped to try and dodge it but ended up accidentally catching it between my thighs. I assumed I was out and just started walking off the court, kinda embarrassed, but then ppl suddenly realized that I had "caught" it and started running around and screaming. I'm kinda shy, but everyone was giving me high fives and stuff it was awesome

  • I really like this new TwoFace interpretation, excited to see what they do with her character!

  • This episode was epic! I enjoyed every bit of it! Thanks 😃

  • I love how he was concerned about his cat on the trampoline

  • Love how optimistic she is when half of her face isn't functioning properly.

    • @Houston, we have a problem thx for ur care, yes, no one could imagine something so seemingly innocuous could have such an impact on someone and family as we all suffer as a result of my profound change in health. unfort i havent managed to get over it - this is now a life long affliction :(

    • @It's just me that is so unexpected, people would think that loss of sense on such a small part region would be trivial. But it turned out to be a nightmare. I am happy for you, atleast you managed to get over it. Thanks for sharing your time with me for replying. Best wishes from Istanbul, Turkey.

    • @lidl no point in leaving more than one post in a youtube shorts

    • @Man we can't do that?💀

    • @Houston, we have a problem it is quite complicated but the short answer is the sinus pressure / pain caused by the injection affects my cognitive ability, memory, ability to think clear, construct sentences, having this for years and it being unrelenting i.e there every minute of my life, is like torture. mental health suffered as a result and as a flow on of becoming very inactive and house bound, phyical issues ensued. the best way i can describe the sinus pressure / pain would be a combination of having a head cold, a hangover and then hitting your head on a wall. it is not fun and i wouldnt wish it on anyone

  • Every 50.000 years ?! I sure hope I won't miss the next one.

  • Thank-you for all you do for a bunch of internet strangers!!! 💝🌺

  • 0:23 I love the fact that he's so concern about the cat. Unlike those fashion girls with Chihuahua dragging it by the neck in times of trouble.

  • Hey, thanks for catching that comet video and posting!!!! I couldn't see it the entire month it was supposed to be visible where I live at!!!!!! Much appreciated!!! I stayed up until past 4am yesterday and last night trying to see it one last night, but saw nothing but overcast! Thanks again, Daily Dose!!

    • I shot the video. I got lucky with clear skies for an entire night. Winter is the worst time for comets. I tried to see it last night with my powerful telescope and it just looked like a fuzzy star. It just didn't get as bright as we hoped it would.

  • I literally get the same reaction as the dogs whenever I'm offered sparkling water

  • The woman at the beach commenting on the woman's body is so wholesome 🥰 If only more of the 8 billion people were like her

    • ​@TehUltimateSnake 🤣

    • @Oliver Swanick II yeah dude, one by one. Lol no the headcount done by tickets sold was 1.6 million. But to be honest it was so out of control there was probably people just turning up

    • @Mr A "Millions" You counted all of them?

    • @Oliver Swanick II Metallica concert in Russia, you can literally see a sea of millions of people...

    • @foogloo78 Human and mechanical error.

  • 1:47 The cat that won't fell on the same hole twice get my mad respect. 👏 This and the "killer body" one are my favorite clips in this compy. 👍👍❤

    • @Launchpad McQuack Well it's now linked in the description

    • And they are of course not linked in the description either, not on that other channel either. So that's great. Wanted to link the cat video to my friend but yep, nowhere to be found.

  • 3:18 I love how there was a collective delay of a half second for everyone to process that it really just happened lmao

  • As funny as that guy's responses were, I'd be terrified if that guy was my uber after that interaction

  • The dentist girl is freaking hilarious! I love the way she laughs. Also, omg that face! LMAO-

  • I was laughing so hard with this video. They were all funny. We have had nothing but rain and clouds for days and could not see the comet passing over us. I will just have to stick around for another 50,000 years to see it next time.

  • Ok, but I actually really like how the cat just... Slowly pushes down their owner's hand. Like "no, we are NOT doing that again"

  • As someone who recently went to have an operation in my mouth, that first one I can totally relate to. I'm still suffering. 🤕

  • the courage of her posting that is incredible

  • You can tell by the smile on the guys face when the tunnel exploded that he loves his job.

