Deontay Wilder MASSIVE Knockout Punch | Wilder vs. Breazeale Highlights

čas přidán 18. 05. 2019
Wilder (41-0-1, 40 KOs) added yet another violent finish to his career highlight reel with a brutal one-punch knockout in just 2 minutes and 17 seconds of Round 1. Wilder, 33, made the ninth defense of the WBC title he originally captured in 2015.
Breazeale (20-2, 18 KOs), who appeared to be knocked out cold as he laid spread eagle, began to come to his senses near the end of referee Harvey Dock's count. The native of California, who is nicknamed "Trouble," rose to his feet shortly before the count of 10, but Dock waved off the fight after looking into his eyes.
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  • He sent breazeale into lala land🤣🤣🤣

  • Bomb squad

  • Easiest check Deontay made

  • I still think Devin Haney vs Moran knockout was worst

  • Wilder hit Breazeale so hard the are feeling in Brazil 😂😂

  • Rocked him 👆🏿💯

  • New name bum squad, the United kingdom owns boxing 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧✊

  • Somebody lied to Dominic telling him to come foward pressure Wilder😴😴😴

  • Wilder is a monster, goddam i knew he won this fight but i never knew how it ended... WOW

  • I love Wilder right hand 👊

  • The king !

  • Imagine deontay defeats tyson in the first round like this

  • Bomb 💣 squad!!!

  • The way he swang out of knocking him the fuck out with great swag that shit is beautiful.....

  • If he get up to like 230, he gonna hit someone and you just gone see a puff of smoke.

  • Wilder is an insane beast!

  • If you give God the glory he will give you the victory

  • I just feel i could beat the living shit out of this guy he counters all match then trys to knock out with right # fightavontedeontay

  • 1:11

  • Deontay wilder put breazeale body in airplane mode fokes.

  • Wilder hit breazeale so hard they're feeling it in Brazil mama miaa what a ko!

  • Mauro Ronallo is the best commentator ever🤣

  • Wilder vs Anthony j

  • Deontay Wilder, Gangsta!

  • Deontay Wilder is the real life equivalent of Jax from Mortal Kombat

  • Lebrontay Wilder

  • Came out dressed like lady Gaga

  • I hate this theatrical bullsh!t in boxing and UFC / MMA . You play football you play Baseball , you dont play fighting stop with the stupid outfits and the WWF bullshit . Can you imagine what Mahamad Ali would say if he was announcing these fights .

    • # Einstein MMA Tony E. Ali would celebrate he was a showman who admired Wrestling and adapted his showmanship based off the wrestlers he watched. Your racist ass thinking Ali would have anything negative to say about Wilder😂


  • @ 1:35 " Are You Not Entertained?! " 😂

  • Breazeale hit the ground just giggling!

  • Selling replay button: 1:14

  • isn't the phrase mama mia from italy??? not any spanish speaking country???? Idk I remeber from Mario. looooooooooooooooool

    • TTChaeng Brazil isn’t a Spanish speaking country

  • He said men should be able to fight and then respect each other at the end. That’s a view men have held for centuries and I’m glad it’s alive in him.

  • The little guy with the glasses 🤓 😂

  • Omg he's amazing

  • Cold 🥶 blooded killer

  • "An Airplane Mode My Friends"

  • Lol he’s definitely still fighting tomato cans!! His resume is weak and fought no one#PaperChamp

  • {©¿©} 👈 team fury

  • Anybody ain't gonna point out the fact that he said he wish ppl could put on gloves and fight it out and after that come to a agreement and hug out 💯🙏💯🙏💯🙏💯🙏🙏💯💯😎

  • and there he stood, a man i could follow into battle!

  • I'm watching this in my car right now... I think that punch popped a speaker!

  • When is Wilder going to fight someone who's great? Look at the bums he has fought. Jeez. If Wilder was back in the Tyson era he would of been laid out and never returned. Even if he was fighting back in the Lennox Lewis era he would of went nowhere.

  • If some boxer that has speed power and timing could Time when Deontay Wilder does that huge legs stretch left and far back big right could Time that and hit Deontay Wilder with a quick hard 2 piece they could drop him I think that’s what a boxer has to do for the best shot at defeating Deontay or just outbox him for 12 rounds like Tyson Fury did without getting dropped!!

  • That being said Deontay Wilder with all of these illegal blows punches the ref can’t continue to keep allowing this to happen cheating shit I know the knockout punch wasn’t illegal but then wild punches are behind the head and behind the ear punches are illegal the punch Andy Ruiz hit AJ with that left hook was illegal punch behind the ears head!!

  • I think if Deontay Wilder wouldn’t have caught him with that shot early it would have been a different fight maybe I’d like to see them run it back!!

    • You shouldn't get a run back with a stoppage ike that, Ortiz didn't neither really.

  • Holy crap! Go back through HW history, not a lot of one punch KO's. There are some, but not a lot. Incredible power from Wilder.

  • 1:40 he scared the shit out of the camera man 😂

  • This is just an example of what we put out in Alabama not to mention football baseball and basketball players.He knocked a turd outta that first man.

  • He he fucked HIM UP!!😂😂😂

  • BEAST!! Simply the best Heavyweight period!!

    • Untill tyson fury arrived the British rule boxing sunshine

  • Dam I wanted to here wat the other guy had to say

  • Deontay could have said yo keep the car running I'll be right back

  • Wilder told Ortiz he shouldn't have took the rematch. Wilder is on a whole different mission since Fury

  • I saw wilder complain he was hit In back of head is laughable. He does that all the time.

  • Big ups to WILDER for his post fight commentary 💪💪💪

  • Deontay wilder looks like he would be a scary guy to pick a fight on the streets.

  • Took the bum in England 7 rounds to beat this scrub and wilder does it in 2 minutes.

  • This was a close fight...

  • 💋MY BABY WILDER!!! DAAAMM I'll ROCK WILDER MF WORLD💋🤛 I love you DEONTAY.. you are a true HEBREW king!💋👏👏👏👏🤛🥊💪🏿🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏿🙏🏾💪🏿

  • U got knocked the f"'k out!

  • When we going to see wilder and Joshua

  • Game plan to beat Wilder - Don't get hit 😂

  • Man he dropped that foo!!!! Shaaaat. & off he goes


  • Breazeale was seeing double and was in trouble wen wilder hit him

  • When I’m bored I come back to entertain myself with this gem of a KO LMAOOO 🥺😊💣🥊

  • This the worst fight i ever seen. Wwf

  • Wilder punched so hard through Breazeale that he knocked out AJ before he even fought Ruiz

  • I dont think Ruiz could take that hit

  • He did nothing to avoid that punch. His arms were down, chin up. Basically giving wilder a golden opportunity to ko him. That wilder was more than happy to do.

  • What’s crazy to me is how he did that smooth spin the second after connecting that right hand. Like he knew that punch 🥊 was gonna end the fight. Never seen anything like it.

  • Look at that.. All that education and knowledge on boxing by Dominic breazelle got knocked out of him. Remember when Dominic Breazelle was bragging about he's knowledge on boxing and how he is the better man.? Well then..enough said.

  • 1:40 - I love how he scared the camera man

  • He hit em wit an ARE U OK BUSTER WOLF! lmao

  • 1:39 🗣️🎥😨 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dude how cool would it have been if he came in Saitama's costume from One Punch Man.

  • KEEFE D : daayyyyummmm

  • There's still a wanted reward for Dominic 😂 chump talked all that shit then got flattened and erased all his social media what a bitch