Draymond questioned Kevin Durant's 'commitment' to Warriors - Stephen A. | First Take

čas přidán
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman of First Take break down the latest inside hearings of Golden State Warriors' stars Kevin Durant and Draymond Green's fiery altercation in their overtime loss to the Los Angeles Clippers Monday night. Stephen A., according to his sources, says Draymond "brought up Kevin Durant's contract" and essentially said he has "one foot in, one foot out."
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  • This shit will effect the free agency lol ppl forget 🤫

  • Draymond Green should have been kick off the team for good. He is the guy who is not need bye, bye, punk.

  • Stephen I love him like a brother Smith

  • Keep cousins trade draymond

    • Young Simba tripping lol

  • nobody need him or Snake, (slither slither slither )🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  • Green is a joke!

  • I would play w kd , i would not want draymond on my team

  • Fuck draymond green

  • Yeah Draymond Green is going after this season I’m telling ya..Max is right ain’t no way they gone pick DG over KD....shyt I wouldn’t cause DK is 10 times better than DG

  • Draymond is trash and just mad so he’s gonna act like a female and be petty and not pass to KD to get back at him in a way and for everyone saying max is dumb and not saying anything are dumb max is right DG just made cause he knows the warriors and any organization would rather have KD then him and that’s what max said. DG might just be mad at KD for not committing cause it’s making the warriors not pay him yet to see what KD wants so they have the money and don’t waste it on DG and yeah maybe a lil mad cause he was kinda the guy who brought KD to GSW so he want a lil loyalty but KD been taking pay cuts and shit he won a title he ain’t getting any younger so he needs to start thinking about the money and getting fat contracts while he’s still top 5 in nba

  • And if he honestly leaves the" Warriors " it's only then Label all his tlk about playing with LJ as being Toxic as him Grudging LJ because he would have done nothing different leave his Team and Win then leave his present team just to Win again and that is being a real fckn Pussy like LBJ, because all the management for the 90's Bulls team was add " ROLE " players to compliment MJ & Scottie plus BJ Grant & Carthwright in their first Squad then repeat the same thing in their Second Squad, and hey Steve Kerr is doing the same exact thing adding seasoning to his already Lovely Tasting Pot of Food

  • Steven A is always defending,and justifying Draymond green no matter what,that why Draymond keep his bulshit on

  • Draymond should be shame of himself,the way he treated durant,whithout kd warrior ain't beating the Cavs in the finale.After 2916 final disaster,warrior knew they needed kd otherwise Cavs would have won two in a raw,so Draymond need to stop his nonsense.Why is he scare to loose kd if he is si confident? We all know warrior is going nowhere without kd,and against lebron

  • bring on Skip Bayles again..

  • KD for Lakers

  • Draymond Sucks

  • Dis reminds me when I use to work at sonic and one dude I was cool wit got mad at me cause I quit in 2 days ppl gotta stay in there own business these days smh sumn shit can get yu killed

  • Bro u not even talkin bout wat happen I talkin bout bs right now just shut up n fo sum better then talkin bad who better to the team kd r green... green not even a big deal he can leave the team n team do better

  • Draymond is about as excellent as me and I'ma home watching the game, which is where he should be!

  • Draymond is going to the lakers after this season

  • No athlete should have loyalty 2 any team or fans,loyalty should be 2 family and the highest paycheck. A team will use u up, and trade, or waive u. Fans will abandon u, and go 2 the next best thing, like a pair of shoes. As much as I think LeBron is a soft, overrated player,He's probably the best business man in the league. He will leave a team high, and dry, in a New York minute. D.Rose was loyal 2 the Bulls and look what happened2 him.

  • People so wrapped up in gsw, they forget that's fuckin kd 😂🤣😂kd come people he 1 of the best In the lead he can stop a 7ft. Point guard 😂🤣

  • Trade Durant haha haha so we can see the New NBA


  • Listen up,all these fucks have been coddled most of there lives,and when adversity strikes,they whine and cry like the little bitches they are

  • Max stick to boxing your nba comments are fucking retarded

  • KD ,better to leave that team and find the best for you!

  • Fell asleep first time max made that drooping eye face,,,borrrrrrrriiiiiiiinnnnnngggggg.