  • These longer videos will take some getting used to for sure. Certain clips definitely seem like ending clips, without the ending line, but hey I’m enjoying em so far!

  • My late parents was a great dentist 🦷 and yes that's what we feel if we get that kinda treatment. Missing them already..

  • This channel is always everyone’s source for laughs and a good time watching random videos from the internet and it never disappoints!

  • 3:03 I am so glad to see this video and realize I'm not the only person who can't sit still while doing a project. It's not because I'm lazy or easily distracted or don't want to do the project, I just get quickly bored with one task after like 5 to 10 minutes and need to change things up to break the monotony. I've learned to cycle through different activities and repeatedly coming back to my original task to get stuff done.

  • i love how daily dose of internet videos are slowly getting longer

  • I like how hes so chill while literally talkinng about someone who captured a view that will never repeat in the whole history of earth

  • The fireworks inside the house 😂 I mean come on, that scared the whole family but the grandma seemed as if she couldn't hear a bit 😆

  • I didn't always have health insurance. And you absolutely get what you pay for concerning dentists. I took my daughter to a sliding-scale dentist once. The waiting room looked and smelled like grandma's house. The dentist had to weigh 400 pounds. When he came at her with one of those terrifying metal-jacket syringes, she flipped out and so did I. We were out of there like lightning. Then I went to a different one, some years later. He numbed my entire lower jaw, and halfway through the thing, I couldn't swallow, choked, and felt like I was drowning. Don't go to these butchers. My current dentist is the best I have ever had: he puts me on gas, and only numbs one side of my jaw. Lovely.

  • The weirdest thing about Anesthesia is that when you touch the part of your body that has been affected by it, it doesn't feel like it's part of your body but at the same time you can slightly feel your fingers touching your skin, and it just weirds you out the moment you do it lmfao

    • I always got anesthesia too, but then I got me a new dentist who hailed from the former USSR, and he doesn't give me one (in 9 out of 10) and it works fine. No stingy shot, no trouble afterwards.

    • Agreee lol, when I got my tooth removed, I feel the same lol, I could feel something moving but since there is no pain, I dont feel like it is part of my body 🤣

    • @Miss Fortune Teller I never thought of it like that. For some reason it gives me an uncanny feeling thinking as such...

    • @DaRealBlueSkies 😂

    • It's an interesting experience. You feel what other people feel when they touch you.

  • That must have been the trippiest feeling ever. Laughing and not being able to feel the other half of your face.

  • Dammit guess I gotta wait another 50,000 years Edit: all the comments I see on daily dose's videos are so wholesome keep making people smile buddy

  • Give the guy at the end a round of applause.

  • props to that one guy who captured the comet. no one would ever see it until the next 50,000 years. so cool

  • The kid trying to cheat at bowling than completely missing was hilarious. 😂

  • As someone with ADHD, watching that clip made me question how the hell that guy sat so still… I could never

    • @MegaTonL I am fully aware. I get hyper focused all the time. I ASSURE you that the guy on the left did not have ADHD. You still move quite a bit when hyper focused, just less so.

    • @TheGhostFart it can also cause hyperfocus

    • @AcingGames adhd can also cause hyperfocus...

    • @Eray Fit medication but coffee works a little.

    • @David Knight Impatient, uncomfortable, irritable, children, naturally hyperactive, short-attention-span, boredom, entertainment, and people on a sugar high would move around a lot too. I didn’t know what ADHD was, so I thought the guy on the left had it cause he seemed much too patient and focused. People who are very focused, and don’t move around a lot are unfortunately quite uncommon.

  • 3:13 i felt this in my bones. ADHD really feels like a curse when you need to get work done.

  • I did the sparkling water with my dog as well. Never gets old.

