DIY Morning Routine - 25 Life HACKS to Get Ready Fast for BACK TO SCHOOL!

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DIY Morning Routine Life Hacks! Learn 25 hacks and DIY projects to get ready fast when running late for back to school or work! HOW TO wake up early, DIY clothes life hacks, DIY makeup tutorial life hacks, DIY Hair hacks, Healthy recipes & more! This morning routine for school will help you get ready with me fast and it's a perfect morning routine for kids. Besides you learn a bunch of easy and simple DIY crafts!
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I share the best tips and life hacks for waking up early, happy and be productive! Setting your favorite song as a morning alarm will help you wake up in a good mood. Jumping jacks and a big glass of water will wake you up instantly and make you feel refreshed and energized!
Shower hacks! When running late for school use shower gel that contains oil! That way you can skip the after shower body lotions. Use a face wash in the shower to save some extra minutes too!
DIY toothbrush holder! Toothbrush pots quickly get moldy because water from the toothbrush collects inside. I show you how to DIY a much more hygienic and cuter toothbrush holder! In this DIY morning routine video I also test the black charcoal toothpaste.
DIY Room organization life hacks! Store your clothes in rolls instead of piles for a much better overview. When running late for school chose jeans and a T-shirt outfit of the day (OOTD). A cool DIY clothing life hack is perfect to transform a plain T-shirt or sweatshirt. This morning routine also includes a DIY lips pouch - perfect for storing makeup or as a pencil case.
DIY Makeup life hacks! Use vaseline and a toothbrush to exfoliate your lips! No DIY lip scrub needed!! I also show you fun cushion foundation hacks, how to use face palette to define your eyes, mascara as eyeliner, lipstick as blush and more.
DIY Hair hacks! When running late and there's no time to wash your hair a DIY head band will save your day. Say good bye to bad hair days for good.
Nail hacks! I included a DIY nail polish tutorial in this get ready with me video. We make a confetti top coat from scratch.
I love food so for me there's no morning routine without a delicious breakfast! I show you a couple of DIY healthy breakfast ideas plus a life hack to make a fruit infused water in a second!
DIY shoes! Pom pom shoes have been everywhere lately. I show you how to transform plain sneakers into gorgeous colorful pom pom sneakers in no time.
Use these simple life hacks to make your mornings happy and positive even during the week when you're running late for work or school. Happy mornings lead to a happy day!
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