Do All Teen Dads Think The Same? | Spectrum

čas přidán 11. 12. 2019
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  • So Edgar wanted a child as a young age but knew his family didn’t agree fully, very smart 😎

  • i think people are staring because of that haircut :D

  • we. stan. josh.

  • Making abortion an excuse while being sanctimonious about not wanting his child to be born into a bad environment whilst having unprotected sex. The AUDACITY.

  • I got forced...but I didn't got pregnant... luckily i guess and I didn't told my parents about it and I'm just 13yo

  • Josh is really strong because Tylor was really trying him

  • Watching ‘Unexpected’ and finding out Tylor cheated on Laura 😱 and he was like she should’ve gotten over it by now..

  • Thank God for flashlights.

  • is it just me or besides Edgard and taylor they ALL look unsure of themselves

  • Who is watching this after Landon died....

  • i love yasmyn and logan’s yt channel


  • Thanks for the teen parents series, learned a lot from these.

  • what happened to the guy in the front rows hair

  • Cheers to the guy at the end holding his baby up on the phone

  • lying andys

  • its just like looking at different pictures, they have different point of views and all of that stuff, and it just how they make their life meaningful even if its chaotic you just making something beautiful out from it, it's a (baby) life after all, you just really need to be ready and committed to something you are doing :)))

  • Josh is just being for real. We appreciate you.


  • Totally unrelated, but I am soooooo curious about the back of Tylors head. What happened?

  • Most of them are Latin hummm interesting🤔

    • A lot of factors can go into this. In schools with not a lot of funding they usually don't teach sex education properly at all and many hispanic people do live on the poorer side because of things like coming here with no money, hard to find jobs, jobs pay very little, etc. Many hispanics are also catholic and talking about sex in Catholicism is very taboo. There are so many factors that can go into this and it's not just because someone is hispanic or not.

  • I can't see myself having a kid in my teens. You are legitly going to be in the long run close in age. Like I can't see myself being 80s something and my kid pushing lol 70s like nooo. I need a good 20s to 30s age difference from my kid. Jay z might as well be Beyonce's father lol😂😂

  • I'm loving these vids so much they r literally changing some of my perspectives in such a good way 😊❤️

  • The last part was my favorite! All those cute little angels...

  • It's interesting the difference of answers to the question, "I was educated about birth control." The teen dads were all in agreement, while in the teen moms video there was a split. Sadly, I do feel like girls, especially in religious households, are shamed more into abstinence and made to believe that it is fully their responsibility to avoid pregnancy (when it takes two to tango).

  • I dont see one person with representative (just the asiatic? )

  • the blonde guy has the perfect life

  • I m a normal yasmyn fan I see Logan, I click.

  • pull out game weak

  • I love teen dad's and I'm so ready for a kid

  • what happend to the back of tylors hair

  • Beta males

  • becoming a dad at 18 ? 😫 bruhhhh i am 28 year old and i dont even have a gf 🙃

  • yall want kids.. have at it hoss.. we'll check back in 10 years and see if you are still ecstatic

  • i hate edgar. i try to like him but i hate him so much 😤

  • Josh your honesty is admirable

  • A

  • Sounds like a Life sentence. Look at their faces when they speak.

  • I’m only here for josh

  • Watching this makes me think of Landon Clifford 😫

  • I saw Logan so I clicked 😂

  • Taylor should calm down, just because he could deal with this doesn't mean that everything had things go right for them, josh seems more relastic.

  • Reading these comments is making me learn these people name 😭

  • Was I the only one the immediately recognised josh who is a sweetheart from Sophie gonzaelez or Gonzalez idk how to spell it and Logan from yazmin switzer

  • 8:44 omg look at the back of his head

  • I’m so happy all of them have good relationships with the mother of their children.

  • when I see these teenagers which are just the same age as me and when they say, "me and my wife" that makes me very anxious for my own life....

  • I dont really know why men are so scamed of being a dad and getting someone pregnant

  • 12:12 bro tylor (or however the hell you spell his name) just be honest it’s NOT A COMPETITION

  • Finally coments

  • I watch Logan's family on yt :D

  • When you have your kids young it's really like putting your life on hold to focus on your children I had my kids at age 22 and 23 my kids are grown now and I'm definitely going to make up for lost time

  • Ok but tylors hair was not it

  • idk its just like kids shouldnt be having kids .. its like idk theyre still teenagers but if there like happy w it then

  • Josh was honest, not that I agree with him considering not being in the boys' life. You can see now that they moved out, he's a better father. I loved to see Logan here, he is a man who really Chose to be a dad. He is Laela's father and i think that was something they could have mentioned when they talked abour absent father figures, someone else may step up to fill in that role.

