Do Not Buy: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 8GB GPU Review & Benchmarks

čas přidán 26. 09. 2023
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The NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti GPU is a waste of sand -- it's unbelievable how NVIDIA can't even defeat its own prior namesake GPUs in a meaningful way at the same price. No wonder the company has been pushing DLSS3 so hard -- the lower the resolution they can convince you to run at, the better for this video card. With rumors of an AMD RX 7600 around the corner, and with Intel Arc A750 & A770 GPUs getting stronger with each update, NVIDIA is facing an uphill battle. This review & benchmark compares the RTX 4060 Ti 8GB to the RTX 3060 Ti, RTX 4070, the GTX 1060, Arc GPUs, AMD RX 6700 XT, and AMD RX 6800 XT. We look at 1080p, 1440p, and 4K gaming and the best GPUs for each, plus ray tracing benchmarks, power consumption, and thermals. The 4060 Ti 16GB might not be enough to save it.
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00:00 - NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti Review
02:21 - Moving the Goalposts
04:13 - Embarrassingly Impotent Launch
05:20 - Competition to Consider
06:44 - Total War - 1080p
07:12 - Impressively FLAT
08:06 - Total War - 1440p
09:25 - Total War - 4K
10:10 - Rainbow Six Siege - 4K
11:21 - Rainbow Six Siege - 1440p
12:02 - Un-Embarrassing the 4060 Ti (1080p)
12:51 - Cyberpunk 2077 - 4K
14:00 - Cyberpunk 1440p & 1080p
14:49 - 360p & 144p Gaming
15:47 - Tomb Raider - 4K
17:04 - Tomb Raider - 1440p & 1080p
18:31 - GTA V - 4K
19:22 - FFXIV - 4K, 1440p, 1080p
20:41 - F1 2022 - 4K, 1440p, 1080p
21:32 - The Beatings Continue Until Benchmarks Improve
22:27 - Ray Tracing: Tomb Raider (1080p, 1440p, 4K)
23:38 - RT: Control (1080p, 1440p, & Texture Problems)
25:23 - RT: F1 2022 1080p
25:45 - RT: Cyberpunk 1080p
26:17 - 4060 Ti Founders Edition Thermal Test
27:35 - Fan RPM, GPU Frequency
28:19 - Power Consumption on RTX 4060 Ti
29:34 - Conclusion: Embarrassing
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  • Watch our video about the ASUS Problem & Resolution: Grab the special GN T-Shirt to support our hardware journalism! Sales close THIS WEEK!

    • Wow GN, way to bully Jay into pulling his positive review video of the RTX 4060 Ti... 😆😉 "Thanks, Steve!"

    • Can you guys test the GDDR6X 3060ti and see if it outperforms the 4060ti? Because that would be really embarrassing if so

    • hi, you say a lot of "academic", what academy are you refering to?

    • Speaking of 2016 wanting its resolution back (1080p) - I've been trying to request that games provide more useful system requirements, e.g. based on 1440p 144hz High Preset RT OFF. This is getting increasingly more needed, perhaps you can encourage them also.

    • Nvidia will tell you it's because of drivers.

  • NVIDIA is so kind, they created a whole video card to promote AMD’s last gen cards!

    • Too bad half of nvidia buyers cannot switch due to CUDA and AI monopoly.

    • ​@Kaz ?

    • 😂

    • @Kaz 65iq ^

  • At this point I'm convinced that Nvidia is just trying to see how much they can get away with before it screws them bad enough that they need to release a good product.

    • ... at a fair, pre-Covid price. what's that?... the ship's sailed away?

    • They really don't care about the gamer market anymore. They just care about AI and data centers now. Their product line up and pricing if proof of that. You can buy their overpriced crap and be happy about it, or they will just sell to enterprise customers who are happy to get the chips. This is the dark ages of gamer GPUs all over again.

    • ​@TTech Productions I'm still using an RX 570 with 8 gigs of VRAM from pre COVID times.

    • >Intel has entered the chat

    • 50 series may be the last consumer GPU they release if they keep going like this. This last year, data center became their leading sales channel, and it's supposed to 10x over the next 7 years. If that's the case, then I wouldn't expect them to want to devote any of their production capacity away from AI.

  • If you’ve been watching financial news, Nvidia is doing great right now as a stock because of AI, and their high end data center cards like the A100 are in extreme demand. My hunch is they’re starting to view PC gamers as less of their core segment and just something they “maintain” for some extra funding while they invest more in their data center cards and that side of their business. Look at how they’re pushing DLSS. AI is clearly their thing.

    • @Trask Idk, intel processors seem to be doing fine. AMD will definitely overtake Nvidia if this keeps up (the only reason the 4090 was so powerful is because they just slammed that bitch with as much wattage as they could). As for intel cpus, they definitely need to find a better way of getting more out of them, though they did hint of a total redesign of their architecture after the 13900k basically peaked what they architecture could do

    • @Trask AMD has been plodding along in 2nd place for so long in the GPU and CPU markets that I'm not sure if they'll know what to do once they reach 1st place in both. Either way, with AI being such a huge thing right now and for the foreseeable future, I'm going to guess gamers and other casual PC users are already an afterthought for all 3 companies.

