Doja Cat - Rules (Official Video)

čas přidán 24. 10. 2019
Hot Pink out now!
Director: Christian Sutton
Executive Producer: Sam Canter
Commissioner: Sam Houston
Producer: Geenah Krisht
Production Company: Psycho Films
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  • This song needs to be on a From Dusk to Dawn remake soundtracj

  • Doja looking like a pimp in the Wild West

  • Thought you were a 🐄?

  • Yes

  • choque de la mechanceté en meme temps il ses foutu d'elle des souri il a pas réussi sa mission

  • Hop normani jump on the song for remix

  • I love it when a guy just goes down on me before the deed without me having to mention it🥰😜

  • She gives me Nicki Minaj vibes


  • can someone explain why she flipped out at the guy who gave her the box full of mice? love the video, but don't really understand it tbh

  • I'd sell my cat just to be that snake at 2:50

  • 2:09 Cardi?

  • 15 million views on some real hip hop bars spitting type shit.

  • 👩🏾 ( )( ) ).( ( )( ) | | | | 👠👠

  • #umblocklondonyellow

  • O muh gawd

  • *play with my 😺 but don't play with my emotions*

  • I need BTS of this video !

  • Wife 4 life

  • What kind of caddies are those? Escalade?

  • I love this women

  • Love you Doja You're so funny talented and give me more courage to deal with my life thank you for being you 😘

  • I really like that bitch bitch part

  • 2:27 yes ma'am

  • I thought I was straight-

  • The flow changes are braid tight

  • We need a Doja x Nicki Minaj

  • Telling my kids this was Rango

  • This video DOPE ASF

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • 2:28 Yes, yes you do

  • She can be anything like Cow at the moo video. Watermelon at the juicy video, Cat&Snake at the Rules video, Cybercostume at the Cybersex video.

  • So this is what a Tarantino film would be like if Kendrick Lamar rapped over the soundtrack

  • Her and kendrick need to collab asap

  • Had no clue she was putting it down like this.

  • M🐮🐮D

  • she just sellin it to satan. We see.

  • So she dates white men and calls black people niggas? WoW! Who sanctioned and gave her a pass? Bitch outta pocket... culture vulture for reals. Fuck this Whit Bitch. Since she can say nigga and it's cool, then me calling her a cracka ass white bitch should be okay to. When is it ever a good time for a white person to say the word nigga?

  • This video called me ugly and untalented in like 5 ways, but I’m not even mad like go off Doja

  • STOP. COMPARING. FEMALE. ARTISTS. Theres room for everybody. *from a comment below, totally agree*

  • Anyone else also feel like Ludacris woulda been a great feature on this? Or for potential future songs w/ doja

  • Where can I find nice chaps like that 😭😭

  • The creativity for your music videos never ceases to impress me

  • Doja went off on this song, this gotta be my fav song now.

  • Great just what we need another "artist" for 14 year old girls to go I think I'm gay now like OMG thighs!! Just so you guys know there's these things called musicians that play instruments..check em out.

  • I was a fan at first but she trash to me now! It just her looks is what helping her succeed

    • You weren't a fan then at all.

  • Meowrr

  • Is she drinking cum


  • 0:08 did y'all hear her pur

  • was so scared when that snake popped out on top of her V****a

  • Imma tell my kids this was Puss In Boots

  • Stop comparing my baby to fucking cardi b and all these horrible rap artist..shes been on a different wave from the very beginning.

  • Whoa...i love dis chick.

  • I’m obsessed with Doja wow

  • Yassssss Queen you slay that outfit.

  • She's come so far. I don't compare her to Nicki and Cardi because she her own breed of badass.

  • The fact that shit talk shit like a Black woman on track but act like a white chick when she’s with her boyfriend lol.

  • "Play with my pussy but don't play with my émotions !" I like it Dojat! 👌🏾😄! Real talk !!!!!👏🏾😆 Là t'assure !!!!!💜

  • Anaconda 😃🐍! Yes Dojat!😋