Dragon Ball Super 2018 Movie: NEW Trailer MEANING And Easter Eggs

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Everything you need to know from the new Dragon Ball super movie trailer announced at Comic Con San Diego 2018.
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Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018 is scheduled to be released on December 14th, 2018. It’s the official continuation of Dragon Ball Super following the Tournament of Power. A trailer for the Dragon Ball Super Movie has just been recently released at the San Diego Comic-Con. We have new information and will breakdown the trailer showing all the Easter Eggs we noticed as well as discuss all the possible clues, hints and theories that may tell us about how the story may unfold.
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  • Everything is wrong with this video 😂😂

  • My god you guys are stupid that IS BARDOCK,GINE AND BABY GOKU

  • Lmaoo almost all of these easter eggs are wrong

  • You way off my boy


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  • 1:31 some golden condoms.

  • My brother Enoch is a fan of dragon ball z and he really want to see that movie on January 16

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  • 10k he would of had to otherwise him and his father wouldn't have survived the blast and out of space

  • Lol is almost all wrong

  • can Gine go super saiyan

  • This movie could be a 3D masterpiece on the big screen... And I fckn hate 3d.

  • Broly isnt frozen. The second trailer shows that the movie explores the past story of the sayains and in trailer two they say broly was being sent away so dont think broly was born with a high power level or at least not one that would lead to king vegetta wanting broly dead. Clearly there going to collect the dragon balls and the pod heading to earth was goku and sure broly's father knows where hes going. The run time isnt long enough for a search for broly. Im sure the film starts with the back story then cuts to the future and then for dragonballs or revenge they go to earth. Whatever the story i heard there developing broly story better. So my fingers are crossed. Hope they are smart and just make this a simple but well thought out story. It was terribly stupid that broly had a grudge against goku for crying and that broly even could tell that they where the same person. But only complaint is that again it looks like there changing up the story again. At least what happened at the end of the sayain planet. In the show freaza got mad when king vegetta stormed his ship to get back his son. But in the bardock movie freaza destroyed there planet cuase they where getting to be a threat. Then in the reboot dbs deerus said he ordered there planet to be destroyed. And other plot hole is that freaza said buu and beerus where the only two threats and yet the demon king that bobbi had under his control was clearly strong as cell wasnt even mentioned. And as we all know bobbi can only add only increase someones strenght by so much. But whatever the show doesnt make sense just like why napa wasnt revived by the dragon balls. They did wish for everyone who was killed by freaza and his men to be brought back and napa was killed by vegetta who was working for freaza at the time. But whatever dbz was just a really cool kids show that made everyone who watched it forget about dumb cheap shows like ninja turtles or power rangers.

  • Here’s the subbed movie. Good enough quality to enjoy. Your welcome kissanime.ru/Anime/Dragon-Ball-Super-Movie/Episode-CAM-LQ?id=153401&s=rapidvideo

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  • when will we be able to see new dragon ball move and new epizodes 2018-12 but what day we can watch?


  • Does anyone know the event code to buy tickets off Eventbrite? This airs at the TLC Chinese Theatre December 13th!

  • At 7:07 looks like vegeta little bother Edit: I know it’s not his little bother

  • Brolys scar in the middle is in the second coming movie

  • Broly had a tail. You can see it In he’s baby form

  • Planet vegeta should already be back to live with the android 18 wish ?

  • We all might know the UI may appear. Idk how but it might be there.

  • Would anyone sense broly if he was on Earth all this time, that's so lame CBR.

  • The weird food that broly was eating shows that he was on a different planet to

  • will vegito will be ultra instict in this dbs movie?

  • It’s teen caaba

  • Is this nigga retarted that saiyan on the left is cabba @7:01

  • Maybe they went to the saiyen planet in universe 6 and it all happens there, thats why we can see other saiyens at last too, or maybe sayens from universe 6 are comming to universe 7

  • So far this looks exactly the damn same. They didn’t change anything I thought it was supposed to be the creators own original take on him but I guess not, wtf was the point of Kefla if broly is gonna be the same as he always has 🙄 don’t bite my head off I’ve been keeping up best I can and what they said it was gonna be in the summer is not what we are getting now

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  • I like my own comment cause no one will

  • Broly looks kinda like Yamcha..COULD IT BE THAT YAMCHA IS BROLY .O. Jk. Yamcha is to powerful.