    • Is it just me who thinks that companies should have their assets seized if they over-earn? Like if you have 500 employees, and you can afford to pay all their paychecks and keep a lot in reserve and if you still make about the 200fold of that, that this 200fold should be taken away for the public interest and/or distributed to the public?

  • Just remember, Had Nvidia been successful at launching the 12gb 4080, this card would probably be called the 4070 !!

    • doesn't perform well enough for a 4070

    • @ravenwda007 Doesn't perform well enough for a 4060 Ti either

    • @Macto5 it’s a 4050ti

    • @ravenwda007 Like that would stop them.

    • @ravenwda007 don't give Nvidia ideas 😂

  • I had a 3060 Ti before I managed to upgrade to a 3080 and I thought that card was really impressive. With a pretty mild overclock, I'd get pretty decent framerate at 1440p on most games. It felt like a good upgrade compared to the previous gen. The fact that it somehow rivals the 4060 Ti is madness. What the hell are NVIDIA thinking with this new gen of cards? It's ridiculous how bad the 40-series is.

  • I love how you guys don't feel the need to string us along to watch the whole video. You know your content speaks for itself. Ironically makes me much more likely to watch it all the way through

    • Because it's not filler, it's actual content with relevancy and importance. It makes it worth the time it takes to watch

    • Jep! 100% true.

  • NVIDIA always seems to make their other awful value GPUs seem good by comparison every time they launch a new GPU. It's amazing really.

    • As if Nvidia are the only ones doing that. Every tech company is a joke rn

    • @Alex NVIDIA makes poor value AMD cards look good. 7900XT looks more appealing every day - especially for 4K.

    • ​@DragonTales1999 ARC...

    • ​@DragonTales1999 delusional cope. The 7600 is vastly worse than the 4060ti, not even close.

    • @Wobbo 6700XT

  • NVIDIA: "Gamers aren't buying GPUs anymore!" Also NVIDIA: *farts out the 4060 Ti*

    • Im not a bathroom humour type of guy but this one really works. 😅

    • Mainly because no bugger could buy a card for 2 years due to being out of stock or way way overpriced ;). Try keeping the cards to a realistic price and people will buy (but not this card which according to reviews sucks eggs).

    • pretty sure it happened when they farted out the 4070 ti.

  • Next week, Nvidia will announce the RTX 4030ti targeting 720p gaming.

    • It will cost 350 for some reason.

  • Thank you so much for standing your ground as journalists against the price gouging that has been going on for years in the graphics card space. I think Nvidia and AMD are just hoping that after years go by the media will just think of it as the new normal and people will just accept it. But this is UNNACEPTABLE, and I for one appreciate you calling it out as such.

    • What price gouging? The 4060ti is 1.5x cheaper than the 3060ti. Perhaps more. I think it's a bit overpriced, but not a great deal. I built PCs for people when the 3070 came out with a promise it would be £400. they had no graphics card for 6 months they were having to use the on board cpu. Then we eventually got a 3060ti for £600! I know a couple of people who got them at £400 (noting that should have been the price of the 3070 not the 3060) by writing bots to buy the card. For one the card failed and, instead of giving them the replacement from the manufacturer the retailer refunded the original price of the card - so they had to spend £600 to replace their £400 card. So, you know, if (a) you can buy this card without needing to code a bot and (b) it had exactly the same performance as the 3060ti, that would still make it a bargain comparatively. I think the people that make these videos who get their cards for free (or you're paying for them by watching the channel) have forgotten what the last 2 years was like - talking about 30x series performance is a bit of a bad joke. These people at gamux nexus et al published videos and graphs undoubtedly making themselves money - for hardware that for all intents and purposes didn't exist. And now they're saying this new card is only a bit better. It's a lot fucking better than a card that doesn't exist, or that cost 1.5-2x the price - and that wasn't from scalpers, every retailer in the world started scalping their customers - and, to some extent, they still are. Thankfully people have stopped buying them. Now that silly season has ended we should view this 4060ti card in context of you can actually buy one. Does it stack up? Well the ram seems a bit low.

  • I appreciate that you guys always include FF14 in your benchmarks. As a popular game that runs on an older engine, I think it's important for people to see what they can and can't expect when it comes to performance scaling, particularly in the CPU side of things

  • I love seeing reviewers get big enough that they can rip into these companies without worry. 10 years ago a review this honest would be unheard of

    • Not even remotely true.

    • absolute zoomlet take

    • While I'm not fully convinced, I do agree that honest hardware reviews are very good to have.

    • GN rips apart whatever garbage regardless of its size and the size of the manufacturer. It's about steve being steve and not steve being large.

    • Gamer Nexus is from 2008 and always been very honest and with great hair.

  • Can't wait for AMD to completely blow this opportunity.

    • Underrated comment!

    • This is the best comment here hahaha 😂

    • When they do, Steve will say he's kind of disappointed. Not "waste of sand" or a half hour rant. Just kind of disappointed.

