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Most music is library music with that 80's vibe we seem to be hearing around right now but....

The track at 8,40 is a song called "Masquerade" by "Socks in Bed"

And the song at 14.14 Is "Get Away" by "Rock Cake"

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  • All hand digging now complete as down to the bunker will be done from above and so will the car port, thank you all so much for supporting this project. Its not totally finished but feels like a milestone for sure. Get your Tunnel prints here, there nice n cheap in this expensive time.

  • edit: added barn

  • What a wonderfully crazy neighbour you have! He seems to be getting some 20 years younger when he is let down in your tunnel. 😆

  • it'd be real spiffy if you had a cool wall in one of the finished room that was see through, like a plexiglass thing with a sturdy frame, so you could see the rocks surrounding ya, maybe you could even add lighting to frame it, who knows, either way it'll be a beautiful result, and great work so far, keep it up :)

  • Wow! Just came across your channel and literally binged all 10 videos in 24 hours!!!!! This an amazing feat! You made it all look so easy and effortless. But I'm sure there were plenty of bumps in the journey. Can you make a blooper video with all the problems you may have encountered? Thank you so much this is just awesome!!!!!

  • You could have your DeLorean drive onto an oval shaped cog platform that rests on the lift and is turned around by another identical (reciprocate) cog beneath the surface. Alternatively, you could use a giant drawer slide along the wall of the space connected to the platform by a hinge, which could pivot the whole thing 180 degrees. You'd want the connection to break vertically, but not horizontally, so it can allow the lift to separate from the wall slide thingy, then engage once it's been lowered. Just a couple ideas.

  • Love your channel. Something keeps popping up in my mind. Would it have not beenn easier to excavate the whole garden, build the tunnels and fill it all up again? As there is nothing secret from the beginning. Keep poking around!!

  • This series just proves to me that Bruce and Alfred could have totally built the Bat Cave themselves.

  • I'm a little late to commenting, but as far as the plan for the car lift... I like the idea of a hidden lift system, like a spy movie, something contained within the garage that you could then drive off of and into the space below the driveway. In my mind, this system also has a false garage floor that automatically goes into place when the lift is underground.

  • Really massively impressed by this whole series! As far as the lift is concerned could you plausibly use a bearing on a scissor lift for the rotation similar to the Hulk buster bearings? I appreciate they are almost certainly mega mega expensive, so you maybe able to engineer something.

  • The neighbor is totally amazing, love to see him as a recurring member.

  • This build is absolutely incredible! I want one!

  • You probably also love the tunnel so much because you worked so hard for it. Congrats man!

  • Colin is the epitome of a child who never grew up but has all the means to live out dreams.

  • this guy is making my childhood dreams true and i want one lol

  • Can you make a retractable wall at the bottom of the car lift to accommodate room for spinning the car? Also, if you’re fitting 2 cars, that space could be used to move one car out of the way to get the second car into the lift area. Not sure how the mechanics would work, but it’s an idea!

  • Collin's neighbour is the most talented barn yard animal imitator I've heard in ages. LOL

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed each video and found them all so inspiring. I have a 2 acre plot to consider tunneling away. I do have an excavator and a large open area so can do it from above for that part. Under the driveway will need tunneling out. Thanks Colin for the great work you shared.

  • For the car, do a hydraulic lift that is set in a large cylinder that rotates your car through hydraulics as well. this allows you to have the underground garage look clean as well as perform the functionality you desire. furthermore you might just make the room large enough to move a car off the lift for more storage.

  • Longest and most interesting series on CS-tv. Colin you’ve outdone yourself congratulations on your secret tunnel