Doctor Mike Goes VEGAN For 30 Days | Here's How My Body Reacted...

čas přidán 9. 06. 2019
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Thirty days of going vegan is in the books and I have to say this one was a bit more difficult than keto for me as it took me out of my comfort zone. This Vegan 30 day challenge certainly surprised me in several ways and at the end of the day, I think it is a reasonable diet to follow as long as it's planned adequately.
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Doctor Reacts Series & Responding to Comments so please submit more names of shows/episodes & questions you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!
- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • I'm Answering comments on here since the premier ended!

    • Hey dr mike, 1. I hope you see this 2. I know this is late 3. I sent you a package 4. I love you 5. Can you plssss respond 6. Can you do an opening packages video 7. I am the 500 th reply Again I love your channel -Grace

    • Last comment 😀

    • Sick

    • Do gluten free for a month please

    • Why do I have low energy on a gluten free diet

  • You do need to add extra vegetables and beans slowly. Your body will adapt and you'll be fine.

  • F vegans

  • i got an ad for frozen fried chicken for this video...

  • I followed a vegan diet before, but didn't realize I wasn't eating enough. Although I lost tremendous weight within a month, my hair was falling off alot and I was constantly having dizzy spell 2-3 times a day. I actually almost fainted at work once but caught myself. At the time I was also doing the Insanity workout.

  • Mikes food list: diced roasted tomatoes X2 Tinned pumpkin x2 Brown rice cakes X2 Coconut flakes cereal Cherry flavored chia sQueeze sea salt bean chips Grain-free granola (vanilla-cinnamon flavor) Sprouted Quinoa Grain-free granola (Berry-Burst flavor) Whole grain, old fashioned rolled oats Sweet potato tortilla chips Bare organic apple chips X3 dang coconut chips sprouted brown rice raw cashews dried cranberries plantain chips x2 vegetable broth pizza dough X3 cracked block pepper almond crackers fine ground sea salt almond crackers crunchy chocolate chip cookies X3 crunchy double-chocolate chip cookies apple pie Larabar bbQ sauce x3 Vegan ranch x3 protein bars deluxe cheezy mac organic black beans Gogo Squeez apple x3 (packs) apple sauce maple syrup????? Pasta x2 brown rasmati rice spaghetti (idk y i did this)

  • Your stomach is just getting used to more fiber and the gassing disappears later on.

  • challenge: stop baby facing. you with facial hair is a good diet for me. 🤣

  • Nobody People: 30 day vegan challenge People in India: Am I a joke to you? (30% of people in India are vegan, our vegeration mcdonalds tastes the best)

  • In my experience, the book Skinny B*tch was a great way to ease into the vegan diet. The book is an easy read and can be read in 2 days. But to really retain the information, I suggest taking it a chapter or two at a time rather than the cold turkey approach. I was vegan for about 9 months and I found I had increased energy levels, slept more soundly, lost a few pounds (which wasn't my goal), and was more productive at work. And I wasn't at all flatulent 😉 As you said, this isn't a lifestyle for everyone but it does promote awareness to what you consume and you can't think of this or any dietary change as a "diet" but instead as a lifestyle change. If you decide to try it again, do it for 60 or even 90 days. And to make it a bit easier, there's a meal plan at the back of the book to help! 😁 I'm interested to see your results!

  • Have you done a month of calorie restricted diet?

  • Legit question that is going to sound really dumb... Can you be vegan/vegetarian without eatting soy? I have an allergy to it that causes anaphylaxis and people keep trying to convince me to go vegan/vegetaran but I'm not sure with my inability to eat soy

  • I've been going on a meatless diet a year ago and I stopped this year. (not vegan just no meat) but I still get to eat eggs and dairy:-) and it went on for 3 months

  • There's none research backup for this video. Feeling like people are usually making excuses for themselves to feel less guilty to consume animal products. Meanwhile, there are various researches showing that veganism the most efficient diet to prevent heart disease, cancer, and diabetes,

  • The problem is we do not need to eat animal to survive!!!

  • I think you passed the vegan diet, because I believe you are right. We don't make the bees make the honey. I also think you should try the Fruitarian Diet. As always Thank you. And please do your best to stay happy and heathy. And don't forget Pee whoop! 😂

  • Hello, I have a few questions I am supposedly underweight (BMI: 17.2) I still think I'm fat Everyone says I'm skinny I want to loose weight and gain muscle I am 10 I run 3-5 miles every morning What diet should I do?