    • Unfortunately, GPU wise, they seem to be completely satisfied with the status quo that Nvidia has set.

  • Great review Steve, loved the sarcasm throughout 😂 For a gen that started out with so much promise in the massive leap of the 4090, Nvidia sure has out done themselves on the lower end and it's ability to disappoint.

  • Not just a horrible improvement over the generation, but it has also been a very long time between said generations.

  • Would be interesting to see how a PCI-E 3.0 motherboard drags this card down further. I would guess the performance delta vs my 1080ti would be less than a 5% improvement

    • nVidia isn't neutering the bus, is it? I would have been with AMD for a long time, or again, although I thought I would buy an RTX card soon. But that was 3 years ago now. And while nVidia throws overpriced memory globs onto the market, AMD castrates the PCIE lanes... I don't want to buy a GPU mainstream GPU at these prices, which then runs over 4 lanes. This is one big mess.

    • @Alexander Zilka 3050, 4060, 4060 Ti are 8x lanes only according to Wikipedia. Of all things, this is what nVidia has taken from AMD's book, or so it seems. "great"... I actually don't know if 8x vs 16x is significantly bad like 4x turned out to be...

    • The bandwidth of the PCI-E 3.0 exceeds this GPUs data rate, so no loss of performance.

    • @Mike Hammer I'm not sure if that is entirely accurate ... I understand this 8 lane card would be using 8 lanes of PCI-E 3.0, not the full 16 lanes of the bus., with a data rate of 7.88 GB/s. Card theoretically has a higher data rate then that. Please let me know if my conclusions are wrong here. I would expect there to at least be a small degradation in performance

  • I remember when the GTX760 came out and it was a pretty difficult weigh up to chose between that and the GTX680 at their price points. This is just an embarrassing showing from Nvidia now

  • My only minor positive question here - is there a chance the specific memory changes could benefit from games adjusting how they handle memory for this card?

  • Keep in mind, if not for the 4080 12GB “unlaunch”, this could have well been the 4070 of this generation.

  • I am actually looking forward to non-Ti version. That and even Ti seems to be perfect card for silent, power saving workstation, which is time to time used for gaming.

  • It feels like Nvidia has hit a roadblock in their development, I would expect more of the same in the 5000 series, probably won't be until 6000 series they release something actually new.

  • Thanks for the review. It seems that Nvidia released the 40 series with little difference from the 30 series so that the next generation would have a significant performance leap. This appears to be more strategic than anything else because if the 40 series had much higher performance than the 30 series, the difference between the 40 series and the 50 series might not be as significant. Since my graphics card is integrated (AMD 4600G), the 4060 TI is a good choice for me.

    • Or you could get the 6700xt/6750xt or a 3060ti

  • You are right - their is little improvement over the 3060 ti and your anger towards Nvidia is warranted, However a person buying a prebuilt that has this card is getting a really good video card and an xlnt gaming experience. BTW you are my most respected U-tuber for tech info, thank you

  • The reason most people play at 1080p, is because higher resolution scales have traditionally not been accessible by budget gpus. But now Nvidia basically forces people to stay in 1080p even though there is merit to actually finally outgrow that resolution for at least the lower mid-tier segment. But improvement for their consumers is not in Nvidia's immediate interest so they choose to sabotage growth instead by artificially locking people in a resolution tier that by all intents and purposes should have been outgrown by now at this price point they're marketing their cards at.

    • Yeah that fuckin rubbed me the wrong way too. People play on 1080p because they can't fucking afford the high end cards anymore.

    • @Joze1685 Real, Especially with the rate monitors & 4K tv's grew in tech. It's only been since the RTX era i'm finding myself skipping over generations now, funny when i was younger with much more less cash i could buy a GTX card every gen i wanted. Stuck out with my 1070 till last year when the crypto finally dropped down and got a 3060ti for about 400 after seeing it's well received reviews. I can't see me shelling out anytime soon for small gains or frame gen, certainly not 100 more for 16gb ram but just wait out another year. Seeing the benches in some scenarios of the 3060ti taking lead has me really scratching my head. I'm genuinely not interested in frame gen with latency for about 4-5 games. DLSS 2 is a nice AA solution. Honestly thought the 4060ti would've been a fire upgrade after the reception the 3060ti recieved and even had kept some cash for it. Thought they'd learn from the whole 4080/4070 naming issue I'd seriously rather get a new Oled switch for 300, blow the rest on games or new controllers or even get into VR with my funds. save up again and see what the 50's looking like (in vain hopes they'll learn from the fails we've seen from the "4080" and now 4060ti. Not throwing shade at the higher end cards, the techs impressive as could be but i never went all out on GPU's even back during GTX, I like to game on multiple platforms, PS5, Switch, I like a taste of what everyone's got on offer. I can't sink a budget used car in value into a component for my PC. I've got a mortgage lol. Sorry for this rant. It really really fucking pisses me off too man. With the money they got during the pandemic sales and cryptobros going full throttle you'd really think they'd invest more power at the mid range for us. My Pc build was just over 2 grand that i'd built myself (excluding the gpu) I want to see the console bro's get an easy way into PC gaming as i did during the 360 RROD era but how can you justify that pricing? The premium we pay is insane for the gains even at the lower ends. 3060ti is certainly faster than a PS5's GPU. but it's literally only 100 more for an entire system. or 20 less if you go all digital for the PS5 (lets face it how many pc's of ours still have disk drives built in? they're just as "digital") Honestly if you took the names off every card and rated it on performance gains. I'd be calling a 4060ti a 4050 for more budget and low end builds that are happy at 1080 but want all the new tech. I can't even firmly say it's better than a 3060ti. Such insanity from Nvidia the past few years.

