DIY - Build Amazing McDonald Aquarium With Magnetic Balls (Satisfying) - Magnet Balls

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DIY - Build Amazing McDonald Aquarium With Magnetic Balls (Satisfying) - Magnet Balls
Please leave a comment if you have any ideas that you want to make/build with Magnetic Balls, please tell us, we will try to make it :)
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  • How many magnets do you have sir I would like to know

  • how many magnets did you use

  • Can you try somthing new cause its always rainbow

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="500">8:20</a> el pez que le come al otro 😟😟

  • Where can u buys these online?? Can someone tell me please :( :(

  • this totally cured my depression. (jk i don't have depression but it feels like i do)

  • This is super satisfying!

  • Could someone tell me their guess on how long that actually took in that short ten minutes of work? My guess is something around for an hour

  • those gonna get rusty

  • #cool but I wouldn't want to be in there.

  • I really love your videos because they are so satisfying that they help me go to sleep 😂 so thanks 😁

  • 😎

  • So cool

  • Me and my little brother want some magnet balls because of you

  • *mm I love fish fellets...*

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  • Me:*Tries buying magnetic balls* Store"sorry, this product is out of stock..." Me: *"I wonder why..."*

  • Please,where do you buy it?

  • magnets are so cool and i love watching them getting put togeter

  • Wow

  • You make me fall asleep

  • where did you buy them from and how did you get so good at it

  • Satisfy but not sure if the sound is satisfy

  • I'm drunk on CS-tv and this is my first time watch anythingh like this . This is why I love youtube

  • Whoever does this I love them!!!I can’t believe so someone cares that much for there fish to spend like 5 hours doing this!!#ThanksForAllTheHardWork

    • Mollies and goldfish shouldn’t be housed together as Mollies are tropical and will get injured when left with goldfish. That tank is also way too small for 1 turtle let alone 3. I didn’t watch the full video so I’m not sure if he moved them or not and it is a very cool build I’m just saying it’s not the right environment for fish.

  • Where does he get all those magnetic balls?Im in love 😍 🤤!!

  • Can you buy the magnit balls

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  • How old are you

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  • Hi my name is Caden and I like your videos I wish I could go to your house so I can play with you

  • I like the magnet noise and I start laughing when ya just here them hitting the table 😂

  • also u should make a GIANT Cat out of magnets

  • this is so amazing legit the only arms videos i watch

  • Build a OK Boomer sign in magnetic balls



  • Does anybody know trypophobia ? I could grow up if a watch a video of it😷😷😷

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  • Lol I was eating McDonald's watching this 😂

  • All I got to say is what bank did they rob to be able to afford all those magnetic balls? They cost approx. $25. for 224 balls, enough to build ONE SMALL square! To build what is seen in these videos would cost $1000. !!! or more for all those DigitDots! Interesting for about a minute. Today just too many with too much time and money to waste.

  • When a black kid gets those for Christmas

  • I didn't know McDonalds sold fish!

  • echt heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel cool

  • It’s so satisfying


  • I wonder how long this takes

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  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="547">9:07</a> fish fillet anyone ?

  • Yeah lets forget people die in every day and watch this magnit video😡

  • Me:ok so now I watch a tourrial on how to build stuff (5 seconds later) Me:HOW DO I BUILD A THINGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  • How do u build these things

  • These editing skills are legendary

  • Aw I love these soo much! They make me fall asleep calmly 😊❤️

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  • Get into ur GAMES people

  • Maybe like a target

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  • Did sometime you mess up

  • So much cool

  • were do you get them

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    • Better have loads of money to have enough (balls) to build anything......

  • Fish: Can I get filet fish The other fish: Canabal

  • This man has some serious OCD problems.

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  • Hey how many people watched this wall there sleeping?

    • I do so sometimes.zzzzzz

  • That should be krusty krabs than mcdonalds because of the fish

  • I wish I had the balls to do that

    • AND loads of money......

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  • Rainbow McDonald’s 🌈

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  • I love you so much 👍🏻💞

  • I legit thought that was gonna break when he put more magnets on top for the roof xD

  • OMG 😮 how do you make these?!

  • I like your videos and your animals 🐟🐟🐟🐟🐹🐹

  • It's Like Putting Row Upon Row Of Colored Magnet Balls To Build A Building. Can You Build A Wendy's Building Out Of The Magnet Balls?