Dope Tech of CES 2020: Sony Made a Car?!

čas přidán 9. 01. 2020
Sony made a car. OnePlus made a piano. Razer made a mini PC. CES still got it!
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  • what do you call that tune that was getting played on the piano? please let me know thank you

  • Sony needs cars for Sony Pictures , for S Ride in Japan , for Zoomcar in India and more , Why not made them ?

  • Imagine if Apple made a car! That shit would be dope.

  • this car was only built to show Sony's power.

  • very interesting to know that japanese kanji has gone thru the simplification period as well. has there been any acceptance issue between "traditional" and "simlified" kanji? what about now as keyboard typing is prominent

  • sony car looks like porche

  • Looks like it started as as tesla a they put they're spin on it

  • That is really cool looking car

  • 5:22 LOL 🤣

  • I will not buy a phone with a camera bump that's a square in the corner. That is ugly.

  • Your plant is suffering!!!

  • I had a dream... I got a apple car😂 It was pretty creepy because the "apple car" was gold and pretty destroyed 😂

  • I love your vids

  • What's the intro tune?

    • Jack Blasz Sea by Jordyn Edmonds

  • The PlayStation car

  • Can we get a spaceship plz

  • I have to say, i'm surprised he didn't talk about the hyundai life sized drone.

  • "You can put up Alexa in pretty much everything" LMAO 🤣

  • Hope ull do a video on the vega care made in Sri Lanka

  • Intro song is fire tho

  • I just want a google car that can download youtube music videos STRAIGHT TO THE CAR for free !

  • sony car looks like a Tesla clone.

  • They should include this concept car in Gran Turismo Sport

  • When is Samsung going to make a waterfall edge tv?!!...

  • Eww the car is weird

  • 4:33 where can I find full version? Thanks

  • 2010- How many cameras do you have? 2020- How many cameras does your phone have? 2030- How many cameras does your car have?

  • the car is now the PS5 and your Sony TV. it also comes with a flimsy charger and flimsy wheels.

  • Water your plant, please! That poor thing...

  • This car is amazing! Full of innovation! It's very impressive by Sony. Can't wait to pass this concept car by our automatic detection gantry Tchek!

  • How much does the car cost ?

  • That's a sweet car

  • How the fuck does the new galaxies not have wireless charging?!?! That's going backwards

  • Quad motors? But how many threads?

  • And you can put anything inside Alexa!

  • Somehow every time I watch a video I feel satisfied.

  • Next: Nestles launches its first supersonic fighter jet.

  • the mach e aint a mustang

  • Watching on a Sony

  • maaaan the intro was fuckin sick

  • The tycan should have been at ces

  • Stop shooting vertical video! check the VVS video :D

  • *10 MIL SUBS BRO*

  • The only problem I see with replacing things like side mirrors with LCD screens is that there are more things to go wrong. You don't want the side mirrors to fail mid-trip. You would want redundancy on those systems. Also, I agree with you in that people should stop shooting vertical videos; our TV's couldn't rotate sideways, until now, but they shouldn't have to.

  • For the rearview cameras, what picture profile are they using? Is it 6k down res to 4k?

  • I'll buy a Sony car

  • Sony car.. what a surprise lol

  • I wonder what they’ll name their car. Probably M108959054TS or something.

  • The rotating tv just looks like a giant vertical phone... ew

  • Great job!!!

  • Hideous

  • Dude, water your plants.. or buy a gadget for that.. Peace. :)

  • LG has a similar display as Samsung on rotating screen to match the aspect ratio. I saw that at the first opening of CES 2020 at the LG booth.

  • "The rest of the stuff, like brakes, wheels and tires..." Yeah, mate. The rest of the stuff is what a car IS.

  • I Hope it has a ps

  • 👌👌👌👌

  • 5:23 “...or we could just stop recording so much vertical videos” 20 seconds later (5:43)... there’s someone recording vertically😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • What's inside the Sony car??

  • dude, give that plant some water

  • 4:33-4:45 That sounds familiar........