Dragon Ball Super BROLY | The Movie | FAN FILM | - Part 2 [English Sub]

čas přidán 18. 09. 2018
The finale of the Broly Fan Film. Broly's power is unimaginable and even though Goku and Vegeta are at full power, they get beaten relentlessly. However, in their darkest hour, something miraculous happens.
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This Fan Edit/Animation is made for fun and I do not own the rights to Dragon Ball or work for Toei, Funimation, or Fuji TV. Full credit to Toei animation and Akira Toriyama
Produced and Animated by Mastar
Other Animators:
Audi Loki - cs-tv.org/username-suncollecter123
Fienamation - cs-tv.org/ch/UCfVKr6HyTdjH-9pSEBT4D0Avideos
Clovertech Productions - cs-tv.org/username-yahIthappens1234
AV44 - cs-tv.org/ch/UCfO9FF6QXAjmV8Fan6owNUw
Logo by Shakadiemens - twitter.com/shakadiemens
Fan made music by PokéMixr92 - cs-tv.org/username-Slhtubit92
Final Atomic Shine concept by MalikStudios and his Dragon Ball New Age doujinshi - www.deviantart.com/malikstudios
Art/Animations References/Rotoscops from:
Yutaka Nakamura
Yuya Takahashi
Naotoshi Shida
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James Dooley ft Jack Trammell - Convergence
Massivity - Fall of Eternity
Massivity - Immaculate Destruction
Pokemixr92 - Devil Awakened
2WEI - Battlefields
2WEI - Mission Zero
2Wei - Leaving Chromosphere
Two Steps from Hell - New World Order
Two Steps from Hell - Stallion
2WEI - Expectations
2WEI - Chainsaw Symphony
Two Steps from Hell - Decimator
Pokemixr92 - Ultra Instinct Theme (Unofficial)
Two Steps from Hell - Nero
2Wei - Orion
Thomas Bergersen - Embarking and Setting Sail

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  • Better than the movie

  • This is fan art animation. Not real lol

  • I don't think Superman would be to deal with him

  • Goku u r the best ever

  • Omg !!!!!!!!!

  • if vegeta went ultra instinct he wouldn't just pop into mastered. he would still have black hair.

  • At least vageta gets a win somewhere. Geezz

  • Perfect video!!👍🏾😉

  • 11:39 he looks like a kid saying LET ME GO!!!!!!!!!

  • I think that you rush too quickly to the level of ultra instinct against Broly because in the animation broly can't no put à blow To sangoku no veg. It should have been à Little longer. On the other hand I agree, that vegeta is ultra instinct. Are you aware how Broly is very very strong ?🤔

  • Da pra ver que não é o verdadero filme 😑

  • Vegeta the best!😅😎

  • So glad none of this happened

  • Fuck yeah Vegeta 🔥

  • i say hakaishi vegeta

  • I love how vegeta was getting the absolute shit beat out of him🤣

  • Although it not Officially video I like it

  • 2019?

  • Looks like Akumo to me

  • Your just the walmart version of dragon ball

  • 10:25 goku with boxing style lmao

  • Soy el unico que escribe en español

  • Essa porra é mentira

  • " Would you shut the fuck up already..."..!!!!! Hilarious! You earned a tap on the like button.

  • This is better than the movie

  • 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 shut the fuck up 💀💀💀

  • Q

  • 11:10 Turn Dow For What

  • Not true

  • So are we going to ignore that this came out in September 2018 and Broly movie came out in 2019 and the prediction that Frieza was the one leading Broly and His dad was dead on point with the movie! Talk about amazing accuracy!

  • Esta cosa es real hijo

  • :p

  • No is the original

  • Maybe it's just me, but that hand animation at 13:13 looks reeeeaallly similar to Todoroki's hand at the end of his fight with you-know-who at the tournament in BNHA season 2 (won't give specifics, don't wanna spoil anything for anyone). Either way, great video, seriously enjoyed it.

