Doctor Reacts to Middle Ground: Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-Vaccine

čas přidán 7. 02. 2019
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Many of you have messaged me on IG, Twitter, and FB asking me to respond to this new video between Pro-Vaccine and Anti-Vaccine arguments. This is a hotly debated topic so lets please be respectful in the comments!
Jubilee Media has an excellent series called Middle Ground where they have folks with opposing beliefs on controversial topics sit beside one another to discuss their views. I have long been a fan of this type of moderated content and applaud Jubilee for setting this up.
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  • Anti-vaxxers are shells for bacteria.

  • Lol

  • That girls kids are probably gonna get measles.

  • It’s funny watching these dumbasses arguing with medical professionals 😂

  • It is funny how when a child is injured by vaccines, and the parents start demanding safe vaccines get called anti-vaccine and Big Pharma Studies with no independent studies confirming the safety. You haven't done any independent research yourself if you haven't do the research. The trade off is Life time Immunity from the disease instead of having to have boosters every 10 years.

  • I would rather have arthritis than polio... but that's just me.

  • We don't think that all anti-vaxx people are stupid. We think that those who claim that they put aborted children DNA in vaccines and that they cause Autism and Gay children and that everything is just big pharma trying to kill, are dumb and uneducated. And those who think measles can be cured through essential oils

  • I cant be certain but those anti vax would be at rallies and spreading propaganda. I am of the opinion they weren't extremely argumentative because of the situation: the spotlight and face to face with pro vax.

  • Risk reward. I take vaccines. I don’t die. I don’t take vaccines. It’s like dark souls. You can’t win. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • watch plotkin's testimony.

  • This is why I go to school in MA. I know that it's financially difficult for some, but in MA, you literally cannot legally be enrolled in a college/uni without having a very high quality standard of health insurance that covers you in the area of your school, including proof of immunization records. I am NOT about to die of bacterial meningitis or measles or some preventable illness.

  • If your kid cannot be vaccinated, the more the reason to be pro vaccine, you need the rest of the population to create group defense for the kid that cannot

    • Even more if we all just stop taking the risk of vaccination the kid might not just have a seizure and realized it can be vaccinated, it may just get measles and die cause an eradicated disease just started to proliferate.

  • Just waiting for natural selection to finish its job...should be over soon


  • I am a possible victim of the vaccines. I developed blood disorder called chronic itp. After two different vaccines. Even after this long term disorder I have to put up with I still believe kids should be vaccinated. I trust my doctors and hematologists to the point where I do think vaccinations are important to keep kids safe.

  • i had a total of 5 vaccines in my life, all age 6 or earlier, and never got them after that. my dad would mark the "against religious beliefs" box when the school gave us vaccine forms, even though we weren't religious; he just didn't trust vaccines. i was sick very frequently during my childhood and teenage years, and i typically got the flu at least once each flu season. i missed a lot of school from being sick so often. my dad just told me i had a weak immune system. but since i got myself vaccinated at 17, and have been keeping up w it since (im now almost 20), i haven't gotten sick or had the flu once. wonder why.

  • 5:40 100% this. As a baby I got reaction to one of my shots, my mom explained how bad it was and I was a very fragile kid, doc said it was ok to skip one. I took all the others and it was fine. No doctor in their sane mind will tell you to risk your baby's lie.

  • like, why are people mad about a 1/3000 chance, when there is a 1/50 chance your child gets measel's if not vaccinated.?

  • We live in a day in age where parents are more afraid of having a kid with autism than having a dead child.

  • You could be dead but your hands hurt... poor moron

  • ok, you say it is great that they use personal stories instead of statistics. I actually absolutely hate that. yes, short term it might be an easier way to convice someone. but this is a huge problem in discussion culture. people need to get used to argueing with statistics and facts. they need to learn that annectodal evidence is absolutely useless. that is the only way we can have real discussions. a discussion that basically just happens to be an exchange of "personal stories" from both sides really is no actual debate at all. we are causing MASSIVE damages to both humanity aswell as the environment because people think their personal stories matter more than scientific facts. it is amongst the biggest sources of problems in the world

  • Flat earthers v anti vaxx Which committed more disservice to human evolution.

  • It’s really sad to see that even if it is a small percent of the comments some of them are in anti-vax

  • I’d rather have arthritis than polio

  • I have an idea. It starts with getting a nice big island..

  • Sorry I fucking blame women for this lunacy. The mother of my child actually went 'there's two sides..'. I was like SHUT THE FUCK UP. Now we have to avoid numbers are facts cause 'feelings'!. FFUUUUUUUUUUUU

  • What is your stance on the flu shot? I personally don’t think it’s needed.

  • I dont like the Vaxx v Anti-Vxax middle ground episode. Its basically normal people vs mentally ill people.

  • My favorite argument I've heard an anti-vaccine person use is "Vaccines are making us gay. People were never gay before vaccines." The entirety of ancient Greece: an i oop

  • When it comes to my kids health I know them best! A medical doctor knows nothing! Rule #1 in anti vaxxers.

