Devil May Cry 5 OST | Casey Edwards feat. Ali Edwards - Devil Trigger | Full Song [HQ] デビル メイ クライ 5

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Devil May Cry 5 OST | Ali Edwards - Devil Trigger | Full Song [HQ]
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Casey Edwards feat. Ali Edwards - Devil Trigger - Official Lyrics
I’ll endure the exile
Verse 1
The darkness of night falls around my soul
And the hunter within loses control
Gotta let it out - gotta let it out
Gotta let it out - gotta let it out
This demon inside has ahold of me
Clenching its power - trying to break free
Gotta let it out - gotta let it out
Gotta let it out - gotta let it out
Verse 2
Move fast, baby - Don’t be slow
Step aside - reload - time to go
I can’t seem to control
All this rage that’s inside me
Pullin’ shots - aimin’ dots - Yeah I don’t miss
Branded by Fire - Born in the abyss
Red hot temper - I just can’t resist
All this vengeance inside me
Pre Chorus 01
All of these thoughts runnin’ through my head
Arm on fire, veins burnin’ red
Frustration is gettin’ bigger
Bang Bang Bang - Pull my Devil Trigger!
Chorus 01
Embrace the darkness that’s within me
No hiding in the shadows anymore
When this wickedness consumes me
Nothing can save you and there’s no way out
Verse 3
I’m a wildfire you won’t tame
Igniting my temper, can’t put out my flame
There’s no way to contain
This storm swelling inside me

I’m a bomb you can’t defuse
Might just accept you’re gonna lose
Can’t turn down, I refuse
to hold back anymore
Pre Chorus 02
All of these voices inside my head
Blinding my sight in a curtain of red
Frustration is getting bigger
Bang Bang Bang - Pull my Devil Trigger!
Chorus 02
When the night ends it’s not over
We fight through to get closer
Like a silver bullet piercing through
I throw myself into you
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All Credit goes to Capcom


  • All this DMC5 hype! Gotta let it out, gotta let it out!

  • double chicken

  • Perfect music for zombie Apocalypse 🔫




    • +MetalJrock2299 neat, thank you for telling me.

    • Nodrasta There’s a new one coming out made by the producer of the Castlevania show and set in the same “multiverse” as it.

    • is there a new one or did you mean the one thats a few years old by now?

  • why not Dante in the middle

    • They keep trying to make Nero the face of the franchise. Guess it doesn't seem to be working out that well.

    • Because Nero is the main character

  • the music is cool

  • 2:32 ,,,/ so good

  • is this song on spotify?

  • Where can i find more like this? Any artist, genre?



  • 皆DMC5には何を期待してる? ちなみに俺はネロで閻魔刀が使えること

  • At first I wasn't sure how i felt about this song. Then I pre-ordered the game just so I could hear the lounge version of the track in my background whenever I wanted lmao.

  • Coming back here for a listen and reading through the comments again is always great. Gotta love this community and the DMC V hype man.

  • This game WILL NOT be a disappointment

  • Are you fucking kidding me? There was an increase in views by 100k in just 1 hour.


  • Wow, people still visiting here? 15 M views?!!!! And there are still 3 and a half months left for the games to release. Capcom *nailed* this one.

  • Muito bom gostei demais da conta

  • When ya white af and eat spicy food.

  • Hype!!!!!!!!

  • Dante attitude is the kinda guy you know in your platoon who acts like a shit bag but is so unbelivably badass and cool you wouldn't belive is the best guy to lead from the front

  • この曲、メッチャカッコいいです✨


  • 2:36 Instagram be like...


  • 親のデビルトリガーより聞いたDevil trigger

  • Nice

  • Przylecą tacy z innej galaktyki czy wymiaru lub coś wymyślą i są pośmiewiskiem w grach.

  • November 11, 2018. 115 000 likes achieved. 15 million views.

  • Never played Devil May Cry before, but after seeing 5 I'm gonna go back and play through 1-4. Such a great song that really grabbed my attention. Sometimes it's the simplest things that can make a difference.

    • NCR Ranger that’s what I did and it’s so worth it

  • Fantastic song

  • I searched Take me home, country roads and this came up. What does this have to do with West Virginia?

    • poorly drawn suicidal tendencies they’re motivated

  • OH Come on this is OST For DMC But look 15 million view And DMC Trailer 1,5 Million you kidding Right

  • Im the devil himself 👿

  • Like for 15 million views

  • Wow! This is great song!

  • Woah Devil May Cry 5 about to pass Cyberpunk 2077 15M vs 16.1M Granted we are comparing the views on a soundtrack (DMC5) to the views on a trailer (CP2077) I find it very fascinating that two of these games have the EXACT OPPOSITE of each other Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack has more views than the trailer of Devil May Cry 5 and Devil May Cry 5 soundtrack is about to pass the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer with 16M views

  • Just like chaos legion @6:27. The music get more intense when you do more combo or summon.

  • First: Devils Never cry, perfect... Second: Shall Never Surrender, good... The Last One: Devil Trigger... AMAZING!!

  • Congratulations on 15 million views.

  • im so motivated baby lets rock!!!

