Didn’t Know He Was Chill Like That

čas přidán 8. 01. 2023
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, I didn't know he was chill like that.

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Also in this video, some goats take over a van. A guy does a voice impression. A sea lion spies on some fishermen. Some people have a snowball fight.

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  • By posting every day, do you mean shorts or normal videos? BTW, the video was amazing!

    • @Daily Dose Of Internet don’t push yourself too hard. focus on what you want and we’ll all agree!

    • @Daily Dose Of Internet The best, great work

    • Daily dose you’re my savior you are my savior I was so bored and you typed in daily dose of your videos oh my god my mind was blown thank you

    • @Daily Dose Of Internet Very nice! THANK YOU!

    • @Daily Dose Of Internet don’t overwork yourself! If you ever need to take a break, please do! Your health is important.

  • The sheer panic everyone would feel if he forgot to say "Nobody was hurt" for certain clips

    • you don’t speak for everyone here

    • Lol

    • What if they did get hurt huh?

    • @YeaMan “ paige “💀, also, bot

  • can we take a moment and appreciate how this man has never clickbated us

    • looking at you@Kīsutirā-Omochadorobō (Kisu Mocha)

    • @Kīsutirā-Omochadorobō (Kisu Mocha) I’m autistic and I’m often sarcastic. Guess I’m ableist

    • ​@Kīsutirā-Omochadorobō (Kisu Mocha) dude wtf, i'm autistic and i have no problem with his videos...

    • I love this kinda clickbait 😁

  • That kid with the spinal cord correction equipment is a certified g. I had a similar surgery at 14 and I was miserable. I wish I had the same energy that kid had. What a legend.

  • The clip with the elephant was insane, incredible intelligence!

    • @psykbryt I could also go to Africa to see them with a long flight? What’s better?

    • insane that people still pay to see animals in captivity yes

    • It's likely the elephant had been trained to retrieve items in exchange for food.

    • @Jacob Peters Something like that can’t really be faked especially with that much people, but yes many animals are really intelligent and it’s just so wholesome sometimes

    • yup, newfound respect for elephants, hope it wasn't fake

  • I don't really care if your new video gets published tomorrow or in a week. I'm always happy that you make stuff for us to watch and be relaxed a bit.

    • Yep

    • Same. I would rather have him try to keep his great Quality than to have a great quantity. But his vids stay the best

    • 𝕊𝕒𝕞𝕖

    • Yeah that's how I am for any content creator, im a fan of the work they have done whether they make more or not, you wouldn't stop listening to a band you just found because you found out they broke up? No so why should we expect anything more from other artists

  • Sometimes these episodes can be so potent that it lasts us for a minute and we don't need it pumped in every day. Great content, great channel!

  • Gotta give a huge amount of the respect for the pilot that was able to control the plane in the gusty wind without it being turned

    • 3:11 yes. Ü

    • Easy easy easy!

    • Absolutely terrible landing attempt. Should have just done a go around immediately after the bounce.

  • Dude's Homer impersonation was on point. Sounds just like him!!

    • He was petty good. NO ONE can just replace Dan. He does several voices besides Homer. The mmmmmm Hot Chocolate was spot on!

    • He could replace Dan

  • You don't have to push yourself to post every day if you don't want to, because no matter what we appreciate the work you put into making us happy ❤

    • dont worry he is only making SHORTS every day. still a lot of work but he will become ddoi for real lol

    • Quality not quantity, it seems to have gone down with the pressure to post more.

    • If i have to find the other half it's gunna take me a hour to scroll down and look at his old vids

    • @Goose gamer don't pressure DDOI and watch the other half👍

    • I love his videos but i wanna see more because half of his channel i watched it

  • You don't have to justify yourself to the haters. Love what you do! No matter if its daily or on a weekly basis- you've built yourself a channel over the past years which the haters never could.

