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  • how did you get permits for this lololol

  • night club

  • Mine is almost finished, same idea though mine is in the shed by lifting the floor. Hard clay with occasional (2 total) layers of sand was an absolute pain

  • Why worry about the neighbours aren't you far enough down that they shouldn't hear

  • Now its not remain secret

  • Man, I love this series.

  • you are a Clown! 🥴👎🏻

  • When will we see the next installment?!?!?

  • When will u show the rest of the tunnel

  • I have been following you for years and your work is always the cleanest most exquisite. Just really awesome. I like how this video is extreme practicality, if there is such a concept you might have just made it a thing.

  • Colin, you have outdone yourself with this one.

  • Hopefully he's going in with empty bucket's just like he is when he's going out with them, otherwise it's going to look suspicious. I'm sure it looks suspicious either way, if anyone's paying any attention at all

  • I don't see any flat plates of steel beneath his vertical sections of steel so nothing's keeping the weight above from driving any of it down into the ground beneath. Also, unless all of that steel is "stainless steel" then it will ALL rust and become a HUGE HAZARD LIABILITY IN A MATTER OF TIME- GUARANTEED. FUN IDEA THOUGH MATE

  • Seen danger

  • and see i would keep the rock to make a rock wall that can concert in behind the mess screen you standing in

  • it is funny how you guys over the sea post up videos about making bunkers, do you know something we don't?

  • can the next part be: i built a nuclear reactor connected to my secrect tunnle under my house

  • I've dug 3 caves so far as a doomsday bunker. The 2nd Cave was awesome. It was 87 feet long passage way with 2 rooms about 12' x 10' x 7'. I had a stove to keep extremely warm, and also a periscope to see what's going on outside. One time my brother slept in the cave and when he woke up, he tried to get the hatch door opened and for some reason it was not opening. But when he finally opened the hatch door and looked outside. There was snow everywhere and that was why he couldn't get the hatch door opened. But after he got the hatch door opened and saw the snow, he decided to stay in the cave and keep warm by the stove. I had ventilation pipes everywhere so it was safe. I used 1' diameter logs going one way for the roof, and going 90 degrees from the logs were 4" trees, then I had sheet metal and then plastic and finally 1' of dirt covering all of it. I discovered that water would travel through the ground when it rains so among the 87 feet cave, I had two escape routes which were drain corridors. I was really cool and nobody above can hear the music playing until the Hatch door was opened and then they could hear a party going on dropped out of society. But then one day the owner of the several acres of forest, decided to tear the forest down to install houses. Well in the process, they tore the cave system up.

  • is that an RPG on your ceiling?

  • Broke the rule at 11:37!!!!! Working under unsupported material!

  • It's almost a pity you're going to add the metal panels, the frame and exposed rock look is cool, kinda like the Batcave.

  • not so secret anymore

  • This is the guy you want as your cell mate in jail. He will have you and him out all the way down town instead of just across the gate to get caught by dogs. And all from a hole under the bunk. Where will he put all the dirt you ask? Go watch The Shawshank Redemption then.

  • ahhh yesss... the things welders do...

  • The Great Escape ! 😂 I can hear it’s music 😂

  • That slate rock is orrible

  • isn't it getting kinda hard to breathe down there?

  • Did you have ths same enthusiasm untill you finish these project

  • Still waiting for next video. Really want to know how it'll look.

  • The cool thing about what you do is every bunker or tunnel you make is all secret

  • Colin must get lots of visits from his neighbours checking if he's alive. He's just so quiet.

  • 1:07 - a technicality I know, but is it secret if you tell everyone about it.

  • I still say the same thing your wife is going to kill you

  • For fun, how about asking an estate agent to describe the additions to you house. By the way, you should give the new passages names: was thinking Tom, Dick and Harry.

  • I'm shocked to see a one L collin do such fine work.

  • 14:00 - 14:17 ❤️😂

  • *_"put the F lotion in the basket!"_* 😮 Now playing: _Goodbye Horses - Q Lazzarus_

  • You digging: 🎼Row, row, row your boat, jently down the stream. Merly, merly, merly, merly, life is but a dream.🎼

  • Great video and keep it up. Love the crazy ideas you come up with.

