Does breaking Kareem's scoring record solidify LeBron's case as the GOAT? | NBA | UNDISPUTED

čas přidán 7. 02. 2023
Before LeBron James passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar last night as the league’s all-time leading scorer, he talked about where he sees himself among the all-time greats of the game. LeBron said quote: 'I feel like I'm the best basketball player that ever played the game. That's just my confidence, that's just what I bring to the table, what I possess. But as far as if the scoring record gets me to another level, I don't know.' Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe debate on whether passing Kareem closes the case on LeBron being the GOAT or not.

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Does breaking Kareem's scoring record solidify LeBron's case as the GOAT? | NBA | UNDISPUTED
• Does breaking Kar...

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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    • @Crius XI omg stop it..... He left Cleveland and NEVER STOPPED WITH THE SUPER TEAMS. You're plain and simply lying. Or misinformed. I can go into each team.. But you know that and so can you. Stop cappin. Lebron will never be Kobe.. Or Jordan....or Kareem.

    • @Damon Lillard MJ never beat Larry Bird and Bird was already getting old when MJ came around. He barely beat Magic because there was no Kareem and they were both old as well. Pistons were not competition 💀 that team wouldn’t be a championship contender in today era. You really listed ewing and olajuwon as competition 😂 Jordans 5 of 6 finals appearances, he competed against teams with less hall of famers than his own Chicago Bulls team. Jordan wasn’t the competition, his team was, he had a superteam for the standards of that era. Bulls won 55 games without Jordan and improved their defensive rating without him. In all of the years MJ played, a high percentage of the league were below .500 often more than 50% of the league were below .500 the guy was making the playoffs as a 32 win team. He had no competition

    • @Crius XI no double teams? Mike didn't have that competition because HE became that competition. Bird? Magic? The pistons? Ewing? Olajuwon? This is hilarious😆.

    • @Crius XI I didn't even read all of this.. all I had to see was one of you "Witnesses" say what I KNEW YOU WOULD . oh.."He went to 10 finals with his super teams and No All Stars in the east" . Great job . Steph and Tom Duncan think it's so great. League only think "let's join up" now. Bails on teams after he drains them dry for his own super teams. Accused of quiting..I could go on. I even have links. I'll stop. Lololol. This is your King??😂

  • Mad respect to Kareem for being there to congratulate LeBron in person for surpassing him as the all time leading scorer. Ultimate sportsmanship

    • Why wouldn't he be there

    • @Mansa X thats like saying if you took away steph's 3s then hes a bench player lmao ppl are dumb asl

    • @kalem rhodriguez that is absolutely lie, show us where this happened. Put a link to any news article talking about that.

    • Kareem Abdul jabber didn't a great outside jump shot,, only one 3 point shot,, jabbering didn't needs a 3 point shot, jabber deadly & greatest offensive weapon ever right hand skyhook 🪝shot , jabber other low post 📫 moves shot very journeyman

    • He only came so he wouldn’t look salty lol they don’t even like each other

  • LeBron breaking record with 1335 more free throws and 2235 more three pointers show how great Jabbar was as a player.

  • I wish Kobe could of been there to witness this as well .. 😢

    • @Bishop85 but he would have been in his @$$ for not trying to win the game.. Kobe didnt care abt stat padding

    • Kobe would have been hyped through the moon. That would have been something to see. People forget Kobe always sang brons praises.

    • Facts

    • Kobe would have been mad LBJ scored 36 points in 3 qtr and 2 pts the rest of the game that his team lost.. Kobe wanted to win 🏆 more than score empty points

    • @Animenut 😭😭

  • They been arguing bout the same Jordan-LeBron debate since 2016😂😂

    • Skip can never admit that Jordan had any flaws.

    • @GentGolden no one said that I just said Jordan was the best I've ever seen I'm sorry your 12 and don't know what your watching

    • @Mom's Basement MMA i know why even watch basketball if we seen the greatest to do it. Nothing will ever compare so they need to shut down the NBA. Bc a bald guy showed up in 1984 and that was the greatest of all time even tho time for him has been stopped in terms of playing. Lol.

