Don't Fund This ✅ #70[REDDIT REVIEW]

čas přidán 1. 07. 2020
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  • Shame is the most powerful weapon Felix, stop blurring the faces

  • I'm laughing so hard-

  • chill peiwds

  • 0:00 it says Cocomelon not PewDiePie

  • This is where the war against essential oils began.

  • honestly cannot be bothered to watch the rest of the video when he was insensitive to how horrible it is to be ridiculed for your weight. dislike

  • Loving this video.

  • Help palestine , yemen and ppl in beirut . They need it to survive . Stop giving it to internet thots


  • Cocomelon PEWdiepie?

  • It took 5 months, but I went through every T series video... and disliked it

  • The intro is 😂

  • T Series 💪💪❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • If people choose to fund it then it was worth the fundraiser.

  • Nah the guy who wanted the green beans is very humble. His cause was humble and he deserved every penny .

  • The subtitles said my name is Peter pan 😂😂🐃💨😆🔫

  • u know ur kind of a douchebag sometimes

  • Why is there ferb on the right at 8:03

  • Look at how stupid the average person is, now realize half of people are even stupider than that.

  • I swear you are the best legendary CS-tvr , salute sir .

  • Did y’all see Freb in the background

  • I was so used to hearing 'Pewdipie'in the intro that the 'cocomeln' caught me off gaurd

  • fund me to send pewds a giant lego version of himself

  • Hey, what's the website, can some one link it please???

  • I love it intro 😁

  • This was posted on my Birthday

  • 7:00 when simp haha

  • 2:37 *meth*

  • Me: Can someone help me finance my study? *Felix: Just pay your god damn study by yourself !*

  • Every intro is cocomelon

  • So what does kylie Jennifer actually do

  • Hey Abby Brown is talking shit about you

  • Can someone get me money for an operation 300 PayPal would be good

  • I'm convinced that if I sign up with a pretty girl as a pfp and say "I'll date whoever donates the most ☺️☺️☺️" i'll get $1000 hand down.

  • “If all my subscribers give just 2 dollars, I’ll have 2 million dollars” Meth

  • I literally rewinded the intro at least 7 times to make sure that I heard Cocomelon and not PewDiePie

  • I wish this was a hoax, but it, unfortunately, isn't. Getting a job is way easier, and I bet those people would be a lot more grateful with they wish for. This stressed me out a bit, but it was quite an interesting Reddit.

  • 8:03 thank you for the editing

  • 8:04 you see a sneaky person in the background

  • you're wrong in your thinking, every single person on this earth deserves; food, shelter.

  • To the person who is reading this: Your intelligent and smart, stay safe and God Bless

  • What happened to the audio at 5:31? Why didn't i see any comments mentioning about this?

  • Was that Ferb in the background

  • I think I will use this site to buy me an overdose

  • the cutest intro ever


  • 6:28 unus annus

  • 0:05 You are not Cocomelon.

  • I need money so I can give you your money back so I seem like a good person

  • More like "Go, fund yourself, Aaron Carter"

  • anyone say ferb in minute 8:06

  • I want a million bucks. Twitter do your thang!

  • Did anyone else say Ferb in the vent peak out?


  • idubbs

  • I watch to stare at his eyes. They're so beautiful. No disrespect intended to his lovely wife.

  • the way pewds is going on... its almost like poor people cant want things... or that wanting somethnig out of budjet and asking for help is a bad thing... if u dont wanna give them money then just dont... god forbid poor people exist


  • 8:02 what was that

  • Anyone who donated to any of these deserves to be put on r/madlads