    • It shouldn’t matter. You are 10!!! You shouldn’t go on diets so early

  • dont give your kids a vegan diet, it affects their growth and brain development

  • I think honey is vegan lol Non vegan diet only include meats i guess. Unless you consider animal products non vegan then that means dairy products are also not vegan.

  • Wtf is vegan?

  • As a vegan of 8 years, I must admit that the hardest part is social. When I started most people didn't even know what "vegan" means. Going to a regular restaurant was pure hell. Things are a little easier these days. But to me that's a good way to tell who your real friend is if they go to a vegan restaurant with you and not give you attitude for it. And, sorry to say, it looks like the people you hang out with, Dr. Mike, aren't your friends. P.S. I spent ridiculous amounts of time learning vegan food options. After several years, I'm comfortable choosing foods and planning meals. But one must educate her/himself on how to eat vegan diet healthily. It was very hard for me at first (and I took a nutrition course in college and generally was interested in nutrition since childhood).

  • this was hard to watch, I couldn’t even finish it. It felt a bit close minded

  • As a vegan you can drink beer it’s vegan.

  • I think Doctor Mike would be pleased to know that decision fatigue is a pseudo-psychological phenomenon that's been properly debunked. Stay healthy and stay safe!

  • Hey if you really wanna try vegan challenge and don't want to loss weight too then try Indian curry recipes and bread. You would like it. I'm third years medical student from India. I'm fan of your videos. 🤟 You are so inspirating figure for me.

  • He didn’t even try to be vegan...all he did was promote unhealthy eating habits...processed snacks and ordering in... It’s clear that he actually never truly believed in trying out being vegan... Before trying anything new you gotta do some amount of prep work and some amount of research, to eat (any kind of) healthy some amount of prep work is required plus some amount of determination. He lacked everything, there are people who follow him, who are now going to believe that if he’s so negative about it, I should also be negative about it. Ive seen a lot of youtubers go vegan for a month, but most of them actually prep for it, speak to experts and are open to some degree of change...unlike him, who did nothing but complain about it the whole time like a 13 year old boy. Especially being a doctor he was embarrassed to talk about a little gas, rather than normalizing it and saying that being gassy is normal especially in a transition stage, he repeatedly kept on saying...oh I’m so’re a doctor for crying out loud!! If anyone tried switching from plant based protein to animal based protein, They will also have stomach issues initially as the body needs to get used to it. Quitting sugar, alcohol, going keto, starting to workout...literally anything and everything, you need to go through a transition stage. That’s just life! Please don’t send me any hate, this is just my personal opinion. Thank you.

  • Given that bees make honey to feed their babies just like cows make milk for their calf, I don't understand how it could be difficult for Dr Mike to understand why honey isn't vegan

  • Eat fruits and herbs to cleanse/detoxify your lymphatic system of toxic acidosis/inflammation. Use veggies to gain mass. Avos, mangoes and coconuts are your healthy sources of fats. Eat everything RAW and alive or it is now DEAD. You want to live? yet you eat dead food.. Do not supplement with pharma as mother nature provides you with the essentials you require to live a happy life. You do not need what the surface web/government/"Dr." Mike have to lie to you about. Without all these entities, you would still exist and continue on? I'd say so. Open your eyes or remain the brain washed zombies/lab experiments you have fallen victim too :( I live out the walking dead every day of my life, occasionally finding survivors along my journey, whom are the silenced and are blanketed by the sources of ours, but mostly your misery

  • this guy gets paid to spread misinformation

  • you did it wrong :( fail

  • gawd... the health benefits of vegan and vegetarian diets involve staying away from processes foods. Not making them a requirement. I still think Vegan is not for health reasons, it is only for moral reasons. Vegetarian has the health benefits. Depriving yourself of animal based protein is just too restricting to be healthy.

  • To much wheat

  • It's the fiber!! It's making you gassy

  • It's the fiber!! It's making you gassy

  • I’m 13 and I’ve been vegetarian for 3 years since 4th grade and I grow faster and I’ve lost no weight and I’m very tall I love being vegetarian and it’s the best

  • Veganism sucks. it really does

  • whats your opinion on ayahuasca?

