Drew Barrymore Shares Her Tear-Jerking Halloween Miracle | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

čas přidán 26. 10. 2021
Drew Barrymore talks about getting a free pumpkin at a pumpkin patch, the work she put into her cookbook Rebel Homemaker and launching The Drew Barrymore Show.

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Drew Barrymore Shares Her Tear-Jerking Halloween Miracle | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


  • Love her! Such a wholesome person

  • She is the cutest 🥺🥺❤❤

  • I love Drew so much, it hurts. I don't know if that makes sense to some people In other words - if I truly care for an individual, it comes with the territory of feeling pain along with love! XOXO


  • "He stayed there in the patch." LOL!

  • Firstly, who says no when Drew Barrymore wants to give you her phone number? Lol! That's asinine! And secondly, she and her daughter couldn't carry the pumpkin so the guy wheel barreled it to their car, but she never explained how they got it out of the car and into their house or yard lol that makes no sense!

  • Movie idea with her story: Meets love when she’s young and they love Halloween (favorite holiday) and celebrate it too the fullest and eventually have a little girl. Love dies of cancer around Halloween when the girl is still a baby soo she never knew her dad. Halloween is ruined for her from that point on. Fast forward 10 years and she never wants to celebrate but just before her daughters new year of school she runs into a guy at a coffee shop and love at first sight. The first meet cute and they have a flirty convo. She then finds out once the school years starts and takes her daughter to school the guy is her teacher. Seeing how charming he is and how much the daughter loves him as a teacher they start dating Bc he asks. They fall in love quick but as Halloween comes around she’s reminded how much she hates that time and becomes her own saboteur and gets in fight with guy two weeks before Halloween so they break up. The little girl really liked the moms boyfriend and saw she was happy. She eventually gets out of her Nora Jones montage depression scene and wants to celebrate Halloween this year so she takes the girl to the pumpkin patch. Queue her story comes in and the guy she loves but broke up with sees her from afar and notices she can’t get the pumpkin and she starts panicking and crying and says this is why she hates Halloween. Then as she’s leaving he runs to her with the pumpkin in the wheel barrel. They lock eyes and immediately she sees he’s the guy for her after a quick exchange and finding out that his family and his favorite Holiday is Halloween and they celebrate with a huge party every year. End scenes they show up as a couple with her daughter to the extravagant Halloween party aka his parents house and as they walk in they kiss and then pan out from the house to the sky as a witch flys across the moon. The end. Casting goes to Drew, Henry Goulding, and a talented young girl that gives Abigail ala little miss sunshine. Pay me later.

  • How can you not love her?❤️

  • drewwwww 💗💗💗

  • She's really special - so amazingly approachable, grounded and kind. She seems to have been born that way as early interviews with her as an 8 year old show that same gentleness of soul.

  • "Marscapone" 😄 It's mascarpone but I love them anyway. Drew is so nice and also made me smile when she said she got shy in front of Måneskin. Lovely!

  • wow nice story...he runs into Drew Barrymore and she wanted to give him money for helping her. *Slaps own forehead*...where was....I would have sooooooo helped her..!

  • Guys is ann marie her daughter or somthing!!! They looks the sammmme!!!!!

  • Drew’s Halloween miracle is a good reminder for everyone: cs-tv.org/tv/video-nyjSnpvRAZI.html

  • I literally laughed the Whole time!

  • Jimmy’s the Best to Ever Do it!

  • Who doesn’t love Drew most genuine person on tv

  • Great lesson, Let It Go, Accept It & Move On, And If It’s Meant For You It Will Find It’s Way Back (Sometimes In Different Form)

  • These two are hands down my favorite show hosts!!!😍😍😍😍

  • I really love Jimmy and Drew together.

  • She says her favorite cheese is MARSCApone, but it's MASCARpone :D

  • Jimmy, come to her show!

  • Drew loves everyone. And I love her

  • love her show so much

  • He’s the BIL to her SIL #iykyk

  • ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Were ya high? LOL

  • "I'm sorry but are you Drew barrymore"?

  • Do you think Drew was one of the girls that liked Jimmy and he didn't notice?

  • She seems like an exhausting friend to have…just saying. Love her though!

  • I love her! She’s one of my fave female celebrities. She seems so down to earth and she’s not afraid to be herself & act goofy 🤣

  • It was the Great Pumbkin "Charlie Brown"

  • Very disrespectful call Maneskin, the Italian very young and talented rock band, “ mascarpone “. Anyway, with mascarpone we don’t eat pasta, we make the Tiramisù, a very good sweet with savoiardi and coffee.

    • And she pronounced it MARScapone! How, why!? Come on! It is such a well-known cheese, it's like not knowing how to pronounce mozzarella...and of course not with pasta, especially the recipe they were talking about from the book, Pasta al limone: with peas and mascarpone????? hmm, strange...

  • she looks so sad

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Whats going on w Santa Claritaaaaaaaaaa?

  • Like her

  • I cannot believe she did not take the chance to say “I did this cookbook in a pan-demic”

  • Drew you are ICONIC ❗❗❗

  • Her smile and voice is better rather than others actors❤️❤️❤️

  • I love their friendship SO much

  • the only funny fact about this is that "Måneskin" is not even an Italian word (it's actually Danish) and that he called them "marscaponi" instead of "mascarponE" (rip to the Italian language and cuisine) how can i bother being offended when this is the level

    • Maybe he wanted to use the plural form because he was refferring to the four members, maybe...