    • @Cogglesz I'm right there with you dude. Had a 2060 I got in a prebuilt, upgraded to a 3060ti about a year ago and I dont see myself upgrading any time soon. Last triple A game I bought at launch was Cod Vanguard and that was a huge mistake lol. That being said the 2060 ran it fine, so if that's the case a 3060ti should be good for quite a while.

    • I play on 1080p because I can't see a difference between it and 4k, so why should I pay a premium for something that does nothing for me? It allows me to buy a 1080p IPS panel which is way better than TN or VA panels

    • @Arthur Schamne If you can't see a difference I'm sorry but you may have vision impairment (or your monitor is so small / you sit so far away that it isn't noticeable to you). Ok that might have come off too harsh but I mean it, if you have two 30" monitors side by side and one is 1080p and the other is 4k, and you tell me straight up you can't see a difference then the problem isn't the hardware, it's eyesight. But that said, if 1080p makes you happy and you enjoy the wider selection of choices for the cost then all the power to you.

  • Every GPU launch I'm nervously looking at my 1080Ti and keep hoping that it lasts for at least one more generation.

    • a downclocked might

    • Shit, i would just get a 30 series card if you need to upgrade, 40 series ain’t worth it

    • love pascal generation I must say, i replaced the GTX1080 with RTX4070 and the performance boost is huge. but still expensive imo. if u have strong cpu and 600-650W psu i would say wait a little and grab 4070 with game bundle like diablo 4 ect.

    • At 1080ti it can even give you RTX on some titles. 11gb of RAM is a big bonus.

    • *sweats in GTX1650* In all honesty, I think it depends on the usage a lot. I play exclusively single player games so I'm happy averaging 50 FPS and 1080p medium is good enough most of the time. If I had a 1080Ti I know I'd be set for at least 2 years with my usage habits.

  • This makes me think about product development cycles. When they were locking down the 40 series for production, it was still during the days of crypto/chip/manufacturing issues. They had to be thinking "we'll just duplicate 30 series performance and keep the price high and everything will be great!" It's the only way to really explain how ill conceived this gen is. It's hard to believe the lack of generational gains to be anything but intentional. Just a cynical cash grab hoping for the price bubble to keep going.

  • Thank you very much! This has confirmed my struggle to know for sure if I should spend the extra CAD$250 to upgrade to the 4070 instead of the 4060 Ti, from what I am currently running - a 1650 Super OC! This thing is strugglin' badly, lol. The upgrade to a 4070 is going to be absolutely insane. Thankfully, I plan on using the card for a minimum of 5 years. A 4070 surely ain't cheap!

  • it’s pretty impressive/sad just how high the 3060ti is still punching against the 40-series. …. i think i’m gonna go give mine a hug.

  • what do you think about getting the 16gig version for people looking forward to gaming AND AI stuff? AI things, such as StableLM, can be quite VRAM *amount* reliant, so the 4060ti16gb basically sounds like a 3060ti that can do more AI stuff (AMD is not really an option at all for AI for several reasons), but the question is if the reduced bus bandwidth could perhaps make the extra 8 gigs useless in the end? sure you could load a larger model, but so what if it takes absolutely ages and works slowly

  • Reviewing NVIDIA launches is basically 90% stand-up comedy at this point. Thanks Steve!

    • Yeah, but this isn't comedy... this is tragic. :))

    • luckily for us tbh

    • It would not have been such a big deal if they only did a little cost cut. $320 is a bit of a joke. Maybe sell it for $250.

    • Too be fair it not just NVIDIA. I think AMD is charging too much too just not as bad. Maybe Moor's law is dead.

    • @aserta tragedy and comedy are but two sides of the same coin: Nvidia

  • Haven't seen Nvidia do this poorly since the 200-400 generation, and at least the power was there for the 400's despite thermal issues. 2000 series also comes close lol. Nvidia is maybe one or two gens away from just doing AI enterprise GPUs and abandoning consumer GPU entirely imo. I can't imagine it's worth the headaches and overhead for them given that AI is such a huge thing, that I don't think is going away like crypto and NFT etc. (though those could come back later)

  • To be fair I was able to OC my 3060Ti TUF to the point of only being ~3-4% under a 3070 FE in terms of performance. At that point it's essentially better than the 4060Ti in just about every circumstance, not a compelling upgrade for sure.