  • logan from yasmyns switzers channel

  • and the fact they call the baby mamas' their "wives"

  • bruh if i said i was pregnant to my parents, youre all invited to my funeral

  • " tf you starin at" sir have you seen your hair? it looks like a squirrel on crack did that

  • My high school provides daycare and it’s free and I just think more high schools should do that and not to promote young pregnancies but for those who do get pregnant while in school can continue school with no problem and graduate.

  • Brandon: i was invited to a senior party but having dinner with my family is better his face: :(

  • 8:41 bruh i wonder what happened to the back of tylors head damnn

  • Someone start a GoFundMe to fix Tylor's trim. They did him dirty.

  • Very impressed by Zenon.


  • Taylor what is wrong with your hair 😔

    • ikr

  • Omgggg I know Logan he is Yasmyn Switzers man 😂

  • I'd hate to be friends with someone like Tylor in real life

  • Josh is the reason why I liked this video. Lol.

  • The could pull out quick enough guys


  • Ok but wtf is going on with the back of Tylors head tho

  • if a woman was answering honestly like josh, it would be seen very differently

  • 4:56 this dudes bald at 19????🤯

  • I was destined to hate that Taylor guy the second I layed eyes on his bald military head and his accent

  • Oh man! The guy in white is really stressed. ☹️

  • Josh is so nice. I wish him and his family all the best

  • I feel like josh was Deffinately the most honest. I feel like the others were lying on at least one question.


  • i love josh but xenon also seemed so sweet

  • Does anyone else get "Gilmore Girls" vibes from these videos

  • Am I the only one who forgets teen dads exist

  • Tylor thinks he's WINNING!

  • People just suddenly got kinda mean when it came to abortion. I don't understand why. You don't have to get an abortion forcefully. If you decide to not get one that's your choice . Similarly if you want to one no one should force you to have a baby. It's your choice. If you can judge someone to get an abortion and the other person can judge not knowing how to use condoms.

  • I am in 20s and can't imagine myself having a child...

  • Rip Landon Clifford. 🕊️😭❤️🙏

    • @C.lalthiamsanga Chhangte he committed 💔

    • @C.lalthiamsanga Chhangte no, the guy, with the white shirt in the video, is Josh (from the yt channel Sophie Gonzalez, he has twins). The guy, who died, was Landon Clifford of the Camandfam yt channel. He had his first daughter when he was 16 and the second one only 4 months ago. He and his wife, Camryn, opend a yt channel when they were waiting for their first daughter, Colette. Landon and Josh were friends because both their wifes got pregnant at 16 and both of them opend a yt channel.

    • @Camilla Lissidini OMG Thats so sad 19 is not the right time to go at all.... He was the guy in the white shirt eight?

    • @C.lalthiamsanga Chhangte he died for a brain injury... But we don't know so much because his wife Camryn didn't write many details in the Instagram post... If you want to see her post, her name on istagram is "Camandfam"

    • How did he die?

  • How can the society support this

  • Who else is here for Josh? I watch his girlfriends channel a lot lol

  • dude in the white shirt is just

  • These guys are literally trying not to criticize each other.

  • what brandon said about not being able to live with the fact that he had someone get an abortion... i am a young girl and even at my age i know that if i accidentally got pregnant i would not have it in me to get an abortion, i support people who do, but i wouldn't be able to live with myself

  • Guys after becoming father are so matured and calm wow.

  • Omg I watch Logan and this fam on Yt, they’re kids r so cute !

  • I agree that Josh was very upset, and am very happy that this comment section loves him, but honestly I also feel bad for the Brandon guy, idk but he seems pretty upset too

  • at 8:31 josh looked so uncomfortable

  • Josh is keeping it realllll. Love that he was honest and in the end he’s still a happy and present dad. It’s not the end result that matters, it’s how you get there. He has a good head on his shoulders and he showed the most growth out of the boys. A round of applause.

  • I love josh, he’s so honest lol

  • i love feeding time!

  • all these men where trapped by their girlfriends who didn't take the pill or cut the condom

  • Dam Tylor kid on his shoulders bout to fall off