  • Vaccines don’t kill Diseases do

  • Anti-vaxxers: "My child/family member/friend had a bad reaction to a vaccine therefore they are bad for everyone." Sane people: "You're the exception, not the rule." Anti-vaxxers: "LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"

  • This is really a study in the way that parents are so protective of their children, which I fully understand is a biologic thing, it's hard-coded into our DNA. But in these situations, where not giving your child the vaccine would prevent them from experiencing any adverse effects, but would instead endanger the rest of society and every single person that child come into contact with is incredibly selfish and close-minded. if your child has violent reactions to the vaccine that would cause long-term illnesses or even death, THEN it's totally reasonable to not give the child THAT vaccine. My entire Dad's side of my family is allergic to the pertussis vaccine, so I didn't get it, but that's because it very nearly killed my older brother when he first got it.

  • ignorance is hard to beat

  • Vaccines are bad and the earth is flat

  • it's hard not to be hostile towards anti vaxxer when they are mostly Karen

  • One of those anti-vaxxer ladies is stupid. The mother whose child can't be vaccinated should be the most vehement pro-vaccine advocate in the world, since her child's life depends on everyone else not spreading deadly diseases.

  • My mum is an antivaxxer and every time I need a consent form to have a vaccine at school I have to go to my dad secretly

  • Anti-Vaccine Parents = Child Abuse


  • I faint every time I get stuck with a needle and I still went to get vaccines. Even as a child, with the pain and the light-headedness, I knew it was the right thing to do. I don't think that doctors are "always right" doctors are people. doctors can make mistakes. but getting your child vaccinated is essential. obviously, like doctor mike said, there are circumstances in which it is unsafe for certain children to get vaccines. but more often than not, you're putting your child in danger if you don't.

  • 6:50 The reason why we push for vaccines the way we do is so that exactly people in this situation are at a lower risk when they do NOT get vaccinated. This is the entire point of herd immunity. So instead of railing against vaccines she should be fucking grateful.

  • So pro vax, how do you explain all the bad side effects with the HPV vaccine? We are paralyzing our children. And the Flu vax is hardly effective. Although I'm all for the infant vaxs. Where does one draw the line?

  • just hypothesis what if the result are lies, how do we know this result are correct, how many times scientist or government, military and doctor have lies to us or hide information. this is the view I see from the anti vaccine,. they look for research why so many side effect, what ingredient have in a vaccine, to be honest i was shock to find at least one vaccine that has mercury part of the ingredient . the view of a pro vaccine, they just accepted, they don't consider effect, or the ingredient. mostly they go the government website or a doctor sometimes had less information and they mostly read it on a paper a follow what it say. Fyi this hypothesis was a project between friends where to curious we saw the video doctor mike is watching

  • When I was very young, I had a weird reaction to a vaccine and was thought to have leukemia. I didn’t, and things were fine, but my mom didn’t decide to stop giving me vaccines so I wouldn’t have a risk of that reaction again, she kept vaccinating me so that I was safe from all the other things that could happen.

  • You guys would be amazed at how resilient our bodies are. You would also be amazed at our immune system. Did you know that our bodies are like machines, a-lot like a car and it needs energy/fuel to run. And if you think of it like that, then think, try to imagine how many individual working 'machines' exist in our bodies. Each cell has multiple aspects to the tasks it carries out. So like, our bodies are full of a TON of machines and if we don't give our bodies the correct 'fuel' for those machines to run, then they can't run / they go mining for fuel in other parts of our bodies. So like, if we don't give our bodies the fuel it needs to run / perform its tasks properly, then our bodies cannot perform those tasks. And with all those machines try to imagine how many different fuel types they may need / be able to utilize for a tasks if we supply them with it. This is why I am very into ''natural" remedies. I don't think people really realize how much this planet provides for us. Like, what if all it took for most people to give their immune system's what it needs to kick measles virus was just a half gallon of tea infused with turmeric, turmeric root, garlic, organic honey and margosa leaves. What if that worked for like 99% of people like how Tea made with Honey, Garlic, Tumeric, Basil and Cloves, all Organic has been working for me when I had gotten the flu the past few times and had gotten over it within 24hours? What if all of that was true and it worked? Could we possibly get a non-biased peer review with both sides present to perform some studies? And if that happened and it was proven it does work then maybe, perhaps maybe instead of sticking needles into our bodies and saying there are no other options, maybe instead we could just share that knowledge and let our bodies just do it's own thing to get rid of the crap. Strengthening our immune system in the process making us ever healthier as well in the long run. It''s just such a crazy world we live in eh? So maybe, maybe its not as crazy complicated as we make it out to be ~

    • Vaccines work by strengthening your immune system though lol

  • You know those moms who are think they are your mom? And who tells you to go play somewhere else on the playground? I feel like those are the moms shown in the video....... No hate! Just a thought!!!

  • This dude def. has eye liner on

  • Unvaccinated Child: Hey Mom when I grow up Polio: haha nope AntiVax People: vaccines cause a neurological genetic disease that you have before vaccines are an option. 😂 another great video @drmike ANTIVAXERS WILL BE THE DOWN FALL OF HUMANITY

  • "Parents Know their Children Best." Proof this is Incorrect: my Doctor Found out I was Allergic to 5 Drugs, and 3 Foods. My mother "No she Has no Food or Drug allergies." Every Time I was Asked about Allergies at Hospitals.