Documents detail sex abuse allegations against Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein

čas přidán 31. 07. 2020
Hundreds of documents and transcripts from a 2015 defamation lawsuit against British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell have been unsealed by a judge. They detail her alleged role in running a sex trafficking ring with Jeffrey Epstein. CBS News legal analyst Rikki Klieman joined CBSN to explain what the documents said and how they can be used against Maxwell in court.
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  • Surprised she has not been bumped off yet. She must know where all the dvd's are and the pictures of the elite raping young girls. That's why she is going to get away with it. As soon as the perverts get hold of the info. She will fall off the back of a yacht Just like her father did.

  • Correction! Jizzlane Maxwell! Your saying the name wrong on purpose.

  • Why is she doing an interview with Gayle? Gayle King is best friends with Oprah who was on the island and involved.

  • Why is he wearing a mask?

  • It’s been too long since Jeff axes himself. Must proceed. The evidence there. GET THEM. NOW

  • This pervades the FBI CIAand the Democratic Party. Many important men raped these little girls. There are many threats to keep people quiet. Public thought there were clover ups in the impeachment trial. Trump not in cloves but Dems want to keep this quiet. More Beira were involved I addition today Andrew There is so much conspiracy. This beats all conspiracies I have heard in 40 years

  • 14-15? In kid age thats 18-20 now...

  • Ghislane is so pretty.. she really is to me atleast

  • You two women have the opportunity to report the Truth and you’re failing greatly!! CHANGE YOUR VOCABULARY

  • She need electric chair

  • She’s the witch off wizard and oz

  • She guilty

  • Watch #mouthybuddha channel for the facts.

  • Question I would have is when Epstien was arrested then why wasn't Maxwell also arrested? Was she out of reach in another country? Her involvement in this pedophile ring wasn't known at the time?

  • Maybe Ghislaine Maxwell killed Jon Benet Ramsey.

  • I need boy friend

  • Trump wishes her well 🤣🤣🤣

  • Let me correct your terminology "Young women" -> CHILDREN "available for sex" -> TRAFFICKED "sex" -> RAPE

  • who is the idiot wearing the mask?

  • Controvertial? Nothing new.

  • So corrupted jurisdiction........

  • Epstein: Why am I primary, secondary and private documentational evidence (as a witness or victim) to unlawful acts or evidence of fraudulent behaviour telecommunicating my personal human rights of common law?

  • Rape !!!!!!

  • Do you see the yellow light on Maxwell's shadow? It looks like a horn coming out of her forehead! It's right where it belongs! This Maxwell woman is so evil for doing what she's accused of and if she has any record at all we should be able to present anything about her legally, past and present!

  • Anyone wearing a mask will in time get sick... your mouth is an exhaust pipe... in with the good air and out with the bad... breath your own bad exhaust... this is what they want you all to do.

    • I'm waiting for all the thumbs down, this is freedom of speech. ;-)

  • she ll get 10 to 15 and be dead within a month

  • Don't talk to Gale she is Oprah's best friend, birds of a feather

  • That hairstyle should be added to the list of her crimes

  • You need to include the involvement of the UN, and NXIUM!!! Mangala like experiments on these children, not just the Island!!!


  • The names will never come out

  • I think his relationship with Maxwell is where the real dirt can be found. In all this let us not forget that the queen has been protecting and enabling him for years, she has the best security in the world, you can't tell me she didn't know about it, she should be ashamed of what she has done, she has never shown the people SHE VOWED to serve any respect. Charles didn't keep the vows he made to Diana, it seems that family is too big for their boots.

  • All smoke +mirrors Designed to give you renewed hope in the justice system just in time to knock you all back down in your place once again and keep you on that emotional rollercoaster ride,This is how you put the masses to sleep by numbing them mentally and keeping them reaching for Hope.Well there ain't no hope on this planet time is short and you best start looking elsewhere.

  • The lady in the dress is neither a "lady" or "human" look at her



  • Trump wishes her well. What an odd thing for him to say.

  • Everyone knows about the young girls, now, what about all the babies that disappeared.?

  • I’m sorry but correct me if I’m wrong when a girl (10-13) gets her period during that age does she not become a young woman?? Does her body not prepare her for becoming a woman?? Cause only women can have children and so therefore once you get your period you are a YOUNG WOMAN. You not yet a woman and your not a child either. A child is someone who still needs to be taught right from wrong. When you are a teenager you know right from wrong and they can charge teenagers as adults in court. Soo again a teenage girl is a young woman.

  • Trump wasn’t on the island I wonder if the docs talked about anyone else that definitely was.

  • looks like heresay 2 me,, look at charchter ok there young but hookeres can be young aswell can we really belive these child hookeres

  • Seriously....remove your stupid mask....what an idiot

  • Epstein is not dead and you know it!

  • What ever happened to all those Washington leakers? Don't they want to know who they are? KT

  • After listening to the lawyer, it sounds like Maxwell is going to be locked up for a long long time.

  • Get rid of the mask, otherwise your message doesn't come through.

  • "I wish her well"

  • It's coming soon

  • What is wrong with the fake media? Tell the truth! RAPE of CHILDREN. Maxwell should be fed to the dogs in prison. Hope she gets a taste of her own medicine

  • A

  • Please..if you were a child once, STAND WITH SURVIVORS our lives mattered more than their sexual perversions Remember the dead(victims like my siblings)

  • Quote by Aesop: “A man is known by the company he keeps”

  • Very good video 4:10 5:21

  • why are these women not allowed to name these people so they can all be known and shamed then arrested/ they talk about Censorship in China its going on in this case

  • Anyone else believe that Epstein and Maxwell were mossad agents!?

  • Green dress makes you want to vomit.