    • LoL there nothing lebron can do to be better then Jordan you want to know why He wasn't that's why Jordan would take over ever game and win

    • Honestly what none of u have is the balls to say is MJ got babied and Bron doesn’t.. go rewatch those games.. they stopped the pistons from having the so called Jordan rules 😂 the league got soft because of MJ .. facts go watch the games.. MJ was guarding Jeff Hornacek Vinnie Johnson Mark Price John Starks Craig Ehlo Dan Marle Tim Legler Joe Dumars & Danny Ainge for 10 years straight he should have won more 6 finals appearances out of 15 years isn’t better than 10 finals appearances out of 20 years…

  • "I take nothing away from what LeBron just accomplished." "That's all you try to do!" xD

    • yea skip contradicts himself a lot.. by the way, the videos on the playlist on my channel might interest some people..

  • GOAT conversation will always be opinion based.

    • @Chris SaintJames we also saw what Jordan did without Scottie pippin and on the wizards.

    • Nah bron the GOAT and im one of the biggest MJ fans he’s the Goat

    • @Cities talk yes

    • @Brandon yul No

  • What is amazing to me is how Kareem actually had that record and didn't shoot any threes only twos now if lebron only would have shot twos and surpassed Kareem it would be a different story.

  • Era Goats should be the talk, let’s just appreciate the Greatness before and now. Congratulations to LeBron and thanks to all of the previous era’s greatest players who made this day possible for all NBA players!

  • I like how Skip doesn't answer Shannon's question about MJ LOL

    • “LeBron is better. Who has the most home runs is baseball? Exactly that’s why LeBron is the goat” -Shannon not so sharp.

  • Incredible moment. Still can't believe I really got to see it live in the arena

  • The fact that the other one was retired for 2 decades and still in the conversation, speaks volumes.

    • Two decades of living in the past. Corp has done a great job generating money from things that do not currently matter.

    • @GentGolden i guess you got used to the lies you put in your head. Lol the whole world knows who the GOAT is but hey, we all need our 8hrs. Good for you. Good job!

    • @GentGolden whatever makes you sleep at night.

  • The GOAT conversation will always be a sure way to generate ratings and dialogue

  • Even MJ said it's hard to compare different generations of players because the game changes so much over time.

    • ​@jmpJordan is famously known for not being humble, btw.

    • Honestly what none of u have the balls to say is MJ got babied and Bron doesn’t.. go rewatch those games.. they stopped the pistons from having the so called Jordan rules 😂 the league got soft because of MJ .. facts go watch the games.. MJ was guarding Jeff Hornacek Vinnie Johnson Mark Price John Starks Craig Ehlo Dan Marle Tim Legler Joe Dumars & Danny Ainge for 10 years straight he should have won more

    • @Thunderous Bandit 🧢🧢🧢 cite your sources and witnesses

    • MJ Was not from this Planet. He was an Alien that was, and still the best to ever do it. And his resume compared to Lebron's. It ain't even close. You know it's one thing to watch Jordan's Highlights, and another to watch him in the moment, as he was destroying the league, using his Alien powers.

    • @Opera Singer If Lebron was on Jordan's teams with Jordan's coaches do you think Lebron would finally learn to play off-ball? Do you think Lebron would be apart of the system instead of having the system built around him?

  • “Jordan was less human than Lebron” Even Skip had to chuckle at himself for such a crazy statement 😂

  • Congratulations LJ. I detest the Goat debate; but I appreciate what each NBA Superstar/Players brought to the League!