  • I love how the gym bros have their own way in dealing problems

  • its both funny and uncanny for me to see people laugh with anesthesia after the dentist because my dentist never used anesthesia or any painkillers, so the only thing i experience after is pain and not laughter

  • 0:20 - finds herself hilarious 0:21- freaks out at what it looks like for the other half to be staring at you seriously 0:22 - finds that hilarious

  • “ guys can you keep it down I’m trying to sleep” had me DIEING 💀🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • That was 100% Todd Glass the comedian

    • Bro is an npc lmfao

    • @I Have A Terrible Username actually sthu

    • @I Have A Terrible Username im dieyeing

    • @I Have A Terrible Username Im daieying

  • I really appreciate your channel and your efforts to made us smile. Thanks for the upload.

  • 2:20 I love that you can actually see the shockwave of the explosion travel up the tunnel.

  • Thank you, this really hit the spot today.

  • Brilliant video! Love the one who has been to the dentist, really funny. And the Pug dog that shoots a ball with his teeth, smart dog.

  • 0:33 bro slid through so smoothly 😂

  • 4 Minutes?? Let’s give this man a round of applause for the work he puts into these 👏👏

    • @BaconWrapDonut And i m towards sausages

    • Lots of haters in these comments, internet is always full of pitiful haters… must be a sad life, I could never!

    • @beepboop69420 if it was so easy why don’t you do it?

    • @Daily Dose Of Internet yes

    • @Devon Garcia yeah, I heard that the strikes were one of the reasons but it was definitely compounded by his 3 month break after those allegations dropped. Pretty serious stuff, he’s never been the same since.

  • Too much anesthesia at the dentist can be super dangerous! I had too much once, I came home and blacked out. Literally... Fell into a concrete wall, gave myself a black eye. Apparently what can happen is if given too much it can slow your heart down to the point of your brain no longer getting enough oxygen and so you black out.

  • The tunnel clip is just pure nerd-stalgia The way you can see the det-cord traveling down the tunnel, the way you can see the shockwave traveling through the Walls before it hits them, and the delay of the sounds of each Explosion. *Perfection*

  • i love how the dog just turned into one of those ball-shooting toys

  • Oh my god, I love that the two ladies were actually lovely? What a wonderful feeling it would be to come back and watch that video and hear two strangers, certain you'll never hear their comments, talk about you... and what they say is that you look great.

  • Guy on trampoline! Aw what compassionate guy, that is so rare! He was so concerned about the kitty when number one it was an accident and two the kitty was fine and he still felt bad!

  • That treadmill one got me in hysterics, I can’t stop laughing lmao

    • I would have been very angry with the guy. But as I'm not a violent person it would be nothing more than a brief discussion.

    • i snorted my drink because i didnt wanna spit it out lol

    • Seeing people get hurt is always good for comedic effect. Laugh on!

    • @Wasabi. We can turn this into a wattpad 🫠

    • @Wasabi. Not everyone is gay like you🤣

  • When I was 16 I had half of my face paralyzed and got to wear an eyepatch for a month, I looked so stupid when I laughed lol

  • As a surgeon how a dentist managed to get a complete facial paralysis while trying to put anesthesis on the trigeminal nerve is beyond my knowledge of anatomy...

  • I cant stop laughing at the dog spitting out the sparkling water

  • I always enjoy your videos! Thanks for making them!

  • Ok I love all your videos but this one was just a little bit better than all the others! Made me laugh so hard!

  • The anesthesia happened to me once, but I just fell asleep for like 5 hours 😂

    • @Jack McCarney thanks dude you got it over with at least

    • @Ian Lulu it was like in one second I was normal than I felt like I was in a dream and couldn’t even lift my arm. After the dentist turned it off I felt a. It better but you should have someone drive you home

    • @Bait Police yes they are

    • @DERFMODE anesthesia can be local or general. You're right that this isn't general anesthesia, it's local- and probably lidocaine which is a bit stronger than novacaine.

    • @Nathan 😂

  • I love how the ladies compliment that lady running to the sea after saying they're nuts XD "She's got a killer body" gotta love that !

  • Really awesome group of videos!! Enjoyed it even more than usual! Thank you VERY much!