Different ways to EAT SPAGHETTI 🤯

čas přidán 3. 02. 2023
THROW BACK TIME - This is one of our favorite videos where we show you different ways to eat spaghetti 🤓

🇬🇧 Ciao! We are Matteo and Emiliano. We are two Italian best friends, musicians, and content creators! Follow us for more content! :)

🇮🇹 Ciao! Siamo Emiliano e Matteo. Siamo due migliori amici, musicisti, e content creators di Roma. Iscriviti al canale per nuovi video ogni giorno :)

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  • that john cena one is about to be the new torturing spaghetti way

  • For God’s sake, Emiliano, don’t cut your hair anymore 😆

    • Fafangcullo

    • It's a re-upload from a long time back, his hair is still short 😂😂

  • Damn that spaghetti must have been heavy, the table just broke on it’s own

    • You know in a neutron star there is genuinely something called cosmic pasta and it's the (predicted) strongest thing in the universe

    • Some invisible magic force must have increased the weight of the spaghetti

  • I prefer to eat my Spaghetti the John Cena way, delicious 😋

  • Back in high school, I was having spaghetti with one of my friends at a banquet. He started cutting his spaghetti with a knife, and when I confronted him about it, he had the nerve to say “Dude, this is how real Italians eat spaghetti. You are Italian, didn’t your ‘nona’ (of course he anglicized ‘nonna’) ever teach you that?” Safe to say he wasn’t a long-lasting friendship lmao

  • My two favourite Italian guys💖✨

  • Legends will know this is re-uploaded for us to jog our memories.

  • Woah jhon cena is soooo smart he should get a grammy, oscar, and a world cup

    • @Fire_Ninja Oh I thought you didn’t get the joke I said


    • @Fire_Ninja You can’t see John Cena

    • He is in almost every TV commercial here in the states.

    • @Great Ace bro look closelt there is some but u cant see face

  • Sorry to be a weirdo here but you are both so beautiful and funny, keep up the amazing work :) ♥️

  • Wow, Good talent Emiliano I never taught you were so talented I think you should be fighting spaghetti in a boxing competition...

  • As a homeschooling mum, we are covering more geography than ever with your videos. Thank you.

  • I hope Emiliano is okay after going through the table.🙏

  • Matteo must be crying inside as he's ripping apart the spaghetti, I am too 😭

  • The John cena all the way 😂

  • In italy, we never use a spoon that's an American way of eating spaghetti, and we Italians laugh so much when we see that lmao

  • As a Japanese who grew up being taught to not slurp spaghetti, even though slurping our meals (some of them) is considered to be culturally appropriate, I'd like to thank you for letting me know that way of eating it is okay

  • He gave his all for spaghetti & soccer ball. Emiliano-Cena!

  • my mom always cuts her spaghetti and used to break the noodles when she cooks. i die a little inside when she does lol

  • I just do traditional even tho I'm American I love good Italian food especially spaghetti it's one of my all time favorites behind ravioli

  • Papi teached me the traditional way, I personnally added the end "slurp" for convenience.

  • I'm italian and I use the Spoon/fork way, and some of my friend always point it out to me, but I'm more comfortable and therefore I eat like this ;)

  • why did i see john crashing that table?

  • Bro Just Took Another Level To Waste Spaghetti At Grass 💀

  • It is true, in Italy there are also people that do WWE slam techniques on our pasta dishes.

  • Germany: when I was a child, I was given a spoon besides the fork. Think it is to not scratch the plate. But honestly I never use(d) it when eating alone or without any adult who wants me to.

  • I usually eat it with the traditional or fork and spoon way : D

  • Please show us Italian KFC.

    • Ma quindi esiste il kfc italiano?

  • Cuál te gusta más dígame los comentarios

  • Italin Style Sando Butter Caramel(It's a dessert available in Thailand and it's delicious. I'm not cursing your country. I want you to taste the dessert.😄😄😄)🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭

  • Post on twitter more often please

  • bro i just use the fork to scoop it up and stuff it in my face 😊

  • At this time , Bro I was eating spaghetti 🍝 in the slurp way.

