Destroying Friendships with the Minecraft Gravity Mod

čas přidán 2. 09. 2021
edited by Wardenboo
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  • at last, the chaos can be shared with everyone... lmao

  • Realizing this is the last video with the sleepy bois inc makes me a bit sad. Technoblade never dies. Thank u for everything.

  • He seemed so full of energy and so much like he always was, I never had a doubt he would survive, and he helped me believe that. I guess he didn’t want us to worry even in the face of oblivion, just wanted to make us smile. Rest in Power Alex.

  • it’s been about 2 years since this video came out and whenever I find myself having a particularly hard day or time I come back to this video just for some comfort and I know he’s not here anymore but he still manages to lift my spirits when nothing else can because just something about how positive he was and could turn everything into a joke, never fails make me laugh.

  • I can't believe its been about 5 or 6 months already. Rest in peace King.

  • A man never dies until he is forgotten.

  • Im so happy hes still uploading after what happened. BUY SOME TECHNO PLUSHIES THO

  • Can we take this moment to appreciate Techno's Avatar the Last Airbender reference at

  • I'm still waiting for him to come back and say "You really thought i was gone nerd?". But i guess it's not gonna happen. Rest easy legend, technoblade never dies.

  • I never realized I could miss someone I never met this much. Technoblade never dies

  • Rewatching his videos honestly makes me forget he isn’t here and I realize how we will never get a new video of him and his jokes but Im grateful for these videos, to bring me some sort of comfort :)

  • This was my favourite Technoblade video when it had come out. Little did I know it was the penultimate Minecraft video he’d ever do. Rest in Peace Technoblade… rest in peace.

  • i’m just rewatching his old videos, not fully believing we’ll never get a new video from him again. it hasn’t set in yet. rest easy, techno.

  • I wish I watched these. I stopped watching techno for a year. I was planning to watch it all together for the most entertainment. You truly will never die.

  • 8:27

  • If you're missing Technoblade just watch his videos again and Technoblade never dies okay? He's playing on another map heaven rn. So wait till he wins there.

  • There is something really special about people like techno. He really had this way with his videos that could lighten everyone’s day, even mine. Rest In Peace, and bless his family.

  • Its amazing how when watching these, it feels like he’s still here with us, truly a legend, still makes me cry a little

  • Techno, you beautiful beast, you posted twice in a month