Doing my best Emongg impression in Overwatch

čas přidán 29. 03. 2023
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The Overwatch 2 (OW2) grind is real and isn't stopping anytime soon
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  • "I hate it here get me out" average overwatch enjoyer

    • I’m a Plat/Diamond support that somehow got into Masters in Comp Mystery Heroes and I’m constantly yelling this.

    • @Crumbmuffins I feel that one as a plat/diamond rein main lol

    • Then proceeds to play for another 5 hours

    • @Jack Berry I’m not as active anymore tbh however I felt that in high masters when I was facing the top 10 players after not playing for a few months haha. Tough but fun and aggravating. I don’t think I like overwatch it was simply an addiction 😂

  • 5:13 Yeah, the voice lines are currently bugged at the moment Once I killed Kiriko as Junkrat and he said “I blew up a fossil!” Another time I killed Torbjörn as Ana and she said, “Sorry, Winston. You’re a big target” And another when we were pushing the robot and our Bap said to stop the enemy from pushing

    • Yo, thats bad

    • on push specifically you tend to hear the “WE NEED TO STOP THEIR PUSH” voice lines when you’re close to winning, idk why.

    • One time i killed doom fist and Dva said…

    • It's so bad with Mercy she'll be like "Boosting you Pharah" and I'm pocketing a widow

    • One very VERY noticeable bug I’ve heard a lot is when Discord gets put on another ally, and you react to it as it was put on you. I’ve heard “Damn it” so many times when Discord wasn’t even put on me

  • Flats dva? I’m here for it

  • I would love to see some other games from flats. Especially if they are played with emongg and seagull!

  • As a DVA one trick I appreciate this video

  • 5:10 I think I know what happens in this situation. If team A pushes the bot to like 73.18m, team B needs to move the bot the same distance to win during overtime. But, since the robot goes idle at the first checkpoint, the game has to decide who has the lead when both teams only manage to push the bot to the first checkpoint. In this case, Flats' team reaches the first point at 53.55m and immediately "loses the lead" because the enemy team reached that point first. It's still odd because last time I checked, this situation would end in a draw during overtime if neither team has the bot.

  • I love seeing flats go dva

  • Clearly more Dva is needed.

  • Id love to see flats make content for some other games to.

  • Great video keep it up!

  • Dva is a low key carry in the world of Ball and Rein. Doom is an absolute troll pick into her IMO.

  • honestly riveting ... ate a half a bag of pretzels

  • Nice video. I like rare dva gameplay its satisfying.

  • "Lost the lead" bug triggers on forward-spawn unlock points, I've noticed.

  • I still feel like the rare w dva pick was a better title

  • When you randomly swing your hammer is it so it’s harder to get a head shot or do you do it for fun if so that’s smart

  • Flats said fuck it ill do it myself😂

  • Yes, join us, brother, embrace the Gremlin Gamer Lifestyle

  • "You have lost the lead". Yeah I've been getting weird voicelines during the game as well. I headshot Soldier 76 with Widow, and Widow said, "The battlefield is no place for little girls" or something like that. I was like "does Soldier identify as a girl now or is Widow throwing serious shade here?"

    • I had a match the other day where I killed Doomfist as Torbjörn, and he said “You’re not cut out for the big leagues yet”

  • It's better than my Dva😂

  • Anyone know how flatz looked to the right without moving his shield? 0:40

    • Hold melee while holding up your shield and turn.

  • "your team has lost the lead" - "it bugs out sometimes" - sometimes? brother i don't think i've heard the characters say the right voiceline once in 2 months of playing. every time we take the robot one of ours goes "THEY'VE TAKEN THE ROBOT" like what? am i actually a tf2 spy lmao

  • "we win this one" in the heat of a long fight Is meta Comms

  • Mid DVA game tbh. Enemy team had a tank that was throwing and noone on the enemy team even swapped to counter.

  • that skin is so cute but i hate those sounds especially the flying one

  • Ok before watching this, Im going to make my own Flats Bingo because you never follow your own advice when playing Dva.

  • Hearing that baller Pokemon Sada/Turo theme blasting in the background!!

  • welp guess im off to watch some one else for a bit until flats is actually having fun again.

    • Yeah I'll be honest I'm having fun on ow right now and hik not having fun is just a double blah for me go play something you have fun playing maybe I'll get interested and play that too 🤷‍♂️

  • Love the hidden gems of pokemon scarlet music.

  • All I see our DVAs down here in bronze

  • watching ball just spin around and be 30% faster than the entire cast is just ignorant idk wtf blizzard was on when they designed hammond but they need to fire the entire team involved.

  • the funny youtube man got me over here kicking my feet and tryna shoot my shot


    • seconding this, how tf did he do that?

    • You hold primary fire while having shield up

  • more scarlet and violet boss music

  • omg I haven't seen any1 use that skin and I hate the booster sound so much I would never use that

  • FR emongg got scarred

  • anyone knows about the song thats playing its really familiar

    • it's the sada/turo battle theme from pokemon scarlet/violet

  • Anyone else ranked games say around 10 minutes today?

  • Dva pog

  • Emongg scared rn

  • whats the music in the background?

  • Hi flats

  • Gg

  • saos

  • 9:10 ololol more cringe self-advertisement

  • Ayyy wassup

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  • 1 hour ago nice


  • 10 seconds ago

  • 5th I think