  • Dear Doctor Mike: I love your videos. However, discussions about healthly nutrition these days focus on what the wealthy and young ppl can do. Sadly in my personal experience I've found that it is much more expensive to eat healthier these days. When I was a stay at home mom we had more money and I was able to feed my family good foods. But life throws curve balls. After an active life of doing fun, high risk sports all my injuries caught up to me. I went from 110 to 160 in 3 yrs when finally I couldn't even swim anymore. Family money problems also occurred. When I had to start a full time job, the time spent in the kitchen was drastically reduced and my $13/hr job doesn't allow for all the good produce and fancy products and meats. I have a college degree but no one wanted to hire me because of my age and all my years out of the work force when I was a stay at home mom. Now in my mid 50s, getting up at 5am to go to the gym, then working a physical job, 2.5 hours per day spent in rush hour traffic, not returning home until <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="450">7:30</a>pm and then having to still complete all the housework.... I'm exhausted and collapse on the one day off I have per week. We still haven't sunk to fast food but it's very difficult to eat healthy now. All these "great" diets require a lot of time that I just don't have and I can't afford to buy products like Dr.Mike bought that Thrive stuff. I'm usually working on 1000 calories per day(because I spend money on food for the kids but can't afford to buy enough for all of us)and I haven't lost any fat. Some ppl say it's due to my cortisol levels and some say menopausal women are just fat. It'd be nice to be able to have the time and money to see a doctor and nutritionist. I'm realizing how privileged I was all my life and being poor, I gotta say, is awful. At least during this virus pandemic my job is considered essential so I've kept a paycheck. But it has been very scary putting myself, my kids and my 87yr old parents at risk. But I'm a fighter and I will continue to fight for a better paying job. I made my career in my pre-kids days in a very male dominated field so I'm sure I can work my way up the ladder again. Maybe you could do a video on weight loss and nutrition for menopausal women who have too much on their plate and not enough money. The struggle of depression is real. Thank you and I hope this didn't sound too "ranty".

  • i would disagree that vegan diets are restrictive, i actually eat more than i use to (now the appropriate amount for my body) and ive learned to cook and care abt my health

  • You should drink guava tea for gases...

  • Try north or south indian vegetarian meals, it is 100% vegetarian, but you have to substitute a lot of milk products like buttermilk, ghee and curd if you go vegan with it. Not too bland but also not non veg.

  • I'm sure you already know that you approached it poorly and that's why the results weren't great lol

  • Veganism is a disease

  • when you get to 50 you will drop the chicken, fish and little red meat

  • Whoops I hope you weren't eating gummies because that's definitely not vegan 😂😂

  • I’m wondering if you can speak to the new Canadian food guide, I think it came out last year!

  • If the vegan diet was soooo natural and Sooooo Beneficial then y is it sooooo difficult, bad for the gut, physically exhausting and causes immmense defficiencies! Hence the countless number of EX VEGANS Glad to leave the cult!

  • I am born vegan for generations we have had no issues, i think you are buying outside stuff. And vegan doesnt mean go overload on pasta and sauces. We eat pasta like once in 6 months and sauces from outside never. I make my own tomato sauce. You need to learn to cook vegan dishes.

  • Please redo this challenge with a whole food vegan diet. What’s the point of doing this if you’re going to eat processed junk?

  • LOL knew it couldnt be good

  • Come on doc, you look like your farts smell like versache eros.

  • Not vegan, but I try to limit red meat. Found Soyrizo: and OMG its bomb!

  • depends on how strict of a vegan are as some vegans will have honey but other avoid it

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch is not vegan

  • It’s fiber that does that and it lasted me 6 months

  • Thrive Market, not expensive.... ahahahahahahahahahahahaha..... and ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha edit : I do NOT hate you but let's be honest one second here : your video is a JOKE :) and I feel a tiny bit offended by some of your comments :)

  • You should have done the seven day vegan challenge baby (solves all your problems)

