Driving Tesla Cybertruck: Everything You Need to Know!

čas přidán 2. 03. 2024
Behind the wheel and every detail and spec of the new "Beast Mode" Cybertruck from Tesla!
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0:00 The Numbers/Specs
3:42 Differences vs the Original Cybertruck
4:30 Removable Aerocap Wheel
6:12 Pointy Stainless Steel/Build Quality
8:12 Powered truck Bed and Tonneau Cover
13:00 Doors with no handles
14:53 The Nose/Frunk
16:55 Ridge (Sponsor)
17:34 Interior Layout
22:16 The Back Seat Trick
23:54 Vehicle Controls + Steering Wheel
28:56 The Insane Steering
30:57 Driving the Cybertruck
35:43 World’s Largest Windshield Wiper
36:17 800V System
37:18 Range Extender
37:57 Final Thoughts

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  • Oh yeah, I've been waiting for this one! These are more details than I've seen anywhere else combined. Thanks! 🙏

    • No way TwoMinutePapers!!! Love your videos!

    • Same, so glad to see a 40 minute detail-packed Cybertruck video!! Now just for a Doug Demuro review...

    • The sharp front edges of that thing are going to kill people

    • @@johannes960same with sharp edges on a supercars?

    • I find it hilarious that all these creators don’t have a thing to say about the racism that’s being peddled by the maker of this truck…..Not a word just crickets😂This just shows that they’re so afraid to lose early access to the tech and other things they review and get paid for they’re willing to stay silent🙂I wonder if Marques would say anything if it was aimed towards the black community🤔I get it…. it’s a not my race not my problem thing.

  • I love Marques kinda chill energy. Even way from the beginning to now, he has never tried to be anything he isn't. Admirable, man

  • Man... from the first Google Pixel phone to the Cybertruck, Marques has grown as a reviewer. It's been nice to see his meteoric rise and growth as a trusted tech reviewer.

    • I remember when marques said he put the down deposit for the cyber truck in 2019. And I asked him why ??

    • ​@@ryanmussell739indeed, what real use could he possibly have for it? It can't even haul toolboxes properly due to the stupid design of the bed.

    • Didn't he get rid of his Tesla as well? Idk, we'll see how it goes in a few years with this one as well​@@ryanmussell739

    • ​@@masterkamen371The use is for him to review for everyone else. I'm just discovering him but it seems he had a plan from the beginning.

  • I’m glad your not cringy in a world full of CS-tvrs that are it’s so refreshing just watching a dam video for once instead of 10 ads

    • If you cannot see a ton of ads in a video, might be that the whole video is an ad

    • ❤ आप कहां से है सुंदरी

  • Dude I know this was a mini review on something brand new. You are awesome at it, I heard every word, you didn't hesitate. I'm an old man with hearing that concerts gifted me with. You did a concise explanation of systems, you hit topics hard and fast. Great job!

  • I never comment reviews videos but I like the way he doesn’t hold back on highlighting the negatives sides of some features

  • I wonder at what point this entire project went from “this is such a cool idea” to “we have to make it work somehow because you know who insists on it” amongst the engineers.

    • "this is an idea of you know who"!

    • Hahahaha thats exactly the vibes I get

    • Honestly imagine being the people who put all the time and effort into this, just to hear all the hate. I mean, I think its well deserved, they likely did the absolute best they could as far as design and engineering, and then Musk...

    • And the list they received from him on features that only make it harder to produce just so he could then go to podcasts pretending he did everything.

    • This project is part of a broader project for developing transport vehicles for Astronauts in Mars and the Moon. Of course it will need to be heavily adapted for such conditions (temperature, radiation, etc), but they are exploring concepts like the crazy steering that have in mind such "space" applications.

  • Honestly Marques, you're one of the GOATS of CS-tv Tech. Love what you do, looking forward to more awesome content in 2024!

  • 23:20 "And that is just, a ton of room for activities!" (Proceeds to lay down.🤣) Gotta love those backseat "Activities"😉

  • 34:20 LOL'd at the loaded-down pickup rolling by like, "Outta my way, shiny. Got actual work to do!"

  • Wow! the fold-up rear seat feature is amazing - my 2016 F-150 has that too!

