Dreamville - Under The Sun ft. J. Cole, DaBaby & Lute (Official Music Video)

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Dreamville - Under The Sun ft. J. Cole, DaBaby & Lute (Official Music Video)
Listen - smarturl.it/ROTD3
Directed by: Scott Lazer, Aisultan Seitov, David Peters, Chad Tennies
Director of Photography: Taylor McIntosh
Producer: Tripp Kramer
Editor: Roberta Spitz
Colorist: Kath Raisch
Revenge Documentary - dreamville.lnk.to/REVENGEdoc
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  • I woke up 😴👀for some moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy💪🏽💸💰💵💴💷 Ayeeeee lil bxtch ...... TOO MANY OPPS 🧐IN HERE TELL ME WHO YOU WITH 🤔

  • Who you with

  • lit

  • DaBaby as tall as a baby

  • 99% of below comments are by casual. Lute is a beast. Just skip to 1:25.

  • 2:31 when you say sum gay and your friend thought you where serious

  • Nobody fucking with sun

  • Ouch!!!

  • fuck jcoke

  • dababy bodied everyone

  • yall fr suck

  • Song starts at 2:07

  • Lute✊🏿🔥

  • So we gone act like we just didnt see a baby and 2 homeless people walk into a store eat some sandwiches and walk out without paying?

    • this definitely deserves more likes

  • 0:15 my dad taking me and my brother to the ice cream parlor

  • Why are these grown ass men calling themselves BABY???? WTF is that corny ass shit about, someone please help me overstand. Smh

  • lute had the best verse imo

  • 💯🔥🔥🔥

  • I woke up for some moneyyyyyyyyyyy

  • But jiffy lube doesn't sell gas

  • Potato over my gun 😂😂 great line


  • 2:31 Anyone else catch that DaBaby grabbed his CAP at the same time that he said "Now you know that that's CAP, know I hit a few"

  • 🔥 FIRE🔥

  • Spit falling out of DaBaby's mouth at 2:38

  • this song will not get old. i listen to it before i go to work sometimes

  • Make this blue if u gay 👇

    • Fortnite God don’t like it that’s wat he wants

  • Baby got the hardest part 🚫🧢

  • Just Checkin For View . Holy Moly Is 10Million View

  • Dababy and 👌👶🏾 are king baby’s

  • Who sings that intro?!

  • BAMF right there.

  • Somebody explain the beginning to me with the sandwiches 🥪 lol

  • Imma come back to this video a year from now Oct 18 2020

  • The Carolinas

  • Dababy obviously had the best verse his flow is so smooth

  • What happened to DaBaby’s wrist?

  • Thats some shit

  • ASA, I hope all is well with you. You said you were coming over when I talked with you what happened

  • i woke uuup for some MOOOOOOOONAAAAAAAAAY

  • Carolina!

  • They forgot to add ft Kendrick Lamar.

  • Absolutely love this song. Perfect beat, perfect style, with perfect lyrics. I haven't heard something so smooth in a long time. Outstanding!

  • Fayetteville>Charlotte 💯

  • 💯

  • Why they lookin like dat burger nasty

  • i swear that i am 1 million of those views. I love this video so much lol

  • 1.5x speed DAMN

  • They don't know about the "baconeggncheese"😂😂..BXNY

  • Just remember that when the bear drops j cole is Taking a big ass bite out of that sandwich

  • finally a different flow from dababy

  • I absolutely love J Cole but DaBaby kilt it♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • He said a M is his minimum wage:DAMN: #Coleworld g

  • NC Reppin.

  • I fuck with this song!!!! I love it!!!!

  • Imagine hitting the dislike button 🤣

  • i play this song all day

  • Shit this good, fam

  • baby saying the same shit twice about snitchen in interviews, lute bars, baby voice, cole both.

  • Been singing this for a week