  • I couldn't see that last one, what was it?

  • The spoon and the traditional are the best because you get to eat more of it on one bite

  • you two are so handsome 😘

  • Love the hair.

  • 5 quinta

  • How did that table just crush on its own?

  • In Italy we use the traditional Way or the fork e spoon way

  • There is a festival in Italy, where people are masked and eat spaghetti with their hands.. can you make video about that guys?

  • i do the slurp type but will try the John Cena and psychopath type😂

  • Lol you 2 are nuts 🤣

  • The SMG4 Mario Way: *Humps the Spaghetti*

  • John Cena has me dying 😂😂😂😂💀

  • i always do the fork and Spoon way😂

  • The Anti-Italian way: When making the spaghetti break pasta before you boil it.

  • Favorite video of the day

  • Emilianos hair looks better then my hair 😭✌

  • Yeah as an Italian I agree with this, a my uncle Always eat spaghetti in the John Cena way, he has his personal table

  • "no bowl of spaghetti and a table were harmed during this video"

  • I do the traditional one (normal ppl) or the slurp

  • I loved John cena way the most 🤣

  • the way bro stared into the camera 😭

  • Be carrifull,pasta gods are watching…

  • I wasn’t expecting a John Cena way! 😂

  • “JOHN CENA” got me 😂

  • so my 3 year old cousin is a psychopath? Welcome to the family😁

  • What was the last one? I couldn't see it

  • You both are so sweet.... 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘...

  • I eat my spaghetti by lifting my fork up and then eating the noodles down the bottom and let go of the noodles to get inside my mouth

  • You Italians make the best food

  • When coming to India?

  • Why did that table get crushed by itself ?


  • No spaghetti was harmed in the making of the video

  • Dang you made more spaghetti torturers

  • Burger king has found it's new king Begin typing this in CS-tv shorts comments

  • As a german we say: ✨unakzeptabel✨

  • Last one was unexpected

  • I'm a mix between psycho and slurp way!

  • Actually John Cena will scare the spaghetti because it can't see him whlie he's gonna eat it.

  • Only legend nows this is re posted

  • Approve

  • "John Cena" way is the nicest to eat🤣🤣🤣👍🏻

  • the slurp way is always going to be the fun way

  • Last 1 was unexpected

  • The traditional way but finished in seconds

  • Who ever thought that Italians don't like braking pasta raw but they eat and digest it which means they are still breaking it but after it is cooked🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔. Well now I know what it feels to commenting in the bathroom lol.

  • John Cena was Italian too....

  • Legends will know this is a re-upload 😌

  • I wouldn’t even cut the pasta for $1,000

  • I know for a good fact that hurt-

  • The john cena is the Italian Italian way

  • does strawberry belong on pizza?

  • For the John Cena I expected the fork to start floating

  • Bro why did the table trip over out of nowhere during the John Cena was it the wind?

  • I eat spaghetti in the slurp way 😂😂😂🍝🍝

  • he forgot, john cena is invisible. the table should have got bodyslammed by sheer wind current😅.

  • John Xina* -15 social credit

  • The John cena way: AAAAAAOAOAOOAOA

  • How did that table break on it's own.

  • Can you eat spaghetti in vietnam?

  • I have a question do they have mozzarella sticks in Italy McDonald’s

  • You wouldn't be able to see John Cena eat the spaghetti 😋

  • The psychopath way is more likely the children way. The psychopath way is to put maggi or eat it with the hands

  • john cena be like:BING CHILLING

  • “Silence”… JOHN CENAA-

  • There’s only one way to eat spaghetti, the Italian way

  • I have seen people cut their spaghetti and I’m like why

  • Hey, as a Kid my mom cut the sphaghettis like this. Its my comfort food, if i am really sad 😰