  • With honey, the reason it is such a controversial product among vegans is because in honey mass-production, the bees do get exploited in various different ways.(E.g. clipping off the wings from the Queen, as well as getting a honeycomb out with a sharp knife to get all the bees off the honeycomb. With honey that is not mass-produced, the ways of doing this are much more friendly by spraying some air on the honeycomb to get the bees off. This is definitely less time-efficient which is why it's not used in the mass-production of honey.) Also, honey is their only food source and when making honey you have to take that away from the bees and instead of that replace that with a 'food source' which is basically just high sugar with little to no nutrients for bees.This impacts their reproductive system as well, which means you'll get 'lower-grade bees' in the future. You just never know where the honey comes from. Saying this, a lot of vegans don't shy away from honey when it is already in a product, I'm just choosing not to consume honey because of the before mentioned reasons :)

  • The reason you have flatulence is because you are upping your fiber a lotttt by only eating plant-based foods. Your body is not used to this and therefore you have a lot of flatulence when you first start to go vegan. It's supposed to improve within 3 months :)

  • Ummm did you buy any whole foods? No offense but you bought a lot of snacks and pre-packaged foods that are expensive. Most vegans typically focus on buying whole foods 1st, then the special items 2nd.

  • The real problem with a vegan diet is there is no meat

  • Cinnamon toast crunch is not vegan

  • So Veganism will cause you to be sick, flatulent, and give you lack of motervation. You can have sauces but no Bee spit aka honey. Maybe a bit of magnesium will help with the bowels.

  • Have you considered you might be slightly intolerant to soy? It would be a possible explanation for the gas

  • I'm sure you thought of it but the symptoms you described are a match to mine which are due to a sensitivity to soy.

  • MEAT FUCKING CAUSES DISEASES! Stop spreading false information without research to back it up!!

  • This guy is so triggering! He’s so ignorant! Go see a vegan nutritionist ASAP!

  • Oof ... this guy seriously needs to do proper research 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ a vegan diet (no. No.’s a lifestyle - as in vegan for the rest of your life) is the most healthiest in the world. Any doctor that recommends meat- a carcinogen- to people, doesn’t understand basic biological human needs- our bodies preferred source of fuel- is carbs! There is NO research out there that isn’t funded by animal agriculture industries that proves meat in any diet is healthy.

  • vegan for 30 days ha thats cute im vegan for life

  • Hi Doctor Mike! I love your videos, and it was really great to see you as a reference in the medical world, trying to only eat vegan food for a whole month! I work with forest management and have a little channel called Bruna By Nature where I talk about various environmental issues and I would really love to see a video of you commenting on the impacts of veganism focussing on environmental aspects, as you suggested in your video above :) You don't know me, but if have you have interest in making such video and need some tips on articles to read, I'm always available. Thank you for your AMAZING work!

  • really should've tried whole food plant based. keto is just an ideology of refraining from animal products and environmental stuff. all that processed vegan junk food isn't good.

  • Most vegans dont say its the healthiest. We say its healthiest for the animals.

  • Great video but reading these comments made me regret existence

  • The vegan diet is the ONLY healthy way to eat. Its not restrictive and it does NOT have a high failure rate because humans are NOT meant to eat animals. The reason why your stomach was going crazy, and why you had to use the restroom more frequently is because your body is detoxing! Its trying to release all the toxins from the animal products you eat! This video sucks.

  • Dr.mike went to see a doctor!!!!!!🤔

  • Veganism is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle! A lifestyle that’s good for yourself, the animals and the environment. We all need to change our habits to rescue this planet from going down. The only question that everyone has to ask themselfs is: is my taste more important than the life of an animal, my longterm health or the destruction of our planet? Veganism is in no way unhealthy and it’s definitely healthier than all other “diets”, science backs that up!

  • Mike: "I had a cough, a sore throat, and low grade fever" Everyone watching in March 2020: 👀


  • Both milk and honey are vegetarian, don't worry Dr.Mike

  • I ate vegan for a week and ended up sick halfway through with covid like symptoms, (fever, diarrhea, cough, fatigue) I got tested and I didn’t have covid, so I was really confused as to why I was so sick and I continued to feel sick for weeks...but I found out a few days ago I’m allergic to soy and tree nuts, and I was eating both those things every. Single. Day. Especially that week I was vegan. I still eat some vegan foods but it looks like if I do go full vegan again it would be really hard with my allergies :/ it’s hard enough to eat now as it is because I used to always order food, something I can’t risk doing anymore :/ I will miss Taco Bell