Doctor Mike On Set of The Resident! | Audition FAIL + Cast Interview

čas přidán 23. 09. 2018
I have NEVER been on the set of a major TV show and when the folks from The Resident reached out I was incredibly excited to make this video happen. In partnership with Fox's medical show The Resident, I visited the set, interviewed Manish Dayal, and even tried my hand at auditioning with a pro actor.
You know that I've been watching a lot of medical dramas lately so going behind the scenes of a major show was very very cool. I got to review the set and see how they basically built a full hospital within a warehouse! The scale of what they are able to accomplish for these shows is truly impressive.
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Make sure to Tune in Monday 9/24 at 8/7c on FOX for the seasons two premiere of the show.
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  • Oh my gosh this was so amazing, the set looks so legit as if it was a real ED! Insane love it! Good acting skills Dr. Mike lol

  • When he checked your lungs.. 🤣🤣

  • Cringgggge

  • Calls the show ridiculous gets invited on the ridiculous show

  • I just realized doctor mike has two watches

  • Dr.Mike 😂 you something else (my stool is disgusting)

  • "My stomach aching! My lungs gets checked" that's the stuff doc! I'll give O grade !!!!😁😊 not A

  • Doctor having very bad posture xD

  • Love the show!

  • I just realized how tall this guy is walking next to the actor guy, he was huge mike has to be at least 6'3

  • I'm watching this on the day of you're b-day, so Happy Birthday! Also please do a react to an episode of new amsterdam

  • "Doctor why you listening to my lungs when I told you my stomach hurts" IM DEAADD😂😂😂

  • I’m cringing so hard at Mike’s acting that I’ve had to pause to video

  • Of course he's lying about giving you an A. He's a professional actor, he said it so casually and straight, love it

  • You can't act, but you should have given Manish some gum so he also has something to chew on, cos the scenery was yours.

  • Manish is wearing a roli, an Indian religious thread one wears after a big puja (prayer)

  • This show is completely ridiculous this guy is cowboy bla bla + 💵💵💵= this video

  • The signs are complicated just like in real True story

  • It breaks my heart when ever i remember this is just a show not not real doctors..☹️

  • Why is he wearing two watches?


  • 7:18 Dr.Mike: doctor, why are you listening to my lungs when I told you my stomach hurts? 😆😆😆

  • @Doctor Mike, you're actually a very convincing "patient" actor. You should do a medical drama as the patient lead.

  • Handsome doctor i love it

  • The lead is from an Indian origin?! He's an Indian?!!!!!!

  • I never realized Dr. Pravish was so shorr until he stood beside Dr. Mike

  • You should totally comment on Sirens! It’s an EMS comedy, I cannot remember how medically accurate it is-it’s been a while-but I’d love a doc’s prospective of EMS field medicine! Sincerely, an EMT :)

  • Thanks for taking us behind the scene and what is it going on in an actual scenario. Thanks for enlightining us. You should have your own medical show.

  • When he starts listening to Mike’s lungs I lost it

  • Patient Mike: It's a tumor Me: ...tell him WebMD told you it was cancer ;)

  • Seriously Manish Dayal is hot af and along with Dr Mike... ohhh man... 😍😍😍 HOTNESS OVERLOAD...

  • but does it have the smell

  • I am cringing so hard at the improve


  • This patient’s ABSOLUTELY dead

  • why does he have 2 watches on.

  • Why are you listening to my lungs when I told you my stomach hurts?" I laughed at that part so funny

  • If they was smart they have you guest star!

  • I really thought they shoot it on a real hospital it really looks realistic. My fave 👌

  • Dude you are a hourglass

  • Manish and Mike! M&M 😉

  • Mommy!! Mommy!! I am Sick Call Doctor Mike!!! Very Quick!!!🤣😂😂

  • Dr. Mike could upload a video just of him walking and I wouldn’t be mad😂

  • AHAH the little improv is hilarious! Nice job XD

  • Grey's anatomy : we have Doctor Dreamy The resident : we have Doctor Broody CS-tv : we have Doctor Mike 😍

  • Doctor Mike: Doctor, why are you listening to my lungs when I told you my stomach hurts, I don't understand!" 🤣LMAO!

  • "What a Hot doctor...!" What...? I'm just admiring... 😁😂😅😜

  • Why can't all doctors look like that?! :(

  • I wonder is he a Doc or CS-tvr ..!

  • You're a horrible actor Dr. Mike! Hahahahahahhaha 😂😂😂

  • how do you feel Dr. Mike about overachieving your 15K request? 700K+ likes Bravo.

  • I love médicine and i always Watch your vidéos on you tobe , can You share your médical work?❤❤❤

  • I was watching S02E04 and I was wondering what would you think of about that specially dramatic episode, this is such a great surprise, thank you doc. You should be the expert advise for the writers, because I'm not a doctor and a few emergencies I'd say are pure BS, made no sense, even I know some things are just not possible, really sad because I really like this series, how well balanced it is, but the medical part it's kind of really? you're going to make me believe that BS is a thing? Anyone with first aid training and a little of knowledge of medicine, it makes no sense

  • 6:42 should have just played York

  • Don't know why I always assumed your were a short shit 😂


  • Hey Dr. Mike, love the videos! I just wanted to ask about your thoughts on Pharmacy. From the actual pharmaceutical industry, to any daily encounters you have with either pharmacists or pharmacy technicians. I graduated in 2016 with a BA in Communications, then decided to work in medicine as a CPhT. What are your views on Pharmacy and do you have any memorable stories where you were able to better a patient's outcomes through collaboration with a pharmacy team?

  • Dr. Prevesh 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Wooo, a wonderful experience, a great and mangnific production. One of my favorite medical drama, I think in my other life I was a doctor♥😁 Only I would like that some doctors be more kind, humain, sensible with the patients because it is very essential to recover from the illness, it says some researches.

  • I don't know if it's your thing but check out the anime cells at work