  • Hey remember your mental health, physical health, and breaks are VERY important so if u need it please do so. You don't have to do everyday. Your an amazing human being sir! Thank u

    • You must work everyday! You are a slave to the system! Don’t give up

    • Nah f that

  • Just hope you know we appreciate your posts whether they’re actually daily or not. Life comes first, so please never feel pressured. We’ll be fans nonetheless ♥️

  • Please don't overwork yourself friend, we're here for the nice compilations be it daily or not :)

    • @Pedro Santos depending on the type of compilations, it does take time. if you dont believe me, try doing the same for like a month or so. try being in his shoes, then you can say whether easy or not

    • This is a 14,5M channel, he doesn't even have to look for clips, they come to him. He isn't a creator, he doesn't craft anything, he compiles other people's videos. He takes short funny clips (often already viral), put it together and do little voice-overs, he doesn't even do any special editing... Who actually thinks this is "hard work" must be under 18 or never been employed before. These compilations are like is 3 minute long and they come out what, once a week? I'm subscribed and I watch his videos, but I can't help but to feel embarrassment when people say making compilations or being an influencer is "hard work".

    • @Mutrax yeah I'll make more sense next time

    • @Titus White oh now i get it you should maybe word it a bit differently, like "yea nobody cares whether its daily or not", because just keeping it as "yea nobody cares" makes it look a bit like "yea nobody cares what youre saying"

    • @Mutrax watch the ending of the video

  • You have a great sense of what your subscribers want to see and you are sending wholesome energy into the world…kind, interesting and quirky. 🌹Thank you.

  • man you have really nice content, really something that is like a safe space here. I hope you get loooots and lots of money out of this, because I imagine it's hard to find new stuff on a daily basis

  • You have the most calming voice and your content is awesome! Great work!!

  • Love you and your vids dude. Your voice is iconic, soothing and always brings good content whenever its heard, you will be cherished for generations to come bro so keep being you and do what you love n love what you do

  • The most unbelievable part of this channel is how he says he has haters. I can't believe anyone would hate a great channel like this. It is unironically and unequivocally one of the best channels on this platform.

    • They need to get a life man. Enough negativity is there on Social media platforms. Especially Twitter

    • @mindsurfer101101you do know everyone jokes about that yk?The earth is round but I tell people it’s flat bc why not? It’s funny for us

    • @Ostan5000 some people might not be jealous it might be because they just want to😂😂

    • It’s such a random channel to hate on too like he doesn’t even say anything half the time he just shows funny/cool clips what 💀💀😭😭😭

  • Thank you Jason for all of the hard work in making my day a little better a few times a week. Your non-clickbait, G rated videos are a part of my young kids’ bedtime routine.

    • O o p s, I guess I just got karma 🤣 sorry!

    • @Budgiesaur you're (you are) mistaken

    • @Budgiesaur bro… I hate it do this but… *your

    • @Budgiesaur ??? Deja used it correctly

    • Aghhh I'm so sorry about this but I have to... You're*

  • While I’m absolutely thrilled about more Daily Dose, I just want to say the “haters” don’t deserve you, at all!! Thank you for always brightening my day w your videos 😊. My entire family is now addicted to Daily Dose of Internet!

  • Don't overdo it buddy and take breaks when you need it. Your mental and physical health is much more important than some numbers on a website Love ya! ❤♥❣

  • No need to post every single day, people don't understand the amount of work that goes into every single video. Your health goes first, we are all so thankful that you're posting content that's not filled with violence and negative stuff. Take care! ❤️

    • Come on, a little violence never hurt anyone. Edit: Well yeah, ok, not "anyone"...🫤

  • These videos are amazing props to you for posting everyday for us thank you!😁😁

  • Even if not every day, you do bring a lot of joy. Your compilations and your voice are always a joy to come to and I look forward to seeing your work with great joy. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • that freaking hamster almost killed me!🤣 It's so cute!!!

  • Love you and love your channel and all the hard work you put into it

  • You dont have to post daily! :) Your vids are awesome enough and I rather waited couple of days or get weekly to see funny curated shorts :) Stay healthy!

  • The dude nailed the Homer impersonation.

  • Who cares if Daily Dose of Internet isn’t daily. His videos always put a smile on my face. 😊

    • Fr his vids are the kind of things you can watch when nothing is interesting anymore

    • @carwynjames5961, I totally agree. 😊 It's why I call him the "Bob Ross of CS-tv". His compilations aren't just entertaining, but his choice of videos combined with his calm voice just help me when I want to chill. 👍

    • @CS-tv Guy it does defeat the purpose of the word “daily” but I don’t care there’s plenty of other CS-tv channels I watch for entertainment.