    • My parents 2001 Chevy Silverado has it too.... It's rare...... but it's useful.. lol

    • So does my Buick encore!!! 😂😂😂

  • As someone who has driven full-sized pickups most of their adult life, I can completely understand the "Where is my nose" concern. We used to just put an antenna with a bright orange tip to indicate, but you can't do that here. I would recommend taking the truck to a parking lot and practice parking using the front-facing camera to help build that muscle memory.

  • There are some things the Cybertruck does that I hope catches on with other manufacturers. Specifically, the headlight placement. It's nice and low, which is great because every truck has their headlights at EXACTLY FUCKING EYE LEVEL with every other driver on the road that's not also in a truck.

    • Idk if truck people will like the fact that it doesn’t blind other drivers, because that’s part of the fun for them

    • ​@@LukeIngels no it's not. I like bright lights so I can see but I hate blinding drivers because it's scary driving at night and not knowing if they are going to crash into you going on a opposite 2 lane. For that reason I keep the normal low and fog lights high to minimize blinding but also letting me see the road. The cybertruck is great that it has brights but facing downward. Yes there are some jerks on the road that tailgate and blind people but that's not limited to trucks. Plenty of sedans and SUVs do that as well however it's not the majority of people.

    • @@LukeIngels You're projecting your weird fantasy, the average driver isn't like that.

    • I was literally frustrated by this last night in the rain because the F-150 kept tailing and blinding my side mirrors in my low Camry

    • More and more 2024 and 2025 models from BMW, Audi, Hyundai and other are showing lowered headlights already.

  • Bravo Marques! As an automotive engineer, I appreciate the way you presented this truck. I have been very super curious about this product and was keen to know many of the details you covered...thank YOU!

  • That windshield wiper kills it for me. It would drive me crazy not having the passenger side cleared up as well.

    • What will that mono wiper cost to replace and 800+ horsepower really.

    • @@flouisbaileymy killer was just how narrow the dash to the window is,it just looks awkward to me. Would I drive it tho? Fk yes. Would I spend 60k? Fk no

    • @@lowkeymodzz The don’t text and drive but use the touch screen for everything? I have been thinking, too hot or cold you fumble with controls, get pulled over, for texting. 💬 honestly officer 👮 I was adjusting my fan/temperature not texting. What’s the difference?

    • @@flouisbailey good question. I’ve never owned a car with a touch screen so I personally couldn’t tell you. But, I agree that that’s something I’ve worried about when car shopping as well lol

    • @@flouisbailey just say "i'm hot" and it'll raise the temp 3 degrees (or turn it on). similar for "I'm cold". Most functions can be done by voice or are presets that you don't change while driving.

  • I wasn’t feeling the shape and design of the cyber truck at first but now I feel like I’m totally digging it. I think it just took time to adjust, but now I really do love it! Excited to see all upcoming mods! 🎉

  • As a fellow New Jerseyan, the door mechanism has no chance against the ice we can get... and we're nowhere near the worst in the US. Not to mention shatter-proof windows is a massive double-edged sword in accident scenarios.

    • Live in Michigan and it takes a ton of force to open the door with the ice, this mechanism stands no chance

  • I love how the front end is sharply angled to ensure pedestrians I hit get sheared in half. Elon thinks of every detail.

    • Well, he did say that this was a truck that was built to survive the zombie apocalypse. Sharpened corners would help with that.

    • Weapon of mass destruction 😂

    • That's why this monstrosity is not street-legal in the EU.

    • Which is why it will never go on sale in the EU and UK.

    • @@MatthewParksSr I think that the designers misunderstood the 'zombie apocalypse' bit. The zombies were supposed to be on the outside, the way it appears only zombies to be found will be driving this thing...

  • You’re the only guy on the internet that i trust to review any piece of tech.

  • I know it might sound strange to some, but I'm genuinely curious about what people might do with this one in terms of customization. It looks ugly to me, but I can see it turned into something way more appealing

    • It's about aerodynamics. Musk done

    • @@remoruba yeah, I know it's a choice, but this looks unfinished. People need to like what they drive, especially for this kind of money

    • God it just feels like it’s so close to being an okay looking vehicle - like if you just flattened out the top a tiny bit I feel like it wouldn’t look like a kids drawing of a car anymore

    • Get a Mars wrap. Turn it into a space vehicle.

    • ​@@Artyomiif they flatten the top the aerodynamics get messed up real bad.

  • FANTASTIC review. Very thorough, well thought out, and objective. Thank you for making this !

  • The plastic hubcaps got me rollin' bro!!! lmao And the only way to clean those fingerprints is with stainless steel cleaner.