  • Go back to OKC I will be so happy

  • I was waiting to hear Max talk about "nothing" according to all these other sources (Stephen A. fans lol), when in fact Max was a hundred percent on point. Draymond might not like KD being one foot out of the door but on his worst day, he's way better than Draymond and irreplaceable.

  • Come on we were breaking records without kd..we don't need kd.. he just wanted and easy ring

  • I can never look at Draymond Green the same anymore I thought he had character he’s a snake bitch....when him and Durant was arguing that game he was talking to cousins saying “he a bitch”,”he a bitch”,”you know he a bitch” that’s bugged coming from a guy that admitted when they choked the 2016 finals he was in the parking lot calling Durant begging him to come he does and wins 2 FMVP trophies and makes their team almost unbeatable🤔that’s fuck nigga shit he should have kept that to himself just like telling the world he called Durant in the parking lot just like having his “Momma” on ESPN not realizing they trying to make you look emasculated and like a mommas boy how can these fools not see what a broke 9-5 working father of one like me can see 🤦‍♂️

  • i always thought draymond green was a dick. looks like my intuition was right.

  • Durant should go to LA👍

  • I came here for the girl

  • Political

  • If you turned this video on and started at Max's take (without any prior knowledge of the altercation), Warren Buffet could bet you ten million dollars you would not be able to correctly guess the topic of the take on the first try.

  • When he leave the warriors they will get scorched dude might go for 70 I feel sorry for them lol

  • Durant don't look like he's into resigning with the team. Make sure you're aware of your surroundings and know what's going on in your country and in this world you're currently living in. Do your homeworks be safe. Repent Pray to God to forgive, protect strengthen you confess Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour of the world who died for the penalty of your sins and rose on the third day. Peace, joy, love and happiness to all. God bless you all

  • This guy, Max I guess, says James is Better than KD! What planet are you from and what world do you live in?

  • Max is a clueless motherfucker. I can’t stand him.

  • Funny how grown men allow certain words to mind ef them. If someone calls you anything to piss you off, and you get pissed, just shows you are weak.

  • Hahahaha getting mad about sports.

  • Plot Twist: After DG and KD make up, GSW explode into Level 9000

  • Wtf does max mean "mature"?? KD was way more humble and mature in OKC, now he's like a kid always on social media always has to respond to anyone that has something to say about him because he knows that his move to GSW was wrong and what Dray said to him wasn't wrong, they never needed him and KD knows that as well

  • 2300 year old secret go to hypno alpha male skills yt now!!!

  • Mission accomplished KD , you got your ring , you don’t need this drama, come to NY and run the Knick’s,

  • people think only idiots will pick durant between durant/green. dont forget why durant is here, he is here only for the rings with 2 super stars and 1 all star and good backups(championed comp), durant only care about his own career and rings/FMVP instead of stay in warrior, he will instantly leave once warrior empire fall with any accident, thats why Green called him bltch.

  • These guys are millionaires why not buy their own ball?

  • Kd need to stop selling out . A real snake move .

  • Steven's sources have historically shot about 25% from the field, so take his comments with a grain of salt.

  • Green dribbled into 4 people and then cant admit he was wrong...

  • They start beefing Lol they should kick D. Green out of warriors

  • Maybe Kobe Bryant? Somebody shoot this dumb ass

  • Smith don't know anyone like someone would give him any info

  • Payaso,deben sacarlo,mediocre

  • I like this drama. If KD leaves there will be competition in the nba again and itll be worth watching.

  • Thug acting niggas on the N-ba. How fitting those initials are.

  • Cut his emotionally fragile ass. He cries more than my girlfriend.

  • "This just in! Golden State Warriors trade Draymond Green for a 1st round pick."

  • NBA is a business, there siding with there best player. Dreymond cant control his self, gets upset kicks dudes in the balls, never been a fan of his.

  • KD is the man on that team, no more chips without him, wouldnt of won last year without KD.

  • You could tell a lot of the GS players were annoyed when KD won the finals MVP again. But as good as KD is, GS is worse with KD when he’s demanding ISO plays.

