Did it Again 😃

čas přidán 20. 08. 2019
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Song: Lil Tecca "Did it Again"

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  • NEW MONTAGE: cs-tv.org/tv/video-bqMTvIEy4sM.html

    • D-m4k3R-74 wdym

    • @Maxh0412 YT damn your life is hard are ghasts and wither skeletons hard to kill😂

    • Dodoeu where are u from i am also from EU i am from the Netherlands

    • Just sign up to faze already

    • Smooothhh

  • Čus dodo

  • Shing

  • 0:17 that transition tho

  • Omg your so insane !!!!!!!!!! Your in 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Best player eu

  • Why are u gae

  • :(

  • 0 ping

  • Dodo si ten nej lepsi hrac fortnite na svete mam te nejraci mam te v sacu od 5sesony

  • Get this man on a pro team

  • Sniper: Hit marker Dodoeu: :(

  • Use code Dodoeu in the item shop. 🖤

  • Dodo seš ten nejlepší yotuber na světě seš nej ma te v sacku uz od 5 sesony

  • Záhsi si so mnou sorry som slovak

  • Should be in faze

  • Čauky mnauky dodo mam 13 a stavam na mobile cca jak artix

  • @FaZe recruit this guy....for God's sake

  • A creative warrior and a pubstomper, that’s a sub

  • Calm down ima 69 boi I a person who puts Stupid with a capital ye lmao


  • Can we play plzzz

  • Pls make longer videos

  • Ez sub from me

  • Y do you use same clips from other montages

  • Use Code Dodoeu for snipe luck

  • How is he not in parallel or Soar

  • I just subbed! You really make me wanna hit some shots

  • You must be on super cracc

  • :[

  • The quick scoping king

  • Og Gang

  • what country is dodoeu from?

  • Watch my chanell im creating montages two

  • You're to good

  • I love the little sad faces every now and then when u hitmarker something

  • Thx for picking my comment

  • i love your montages

  • Im going to make a reaction vid on you your a god no cap!

  • I Love this sad smiley

  • People that get aim assisted on: wow, aim assist is the most op thing People with aim assist: man, look at dodoeu, the edits are unfair Btw love you no homo

  • Toxic kid =ur a bot Dodeu=ok buddy Toxic.kid =1v1 me Dodeu=ok Dodeu=claps him Toxic kid im.sorry.lets.be friends

  • can we get settings video soon? 100k subs settings video?

  • Cracked out of your mind🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • discord.gg/Z2Vk32

  • Come join XPD if intrested

  • **Dark has left chat**

  • 0 ping...

  • Settings


  • Sub to my channel pls i have only 14 subs i work hard for youtube

  • Is it just me or are over 50 % no scopes and Quick scopes? Love the vid BTW

  • The next BIG pro player .

  • Support from straya

  • Literally the best at everything ever that fortnite has ever had Wait what???

  • FaZe dodoeu sounds great

  • :(

  • Anyone Wanna Tryout for Team Red Soldiers? (I stream tryouts Tuesday And Fridays)

  • I subbed b4 15 seconds