  • 23:00 Satisfying sound right there

  • I doubt you’ll see this but… if you do the same kind of turning radius comparisons in the future, it might be easier to compare if you draw the path of each vehicle in different colors. Just a thought! Thanks!

    • that along with having both move at the same time

    • I thought of the same thing. It wasn't clear where the advantage in turning radius was, but really cool review nonetheless.

    • I thought the same thing, draw the outer most point on bumper making the true circle

    • The team did that on purpose to not offend the Ford people too much.

    • I didn't see much of a difference in the turn radius.

  • I think for people who want pickups who are willing to get an electric one, it's an option. You made a good point in a recent video where, when put side by side on a spec sheet, it's not more expensive then others. But there are still areas I wonder about... I've seen a lot about the EU requiring crumple zones on the front of vehicles in case of pedestrian strikes.. and there is no way this is getting approved for that. I don't know about Asia, but it makes me feel like this is a vehicle that can only really be sold in the US... and given price and other aspects (this applies to other electric trucks too), it would really only be sold along the coasts... and I would be unsurprised if WA/OR/CA/MA/NJ/NY/CT/DE and maybe some others basically said "you need mirrors, you can't have an unobscured rearview mirror, etc." and if they don't, they may consider it once the first "I couldn't see behind me when I backed into the school bus" news article comes out. The people I know who own a pickup, my father included, would probably go "I'll give it a try" but I doubt many of them would be willing to buy one. My father gets practically paralyzed by button options. He would absolutely stare at that screen while going 70 MPH down a high way while trying to figure out if he should change tire height and we'd have to demand he look at the road and let the passenger do the adjustment instead. That's not hypothetical, we've had to do that before. Just seeing that options screen... he'll spend hours just trying to figure out what every option does. I'm so glad Marques lives in the North East... because the rain/ice thing is very real. I know so many in Cali and enough in Washington State who have basically said "it's raining" or "it's a bit cold out (75F)" and have seen what happens below Virginia when they get a dusting of snow... Midwest, Chicago, North East... we get a shower that then freezes in winter and it's like the car is encrusted in enamel. You get used to it and just yank the door handle harder. But we've also dealt with capacative touch on cars in that weather and it often results in "let me just get the keys out to unlock the door and then I'll yank the door handle" and so many reviewers for cars seem to be Cali, Florida, warm weather climate and never even approach these issues besides "it should do great in snow". Yes, I know there is mountains/snow in California... but I still don't see that remotely frequently in reviews (at least those with enough views). I also wonder about road side assistance and basic repairs of things. You want to buy this because it's "bullet proof" don't worry, someone will find a way to puncture it... but how about "child who tries to see how high they can throw a rock into the air?" Is Safelite or some local repair shop going to be even remotely able to replace the front windshield? Or will it be "sorry, drive 60 miles to the nearest Tesla dealership and it will be 3 months before we can get the glass for this"? What about that person who follows the map, has tabs on all the charging stations, and then finds out there's a detour due to construction that takes them out of the way and the truck runs out of charge? Will AAA be able to do anything? Or will we get the comedy photos of "non-electric F150 towing a gas generator, trying to charge an electric car/truck"? That applies to basically every electric vehicle, but people aren't going to blink at a F150 with a AAA vehicle next to it... but they are going to take photos of a Cybertruck and have a little giggle. My last real worry is the drive by wire. People have pointed out that there are plenty of vehicles that have some form of operation via wire, good example is aircraft. But many of them have a lot of redundancy. Regulation is written in blood, and redundancy is king for aircraft and other important vehicles. Yet I keep reading "Cybertruck is controlled by a single CAN bus to simplify wiring" and I just keep going "and what happens when it gets unplugged on the road?" My question comes from experience... my father's RAM 1500 has steering controlled by wire. And then one day, the truck simply turned off. On the highway. Going 75MPH, middle or left lane. Cars, trucks, etc. around him. It simply shut off. He couldn't steer it onto a shoulder... he had to turn the truck on mid-highway and was lucky not to get into an accident. Freak issue? It happened 5 more times. After the 2nd he refused to drive it anywhere other then right lane and usually only local, basically turning the truck into a lemon. He went to the dealer over and over and they couldn't find anything wrong. He argued his way to the point that he basically got something akin to "your warranty is unlimited miles for 10 years. Here, we signed it". The 5th time it happened was the charm... because he had one of the mechanics in the car with him and was explaining what happens. That dealer set him up with the top end 1500 and covered fuel until they could figure out what was going on. And what was the issue? The steering column wasn't plugged in all the way. Steer by wire, and the steering column wasn't entirely plugged in. A pot hole or something, and the wire would pull out a little, my father would loose steering, and the truck would go "WTF?" and simply shut itself off. Now imagine this where the entire truck, electric motor, steering, etc. is on a single cable... and the vehicle is basically a stainless steel tank. If it was said they have redundant cabling, I may be less concerned. But still. Also, I always have to point out: glad to see it has cup holders. I need to point this out because when the Tesla Model S came out, I remember seeing it at a festival in town. I sat in it, adjusted seats and such... and then went "hey, where's the cup holders?" and ended up getting into an argument with the salesperson because "when you're in a car, your only focus should be driving. Not drinking a coffee, or big gulp. You need less distractions" and the ego of this Tesla sales person on how the car should be used, lives rent free in my head as "this is not how you sell a car". 3rd party cup holders were ridiculously expensive at the time (but existed) and now they're either standard, cheaper, or people with 3D printers will just print them instead. Just one of those things.

