Don’t Ignore THIS Early Warning Sign - MUSCLE LOSS!!

čas přidán 17. 07. 2019
If you want to avoid muscle loss or wasting time in the gym you need to pay attention to your body’s natural early warning sign. Grip strength is one of the easiest and earliest ways to detect when your training is about to become unproductive, long before the negative side effects start to become apparent. It doesn’t have to be a surprise however. In this video, I’m going to show you the best way to test the strength of your grip and hands without having to spend a lot of money or take up a lot of time.
First, why is grip so important. We know that your grip strength correlates to your performance on the bigger compound lifts. Due to the irradiation effect of a strong grip to more of the proximal muscles, as well as the stability provided to the entire kinetic chain that starts with a strong grip we will always need to strengthen our hand strength if we want to realize our true potential in the gym.
Next, the interesting thing about grip strength is that it is driven perhaps more than any other element by neuromuscular efficiency. When your body is not up to maximal function, like when tired or ill, the strength of the grip is one of the first and most direct ways to realize this. Attempting to squeeze your hand and make a tight fist when feeling this way will show you just how impossible it is to obtain max strength.
The same thing happens when you are approaching a state of under recovery. Many times, people will continue to add new things to their weight training regimens because they want to try something they’ve seen. The issue comes in when nothing else is replaced. Continuing to add more and more volume to a muscular system that already has reached it’s capacity to recovery from is a way to send your body into a deeper state of woe and make it harder for you to see new gains.
You will see this in the form of decreased strength, a lack of desire to train, a plateau in new muscle hypertrophy or strength that seems to go on forever. All of this is avoidable if you just start testing the strength of your grip on a daily basis with a 2 minute procedure that you can do with an ordinary bathroom scale. The hand grip dynamometer shown in the video is the gold standard used by physical therapists for measuring grip strength but it is expensive and as you’ll see, not needed to get a fairly accurate snapshot of where you stand right now.
Take the non-digital bathroom scale and support it on one knee. Position your hand on it so that your thumb is pointing up and your fingers wrap around the scale to squeeze it. Squeeze the scale as hard as you can and take note of the number in pounds that you generate. The key from here is now to consistently measure yourself and look for comparisons.
If you see a drop of more than 10 percent from your baseline number then you want to take action to intervene on your current workout. You may need to take a reload week. You may need to decrease the volume of your overall work or even just lighten the loads that you are using to give your central nervous system a break. Even if this takes about a week or so to bounce back to baseline, you are going to be far better off for doing this than you would have been by banging away at your workouts in this state of under recovery.
The key to avoiding this beyond just consistent measurement is to follow a training plan that doesn’t have you do more than what your body can recover from. All of the ATHLEAN-X programs available at the link below are designed to get you training to the edge but still allow your body to build itself up to be bigger and stronger from workout to workout.
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    • thanks so much for making this, ive been dealing with this issue for years and didnt know how to finally solve it till watching this video!!!

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  • I actually discovered this before training everyday when i was 18, it is intresting how you brought this up. I tjust tought it was tjust my body or inmagination.

  • Jesse needs to train grip strength!

  • I can't believe Jeff's grip is only 50kg, that's only slightly above average. I did a physical test recently to become a lineman and my grip test was 75kg, and I'm nowhere close to being as strong as him.

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  • Jeff my left arm has a much worse grip than my right? What can I do to fix this? When I try to flex my left arm I barely get anything but my right one has a big muscle, most of the time I have to stop the workout or else I’d be working my right arm more than my left. Why is my left arm weaker and what can I do to fix this? (I’m 16 btw, if that matters)

  • Best advice, ever heard. you rock jeff

  • My highest or peak was 25kg(i know) and sometimes around 22-23, so, now I have tried doing it after seeing this video and, holy shit its 18kg, maybe because I have worked out then tried it, but, I'll try to do it tomorrow and if it is true then I am going to stop training my arms because that is the spot I usually train. (god i hope im wrong)

  • You're absolutely right Jeff, I always wondered why my grip and overall strength seemed low after a workout and strong the next day. I expected my strength to improve during a workout because my muscles got pumped up. Now I know they get weaker because of fatigue, thank you.

