Doctor Reacts to Middle Ground: Pro-Vaccine vs Anti-Vaccine

čas přidán 7. 02. 2019
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Many of you have messaged me on IG, Twitter, and FB asking me to respond to this new video between Pro-Vaccine and Anti-Vaccine arguments. This is a hotly debated topic so lets please be respectful in the comments!
Jubilee Media has an excellent series called Middle Ground where they have folks with opposing beliefs on controversial topics sit beside one another to discuss their views. I have long been a fan of this type of moderated content and applaud Jubilee for setting this up.
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  • If Doctor Mike was on this jubilee episode its litteraly end of discussion

  • This has put me right off this channel. You are coming from a biased stance, what about when you see a baby die from brain swelling from reaction? What about a recently vaccinated person spreading disease to a immune compromised child and they die?

  • You should have participated in this debate

  • i was never vaccinated because my parents were extreme anti vaxers and believed that vaccines gave my brother autism, something that we have a family history of and my brother never actually had a diagnosis for. i turned 18 this year and gone to the dr. for the first time and have gotten all my vaccines and can defeat say i feel great! i didn’t actually realize how big of an issue it was until i actually did research on it and listened to my dr.

  • Mom VS doctor. 🤦‍♀️ You can’t win lady... smh

  • If everyone that could get their vaccinations for a disease went and got them, then eventually the disease will be wiped out, and then nobody would have to have vaccines for that anymore! And then nobody would be getting those rare reactions from the vaccine anymore, since nobody would actually need them. We don't get smallpox vaccines after all, since it already got eradicated. :D

  • There are many viruses that we could or have made vaccines for but they had bad effects or could cause other diseases. With those vaccines it was decided that the risk outweighed the good. The best example of this is the most common virus for mononucleosis that is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. The Epstein-Barr virus can increase the likelihood of some rarer types of cancers. Most people’s bodies can fight off the virus without actually getting the disease which makes the risk of cancer worse than not getting the virus.

  • Christ why does middle ground even have episodes on climate change, anti-vax or flat earth. All their arguments stem from incomplete knowledge or completely fabricated 'facts'.

    • 1st world problems honestly, growing up in East Africa where vaccines are not available to some you get witness first hand what youre preventing.

  • Dr Mike: “just because it’s your child it doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want with him/her” Dr Mike is probably also pro choice 🤣 Fiy vaccine injuries and deaths are more than 1 in a million. Do you know how many millions of kids exist on this planet?? When your kid becomes THAT “one in a million” maybe then you’ll care more 🤷🏻‍♀️ The difference between side effects with other medications is that it is a choice. Same choice should be given with vaccines. Is that so hard to wrap around your close minds?🤔

    • Weirdest_Weirdo not solely focusing on that. I’m stating that if it was your kid that happened to be that one in million you wouldn’t mock the people who choose not to vaccinate. We are also talking about diseases like chicken pox and measles which btw are far from deadly. Can you die from complications from the measles? Yes. Just like a simple cold can have complications and also kill you. Healthy kids would do just fine catching these childhood illnesses. Kids can die from illnesses and kids can die from vaccines. Pick your poison but the government shouldn’t be allowed to tell us what to do with OUR kids! Abortion is legal, so I can kill my unborn baby but GOD forbid I don’t want to vaccinate 🤣 y’all are a bunch of hypocrites 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Handygirl If you’re really going to focus on just that one in a million chance that would be like saying “There’s a 99% percent chance I could die if I don’t do [insert life saving thing] if [Deadly event] were to occur. But since there’s a 1% risk ,that I could be harmed, I’m not going to do it! How preposterous!”

  • CDC Reported Cases and Deaths from Vaccine Preventable Diseases, U.S., 1950-2011; Vital Statistics Rates in the U.S. 1940-1960 - Online Database The date the vaccine was introduced refers to the first widespread use in the United States for each vaccine. The fatality/harm rate reflects the number of people who died or suffered permanent harm from each disease out of the total population at that time. POLIO introduced 1955; fatality/harm before the vaccine - 1 in 100,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.999% MEASELS introduced 1963; fatality/harm before the vaccine - 1 in 500,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.9998% PERTUSSIS (whooping cough) introduced late 1940s; fatality/harm before the vaccine - 1 in 77,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.9987% TETANUS introduced late 1940s; fatality/harm before the vaccine - 1 in 200,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.9995% MUMPS introduced 1967; fatality/harm before the vaccine - 1 in 2,000,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.99995% RUBELLA introduced 1963; fatality/harm before the vaccine - 1 in 1,000,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.9999% DIPHTHERIA introduced late 1940s; fatality/harm before the vaccine - 1 in 83,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.9988% CHICKEN POX introduced 1995; fatality/harm before the vaccine - 1 in 2,300,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.999957% HEPATITIS B introduced 1991; fatality/harm before the vaccine - 1 in 1,400,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.999929% HIB introduced 1985; fatality/harm before the vaccine - 1 in 600,000; Population not harmed before the vaccine 99.999833%