  • Thank you Nvidia for making the 7900 XT/X even more the better buy.

    • Buying 7900 to enjoying bugged and shty driver

    • @Same Jorjo I have a 4080 in one system and a 7900xtx in another. Both systems are very stable and i have had zero driver issues out of either. I'm guessing you wear a leather jacket?

    • @Buford T Tech and Gaming 7 times driver issues for me. are you wearing a clown mask?

    • 7900 is not great value either

  • I live in Europe where they electrical bills has skyrocketed since last winter and will continue to do so for many years to come. For me this card seems to have pretty decent performance per watt compare to the older generation cards. Since I am the one paying the electrical bill I rather game with a card that maxes out on 165 watts compared to maybe a 4090 that maxes out at 666 watt. Butt I guess it all comes down to what kind of heating system your house has. If you use direct electric heating then maybe a 4090 will help keeping you warm during the winter. ;-)

    • The price of going green... Shamelessly offloaded on people who live off 1/1000 income of those who make those laws.

  • I feel extremely validated having just bought a 6800 XT three weeks ago for $689 CAD. Finally upgraded from my GTX 1080.

    • I just got a 1070, I hope you get a great performance from the 6800 going from a 970 the 1070 is a beast you must love the upgrade!

    • @MoonsOfEmpire gg 1070. Also had a 970 once and the upgrade to pascal was monstrous

  • 4070ti- Do Not Buy Okay, lets wait for 4070. 4070- Do Not Buy Okay, lets wait for 4060ti 4060ti- Oh shit, here we go again...

    • Does nvidia think we are gonna buy the gpus?

    • It's an upsell. I ended up buying a 4090 for AI gen/degen. Every good game runs on Steam Deck anyway.

    • The 4070ti was a MASSIVE BESTSELLER, who the fuck ever said the 4070ti was "do not buy"!? Plenty of people bought it.

    • The 4070ti is actually pretty good in its series. Just nowhere close to the value of ampere cards at MSRP.

    • @Wobbo best seller in a gen that's down how hard?

  • My expectation as a consumer, is that I expect.. to be waiting for the 5k series Nvidia cards, or will look at AMD options when I am looking to upgrade.

  • I believe the actual reason is that Nvidia is selling their professional cards for tens of thousands, despite similar gaming *90 cards being in the 1-2k region. Their newest hopper cards are in the 100k-200k region. The one thing that can destroy GPUs for AI calculation is low VRAM, that's what they do.

  • When Nvidia said that Moore's Law was dead, it was because they themselves killed it with the negligible improvements with their 40 series cards

  • I love all the data you guys do. I wasn't even thinking about any of the new 4060/70 cards as I was lucky enough to grab a 4090 MSI liquid cooled on day 3 of release at microcenter. But I was looking to replace my 3090/3070ti in my gaming test rigs with some new 40xx stuff this month. But for now I won't as theres no real difference and most gamers are probably going to be buying 30xx series cards still. So to benchmark for my upcoming steam release I'll stick to the GPUS I have. I just need to grab a 1660 super for testing.

  • Love you and your whole team Steve. Thanks for the deep ass rundowns on these components. You da man.

  • Steve always has that no BS attitude when it comes to bad products. He’s the epitome of the wholesome but cool metalhead stereotype. He’s not mean, but he’s going to call the products exactly what they are. Appreciate the GN team so much

    • Yep, keeping it real with useless products.

    • one of the most based people ive ever seen, and he puts effort into everything

    • Fr

    • one of the few people on the internet i know won't lie to me

    • I find it really funny that the 4060Ti review on another channel says "thanks" to nvidia in the title. After watching both videos, I believe GN's video does a much better job of painting the correct picture of the 4060Ti.

  • I'd consider buying a 16GB 4060ti for $400, but apparently we can't have that. My 2070s isn't weak per se, but it's lack of newer features and limited RAM means it's showing its age...

  • I think the 3060 ti being the only sensibly priced card in the ampere cards is hurting the 4060 ti even more.

    • userbenchmark give 13 percent advantage to the 4060 ti compared to 3060 ti for about the same price so you are wrong. even if its not huge , the 4060 is still better.

    • ​@moiuserbenchmark is a meme

  • "The beatings will continue until the benchmarks improve." I love GN.

  • Your videos are always so articulate, love them, keep up the good work

  • Also don't forget GTA V had some serious optimization upgrades over the last 16 months. I remember how much of an upgrade it was going from a 3070 to 3080 then to 3080ti then to 3090 and it was a big boost. But it would basically use all your VRAM up. Then when I went back over Christmas to play with a 4090 it barely used any VRAM. So then I checked with 3090 and even a 3070ti and it would perform exceptionally well with little vram used. So for NVIDIA sake hopefully GTA V gets more optimization upgrades to make the new 4060/4070 in 4k usable and with less vram.

  • What's really insane is that they most likely were going to sell it as a 4070 if it wasn't for the 4080 12g downgrade to 4070ti.

    • I know right? This should be a 50 class card.

    • What really is insane is the 4080 launching at $500 more than the 3080, that's pure insanity right there.

