Destroying Challenges With The Black Sniper! (Bloons TD 6)

čas přidán 16. 06. 2019
Destroying Challenges With The Black Sniper! BTD6 / Bloons TD 6. With the ability to one shot ceramics, the black sniper, also mostly known as the deadly precision sniper, is pretty good in these scenarios. So I use it. Also featuring community challenge #2! Enjoy.
Community challenge 1:
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  • Back with another challenge! Made this one a little harder so hopefully it'll take more than an hour for 3 people to complete, I'd rate it an 8-9/10 difficulty. Again submit in the proper channel here: You can find the first community challenge here:

    • @Kevin Mario Kevin If your old enough, you can download it on your phone and make an account real easy. :D If your not ask your parents to help you set up an account.

    • ISAB @👹

    • @Kevin Mario Kevin Discord... Join his discord Chanel if you wanna do this stuff :p Beating his challenge isn't about getting him to notice you, it's just about interacting with his audience and having some fun. Don't be disappointed if he doesn't always reply to you.

    • You could just put up a mobile code steam can use those still 😂😂😂

    • Edward Ghahramanyan same

  • His worst enemy: *white bloons*

  • Blade shitter XD 13:07

  • i use 204 glue all the time in my games cause it hits camo and Maobs and hurt any type of bloon. So the question is why dont u use it????

    • @Zhuojin Xie must be yo main towers then. U should git double cash mode

    • I use 420 glue

  • blak snipr is stronkest snip bc he cun say n word lik if agree!

  • Oh cool, you highlighted my challenge in a video, thanks. Working on another one for you, not sure when I'll finish it though with work and everything though.

  • I feel like merchantmen is important for this challenge

  • Ice sold for 777

  • Geaniiii

  • 999 th like

  • 13:07 R.I.P ISAB - ???? - 2019

  • I refuse to accept mid-video ads for freakin btd videos. I can live with 1, I don't want to deny you your income entirely, but the next time there's more than one I WILL unsub

  • :CmonBruh:

  • just a quick reminder. your next video will be your 1000th video :DDD

  • He can say the N-word

  • The Black Sniper Coming soon to theaters

  • i beat the ddts now just the moabs and bad


  • this is racist

  • *African army copyrights this video*

  • I can access and challenges is that just me

  • I'm honestly considering making ISAB saying "SHOOT YOU FUCKING MIDGETS" into a ringtone for my phone. I'm still laughing about that lol

  • Yes isab it's called a blade shitter

  • Snibba

  • The title can easily be misunderstood.

  • He he he he said blade shitter at 13:09

  • Awesome title man

  • Dat title raricst. Yup, raricst.

  • black sniperis the most powerful because he can say the N-word

  • Who else remembers when ISAB used text to speech?

  • Who else remembers when ISAB used text to speech?

  • Video gets demonitized for having the word Black in the title.

  • Hey there’s a glitch on 9:11 when the sniper and bomb shoots at the same time the sniper bullet won’t work!

  • Tried your challenge like 20 times. I gave up after that ;-;

  • Aren’t all snipers brown. ---> 🐵

  • Black sniper... Hol up

  • Did you just say shiter

  • 13:12 It sounded like he said blade sh**tter😂

  • I didn’t know you were from Washington DC!

  • Waiting for NK to tease 11.0 day eleven.

  • i got everything but the BAD

  • Black Sniper is it just me or that sound kinda racist?

  • Did you say I a*pop*logize 12:51

  • Shrapnel needs to go off every shot, not just if it pops bloon

  • The correct term is african american sniper, just kidding lol

  • With my black Sniper I destroy other things 😏

  • 1:45 Me: ISAB, How Did You Putted Your Shit In Right Side?! ISAB: *Nobody Cares Song Plays* Nobody Cares (x2)

  • How do you beat the b.a.d soooooooo close ☹☹☹☹☹ i got it in to zomgs

    • @SagaVe a 4.0.2 sniper om the line with the wall a 2.2.0 vilage and a 0.4.2 super near the water if the did beat the bbt sell sniper for a 5.2.0 vilage then sell all for 3.2.o super om start and then a 0.2.3 super on the start

    • How did u do it

    • ijsbrand Hamerslag then you beat it if you broke the b.a.d the other bloons aren’t a b.a.d

  • 3:20 can't you damage the ceramics 4 times with the ice so the sniper can oneshot the ceramics with no yellow leftovers ??

  • Isab is racist confirmed

  • Just cant kill the bad. And cant join discord as well fix please

  • Racist

  • Destroying Tiny Little White Bloons With The Big, Hard, Juicy, Black Sniper! (Bloons TD 6)

  • Has the solution anything to do with tech terror, because my closest attempt used that.

  • Everyone: I hate ads, good thing theres only one. CS-tv: Wanna see me do it again?

  • Omg Isab, thats racist \0/

  • the bLaCk sNipEr

  • black sniper is so strong because he can say the n word

  • Do face reveal

  • Isab: The Black Sniper Me, an intellectual: The Nigga Sniper