  • Hey guys im a 16 year old boy and im unvaccinated. My parents have never vaccinated me for COMPLETELY different reasons than reasons explained in the video. My parents don’t like the idea of putting something into the body without knowing what it is. Like, EXACTLY what it is. Sure its a medicine that helps you fight off certain diseases. But what else could the medicine possibly do to you that you aren’t aware of? Idk but the truth is that most vaccinated and unvaccinated people don’t truly know what the vaccine does inside your body. Call me crazy or paranoid or my parents stupid but i just have the unpopular opinion on this matter so i expect backlash 😵

    • Not rude at all! Thanks for replying. I just want to come to the most logical conclusion on this. So um yes, not eating something because you don’t know its molecular structure is stupid. Of course, the information my family actually seeks is the ingredients. Its a lot simpler. If you know an ingredient, you can research its effect on the body. So not knowing the ingredients of a product, and consuming it, can cause things to happen in the body that you were never aware of. For example, drinking coffee. The main idea of coffee, is that it provides you extra energy. So people drink it. But what its really doing, is blocking your adenosine receptors (the things that make you feel sleepy). You may never realize it happened (unless you gain a dependence on coffee). Blocking these receptors have a range of effects that would blend right in with the effect of staying up late, or overworking yourself. So what im saying is its hard to say that vaccines cant hurt you aside from the .000001% chance to get a side effect. People could think that their super hungry cause they walk a lot, but could there be any other reason? (COMPLETE EXAMPLE IM NOT SAYING AT ALL THAT VACCINES MAKE PEOPLE HUNGRY). But yes vaccines have helped so many people in recent decades. But any underlying problems that they never learned of are what my family is trying to avoid. We don’t know for sure, and we also don’t think anybody else knows for sure-aside from the doctors that make vaccines. Again just trying to find some logical middle ground. Sorry this is so long. Just reread it and its kind of confusing but i hope you understand what in trying to say haha

    • Sub36 I want to be civil, so if I come off as rude I apologize. That’s like saying “I don’t know the exact molecular structure of this taco, so I won’t eat it. Who knows what could be in it. Even though thousands of people have eaten this taco, and it’s proven to be over 99% safe. Then there’s also the small chance I’ll choke, so I won’t eat at all.” They list the ingredients, and whatnot. You do know what you’re putting into your body. (P.S. they may sound dangerous, but they’re not the Dihydrogen Monoxide in, it is water). There is a risk, but the fact it has saved millions of lives outweighs that.

  • Isn't that pediatrician Bob Sears, the guy that wrote an "alternate" vaccine schedule?

  • awesome how others do content and others do reaction on original content, what the heck, hope this is monetized.

  • I bet they get their animals shots... My grandparents and parents remember their school friends dying from now preventable illnesses. My mom remembers when penicillin came to her local Doctor and she's 76 turning 77.

  • I was born in '78 and I was given the vaccine that you're supposed to get again at 18. Problem is, it was outdated then so at 18 I never got the second vaccine. In general would it hurt to re-up a vaccine now that I'm 40? How long is a vaccine really good for?

    • Meredith Flenner consult a doctor or check out credible websites. Something verified by a doctor.

  • As a mom of a child who is immno-compromised because of an autoimmune disease and the medication he takes, I am thankful for all those who vaccinate and my two younger children are fully vaccinated. Every time my eldest has a vaccine it’s in discussion with his paediatric rheumatologist and dermatologist, and ophthalmologist and allergist and ENT doctors. These are stressful conversations as we discuss the decision of whether or not he should have a vaccine and it take that entire team to decide what is best for him. I am beyond thankful for their educations and experience which informs the decisions made.