    • And this 4070ti should be a 4060TI....

    • Nothing changed about the lower skus. The only one that changed was the 4080 12gb to a 4070 Ti. 4070 Ti simply wasn't going to exist in any capacity when these were announced. RTX 4070 and anything lower than it were sold as planned spec and name-wise.

    • ​@Bryanthat's pretty logical, but we're talking about nvidia here

  • Man everyday I become happier with going 6900xt last summer which I got for around $500! It is a refurbished model but it has 2 years warranty and been working flawlessly for almost 1 year!

  • Hilarious and informative as always. Thanks GN!

  • I wonder how a previous generation card is sometimes better than the current one that was supposed to replace it

  • What a great time to be building an AMD system!

    • 100usd cheaper for no ray tracing and no dlss, no cuda nor tensor. Both companies have piss poor gpu prices

  • Bought the ASUS TUF 3060 Ti V2 OC a couple of weeks ago on Amazon for $320. Mine has two power connectors. I haven't seen that anywhere else so far. The TGP of the V2 is 220 watts. Looked at the 4060 Ti and I was shocked at how the only performance improvement was the clock rate and the changes from the Ampere tech. Both cards easily handle 1080P and most 1440 with 4K requiring downgrading of the video quality, so there is no real practical difference in everyday usage apart from power consumption. And the 4060 Ti Asus TUF was $130 more.

  • Nvidia trying to launch $150 GPUs for $400...its nuts..

    • I wouldn't say $150, but it sure isn't worth more than $300 in its 16GB variant

    • this isn't 10 years ago, everything got more expensive, food, vehicles, life.

    • Alright calm down there 300 is fine it's not only the factory cost you also gotta include the workers and research into that calculation

    • ​@SnugselThat would MAYBE be valid if you were talking about a 50$ price hike, this pricing is hilariously bad.

    • I get the feeling the 4090 was supposed to be a 4080, 4080 a 4070, 4070 a 4060, 4060 a 4050...but they rebadged them and charged 50% more than they are worth...

  • I’m so glad I watched this, Honestly this card model was on my radar as an upgrade- It isn’t now

  • At one point, I was Nvidia ride or die. But that loyalty has been abused for so long that I am eager to see a new entrant into the market to provide better competition.

  • They're intentionally keeping the memory small so they don't undercut their professional/scientific card line with their consumer line. Memory is the biggest limiting factor in ML applications.

  • Nvidia and AMD are somehow both now not into selling cards anymore. They both like to make them but either one is not keen to sell them. 1080 Ti has proven to be the most cost effective card for me beating my previous champion of that regard, ATi Radeon 9800 PRO.

  • 3070ti owner here. I picked mine up 15 months ago during a new egg flash sale where it was 30 bucks over msrp. 3070s were going for 700 or 800 at the time so 650ish seemed like the best I could get or I could wait it out for the 4000 series. The 4000s are just overpriced they aren't bad cards. My 1070ti I replaced was 329 and lasted 3 gens. I was worried at the time that 8gb was not enough as it was tge first card I ever bought that had no extra vram over the previous card

  • Genuinely stunning how every mid-range GPU that comes out makes the A770 look more appealing.

  • about 2 weeks ago, I was seriously considering upgrading from a 3060 to a 4060ti, mainly for ai frame gen and dlss 3. Thank you for showing the error of my ways. I think I'll just look into a used 30 series of a higher tier.

    • why even upgrade from a midrange card of the previous gen?

  • To think I was on the edge of my seat biting my nails buying the AMD 6750XT thinking the brand new long awaited 4060Ti would beat the shit out of it... Man am I glad I decided enough is enough and go for the 6750XT for 350$ 6 months ago.

  • I wish the benchmarks included the 3070 for comparison

  • Thanks for this Review! You hopefully saved buyers from wasting money & Performance Grief!!

  • In my GeForce Experience driver update today, the first ad panel in the 5-panel ad carousel that displays during the update shows the RTX 4060 Ti with a quote: "MUST HAVE" attributed to -TweakTown. I haven't read the original TweakTown article, but based on Steve's panning of the card here, I can only assume that the original said something like: "Nvidia must have been out of their minds if they thought anyone was going to buy this piece of junk."

  • The 16GB version of the 4060Ti sounds like the same situation I encountered with my Radeon R9 390 8GB. Yes, it had 8GB of RAM (which was great in its day), but the card would never be able to full utilize the extra capacity.

    • It's for longevity. Like how the 1066 is still standing strong and the 1063 is... not.

    • @WarMike_1 That 8GB on the R9 390 really helped with its longevity, didn't it. Regardless, only time will tell if it helps in the long run.

  • I would have NEVER expected to hear "the worst card Nvidia has produced in years," again only a MONTH after the RTX 4070 debuted!

    • they keep "hold my beer"'ing

    • NVIDIA did it, they are trying to upsell everybody to a 4090😂

    • 4070 was not unfavorably reviewed by GN, you're thinking of 4070ti.

    • @I'm Not Using My Real Name This made me cackle out loud XD

    • You'll likely hear it soon again when the regular 4060 launches.