    • Honestly what none of u have the balls to say is MJ got babied and Bron doesn’t.. go rewatch those games.. they stopped the pistons from having the so called Jordan rules 😂 the league got soft because of MJ .. facts go watch the games.. MJ was guarding Jeff Hornacek Vinnie Johnson Mark Price John Starks Craig Ehlo Dan Marle Tim Legler Joe Dumars & Danny Ainge for 10 years straight he should have won more

  • I can't stress enough how grateful I am 4 Shannon Sharpe Just finished the whole BS w/ Ja & the grizzlies over the weeks & This gent is a treasure Honest & w/as lil bias (except about Lebron) But his acknowledgement & accountability As well as the genuine sincerity in his apology Should not b easily shrugged off With the amount of clips made 4rm the out burst I wish folk would keep that energy when someone tries 2 write their wrongs UNC... U R A GOAT... THANK U

  • “It’s my turn” Skip…I need that on a T-shirt, that would make bread! 😅

  • Respect to Kareem, as a man it sucks to be surpassed. Nobody has to admit it but it’s true. The fact that he arrived there is beautiful

    • @Sway you crazy for not understanding basketball lol. Tatum, Luka, Book, don't play like a Westbrook or a LeBron or a D Rose reliant on their athleticism. They are good shooters, highly offensively skilled with games that are suitable for older age. And the current NBA rules make it much easier for offensive players

    • @Sway Imagine Lebron break the record for the most points score but didn't win the game against a young team like OKC. Wth is that. Lebron only for the record, but not for winning? Crazy! Look at Wbrook and AD reaction. Priceless

    • @Sway And Spurs and GSW is not superteam. Tony Parker, Manu, Duncan, Kawhi/ Curry, Thompson, Green are all coming from the draft. Durant chose GSW when he was a free agent.

    • @Sway there r no superteam back then. Lebron started the super team in miami. There r no such thing in the 90's. It is all destine because Pippen and MJ are coming from the draft. Chicago build up the team. U know nothing about basketbal

    • @Sway anyway I'm not a Lebron hater. I love Lebron too especially his rookie year in Cleveland. But don't compare Lebron to MJ. MJ is the myth of basketball. Kobe and Lebron idolized MJ.

  • Skip the only one who always brings up about “ Dan Gilbert accused lebron of quitting “ and “ lebron had to be sedated “ Lmaoo

    • Every single time. It's spaces on the Bingo board.

  • What people fail to realize is, it’s very difficult to win 6 championships....u can break all kinds of records but the rings is what really matter....Bron overpassed MJ on Stats but Jordan worked really hard those rings.....bottom line it’s just different eras

    • @Advent616 Shawn Kemp and Dennis Rodman played better on 1996 finals lol

    • @TitoBuzzGaming Then he came back and who was on that team,stop it bro

    • @TitoBuzzGaming Great point,he is always leaving,soft era of basketball is on full display,load management,so sad,checkout what Paul George had to say and dude disappeared in many games,including finals,he great in many ways,but not that assassin with killer intentions to finish the task,accomplished more in less years,alot of LJ fans never seen MJ play and this coming from a Bullets/Wiz fan,turn 50 next year

    • @Alonzo's Skinz Nation excuse? what happened to the Cavs again when he left them lol

    • @Certified Flirts All-time leader in points doesnot mean you are the greatest ball player ever and typically the NBA doesnot even equate that to what a lot of people saying he better,

  • I love it how skip always changes topics when he loses

    • @Slavko it was 66 wins and was the best record in the league that year. that's only a 6 game difference from the 72 win bulls. not a big difference and all time win record is not the point. the point is winning that many games with only one all star and utility players. pippen is obviously better than mo but how many wins can you have with utility players? Lol even dirk had 67 wins with josh howard as his best player. I guess the cutoff is 68 wins...

    • @scoop245 there is a big difference between winning 60 some games and having a record of most wins of the regular season at one point. and mo williams his one and only all star appearance its like chris paul and deandre jordan a great playmaker can make a lot of people look better than they are. . .

    • @Slavko Mo was all star that year but you said you cant win 72 games with utility players yet lebron won 66 games...

