Doctor Mike On Set of The Resident! | Audition FAIL + Cast Interview

čas přidán 23. 09. 2018
I have NEVER been on the set of a major TV show and when the folks from The Resident reached out I was incredibly excited to make this video happen. In partnership with Fox's medical show The Resident, I visited the set, interviewed Manish Dayal, and even tried my hand at auditioning with a pro actor.
You know that I've been watching a lot of medical dramas lately so going behind the scenes of a major show was very very cool. I got to review the set and see how they basically built a full hospital within a warehouse! The scale of what they are able to accomplish for these shows is truly impressive.
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  • One looks like a doctor, the other looks like a nurse.

  • Wasn’t that set used for Mighty Med as well?

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  • نازار

  • Omg love this!! Love this show.😍


  • You’re 6 feet 2 inches tall? WHAT!

  • 7:18 best quote 2019

  • can you also go to the set of greys anatomy?😂

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  • Ese final parecia mas bien una escena nopor que una escena real jajajaja xD

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  • If that shirt was any tighter, you would be in an actual ICU

  • That was funny . Doctor why are you listening to my lungs if i said my stomach heart 😂😂😂

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  • “You see all these patients we have here now...” *LIES* THAT KILLED ME.

  • Why do you have 2 watches, and why you have one on your right hand, you know that means you gay

    • first, the last part of your comment is offensive and just weird. Second, one is a watch, possibly, the other is some type of fitbit or fitbit like device.

  • I knew dr.Mike wasn't going to be able to stay in patient's role without applying his medicine knowledge to correct Manish😂

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  • why is he wearing 2 watches

  • "I like your stethoscope" "Matte black, it's a great choice" "Why are you listening to my lungs when I told you my stomach hurts?" This is gold. Pure gold XD

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  • Like dude how tall are you?!

  • How did you manage getting in the set while you were on your rounds? 🤔🤣

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  • You should try this with the good doctor

  • Oh hell, this was adorable! 'Doctor, is it a tumor?' Ha! So many people freak out about things they read from medical sites without being logical.

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  • *Now you gotta go to the Grey's Anatomy set now!!!! You should go when they start filming season 16!!*

  • I so badly want to go on sets for movies and tv shows. I really want to work in the film industry and I find it so fun and would be cool to be at one.

  • Please Review casualty from the Uk it’s so gooooooood

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  • "Doctor why ar eyou listenign ot my lungs when I told you my stomach hurts?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 You would be a perfect comedic relief in the show

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  • Take your hands off your pockets Dr Dayal. Lol

  • Its not a tumor -Arnold

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  • atleast this dr. has hair

  • Are you telling me that is a freaking Set? NO WAY! That's a freaking real Hospital wow! PS. Was Googleing info about it and it's a semi-realistic-set. Damn! all TV chains and Series producer should contact the company/workers that did that masterpiece to work on all TV Series currently available right now to build the sets. And as Dr. Mike said if I for any reason woke up in a stretcher inside that set I will totally believe or will have no idea I'm on a set until I reach the end of the set. So well constructed, and the attention to detail is superb.

  • Not an actor but definitely a comedian 😂