  • I keep thinking, someone needs to do a comic strip of Dante vs Nero. Dante and Nero are at a Party. A group of women come up to Dante and Nero's table and Dante starts pulling them; telling them all how awesome he is, and how he is main character and better than everyone else. During all this, you see Nero in the bottom left of the frame, slowly drinking his drink until Dante's bragging finishes. Nero casually walks up to Dante, no trace of emotion/care. He stops at Dante and the crowd of girls who are now swooning over him. "That is all true...however" (pause/next slide) "I have one word to say to you" Nero says. "Oh yeah, what's that?" Dante replies cocky smile on his face. Nero looks him in the eye and says "Subhuman". Next slide is Dante's stunned face. The slide after, a close up of his eyes welling up. The final slide is of Dante running out of the club; the girls with "WTF" looks on their faces, a cocky smile from Nero, drink in hand, with the words said from Dante as he leaves "You take things too far Nero!!" (a picture of Dante tears flowing cartoon like from his eyes as he runs away into the night from the club). Sorry, but I can't help it.

  • Guy's, I'm thinking something. All the Devil May Cry's, from the main series, have a last battle against Demons on the credits. And I just thought: THIS will be the music playing on the credits! :D Can you imagine? City destroyed, the job was done, Nero, Dante and V (and probably other characters) taking a breath after they defeat the main villain, and then BAM! Demons attack us and we control one of them to fight them off, having the other two helping us, while the credits roll :D This would be cool

    • +Xeno Warrior true dat hehe.

    • Actually only 2 of the games did this. 3 and 4. Although it would be awesome if they did it again which I'm sure they will


  • Z tego wszystkiego będzie dobry tylko DMC 5 a cyberpunk 2077 spierdolił murzyn obiecywał cud a wyszła kaszana. Wyjdzie z tego kolejny zegarek atomowy.

  • ima go invent a time machine so i can get this game

  • 2:09

  • No lie: this is helping my hangover

  • Featuring Dante from Devil May Cry series!

  • Have the views seriously DOUBLED since i found this vid

  • dope shit, mate

  • This theme really fits the game aesthetics

  • Best song ever

  • Singleplayer games still alive!!

    • Of course,EA is just stupid that's all.

  • I listen this over and over again....

  • 歴代最高にcoolだぜ!!

  • ON va pas ce le cachet il sortira jamais

  • damn i just realized the intro says "i'll endure the exile", the same line Nero said when he first used his devil trigger



  • I'm hoping this glam metal vibe means it'll be the same old upbeat Devil May Cry without the overdramatic shit and more jokes.

    • if you seen the trailers of course it'll be like that.

  • Some good news for ya'll is that since the person who made Dante's theme was such a literal subhuman, Capcom decided to remove Subhuman from the game and now Dante's theme is Devil Trigger.

    • B-but Devil trigger is Nero's theme! Dante needs a DNC remake.

  • These are not 14m people playing and listing to this its people that love devil may cry and love the song and are happy that devil may cry are back since it beenn announced i been listening to ever since what ever 200 times now damne devil may cry series man it good but the second one sucked back in the day your gonna get hype if a music this good just saying remember playing 1&2 and 3rd one was hella good 2nd one sucked just my personal opinion cant wait for the 5th been 10 years it like i was pretty sure i was 20 when 4th one came out XD

  • I am a man of god

  • Does anyone know that rap song .. same intro vocals ???

  • am still here .. wating for the game 😍

  • Looks like Professor Snape is in Devil May Cry 5. xD

  • Damn this is so good for working out. Specially for punching bag.

  • Hell yeah this vids hit 14million view so many dmc fan


  • Memes aside this is actually a great song.

  • Awesome!

  • Am I the only one that thinks that this song sounds too much like MG Revengeance and doesn't fit DMC at all? Like I don't understand people who say that Subhuman doesn't fit Dante's character yet worship this.

  • how can this have more views than devils never cry. welcome to the new generation of gamers ;p

  • Quando eu ouvi essa música nem tava nos 14 Milhões tava em 200mil

  • This is my new favorite song

  • Imagine being the Jennetty on your own song.

  • like the dmc 4 devil trigger song better but this one is good as well

  • "Move fast baby, don't be slow, step aside reload, it's time to go" I think i found my black ops 4 battle royale mode theme when I play AS WELL AS MY DEMON KILLING SLASH RAGE SONG WHEN I PLAY DMC 5

  • If Dante makes it in to Smash, I want them to use this song for his trailer!

  • im still curious about the Dante's theme... did they seriously scrape that horrible song?

  • *Over 14 million views* Da, this is good.


  • Doctor: You got 6 Minutes And forty Five Seconds to Live Me: *Turns off Adds* Me: *Listens To This*

  • I feel like killing demons and spectors!

  • it's so COOL!

  • 14M views? Christ and Buddha Capcom you have a chance here to give the flip to the whole creatively bankrupt western triple A.


    • Jimmy Agera that's his final form we better watch out...

    • mashiro? is that what i think it is?

    • Mashiro Senpai I love your profile pic XD

  • This song is as same as spider man ps4 dlc

  • Has anyone seen the video to this song??? It's Objectively bad, and the comments are disabled. Lol I'm just saying. I don't even mind the song, shit I'm looking it up, but that shit just cracks me up haha

  • What an elephantine pile of disappointment....hold my devil trigger.

  • Genial putos

  • So Cool!! I likd this song

  • Could anyone tell me what genre of music this is?

    • +Nay M Thank you! O:)

    • Metal Industrial or Cyber Metal

  • I'm going to dance around this song naked.


  • Devil trigger on Spotify!