    • @scoop245 whats your point you said mo Williams like you did something

    • @Slavko Bulls won 55 games after Jordan left - but they added Kerr and Kukoc to the team and improved the supporting cast outside of Jordan. Jordan never played on the 94 supporting cast so the Bulls' 55 wins on a new team is irrelevant. When Lebron leaves cavs they rebuild and get draft picks. 2010 Cavs w/out LJ were a complete roster overhaul with trades, injuries and new coach. 2019 cavs replaced Lebron with Cedi Osman lol. Love injured plus trades. Wade and Bosh missed 60 games in 2015 plus Ray Allen left. 2016 Heat made it to game 7 ECSF w/out Bosh, just like 1994 bulls.

  • The GOAT conversation is impossible in basketball. If we go titles its Russell, if we go numbers and records its Chamberlain, if we go longevity and playing well throughout its bron, if we go super flashy but good stats all around its Jordan, if we go unstoppable and some stats its Kareem. This is always about who you prefer, how you like the player. It's all opinionated on who you like most. Like in football, Brady reminds me of Bill Russell, Mahomes is like Jordan, I think Burrow is like a Larry Bird without the injuries making him loose the athleticism even tho bird was never super athletic. Everything is just opinionated and what you prefer over the other

    • Even Title can't save Russell there were only 8 teams the man avg 14ppg I am sorry he don't have the individual hardware

  • I would like to comment on the comment by the coach saying that lebron quit on the team against boston, i saw that game and it definitely looked to me like lebron james did just that quit on the team but you never hear about that the only other time i saw something similar to that in recent memory is when it appeared to me that kd quit in the playoffs i think against golden state right before he left and went there.🤔

  • When it comes to Lebron vs Jordan, I always think Skip and Shannon might not be friends afterwards 🤣👏🏾

    • @University of College Football I still got MJ. I watched MJ during his prime and Lebron his entire career. Pistons my team I seen those games. Your statement did not move me one inch.

    • @Mont 3000 MJ 6’6 198 in his prime LBJ 6’9 250 who u picking if their vertical speed & awareness are the same…No Phil No Chip for MJ or Kobe.. it’s that simple. Honestly what none of u have the balls to say is MJ got babied and Bron doesn’t.. go rewatch those games.. they stopped the pistons from having the so called Jordan rules 😂 the league got soft because of MJ .. facts go watch the games.. MJ was guarding Jeff Hornacek Vinnie Johnson Mark Price John Starks Craig Ehlo Dan Marle Tim Legler Joe Dumars & Danny Ainge for 10 years straight he should have won more

  • The funny thing about the Jordan Rules created by my Pistons, is those hard fouls wouldn't knock LeBron down the same way the knocked Jordan, even after he got some muscle. LeBron is just different.

  • I enjoy watching these guys go at it 😂

  • How this man gone say “you can throw all the stats out” 😂😂 wym Skip 😂😂

  • Why are we still being compared like cattle? Why can't they just all be great? they are two totally different players, great in their own right. Respect to them both!

  • Love LeBron....Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem are in the discussion as G.O.A.T.S. As much one might not want to admit, in the NBA you cannot overlook 'The Dominant Big-Man'!

    • LeBron needed 1335 more free throws and 2235 more three pointers to do this.

  • I love how Skip avoids any stat that paints Jordan in a negative light.

    • Shannon: Jordan scored 63, but he lost. I will Always remember that LeBron James Broke Kareems record. An amazing achievement. "But He Lost". 😂 😂 😂

    • @El Es FACTS

    • So do Lebron fans

  • 😂😂😂 these guys never fail 2 entertainment

  • Everytime Skip opens his mouth his makes LeBrons case for him 😂😂

  • 10 finals in the modern game is crazy

  • I like the part at the end bc they aren't screaming at each other, just laughing and having a normal conversation about basketball

  • skip should get an oscar for his acting during every show

  • Shannon screaming the questions and skip just casually answering a whole diff point is 😂😂😂😂😂

    • @Ray S 😂😂😂😂

    • Shannon: Jordan scored 63, but he lost. LeBron Broke Kareems record, "But he lost". What's the difference. 😂 😂 😂

    • @bitw bitb That team is comparable to every team Jordan played in the Finals.