    • Beth Litster Thank you! You have set a great example of what you SHOULD do in a situation like this. You have made my day, seeing how much you care for them!

  • this is just so dumb why do we seriously need to still argue about this? vaccines have existed for centuries(not modern, but people have been using basic forms of vaccines for quite a long time), humainity wouldn't exist if it wasn't for vaccines

  • Hey Doctor Mike i have a question regarding the video. As far as i was able to tell the Anti-vax had concerns about their kids or kids in general getting sideeffecs from the vaccines. So to me the question is are doctors able to like take your blood and test it with the vaccines to the if there is somesort of a reaction? PS : love your videos please keep doing what you are doing :D PPS: sorry for the horrible grammar, and greetings from Germany

  • We shoulda sent Mike for that video

  • Oh no! Karen took the vaccines

  • I’m in medical school right now. So when I tried to find a treatment/cure for some of these illnesses and there isn’t any. There’s a vaccine but no cure. Just to clarify I mean cure as in I take a medication for some time then I do not have that illness again. So it’s crazy to find that some diseases don’t have a treatment plan in this day and age. So the best you can do is a vaccine because there isn’t a cure. I think about that a lot.

  • “What if I vaccinate my child and it makes him sick?” *que rocky 4 scene* “If he dies he dies”



  • With the logic of “my child got hurt so I need to be anti vaccine for all”, then I need to advocate against chemotherapy because it didn’t work for my great grandma. Or hey you should never take antibiotics because there are many people who have bad reactions to antibiotics. Basically that logic is flawed for literally any treatment

  • Kid in an iron lung: Mommy, why didn't you let the doctors stop me getting polio? Mom: We were worried about the risk of your getting a rash dear Doctor: I'm terribly sorry, your child's measles has progressed to swelling of the brain and there's a fifty percent chance she's going to die Mom: It was more important to stop her getting arthritis in thirty year's time doctor Daughter: Mom, it's terrible. I'm pregnant and got rubella, the baby is going to be deaf and disabled, why did you stop me getting the MMR? Mom: My friends on Facebook said it was bad for you Daughter: I'm really scared mom, my tests came back and say I've got cervical cancer, the doctor says it was from an HPV infection, why did you stop me being vaccinated? Mom: I did my research and... Daughter: research? Mom: Well, OK, I typed "Are vaccines harmful?" into Google and I found a whole bunch of sites that proved vaccines don't work and make you sick. Daughter: Proved? Mom: that's what they said. Daughter: so what do I do now? I;m scared!! Mom: Yopu must do what the doctors say, darling. They know best.

  • Only recently found out that I'm missing a bunch of vaccinations from when I was a child. I'm only 20 and I have a disgusting amount of medical issues. Coincidence? Maybe. Do I believe in coincidence? No. ☠️

  • Anti-Vaxxers are way more hostile than us.

  • We had the Dengvaxia incident in the Philippines. People, i.e. politicians, overreacted before the evidence is in. The activist chimed in the issue and eroded trust on our health department simply because. Now we have parents who do not want to vaccinate their children for anything. After a year the studies and investigations failed to prove any connection at all to the vaccine and any complication or death. A few years later we have resurgence of polio and other preventable diseases. And we can expect more to come.

    • Yeah and people still quote the autism thing, even though it was from 20 years ago, the paper was revealed as a fraud, the guy who wrote it lost his medical license and it has been disproved and debunked numerous times.

  • Yeah I’m exposing my kids and other innocent people to deadly diseases but hey, at least they didn’t get a rash or something amirite

  • I'm pro vax but does this man have a medical degree? I'm just checking. Just resting it I am 100 percent pro vax

  • I love watching middle ground, it's a great series. I just don't get how anyone could say "this happened to me, so no one should do it ever." Ok but for every person who got arthritis, how many people are still alive today solely because of vaccinations? I guess I don't understand the jump from "my kid had a reaction so I won't vaccinate him/her" to "no one should get vaccinated ever..." does that work? I just. How? Of course some people have reactions and sure, maybe they shouldn't be vaccinated. So what does that have ANYTHING AT ALL to do with the entire rest of the world? It's a case by case basis, not all or nothing

  • Have they ever read a package leaflet? Every medicament can cause side effects. I have cancer, the medicaments I have to take and treatments I get can cause countless side effects, but anyway that's better than do nothing and die.