  • Is there anyway to hack the information

  • And yet in every city in the nation, there are thousands of girls, from single parent or same sex that are wandering the streets, being coerced just to eat, into illicit sexual bartering, from strip clubs to gentlemens clubs, and all the various cultures in between, youre not God, all who condemn this woman will suffer, for hes see your little secrets for we are filthy, equally guilty of deviating from fine moral values, no, america with a statue of a prostitute, worship as a diety of freedom and yet we pursue this woman as if that will justify our souls.

  • I had someone in my life at one point, within the last serval years say to me...” why don’t you participate!”... my response... “I am, I’m up at 4:30 every day.!!”... leaving me with the question of wth more do you want? Followed up with..”I’m not enough “, later I heard the words “ some people don’t have the capacity “. I know why, I would not sleep with others and return to him, per request. I’m glad that was not my story. I hit my limit, I disengaged. He continued to visit my place of work. I only worked limited hours. He drove an hour and would have lunch were I worked. I will say this thin/ middle aged/blue eyes/ distorted thumbnail/ limits on clearance/well layered. Perhaps in sheep’s clothing./ he pilots/ well traveled/rope dom. Be well

  • Well done coming forward “ let the truth set you free! 🕺🏼💃🕺🏼💃 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧God bless you!

  • Not holding my breath to see any well known, public figure getting prosecuted. The infamous buddy-system at its worst.


  • the Ghis is a victim bubba bill, killary......bill gates......the real criminals...

  • Why bother releasing court documents if the name's are going to be redacted. What's the point? I guess protecting pedophiles is more important than protecting the children that suffered their abuse.

  • Please click sign and share this petition to Parliament so that Prince Andrew will no longer have a public role or use HRH, receive birthday honours, any military honours or promotions, or represent the Queen UK & the Commonwealth

  • Question: where were all of these young girls parent's, during their "travels across the country, having sex with old powerful men? 14yrs old? My daughters are home doing their homework & chores.

  • Maxwell was Epstein's handler in a huge CIA/MOSSAD honey-pot blackmail scheme. Maxwell not only had a license to pilot a helicopter, bui was also qualified to pilot a freaking submarine. Maxwell's father, Robert Maxwell was a known spy and possibly a double/triple agent. He died under questionable circumstances after embezzling billions from his company's pension fund.

  • it's run by the Vatican and the Royal Family you idiots. The satanic human sex trafficking and sacrifice is run by the Vatican and the Royal Family. Geez where do they find these "journalists" on the news nowadays. This information has been available publicly for eons. A brilliant man by the name of David Icke exposed them decades ago. Now these news puppets pretend as if it's the biggest mystery. What they are doing is clear. They'll let Maxwell and Andrew case drag out and take the fall if necessary but that is just tip of iceberg compared to what is really happening. The public needs to wake up and DEMAND Andrew be investigated and then the ENTIRE ROYAL FAMILY! Yes folks it's all of them! They call it a cult or cabal or network for a reason. They're all involved!!

  • How do her attorneys sleep at night and go home to their children knowing this woman is a pedophile and sexual predator. Unbelievable

  • CORRECTION! as young as the age of ELEVEN!


  • It wasn’t having SEX it was getting wasn’t ALLEGED it actually wasn’t young WOMAN they were CHILDISH .GET IT RIGHT.

  • 1:01 4:15 8:55

  • 2:14 5:55 10:23

  • All these people and their friends need to be round up and publicly hanged for abusing kids.


  • no photos, this is all bs, they don't have her in prison

  • Ewwwwwwww

  • I think they need to give her some kind deal and get all of her data that she has before AG Barr gets his hands on her so what's the hold up

  • MONSTER .....Pedofilie should be taking care only with one thing!

  • Unlikely to prove any of these allegations

  • Much of the media is owned by someone who likes to hang out with these people. Media uses words like 'child loving' and 'young lady' to desensitize you to their filthy crimes. Even Prince Andrew described Epstein's behavior as "unbecoming," the reporter called him out and said he is a child molester!

  • You are Nasty Monsters . You are in the same boat. Disgusting 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • Mossad reportedly upset - agent Eptsein deceased, agent Maxwell incarcerated.

  • Shows that money is everything even when it comes to justice sad very sad

  • It is rape of children, call it what it is, and of course they are going to say it’s all a lie! I’m not sure who is controlling all of the media but it is extremely unethical. Well at least you are running the story finally! It will be so many more on trial!

  • Hang all pedo's and anyone who tries to normalise or trivialise it! That should fix this very sick problem once and for all!

  • Epstein TORTURED human beings!

  • They are all pedophiles. They are all monsters who raped and got away with it for too long.

  • the media sucks what about the people name who was redacted who has first-hand knowledge of what was going on they should be later on convicted to of rate

  • There’ll be no trial! Too many big fish. She’ll be Epsteined. If you get my drift.

  • If you know like I know then you know Epstein is STILL doing what he was doing to this day.

  • Lets not forget Les Wexner

  • So obvious that the media moguls are part of the list of men that abused these children!

  • Lock her up and throw away the key!! 😡

  • Please check the Jhon Paul Rice video he is a prominent figure in the movie industry, he knows it is not about only pedofiles, it is about children being murdered by these psychopaths,, this is his John Paul Rice Instagram: @norestrictions Profile in IMDB: Please also check how this is related to Wayfair furniture company in child trafficking,, the ceo resigned because the ICE places where children are getting missing have contracts with Wayfair, this is so disgusting.

  • Seems like no one “has been in contact with Epstein in the past 10 years” TOTAL BS


  • fake background and wearing a mask? wth.

  • I believe they just allowed him to off himself. The flight logs is the smoking gun. epstein and maxwell testimonies would be hearsay.