    • @Kaizer Sozzay are you seriously trying to say harden who wasn't really harden until rockets is clear indication of how a team that was led by westbrook and kd who had no final experience and got pretty much swept was some hard team for the heat to face. You know what its my fault when you started talking about college I should have known

    • @bitw bitb 🤦🏽‍♂️ You keep writing books that literally don’t help your weak argument. OKC was an easy chip? You obviously don’t know much about basketball. Go check that roster. 😂 It was deep enough to keep Harden on the bench. 🤦🏽‍♂️ And I brought up Jordan in college because the same BS happened to him there. Never made anyone better and the team didn’t miss him when he wasn’t there. That’s NEVER happened to a Bron team. 😉🤫

  • The game is so different now. Mj played in a more physical Era

  • 9x all 1st team defense is 🔥 not gonna lie

  • bro sometimes Skip just be talking and not making sense😂

  • They will keep arguing about it to keep the topic alive forever and entertain the audience 😂😂

  • Lebron Jordan and Russell are on a whole different atmosphere of basketball

  • Skip's argument about Jordan taking 3 years off actually works against him 🤣

    • @PRANJAL BHOI We understand, it's just a stupid thing to say. You cant win mvp, scoring title, or all defense etc when you play less than 20 games in a season.

    • @F Carter Did I say something which was hard to understand? I said it was 15 seasons and not 13. Even I know the achievements he has accomplished buddy.

    • @kama What I said made perfect sense, and you don't realize it, but you just add validity to what I said. Comprehension skills are something that is truly needed by this younger generation. You just said he knew how to lead, but he couldn't play off a co-star until he became the first option. A leader doesn't need to be the first option because a true leader can improve the people around him. But he knows when to step up and score. Which, Lebron has been doing very well over the past few years, but he needed Wade to teach him how to do so. I never said Lebron wasn't a leader I just said he need someone to show him/

    • Bron passed MJ in career points & we high basketball IQ fans know CONTEXT- hence, MJ is GOAT. MJ is NBA GOAT. Kareem is basketball GOAT. Bron is longevity GOAT. Wilt and Bill are GOATS. Kobe is GOAT. Always better than Bron. Magic is closest competition. Then Bird. Bron is top 4-6 for me.

    • @PRANJAL BHOI It don't matter if it's 15, 13, or 6 years. Jordan accomplished more than Lebron in those time spans than Lebron did in 20 years

  • This show is like 2 lawyers arguing who's the prime suspect. And we're the judge letting them rip each other apart!😂😭

  • Kareem looked so miserable the whole night 😂😂

    • Well he’s old for one and he’s never been much of a media guy.

    • Kareem looks like that ALL OF THE TIME!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • He compared baseball HRs to scoring title in the nba 😂😂😂

  • Shannon gets so mad when Skip interrupts him but he does it to Skip all the time and Skip just calmly keeps tearing him apart 😂

  • when the defense is diff. shooting percentages really doesnt matter😂

  • I’m just glad that Kareem is getting some recognition in the GOAT debate.

    • LeBron is the man now...but Kareem held the scoring belt for nearly 40 years, against the best centers and big men in history, all the while defending himself and his team mates against goons and enforcers. Getting triple teamed and facing epic battles against Doctor J, Larry Bird, the Dream, and the Pistons. He shows up and hands the ball over to LeBron, acknowledging the passing of the torch to the next fella. Great sportsmanship. People still find ways to pick on him tho. Strange

    • surprised he's not mentioned more often

    • Kareem is #2 right behind only MJ

    • If you include kung fu kicking Bruce Lee, flying that airplane, dunking on Hakeem and Ralph Sampson and winning celebrity jeopardy....yeah he's in a class all by himself

    • Kareem abdul jabbar will always have greatest career in the history of basketball no cap but kobe is the most disrespected nba player forever

  • Credit skip and Shannon for taking the jordan vs bron goat conversation to the height it's at now. Shannon has been the loudest person to say LeBron is the goat which I totally agree 👍

    • Lebron is the goat of Cleveland. MJ destroys him in all metrics the only ppl who thinks Bron is goat is 2k babies

  • The "GOAT" conversation is nothing more than cooler talk. We'll never know who is the true greatest player of all time. I just prefer to marvel at the accomplishments of these great athletes. Jordan was a true wonder to watch, and LeBron is an all-around, do everything talent. I'm amazed by both. Also, congratulations, King....