  • The anti vax argument is exactly what's wrong with the "rape culture", "wage gap", and "privilege" arguments. They take a single or a few data points and extrapolate them to all of society. We as humans have a difficult time thinking about and stepping into ideas and points of view that don't fit our own.

  • Jubilee is really great, I wish you could participate in one of their talks

  • Excellent video. Very informative.

  • why was the anit-vaxxers 4 year old child crying....? *midlife crisis*

  • Vaccines should be the law in every country


  • Vaccines injure and kill. Where there is a risk there must be a choice. Doesn't take a phD to see the harmful effects.

    • @Kiwi The best bunny in the world and cutest wow you really are ignorant aren't you? Look up the flu vaccine... Try again

    • @Saul Amezcua vaccines don't contain Mercury. They did that decades ago when Mercury was thought to be safe

    • @Kiwi The best bunny in the world and cutest so do you think it's safe to inject mercury into someone?

    • It's not the vaccines that might kill people it's the body's reaction to the vaccine. Everyone has different reactions

  • In the beginning you say you cant take an the anti vac womans anecdotal story but when the dr gives his your accepting of it?

  • 2.7k people are anti vax


  • My daughter had an adverse reaction and I had 4 doctors tell me it was more important she get her vaccines than worry about her dying from them. No... Sorry... 1 reaction is enough to tell me NO!!!

    • Kadie Johnson Thank you, I’m currently trying to researching/building claims for a medical debate. Hope everything is fine for your family.

    • And other 2month vaccines. But a reaction to the DTaP caused encephalitis. (At least that is what they said was the most likely vaccine she reacted to... Although with as many shots as babies are given we would never know for sure unless we kept giving her the others.

    • DTaP

    • ​@KD Jo Can I ask which vaccination(s) she was given?

    • You are going to compare my BRAIN DAMAGED daughter to a sprained ankle? Are you a MORON!!!

  • Getting vaccine, it wont make you 100% immune to certain illness but you put yourselves less at risk as well as other people who cant get them to having serve allergies to some of the ingredients to vaccine. Back in the day, people would have died from the flu or getting the chicken pox. Thanks to the vaccine getting the chicken pox or flu isnt a life threatening illness. Plus even if you dont become immune to certain sickness but it would be less severe to the sickness than someone who doesnt get vaccine.

  • But if the mom had a reaction the child is more likely to have a reaction.

  • This whole issue is just so retarded.How can such a thing which is so obvious be a point of a debate.I once saw a youtube video in which a girl was allergic to water and everytime she bathed it would cause pain and rashes,so going by that argument which the antivaccine retards are giving forward then we should all start anti-water campaign.Sorry to say but seems to me that these people need to get perspective right and get out of their bubble.Living in a 3rd world country and seeing the effects of many people not getting a vaccine at the proper time and how it has destroyed their lives truly pains me.However the situation has drastically improved in the last few years because of education and majority of the people now get vaccinated at the right time.

  • The biggest fallacy in this debate is all "vaccines" are lumped together and treated as the same. No one is opposed to preventing disease if the risk is small. What we are concerned with the government and Big Pharma teaming up together to force people to take something that is untested for safety, potentially harmful, and unnecessary given the risks involved. Merk's Gardasil scandal is only the latest. Why on earth vaccinate your infant toddler for genital warts? To line Merk's pocket that's why.

  • Karen. Please stop

  • ım anti-sun cause im allergic to sun bomb the sun please

  • Karen: "I read one article on facebook, I am smarter than a Doctor"

  • I would never take my child to a pediatrician who was anti-vaxx. never.

  • It amazes me, I have an auto immune disease so I couldn’t be vaccinated, so lord I fucking pray other people get vaccinations (those who CAN get vaccinated) because if they don’t I’m at a huge risk, I wish I could be vaccinated and protected but I can’t, so I have to rely on others you know? It’s scary

  • This is definitely not a discussion in my country, everyone must get vaccines

  • well the problem is, when they say acting differently they almost always mean, "He got autism from the vaccine." which is why the doctor will react badly to that.

  • Wow even vaccines aren't free in the U.S.?

  • They needed to invite the crazies

  • The most dangerous thing in north america is a stay at home parent with the internet doing his/her own "research"

  • Funnily enough the anti vax Doctor has his medical license on probation as of 2018 for 35 months

  • 0:21 what is rong about being a Furry