  • Diamond Greene is a big part of the Warriors. Kevin Durant was never been able to bring a title to Oklahoma. So I would get rid of Kevin.

  • Check it out! 🔥 cs-tv.org/tv/video-xps67vOpChk.html

  • Where is the audio! Dang! 🤯

  • Green will eventually bring the warriors down if they don't get rid of him his behavior is very irritating i and many others also hate it and he is just an average player at that !

  • I get Max's point but he routinely answers questions that were never even asked 😑

  • KD is more valuable asset to GS the the B Green. If I were GS, I would look at that, and make a decision. The B Green needs to check himself.

  • who cares what smith or Kellerman think, its what teammates due sometimes.

  • Golden state traded and got kd. Kd is new to the team so hes not going to be commited like the others thats a fact. Golden state top players curry, thompson, green,igudaba. Those guys are brothers they love each other. Kd not there

  • Lol i would take kd over lebrone becuase of skill and lengh.

  • They can trade green and get a bettee player what you guys think. Green too small for power forward

  • Green is a idiot. Kevin durant plays hard and is carrying the warriors. Wariors need another good player. I hope its cousins

  • Draymond Green go fuck yourself you little cry baby grub. golden state don't need no bitch like yourself y don't you do us all a favour and fuckoff!!!!!

  • Green is a Bum as a basketball player. I pray Kev on to LA

  • Don’t care what happens to gsw as long as durant doesn’t come to lakers

    • +Chris & Ty Cox - Slots too overpowered. Even the gsw 5 all-star dynasty ain't matching that duo

    • That will be the best thing for the Lakers. K.D and LeBron cool

  • I don’t care what anyone says or think they know, it’s all about JEALOUSY, DG is jealous of KD success and style of game, it’s a black thing then it’s a black thing now, WE can never live together, play together, or even pray together without thinking who have more or who’s being notice the most, no one can fix that issue but US as an individual.

  • "Stephwon"🤦🏿

  • Join the club, Dray. There isn't a person alive who doesn't doubt KDs commitment. Except maybe his mama, and she ain't exactly unbiased.

  • 0:42 really cousins a peace maker. Really!!! Hahaha

  • Durant will be out

  • kick Draymond Green out! Warriors don't need him!

  • Draymond, tho' a great player, is very well known for being a loose cannon! Towards other players, and his very own also! He's a ticking time bomb that's about to REALLY go off....this here is just a preview!!

  • Boogie upset they bout to break up while he there

  • These comments are dumb azz hell. I'm not a Lebron fan but if GS is dumb enough to Draymond I would love to see him go to the Lakers. Then see Khawi head back West. I was originally hoping for Lebron to gradually have to build a team but F*** KD after his modesty is found to be BS.

  • KD left OKC because Westbrook... KD could leave Warriors cuzz Draymond. That's why they suspended him... they don't wanna lose KD...

  • Draymond Green is a big bitch

  • Curry,Thompson, Duran.are excellent players.But Draymond Green it's the Hart of the warriors.No of the warriors play as hard as D.G.He takes a beating every time he's playing.


  • The best thing is to conciliate those two guys for the good of the team. That'it! All the championships that won GSW it's because is very collective and a armonious team, and they're not selfish. But now what's happening?

  • Any of them can be replace except for KD and Cury, though Thompson is a on and off player he can be useful

  • Sound like a trade to me.

  • Anyway you know this was going to happen too many superstars give her the green because he's a piece of crap he's not a great player he's just a regular player he's nothing but a punk Big Mouth Punk Get rid of them in any case this what happens when you have too many superstars on one team and you know what the rest of the NBA is loving this they are celebrating over this Warriors family falling apart remember Warriors fan when you got suspended we were up 3 to 1 we should have won that game but Draymond is about Draymond take his punk ass packing throw them in the locker and throw away the locker selfish Punk

  • Damn Max, wtf was that load of garbage? Like he just wanted to out drama queen SAS.

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-xIJSzn3CaxA.html

  • Draymond found out he going to the LAKERSSS 🤣🤣🤣 fuk u donkey

  • Max's assessment is brilliant.

  • He has that Artest hooping gene

  • ESPN always fabricated stories and protects themselves by saying “according to people I’ve spoken to”