  • I honestly think they want to use DLSS and other "extras" as ways to just make really cheap silicon and sell it at a huge markup. They are trying to create a model more like a software company where the margins are gigantic.

  • I always felt Nvidia's strategy for the last few generations was to push you down a model, for the same price each time you upgraded. Got an 1080? well have a 2070 next time! Got a 2070, well you only deserve a 3060 this time around! There's been a deliberate shift pushing people who could originally afford the "top end" GPU's down the scale, at these kind of comparisons, you're not getting the performance jump nvidia told you you were getting, while the naming convention may not be important, it does mean they can push the higher end cards prices up and up.

    • your mistake is upgrading every generation

  • Its actually 91% at 1080p or lower according to the April Steam charts. Because 1080p is where you hit the point of limited returns. Nvidia hates this, they don't want to offer better value at 1080p and a card you can keep for years, lol no, they want to trick you into going 4K with gimmicks like DLSS so you need an upgrade again sooner.

  • I have a question. Is it technically possible for board partners to make GPUs with more vram? Or would it be a violation of the contract to Nvidia or AMD? Or would it be a driver issue?

  • Can you guys XOC a RTX 3050 to see how close you can get it to a 4060Ti? I'm curious if it can match or get close with a voltage mod. They're the same silicon grade after all...

  • That intro was WILD 😂 "Nvidia who was paying influencers to advertise for 8K Gaming back then is now advertising on a 4000 series about gaming on 1080p" Where are we ?? 😂

    • it's mad how far GN and LTT have moved apart.

    • Linus gave a lukewarm review. Really seems like his standard for quality is getting worse, or hes suddenly earning more

    • @HEBLEH not sure what you watched because he seemed pretty down on the card. pointing out the mem bus and stupid cost of ram etc. only thing he was positive about was the DLSS and AV1.

    • @HEBLEH Linus slated the card what you talking about 😂 Everyone has! apart from JayzTwoCents... But he soon took his video down after realising 🤣

  • At this point i'm seriously considering getting a used 6800XT as my next upgrade

  • I've just bought it and I'm happy with it since I only play at 1080p and in games that I wanted to play I have 80-120 fps at max settings. It obviously wouldn't justify an upgrade from 3060 since the difference is minimal but if you're upgrading from a 1050 with 2gb of VRAM the difference is huge. And at least in my country the price difference between 3060 and 4060 was minimal, maybe 40-50$ so when I've seen that it has 15-20% more fps I decided that it's a no brainer for 10% of the price. But I agree that 8gb vram is really not much and it's clearly not a next generation from 3060 outside of features like DLSS and stuff. But I think that for me it was the right choice. Also 3060 required 550w or even stronger power supply and 4060 required 500W which I have so it was the only option. It's technologically embarrassing but right for me, a bit of an improvement for a modest increase in price.

    • Same from me. I got a 4060ti to upgrade from a 1060 6 gb. My 1060 was bought in 2018 and needs to be reposted. Good upgrade for me from what I had, powerfully was my limitation too.

  • So the 4060ti has landed both the coveted "Better Than Dell" and "At Least It Didn't Catch On Fire" awards, and yet it's still a poor showing in the charts?! How can this happen!?

  • The reasons it’s only slightly faster : same base architectures as ampere but with a smaller memory bus and more cache on die. It also has less coda cores but higher clocks. Less cores vs 3060ti and smaller bus are keeping it only a few percentage ahead.

    • Everyone is saying don't buy the 4060ti but I'm so confused. My friend has a gtx 1060. 3060ti and 4060ti are basically sold at the same price with 4060ti being slightly cheaper in my country. Isn't that a great upgrade for my friend ?

  • This is because the 4070(Ti) is actually the real 4060Ti. Based on die naming and die size...Nvidia shifted the whole stack down. IN other words...yes, yes they DID increase the price. Because the 4060Ti is actually a $400 4050Ti. And so on and so forth.

    • Yeah, looking at the power use, this is like a 4055ti, or an over powered 4050ti, as it's just above the power limit of the PCIe connector, and needing a molex power.

    • That's why you ALWAYS look at price/performance. That way it doesn't matter what die size / product name it carries. It's just awfully priced like every current gen GPU is.

    • What's concerning is that if this is supposed to be the 4050 based on die size and name and power draw, then the 4060 is actually some kind of 4040 low profile thing and the inevitable 4050 is - got help us all - actually supposed to be a 4030. Nah, don't like that. Not one bit.

    • That would have been fine if they had actually lowered MSRPs proportionally. They should just unlaunch it all like they did with the 4080.

  • Props to the marketing team for somehow being able to work with this BS.

  • Im looking to buy a new PC very soon and I was so keen on the 4060ti based on a presumption it was going to be a good replacemrnt for my 2060S but alas it seems to be poor value. What other nvidia card would you guys suggest?