  • Honestly Goku could have just instant transmissioned Vegeta to king kais planet or something


  • 5:07 Soy el mísmisimo demonio.

  • I don’t think Africa is like Antarctica 🇦🇶

  • C'est de la merde

  • Vegita your so rude!!!😂😂

  • Il film è andato davvero così o fan edit vuol dire che è stato fatto da un fan?

  • 12:41 my boi vegeta

  • Lol UI doesnt work like that 😂😂

  • OH SHIT *dies*



  • Damn it, it happend yet again -_-

  • es falso 😠

  • Más falso

  • COMPLETELY OFF TOPIC, but since this is all fan made and what not imma just have to give the crown to super saiyan 4 VEGITO as all out king. Not talking about the new bullshit potara fusion that only last a hour, i mean the potara earrings from when they fought Super Buu and would not de-fuse. Plus super saiyan 4 would look like 'BETTER "GOD FORM' in my opinion i mean come on bring the tails back plus the furr..........add whatever color god ki you want and i just see beauty............... Buuuuuuuuut this will never happen unfortunately so

  • como se llama la canción del minuto 4:36?

  • No manches todos un minuto de silenco para admirar el ultra instinto de vegeta

  • Beautiful. How it should always be

  • Goku Could have Easily Defeated Him

  • Vegeta looked fucking awesome!!!

  • Wat kind of fuckery 💀

  • If you want to do more you will have to increase the contraste . Excuse me im french

  • 9:19 goku is cute

  • Ya right after all they’ve done I don’t think so.

  • Just the Final Atomic Shine, the animation, sound, and look. It's literally perfect.

  • Vegeta "Like hell I wouldn't" and "Would you shut the fuck up" was my favorite part :)

  • Lo mejor que e visto de un fan de dragonball

  • Imagine if this Broly was in the movie 😱🤣

  • Vegeta Nailed it...

  • It's not the very film, it is false

  • Actually better than the actual movie. The better ending made it great.

  • So innacurate after eatching the film stiil good tho

  • Vegeta le boss👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • Vegeta est le meilleur

  • Thet's what I want to see in the movei

  • 😍😍😍❌💪

  • fuck you vegeta fuck you bitch die you notherfuckin shit,fuck you

  • Why didn’t Frieza just, idk MOVE OUT THE WAY

  • Wish I’d have been able to watch this while all of it was on CS-tv, but companies can’t let fan made products exist...

  • En el Real goku no usa el ultra insintinto 😐 sólo se funciona con Vegeta y al final nadie gana por que broly desaparece gracias al deseo que pio la chica a las 7 esferas del dragón..

    • +Milagros Britos lo dices como si esto fuera la peli y dijeras que no :/

    • +carlos 711 y si ya se estoy diciendo lo que pasó en verdad Dios 🙄

    • Es una animacion que esperas que esto pase ?

  • The end

  • Nanet no way

  • fuck off broly is a good guy dude!

  • Very very very very very very... Good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😃

  • The vidéo it very god 😀😀😁😉😉😊😋😎🙂🙂😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Master media can u tell me Dragon Ball Super Broly part to its coming or u just making afan flim just part 2 may b owsemmm if u make a part 2 movie goku and vageta ultra intinct and with boly super power it will b owseem to much fun n to much clash oh my god i w8 to dead ???

  • You know it's fake when broly got mui goku and struggled him

  • That was awsome 😁😁 thanks 🙏🏼

  • He still alive bruh (vegeta)

  • where gogeta

  • Impressive work, the sound effects are better than dragon ball super.

  • Saque de una vez la puta última parte

  • Looks like Goku can't forgive Vegeta now... lol

  • Loving

  • Looks like akumo

  • guys...the day ìs here, say your goodbyes

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  • Where's part 3 there has to be a part 3

  • At 13:57 on the words below it said vegeta said John Walton instead of what he said in Spanish

  • To much blood 😭

  • Vegeta is the best

  • Haha! MaSTAR got copyrighted!

  • Better than 2019 version.