    • Imagine being offended by somebody else's mistakes

  • Good role model. She's been through a lot in life.

  • Wow! I love her ❣

  • Hey Jimmy, Jesus and St. Nick are not the same person...but fyi they both actually existed

  • Jesus is your free gift to heaven when you believe in his death, burial and resurrection you are immediately saved

  • Thank you for the video.

    • Jesus is your free gift to heaven when you believe in his death, burial and resurrection you are immediately saved

  • Did Drew and Olive meet The Great Pumpkin?

  • Ahh...now it makes sense at how good Drew was twisting the spaghetti during the episode on her show when Amy and David Sedaris were guests. Amy Sedaris was truly impressed (Amy is not likely someone who is impressed very easily).

  • "Halloween Miracle...Please!" Jimmy Fallon as he laughs at how ridiculous that sounds.

  • She is the cutest thing who just doesn’t seem to age.

  • They play together in fever pitch

  • I adore Drew

  • Wow, she is tired... Used to be hot af

  • Yea jimmy that's what I like to see man and of course and as always steve higgins is legend and The Roots is legends yeaaaah 🙂

  • I wanna buy the book however I’m not used to using many ingredients when I cook

  • She is so darn funny and cute as a button!!

  • If Drew Barrymore asks for your phone number… you give her your number.

  • Shoutout to the Hallmark Channel! I would totally tune into The Pumpkin Miracle!

  • Drew is the best. Her show is great!

  • She's the kind of person it's easy to be happy for.

  • Mascarpone??? For cooking pasta?????? NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. By an Italian living in Italy

    • I'm not Italian, but I'm a cook and I totally agree. She mispronounced mascarpone, she said MARScapone, I guess as an American she is only familiar with Al Capone. And she says as well, that it's her favorite cheese. It's hard to believe if she doesn't even know the name of it.

  • Dear Drew, in Italy literally nobody eat pasta with mascarpone. We use this cheese only for "tiramisù". Love you

    • Mascarpone, gorgonzola e speck, first one coming to mind.

    • Maybe it depends in which part of Italy you are cooking. I use it in pasta and dessert rcepies. And sometimes I put it on top of my pizza margherita. Anyway, you forgot the mascarpone cream that goes with the slice of panettone on Xmas days, to stay traditional :)

    • Non dire cacate, in un sacco di posti fanno pe trofie con mascarpone e noci...e sono pure bbone...

  • I think Drew once was a hippie in 1960’s then aged slowly.

  • Her positive attitude about everything, even small details, is the mood we all should aspire to..

  • She knows and loves Måneskin!!!!!

    • @Denis yes but also she heard their music she mention it on another interview she did about promoting her book. im a spaniard and i love their italian ballads more so then their english music.

    • LOL she knows them because she ran into them backstage:😀

  • Remind yourself that Miracles are normal.

  • omg i love her!!!!!😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍

  • I liked Fever Pitch, and I don't care who knows!

  • i love that she acknowledges the audience not just jimmy and she really is such a down to earth humble person i love her

    • She does that on her show as well. Love her

  • Is she a college freshman who just took a gap year in Europe?

  • The way talks is just like super childish! haha

  • Drew sure is fun, articulate, bright, loving… wow. Can’t wait to buy her book, I really think she’s so great ☺️⭐️

  • When I saw that Drew was going to be on, I stayed up late just to see her. As usual Drew did not disappoint. Now I can go to bed and sleep soundly.

  • She still looks the same after all these years!!

    • @Sara yess i rememeber she even said she hates needles too, i dont mind people getting stuff done but some people just take it way too far cuz they get addicted

    • @cj allon no, honestly. She said on her show that bc she's such an addictive person, she's scared to do anything to her face. Bc she "would end like Jocelyn Weidenstein" lol. Love her

    • @Sara exactlyyyy her face actually moves and has emotion haha u can clearly tell shes natural

    • Cause she has done no plastic surgeries or botox

  • Like the saying says, let something/someone go and if they truly want to be with you they will fly/come back to you:) A pumpkin that is wild and free is a beautiful thing!! :D May all your pumpkins be happy ones everyone!

  • I am a cookbook freak as well.

  • Does she still act? I can't remember the last time she did ...

    • @Hana Ⓥ yesss best show ever its on netflix

    • She did a an amazing series called Santa clarita diet i LOVED it so funny and weird😂😂

    • Think she’s too busy with her talk show

  • Love Drew.... but cmon girl if your gonna talk for that long and tell the story of the pumpkin you gotta bring pictures!!

  • I love drew♥️

  • She's such a gem. She makes me happy just watching her

  • ever since that SNL impression of her, I cant unsee it whenever shes around. Totally ruined lol

    • Drew loved that parody and had Chloe on her show!❤✌

  • ❤️Fever Pitch ⚾️❤️

    • Awwwww…. They need to star together again, may be like guest appearances.

    • ✌❤

  • If you don't love Drew, you have big time issues within yourself.

  • I wish my gramma would adopt drew so she could be my cool aunt

  • She’s so cute ♥️

  • Marscapone lol

  • Saw her crossing a red light in the wrong direction in a Ferrari in a crowded place. Funking psycho.

  • I love Drew!

  • 😍🌹

  • drew deserves her flowers man.. she’s been a great part of cinema for the vast majority of her career

  • Drew Barrymore is queen 👑❤️❤️❤️

    • Fax. She's just so damn adorable