  • Based on the data provided here, I'm trying to figure out the proper name for this card. Nvidia listed the TGP of the 4060 Ti at 160W (founders). The TGP for the 3060 Ti and 3050 are 200W and 130W respectively. It's too power inefficient to be called a 4050 class card, yet too terrible of a generational "upgrade" to be called a 4060 class card. Then the price.... Starting to think we should use unreasonable standards like our fellow leather jacket to properly evaluate this card. Good review as always. Thanks Steve.

  • I would have expected this from the 4060, not the Ti version. Thanks Steve 👍

  • I have a 2070 super which i bought for 500 February 2020. Yes the 4060 ti performs about 20% better. However the biggest weakness of my card is the lack of memory. So i don't see this as an upgrade that would be very noticable for me.

    • Problem is it's not the games that push my card to the limit. It's my mods. And the limit they are pushing is memory not processing

  • EVGA hit the lottery in exiting the GPU business at the right time

    • maybe they knew?

    • EVGA was told what was coming.

    • He knows

    • Oh they definitely knew and were the proverbial canary..

    • I'm still in disbelief that EVGA video cards are a thing of the past like 3DFX. I bought so many EVGA cards over the years, and loved them.

  • My main take away from this video is that the 3060 TI is a miracle of technology.

  • Every channel (that I'm familiar with) benchmarks games on regular displays/resolutions. I need/want content that puts these cards through the various popular HMDs!

  • Imo the 60ti series has always been a great choice for your money and performance. Nvidia knows that and they gimped the card on purpose so you can spend more money on a better card

  • Thank you for this very honest and thorough review.. I know now not to waste my time with it..

  • Just as I said it from the beginning: If you are cool with less performance than the 4070 Ti, just get any GPU from the previous generation.

  • Absolutely crazy how stagnant the GPU market is

    • just for nvidia

    • @Justin c AMD still has RT issues, it’s no longer a gimmick, entire games are being built on RT, and while AMD cards perform far better on Raster, being slower on RT locks out a ton of new releases

    • Only on the consumer side because its not as profitable as enterprise.

    • Competition drives everything. AMD made a comeback on the CPU market, driving competition and thus resulting in massive increases in both core counts and performance at both AMD and Intel. The opposite has happened on the GPU market. AMD has fallen behind, especially when it comes to RT and software features, resulting in complete market dominance by NVIDIA and thus a total lack of improvements apart from a few very expensive halo products such as the 4090.

    • @Undecided "It's no longer a gimmick" LOL

  • The problem here is that NVIDIA is expecting everyone to use DLSS to play games and not use the native resolution of their display and or expect us to keep playing forever on 1080p, 1440p and 4K have been trending since the 20 series... And thats just so so so bad for everyone because it means that if DLSS gets even better GPU generational leap will be lower everytime because their focus as of today is DLSS and RT... This card was intented to make seem the 4070 like a good deal which is not.... 4080 and 4090 all over again

  • Interresting review. How does it compare in terms of power consumption ? (fps/watt ? )

  • The only card to get if you are willing to pay the gigantic price is the 4090, that card kick ass and the rest can just Only cardi would buy in the low/mid end if i had a very old card is the intel 770, this card gets better for every driver update and they need support so they can develop awesome cards in the future.

  • I'm better off getting a used 3080/ti from ebay for around the same $. thank you for your candor as always!

  • frankly this was clear right after the benchmarks for the 4070ti, that card has abut a 5% performance gain over the 3090ti, so was only logical that everything under it was going to closely mirror previous gen performance wise. the 4070ti remains the best of the worst in my view

  • With NVIDIA releasing lower end GPUs this way, I wouldn't be surprised if they market the future 4050 as an incredible graphics card at 720p gaming.

    • I think 480p gaming is not out of the question with retro gaming being so popular!

    • "But DLSS 4.0 is amazing!"

    • That is LITERALLY the same thought I had at some point while watching this video. Like, "Wait, so if Nvidia's tacit admittance of the 4060Ti 8GB's very poor gen-on-gen perf improvement is to market it as a 1080p card...what's next? GPU advertising in 2023 unironically touting the performance of an entry level GPU, like a 4050 or something, at 720p?!"

    • i need a 144p GPU for my nokia 8210 so i can play harryspotter at 3000fps

    • @celph titled "That'll be $609.69, please." - Nvidia

  • I think they do have a point when compared performance x power. Nowadays it absolutely matter to have a more economic system.

    • the point of 40 series is all about dlss3!

  • Damn! That is so bad I wish they had just left the sand in the pit. I believe I will stick to my 3060 Ti and 3070 Ti for another year or two. I just found a brand new MSI 3080 Ti X Trio for $699, so I had to get it. Edit- Yes, I know that is the original MSRP from launch, but it's better than paying 1100-1600 for a 4080.

  • I think Nvidia's strategy is to make 4060 ti look so bad that the 4070 looks like a bargain. I may be wrong, but we all know that the 4070s are still sitting on store shelves 😊 They are still trying to save the train wreck of a release that they did on the 4070. I wouldn't be surprised if they pull it off. The midrange nvidia fan boys who wouldn't consider AMD would likely fall into the trap of "what's the better value" even though the value is really bad for both.