  • It amazes me How Kareem was able to score all those points and only eva getting one 3 Amazing Greatest Centre Of All Time 💪😛

  • Larry Bird was right he said, referring to LeBron, "when it's all said and done this kid gon b better than all of us," Bird knew, gon b the only player in NBA history w 40,000 points, and the only player w 40,000 puts, 10,000 ast, and 10,000 reb Krazy. Best all around player for sure

  • Jordan is the GOAT in my opinion. The way Jordan dominated the league in his apex, we might not ever see it again.

  • There is two sides of seeing things. Winning titles with 3 different coaches, players and team can somewhat proof you are great no matter the circumstances. In the other hand it can also proof that you aren't happy anywhere you go and always look for best opportunity to win specially looking for a stacked team.

  • Only argument that gets better with time 🤣🤣

  • What’s delightful moment for Lebron to have Kareem bless him. Congratulations 🎉🎊🍾 @lebron James. Why is Shannon yelling

  • By becoming the all time points scored leader LBJ has got the case over MJ in the same way Stockton has his over Magic for greater PG/player of all time. Yeah, I can almost read your thoughts there ;) I rest my case.

  • Skip is fantastic of deflecting lmao

  • Shannon make my day. Haha its not even a conversation.

  • Skip avoids answering questions like no other lol

    • @bg mck having 6 titles has nothing to do with Jordan's performance in Washington. It's irrelevant. He's saying Jordan wasn't great in Washington and he wasn't. Having 6 titles doesn't change that fact. You are correct Magic wasn't old when Jordan faced him, he was still in his prime when he retired though.

    • I mean the man is making his most dough for potraying a character that dismisses lebron at all times

    • @Tong Zou Ik but Lebron’s 8 pt performance will live on cuz of the convo he now ushered himself in and cuz of all the coverage and hype around him during that time.Kobe’s 2004 doesn’t get mentioned enough tho that’s an all time stinker too.Ik everyone has a bad performance but when you enter the GOAT convo a lot of is just straw picking and opinions tbh.

    • @Jumbo Storm No that's not true. I think Jordan is slightly ahead of Lebron in the all time conversation. What I don't like is Jordan fans pretending that he was this perfect god who never had bad performances and then constantly bring up Bron's 2011 Finals that's totally one sided BS

  • You can't compare one person to another especially different era. Change is constant and the game has changed over time. Wilt can't be compared to Kareem's/Magics/Birds can't be compared to Shaqs/Kobes/Lebrons/ can't be compared to KDs/Currys. One has a unique ability upon the other. GOAT Conversation is opinion based and unending.

  • Lebrons biggest dents is his 07 final and 11 final. He let his team down massively on his INDIVIDUAL performance

  • This the issue I got with Jordan fans……… THE GOAL POST ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! 😂😂😂😂 they know they can’t win a FAIR argument 💀💀

    • 330 more games and still trails Jordan in nearly every individual accolade including Rings.

    • lebron fans. how can you be the best if you always losing?

  • This conversation about the Goat between skip and Shannon is 😆😆😆😆

  • Shannon got some hangover action going 😂

  • I’ll say this, that was one of the coolest celebrations I’ve ever seen. Would’ve been wild with a W.