  • Lol ever since Super started nothing seems to make sense any more, it seems everyone is on "GOD" level now, even Krillin so i guess our beloved saiyans are just changing their hair colour, nothing else. Maybe they should just go back to changing their hairstyles instead, the power comes from the style not the colour it would seem lol

  • mastered ssgss

  • 6:58 that’s cabba

  • No body remembers that broly is from one of three newly revived universe's that tried to conquer all of the universes???

  • Poor Videl

  • It looked tarble

  • You missed goku going ultra instinct at the end of the trailer

  • 6:52 Goku is Natsu



  • That two saiyans are paragus and cabba

  • I found one when he roars it’s to voices

  • 6:57 that's paragus and beeds Stupid

  • Broly and paragus were together all these years King vegeta sent broly to a remote planet and paragus goes to that planet as well And paragus is working with freeza to steal the dragon balls or to kill goku and vegeta

  • You don t now how to make theories

  • Make a note they are in frieza planet not i. Earth watch trailer carefully

  • Maybe in the broly movie goku will fight broly and broly Is too strong and goku will turn ultra instinct

  • New motiviation Frieza still lives with sayans.

  • Why is it broly Again.....he is played out already

  • 4:57 damn goku is at mui and broly is laughing as they both struggle

  • this movie is great

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  • I really can't wait

  • i have an idea: broly gets defeated by yamcha

  • Broly vs Jiren??????

  • are you high it was shown in the trailer when Goku tries​ to touch his father

  • im missing trunks in the movies more and more

  • Is GOGETA coming in broly movie?

  • the fact that the two hands may not be of Bardock and Goku can be proved by the movie "Bardock: Goku's father". In that movie, Bardock's space pod lands on planet vegita only after goku's pod is launched. Try a new theory

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  • Jesus ya’ll were way off in plot

  • They should add universe 6 sayins and Goku and Vegeta should fuse or Goku should use ultra instinct

  • 6:58 the left is yamoshi in my opinion

  • The other saiyan is maybe vegetas litttle brother

  • My question is where does goku from universe 6 come into this movie???or is this a different goku and vegeta that we’re looking at

  • Kb A rhi h movie

  • I think they will remake the story we currently know and turn this movie into Canon just like they did with previous two


  • But now in that spacepod is Goku kid go check out Trailer #2 on my channel to see

  • Regurgitated trash

  • ...broly stop get some help

  • 3 babies in incubator: Vegeta's brother goku broly

  • who thinks broly is stronger because when he was a baby his power lvl is 10'000 and when goku was a baby it was only 2

  • It makes ZERO sense that this would be an origin movie. We already know origins. There was an entire series ... Dragon Ball.... that went through the origin of Goku

  • The 2 other saiyans could be King Vegeta and the saiyan to the left of him could be paragus

  • Maybe this is broly from universe 6

  • Theses are interesting theories

  • U missed "IM fired up" reference to fairy tail

  • Broly will now be canon. Very good.

  • Those two saiyans one of them looked like universal 6 Saiyan name caba

  • 0:05 he's about to turn ultra instinct

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  • What I don't like about the trailer is..... Broly being stronger then ssjgod....I mean. Wtf? Wasn't ssj god supposed to be like the Pinnacle of power? I mean they've degraded ssj blue too much.....like too much

  • "Easter egg" GTFO my ngga

  • 7:32 the one on the left looks like cabba

  • The part with the two new sayains it's broly father u can see the belt

  • Who watching in 2019? If you are from 2019 imma just let you know this comment is from the past:2018

  • I wonder if there is ui at all

  • ooh, what I'm hearing here, I don't believe it, why don't they just wish planet vegeta back?

  • Raditz will never be in a good movie

  • For the dragon Ball theory that's was the 4th dragon Ball so Goku was probably just carrying it around

  • i just want ultra insticts to return

  • Is it the official trailer?