    • @CS-tv Guy he can’t exactly type in on CS-tv interesting clips because his own clips would pop up 🤣

    • @critiqueofthe gothgf hey man, that's a lot of pressure to put on a person, imagine you had to scour the internet for the most interesting clips and put them together into a high quality video every single day. You'd be so exhausted you'd lose the will to even do any of it.

  • I saw your post while it lasted and the comments in this video but I do not understand why some people can’t see the true reason even after you’ve told them through other posts and videos. Even if it’s not daily you dedicate time to make great videos for us while trying to not get demonetised.

  • you don't need to upload every single day to still be amazing! I love you videos! I hope the mean people didn't get you down!

  • If you want advice, never be pressured into making more content ever. Do whats best for you. No matter what, hang in there. Best wishes ❤️

  • I admire the dedication to post every day, but please take care to get rest and not burn yourself out. We adore your content and it's always worth waiting for ^^

  • the most wholesome channel on the internet, and he has haters? the haters should be ashamed. daily dose is a saint.

  • Gotta give a huge amount of respect for Santa that was able to control the sleigh over the house like that.

    • I thought it was amongus

    • Hehe nice comment

    • Old man couldn't find a landing strip on the roof, and they had one of those annoying chimney covers to top it all off.

    • I wish I could drive car like he drives his sleigh

    • Werent those drones or something?

  • Nice videos. Thanks for taking the time to compile these for our viewing pleasure…😊

  • Not necessary to post every single day but necessary is it has to be mind blowing like you do. Thanks for entertaining us.

  • dont tire yourself out posting daily even if its shorts everyone needs some rest

  • Be glad he posts at all ! He's worth a fortune . Well deserved for brightening so many peoples day !!!!!

  • Thank you for your videos but please don't overwork yourself Your channel brings me joy even if not every day

  • Thank you for all your hard work and dedication DDOI! Please take care of yourself and remember to take some time to recharge so you don't get burned out. We love and appreciate all that you do!!

    • Agree! I love the QUALITY of his vids. I judge not by the quantity! It's always a nice surprise to discover a new one has dropped!!

    • There is absolutely no need for you to post daily. We respect you for who you are and admire you for what you do to make all of us smile and feel great about the world. You rock man!

    • Get rid of that pfp now!

  • One video of Daily dose of internet is like a WEEKlY dose man. Take rest & make quality videos like you are always doing😊. Quality over quantity is enough for us.

  • Don't feel forced to post everyday. We don't want you to be burned out/lose your passion. We want as many video's as possible in the long run ;)

  • Don’t overwork yourself but thank you! And idk what your name is but why would anyone hate or be mean to you? Your channel is so wholesome

    • Have you ever lied, stolen, used God's name in vain, looked wuth lust? if so you need to repent today and Believe in Jesus Christ to save you from Hell and go to heaven instead

  • Don't care how often you post. Will always click on your videos immediately. You're the best thing on the internet.

  • i appreciate every video You post Daily or weekly or once a month. Always look forward to Your videos because i know i will be smiling from start to end.

  • The kid is an absolute mad lad, using the tool to flex on people, respect

    • @O ak them military black 4's 😩

    • Right! 😅

    • i see you everywhere stop 😭😭😭😭

    • @Maya Sage All the best to your brother!

  • When you said you were going to be releasing videos every day, all of us lit up! My twin sister, myself, and my dad watch your videos every night before going to bed to put us in a happy mood for the next day. Thank you so much for bringing such light into the world! It's incredible what you have done. :)

  • I feel like such a baby but that elephant almost made me cry, that's so adorable-

  • I am happy your are posting a lot, however! Please don't listen to those people, do not stress yourself out! Take your time, your real fans will watch your videos either way. Always put mental health first❤❤

  • It’s ok man, you don’t have to post every day. Trust me, I know how hard that is. If you post every day, you get burnt out faster. Just take your time and get videos out whenever YOU want. It’s your channel and only you get to decide when to post new videos

  • Great news to see you are posting daily now. Keep up the great work! 😃

  • Just ignore the haters. You don't necessarily have to put more content out there for us to keep us satisfied. It will put more stress onto you and it's not worth it if you want to spend all your time putting content every single day. This is YOUR channel, no one else owns or controls it except for YOU. We love what you do, and we mean it

    • @Traion Jones When did I say that?