    • You Fakers fans should be used to taking L's by now. You should also be lucky that the Clippers aren't waiting for y'all if y'all ever get into the finals because they 10in no against the Queen and the Fakers. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆-🙂👌🏽>🏆🏆🏆🏆-😭😭😭😭😭😭 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • @Emin Jonas you said it best my man,amen

    • Because after he got the record, lebron went passive, taking total of 2 shots in the 4th. Where was he when his team needed his offense?

    • @JulianKobe would’ve said F the celebration, let’s win the game !!!!

  • In 1991 Magic Johnson was in his prime. He was 32. He was like top 2 in MVP voting...

    • yep and he avged 12.5 apg in reg season and finals. no one has done that in finals since.

  • They didn't introduce three pointers till halfway through Kareem's career. Man's was robbed. They also didn't call fouls as much as they do in today's nba.

    • Let's be real here. He made 1 three pointer in half of his career. So I doubt him having the 3 point line the other half of his career would have made any difference.

  • I'm not gonna lie, Shannon saying we romanticise losing when it comes to Jordan is wild. No one even speaks of Washington or any other moment when Jordan lost. I don't remember before the internet hearing anybody bring up Jordan being swept

    • @lemarze smith I don't know if it's the same but you're right. Second place is not first. My point is Jordan's legacy is cemented off 6 chips. His losses are erased entirely. Or shrouded in that bird game. I think ball might be different though because it means Lebron was the best in the east for a decade. Which counts for about as much as 2nd round picks 😂 which isn't much obvs

    • GOAT 🐐 6’9 250 played against way better skilled players, 4th in assists all time, & moves like Kobe & MJ who were 6’6 200lbs… LEBRON NEVER HAD A COACH LIKE MIKE or KOBE… no Phil no chip…. Lebron won in 3 different locations. MJ not winning no chip in Cleveland… Lebron just too big for MJ in a one on one both in their prime…end of discussion

    • Lebron Fans Romantice losing more then anyone. They say he made it to 10 Finals acting like he won all 10.

    • @Regal Sylvester the 63 point game against bird is crazy but he loss, even Lebron fans don't bring up Bron 51, 8, 8 against the GSW with a fully healthy KD, Curry, Klay...if anything, whether you still think Jordan is the GOAT, Lebron has demythologised the legacy

    • They avoid it and if it gets brought up they speak about it with so much understanding and excuses. Excuses they wouldn’t give you anyone else

  • Every time LeBron adds something to his resume, you hear “it’s not even close”.

  • Shannon said it...MJs peak was higher!

    • GOAT 🐐 6’9 250 played against way better skilled players, 4th in assists all time, & moves like Kobe & MJ who were 6’6 200lbs… LEBRON NEVER HAD A COACH LIKE MIKE or KOBE… no Phil no chip…. Lebron won in 3 different locations. MJ not winning no chip in Cleveland… Lebron just too big for MJ in a one on one both in their prime…end of discussion

  • I swear Skip is just here to troll Shannon 😂😂

    • Skip is right Jordan is better than Lebron. Lebron is still trying to win six, and that team he lost to last night was bad.

    • Shannon is no smarter. He's actually the worst basketball analyst.

    • Skip speaks from pure bias, complete disregard for logic and common sense. Kareem, Jordan, LeBron. It's up for debate with people that are open minded. Otherwise it's opinions based on bias, one way or another. Due to their different eras, positions, and overall career achievements/ moments it makes for a great discussion for level headed individuals. Excluding idiots and trolls. Such as Skip Bias.

    • 😂 Exactly! That brings him Joy, smh

    • Literally 🤣🤣🤣

  • Everyone has their own thoughts about who the GOAT is in the NBA. I think there are different GOATS for different eras in basketball.

  • It's hard to get behind this achievement due to HOW the game is PLAYED... I think had anyone done this, it would have been tainted because defense is NOT ALLOWED in today's game -- thank the NBA for changing their game backwards and making it one-sided so that you take away resistance. Pick any player to break this award playing in this era and it cheapens the achievement. I just cannot vouch for this record being broken no matter who broke it after 1991... you just have to allow real basketball to be played and that's something the NBA took away from itself.