  • so not steath for the normal stuff like welding or banging on metal

  • So awsome

  • very secret. only 6.5 million people know about it

  • Furze is playing Minecraft IRL…. I love that 😂❤️

  • If he ever had a move out of this house the next people that moved in would be wondering what this man was up to 😂

  • USE TNT alot faster lol just kidding did you find any dinosaur bone lol

  • You should patent the hydraulic pointy thing

  • Diggy diggy hole! The poor canary

  • Damn fellow you insane. I love ❤ it.

  • Nice Bunker :-)

  • How did you learn all this stuff???

  • Nobody: Brian laundrie:

  • Amazing... 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • The combative canadian evolutionarily pause because stream electrophysiologically cause past a absorbed cuticle. delirious, tenuous rocket

  • Looks so fun

  • Amazing

  • damn I bet NASA wants this guy!

  • building a "secret" Tunnel that only 6,5 million people know about...

  • You should build an elevator for the tunnel

  • I mean who is gonna suspect guys/guy in a shed in Britain? It doesn't surprise me :D

    • surprised he didnt just build a full compact TBM. Limestone is such a luxury, watching people try and dig through granite in southern New England or NYC is crazy stuff how resilient that rock is.

  • All the safety talk and no helmet with a coal miners light

  • This dude's giving me Tony Stark vibes....

  • u need to power that roller... looks like an effort. ((not that that's bad - it just stood out that you left it hand cranked))

  • Furze means farts in german. Just sayin 😇

  • Not very secret now the whole world knows about it 😂 I think someone has been playing too much Minecraft lol

  • The real life equivalent to steve from minecraft

  • Secret tunnel? No, don't think that's really secret...

  • British man playing Minecraft for his diamonds.

  • just remember people... couple thousand years ago, people managed this kinda work with only a chisel and a hammer. ( or maybe help of aliens ) . Still i am so impressed and jelaous, I'll start diggin' in my garden soon :))

  • Minecraft with RTX is wild

  • I wonder if I can do this with a shovel & wood. Lol

  • Wow, out of t limit

  • what do you do with all the rocks? and what happens if it rains, do you have a pump down there to get the water out?

  • I have never met someone so smart, entertaining and watch worthy than you and I mean that with the most serious manner.

  • This is so enjoyable! Thanks man!

  • fricken cool

  • Great, digging tunnels under your house and garden. I did that in the 80s. And they locked me up for 2 years in a closed section of the military hospital. War ptsd they said.... I did it with less equipment then. But I remember it was fun to do ;-)

  • How is this a secret? I mean you just say that this whole thing is a secret and you just shared this with 11.4 million people.

  • What the fuck are those baskets? English 5 gallon buckets? I thought they were laundry baskets but they have no problem lifting a full load of dirt by a little hook on the handle??

  • surprised he didnt just build a full compact TBM. Limestone is such a luxury, watching people try and dig through granite in southern New England or NYC is crazy stuff how resilient that rock is.

  • Doood this is dope

  • Anybody curious as to why Mr. Colin is always so clean....He probably invented an automatic invisible shower that doesn't use any water or something. lol but he is so awesome!

  • Worst neighbor ever.

  • amazing what i am dream to do you actually doing 😁

  • 14:12 🤣🤣🤣 I burst out in laughter. Brilliant. Absolutely

  • Really surprised he didn't design his own tunnel boring machine

  • El Chappo wants you to call him 😎

  • Council must fucking hate you. :P

  • Did you have a structural survey or planning permission? It's so dangerous to go digging under or near to a house. You run the risk of it collapsing. This could also leave you liable to claims from neighbours if they suspect you have caused damage. They also might not get insurance due to mining.

  • Ukraina

  • Furze doing it with all modern tools while Palistinan did it with only rusted spoons 🥄 ✌️

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-ROmso7P7fek.html

  • Digginng, friends,buckets and a trumpet. Mate that all this project bloody needs

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-tglIJiEMnro.html

  • Congratulations to everyone who comes in every single seconds

  • Did you find any gold or rubies?

  • Genius man, you cracked the essence of tunnelling technique!

  • That looks like fun I wish I could help

  • De 50 palabras que dice le entiendo 3 pero lo suficiente para entretenerme y entender que hace y que quiere hacer jajaja

  • This is so awesome!

  • I love this weird english man in a tie who likes to dig. He brings me joy.