    • @ORANG Clips every single day? This channel prefers quality over quantity. But good to know that someone like you will accept anything presented to you, regardless of quality.

    • @ORANG those CS-tvrs don’t have lives if they post full videos more than once a day

    • @ORANG No offense but if it’s that easy why don’t you do it and get yourself 14.5M subscribers too?

    • @ORANG Other CS-tvrs have the capability of feeling stress too, is that idea foreign to you or something?

  • Hey don’t forget to take some time for yourself! This was a great video, my favorite parts were • spying sea lion 🦭 • cat licking owners hair 😻 • grandma handing out empty envelopes 🤣 • kind elephant helping out 🐘

  • Thank you so much for keeping me (and some friends) entertained, especially during Covid lockdowns here in the UK. I hope you can secure a contract to get more content. Wishing you all the very best.

  • Always been a fan of your videos no matter what day. Happy New Year!

  • Your videos are always interesting and entertaining! :-)

  • I Love daily dose of internet videos. They make me feel happy even when i feel sad or down. Thanks for making these awesome videos!

  • Personally, I'm absolutely ok if you don't post every single day! It's always nice to come to your channel, chill and see nice, heartwarming videos!

    • Yeah, why were haters worried about how frequently you post? You’d think they’d want you to post less 😂😂

    • @Kaiser Wilhelm II did nothing wrong probably

    • @shyyGun no one is complaining. Daily dose already announced that he posts 2 times a week

    • I bet he has a ton of videos in the backlog and as such he has enough to cover all 364.25 days of the year.

  • No worries. If you are having a difficult times, just take your time. You make internet a little better, but if you have to take a break, just do it. 👍👍👍

  • Super excited for daily posts from you but don't let it burn you out! Most of us are completely fine with the previous schedule!

  • please don't overwork yourself, keep doing videos at a pace that's good for you!

  • I’m so excited you’re posting daily now!! Best part of my lunch break :-)

  • Daily dose of internet is what I watch to fight loneliness and depression

  • Animals are so delightful and intelligent. What a great video of that amazing elephant :)

  • Post whenever you feel like. Love your content. Don’t let your haters define your schedule ❤

  • Who gives a crap if you're not posting every day! Take it easy dude, ignore the haters. You'll still be my favorite any day of the week due to your selection never failing to make me both smile and think! Keep up the good work and take care first and foremost!

  • Don't stress yourself out too much, just cause you have haters doesn't mean you need to strain yourself! You have our love and support

  • We finally got through to him! Now it’s just like the original DAILY Dose! Woot!

  • I love it how the guy says “easy easy easy!” As if the pilot will respond with “cheers mate, why didn’t I think of that”

    • Chrisistzen Every pilot in the UK watches big jet TV. Wouldn't be surprised if they were actually listening :)

    • True. Although I’d do the same thing. For me it’s more of a positive affirmation. A call out to the universe to take it easy on them.

    • @El Carnal It's clearly another scam bot !!!

    • @Homemade Pyrotechnics NO ! It's another scam bot ! ! !

  • I hate that people hate on you because you dont upload every day. You not uploading every day means something to look forward to not knowing when you will upload. Love your content. Been a subscriber for almost 3-4 years now i think.

  • Do whatever you want, as long as you don't stop making this amazing videos. I love daily dose!

  • So glad to hear you back again we needed it man

  • "Just kidding, it's me!" lol always nice to see people with a sense of humor

  • Loved this video. Also, please don't take to heart what others are saying. I don't want you to get overwhelmed. These videos take a lot of effort.

  • I love the fact the, unlike a lot other "compilation" channel, you actually have a personality. It really give that feeling of a friend who just wanna share cool stuff he found and that make you one of my fav channel (also because seeing wholesome stuff is extremely refreshing in these time where it's harder to find good stuff happening). Also it's cool that you're going for a daily upload ! Edit : I usually don't point to that but 900 likes I an hour is stupendously fast (yes it's just an excuse to use stupendously). And I just wanted to ask you to report the bots below, they're so fucking annoying Edit 2 : I have no idea if it's because of me (I don't think so but it's possible) they are no bots under my comment anymore and less on other. So that's cool

  • If you ever get stressed from the content making every day, Remember you can always have a break, because i do not want this channel to end. thanks

  • Don't pay the haters no mind but hell yeah I complaining they haven't been here long enough to know what you have done and needed to do. But I got you man. Much love and can't wait! One of the only original channels that post original content and interesting content and I absolutely love it. Thank you for you all your hard work and dedication! 🔥❤️💯

  • Don’t listen to the haters. If you can post every day, that’s great. If you want to have a break sometimes - it’s your channel. Have a break. Love your videos BTW

  • Looks like you found Homer’s replacement in case the Voice actor dies or gets fired. This guy pulls it off really nicely and I love it!