  • Shannon makes good valid points this is coming from a MJ fan

  • People seem to forget that this era is easier to score and easier on your body same thing with Tom Brady

  • Skip running circles round unk on this subject 😂 every time

  • Jordan is right, you can't compare generation it's a disrespect. The 60s regimen and training is different than 70s, then 80s, 90s and obviously until now. So many technology, technique, and enhancement has been done. So the best way to end this is to determine who is the GOAT by generation not by all time. Imagine if the EGG tech which LBJ and Tennis Star Djokovic use which allows your body to restore like 20s is available in the 60s or 90s?

    • @Tupax Amaru Makaveli Shakur Kareem and Shaq now thats the real test

    • Kareems Skyhook shot would probably still be unstoppable in any given Era. Really only if you're built like Kareem or shaq

  • With skip deflecting Shannon’s questions, I get Liar Liar vibes. “I object!” “Why’s that Skip?” “Because it’s damaging to my case!”

  • I've never seen anybody put up a mental barrier and block anything other than positive moments and when's when it comes to skip talking about Jordan it's otherworldly the way he brings up a totally different situation and scenario when Unk gives him facts about Jordan that he doesn't want to hear and act like it never happend

  • I didn't know Kareem only scored one 3 pointer his whole career. 😳

    • LeBron needed 1335 more free throws and 2235 more three pointers to do this.

  • I love lebron and have watched him for 20 years. But as much as I want to, I can’t give lebron the goat

  • If Jordan winning all with Phil is easier task then why couldn’t the league stop it? 🧐

  • "Y'all find a way to romanticize losing when it comes to Jordan" 🤣🤣

    • @Hazz And once LeBron gets 6 rings like Jordan then what does Jordan have over him? LeBron would have a longer career, more points, and more finals appearances lol.

    • @Chester Castañeda does that get him a ring? Lebron said himself in a video that a ring is more important to hin

    • @Taj Rahine Bruh, the 2001-02 NBA season is from October 30, 2001 - April 17, 2002. So from October 30 to February 17, Jordan was 38. Same age as Bron LMAO.

    • @Hazz Last time I checked, "Top Scorer of All Time" isn't second place. 🤣

    • And you lebron fans love celebrating second place😭

  • mike is the 🐐but i will always remember that 2016 cavs 3-1 comeback as lebrons greatest achievement



  • Magic wasn't old.....another myth.....he was 31.

  • Jordan didn't have a HOF coach from day 1.... they both worked great together in the system and the whole team became legendary in those systems led by Jordan and Phil

  • Today I hear Kareem say he had 3 titles And Shannon say it, tf?

  • shannon is always screaming everytime he can not put skip in the corner😂😂😂😂

  • I'm from Akron. Watched Lebron in highschool. You have to account for multiple different things. Apex, Longevity, Accolades, Eye test, Era, everything. Lebron is my goat but Jordan definitely had the highest Apex. You have to compare players in their own eras or it's not fair. The league is much much more talented than it was in the 90s. Mostly because of Jordan/the dream team (Can't forget Magic & Bird).

  • All of the "negative stats" against Lebron's 3 point shooting, free throw shooting, blah blah blah but he is still going to set a record in scoring that will never be broken. Not bad for a terrible 3 point, free throw, and pass first player.

  • Jordan had the best peak years but LeBron's longevity is starting to catch-up. They're 1A, 1B for me right now. But I don't think LeBron would ever surpass Jordan in my eyes.


  • I like how Skip just casually throws out Lebron's accomplishments 🙄

  • MJ is GOAT and nothing will change that. 🐐

  • Jordan was extremely one dimensional on offense. I know different times, ya driving/finishing/ short game was all elite, but no long range/3-pt/assists/play making. Everyone always ignores parts of the game when it favors Jordan. And Shannon is right, Jordan could have done this and that if he wanted to. Ridiculous. Jordan didn’t have to be great with any other group of players, found the perfect team for his play with HOFers and a HOF coach. Never did anything without them.