  • So it’s just a sign of over training?

  • In case the scale is not calibrated to give an accurate reading when exposed to force on one side only, you might want to do it with both hands and devide the reading by two. Just a suggestion from an engineer.

  • An eagle has 300psi grip strength in it's talons, the equivalent of a large dog bite at just 18lbs

  • My grip strength is over 9,000

  • I needed this, I feel like I'm doing a lot, will surely drop the super sets from now on, they're useless.

  • very informative and useful information but where is JESSE. at least play his intro Jeff. Please mate love from UK, where Jesse is the Geezer.

  • So is 26 bad......

  • Recent studies show that improving your grip strength can extend your life.

  • But your scales are in pounds, right? So how come you got 50 pounds on the scale and 50 kg from the device?

  • I enjoy the comments here as much as i enjoy the channel 😂😂

  • "If you break wind, only do so against the prevailing wind for resistance or you are losing gains'..

  • Awesome video and a really good reminder. Couldn't have been more timely for me because I just started a rest week and then I'll do a 70% of normal Delia's week next week because my grip has been really suffering. My lifts have been gradually going up but I don't feel the psych and excitement before I lift anymore and my carpal tunnel syndrome has been really bothering me along with some minor aches and tight muscles. I looked back over my training notes and I haven't reloaded in almost 9 months....didn't realize I pushed it that long. Thanks for the awesome tip! Has anyone tried foam rolling their forearms? I found it really helpful right before my heavy lifting days.

  • I tried it with a libra that is pretty shit to grab and got ~20kg, the fact that with a better one to grip i would get more is irrelevant right? Cuz the only thing that matters is if these 20kg on that hard to grab libra will change over the coming days/weeks, right? And u just do it once a day? And does it matter when u do it?

  • THUMBS UP!!!! then watch!!!! my grip strength should be fine. almost every morning i do grip exercises with my grip thingy--one of 3 circles weighing x-amount of weight--with ny bed/side of bed stretches. and recently i just saw a forearm, hand, and finger grip ex vid (youtube recommended) from physical therapists bob & brad. i intend to incorporate those exs into my routine....

  • i just scored 110 glute grip! ohhh shit!

  • This dude' 'veins have veins'.!!

  • was that scale in pounds or kilo? because the hand gripper you said it was in kilograms. maybe my math is off.

  • Did he ask us to leave our measurements in the comments?

  • I feel like i am plateuing and my grip strength feels so weak almost all the time. maybe preworkout helps but thats about it -_-

    • I feel a bit like that atm. My wrists are knackered from overtraining! I've cut down the amount of days that I'm training now, I hope it helps.

  • I can close the number 2 coc gripper

  • i did it with my thumbs and it was 57 or 62, same scale, good or bad?

  • i did the scale too and i was at 137, is that good bad, or did i do it wrong

  • 50kg vs 50pounds? it should have been 110 pounds

  • I lift weights and I also play drums I use my hands and my fingers some people say that if you train your hands with weeds that it makes your face twitching muscles stronger but slower does it have some truth are you does anybody know that's something that can help please

  • 50 kg and 50lbs are very different.

    • Real talk... 50kg is 110.231lbs. I'm not convinced that the bathroom scale is an accurate tool for this.

  • I got a shoulder injury and it's been 2 weeks doctors said 2 more weeks so all together a month

    • Ja damn bro i injured my ankle on my foot three times in 8 months, it still hurts and im so desperate... Also my elbows started to hurt a the recent weeks/months, I can‘t do any upper body besides kinda abs and back at home. For whatever reason my knee started to hurt two days ago, i got a cold, got back to old habits... fuck this

  • 24.7 kg for me... But I am musician (bass) si its maybe my only real muscle trained as it should be :) Thank you

  • Then again I will be discouraged because I knew I could go hard but I have to drop the weight and less volume. Because my body is in recovery mode and my grip dropped 5 lbs.

  • this is so true I don't even have to watch the test to know i need to train less and rest