  • That dude should get an award for best Homer Simpson expression ever

  • that homer simpson impersonation was probably the most accurate ive ever heard

    • @Landon Letterman Maybe it's intentional, or maybe he's just a big Simpsons fan.

    • Also, the impression was choice, but did anybody else notice the Duff beer cans in the fridge behind him?

    • @Ryan Bauer given he has the range for Homer, I would think he could nail some of the other voices he does in the show, as well

    • Dose said my music was 🔥 on my paige.

    • Heaven forbid anything happen to Dan Castellaneta, but if something does, at least we know who could voice Homer. Now all we need are about 40ish other people who can do spot on impersonations of other character's he plays on the show.

  • you are amazing and have shown me so many beautiful and amazing things that I probably never would have seen without you. So thank you, so very much. you could only post once a week, once a month, or once a year and I would still watch you.

  • Please never stop making videos! I have been watching your videos since I can remember. Im usually very busy and dont spend too much time infront of my pc but im always happy to get my little daily dose of internet. So thanks man.

  • I’m pretty happy your videos are going to get longer

  • Don’t feel too pressured to post every day if it is too much for you man, real fans will enjoy your content even if it is just once a week, just don’t overwork yourself man.

  • I'm stunned that you have any haters. Seriously. It's not like we're paying you to put these wonderful videos up! Thank you for what you do, keep up the good work, and take whatever breaks you need.

  • Dude you honestly don’t need to post every day if you don’t want to, happy with the content you put out it’s awesome 🥰

    • There it is, ignore the troll reply above me.

    • @ted bundy Thank you Daily Boose!

    • He needs to

    • ​@Bait Policecommon BaitPolice W

    • @Chapper np

  • D.D, please dont burn out! We love to see daily content but you are as much important

  • I was always curious about the daily in the name but the videos are so good and unique I could accept it and be thankful the videos are never click bait.👍

  • waiting for your video is uplifting and I know it arrives on a day you have time. Much appreciation to what you do and how you do it too

  • Don't go hard on yourself DDOI, people will always have something to say or hate on. As long as you're uploading quality content that's all good

  • Really?! 😃 Yaaaaaaaay! Thank you for working so hard to bring us some joy! ❤️

  • I don't care if I don't get a "daily" dose of internet everyday. I just love this channel for what it is. I love that you put in a lot of work for the clips you compile. You don't have to upload daily for me to stick around and enjoy your content.

    • @Joe M. I’m saying the videos are easy to make, not getting 14.5 million subscribers. Reread my argument again please :)

    • @SavageJarJar Let me just rebut that by asking you why you don't have 14.5 million subs on your CS-tv channel if it's so easy?

    • Everyone needs to take a day or two off sometimes. We will be here when you return.😎

    • Agreed! it’s cool that you’re trying to shut up those who made fun of you saying that you don’t post everyday, but don’t get burnt out doing it, ok? Stay safe 🙏🏼

  • Your work is amazing, you shouldn’t care about haters, you have so much respect right now ( …14 millions subscribers) . I didn’t saw any boring video on your channel and that’s just incredible

  • Happy to hear you are posting more, but! Don't overwork yourself please. I prefer a happy less daily dose over a less happy daily dose. Thanks for the laughs and entertaining content!!

  • You don’t need to overwork yourself and post everyday! Ignore the haters, your videos are perfect ✨ also most people value quality over quantity, so take your time for making videos your amazing 🤩

  • Thank you so much for your hard work! I'll be looking forward to your daily videos but don't worry if there is some sort of problem someday. You channel is still he best!

  • I understood that eventually you had to stop doing long daily videos, it was proboubly a lot of work and you gotta live your life. But I'll be very happy to watch more of your videos again :)