  • MKHD, thank you for your review of the Cybertruck at this point. It was most informational, and it will be interesting to see the continued development of this truck in the future. As the world moves further into electric vehicles, I also believe it will be more important that the automotive industry look at its pricing and the ability of the average person to invest in future vehicles of this type. The Cybertruck would not be my first choice and I have enjoyed driving the Ford F150. I must say I still love my gas power and the ability of myself being able to get under the hood and work on my vehicles but the future of automotive is changing daily and its most important people get a full understanding of what they are getting ready to invest their money and you do an excellent job of pointing this out. You do the best reviews of tech on CS-tv today. I truly appreciate that in your videos. Thanks,

  • been cool to see your growth in general but especially cool to see you're a legit auto reviewer too

  • I really wonder how that steering will feel when backing a long trailer. Could be a gamechanger, or it could be difficult.

    • Could be difficult at first and with software they'll tweak it to be a gamechanger. That's the typical Tesla way...

    • Didn’t the older Denali truck have 4 wheel steering?

  • I came across your video by chance and for some reason, I believe you. You seem like an everyday Brian (not Joe) and not someone who is a tech reviewer. I really wanted to listen to what your opinion was even though the kids were yelling in my ear. Thank you for the video and I look forward to what’s to come.

  • 30:06 I feel like this scene would’ve been so much better if the f150 lightning and the cyber truck both stopped where they started the turn, would’ve shown how much of a difference there is between both of them

    • You can see the difference when the Lightning is turning off camera and the CT stays within frame.

    • Thank God it wasn’t just me. I watched it like five times to make sure i was not crazy. It’s extremely hard to tell any difference in that visual

    • what difference? There is barely any difference

    • I was expecting that, and then when it didnt happen, I was thinking to myself, wait, wtf..

    • Ackshually if both cars just do 360 and stop where they started, they would be in the same position and there would be no difference. The main difference is visible on the 180 degree point, on the other side of the turn.

  • just love your honest reviews! you get to the point with proper details and a real life review

    • If by honest you mean he didn't voice a single criticism, then yeah, absolutely. I understand why. It's not his job to be critic all the time, it's his job to present the tech. If he didn't, someone else would. But let's not pretend this video is an "honest review" I doubt he would call it that.

  • Hi did great Mark. Its one of the most honest unboxing product displays I've seen.😊

  • Ever since this truck came out on stage, I've been wondering if I'm ever gonna be able to like it. I still do. I appreciate that it is electric though. Great video as always Marques.

  • I think what I’m most interested in learning about is the safety rating. The front of cars are supposed to crumple for the driver/passenger safety as well as pedestrians’. So, what happens if you crash the CT going at 130?

  • such a practical overview of things folks should care about... maybe by 2030 i may get one

  • I'd love to know the crash safety ratings for both the truck itself and whatever it is hitting.

    • Couple videos out on it now. Not looking good.

    • I can tell you. The truck is fine. The passengers are dead and the enemie is folded together like in a hydraulik press. This car is so cool, but shouldn’t exist. It’s a mess.

    • Whoevers getting hit by this tank aint making it lol

    • @@adamek9750better be the one in the tank then

    • Yes - let's escalate this kind of thinking and all drive tanks. Brilliant Idea - not. I hope you dont have a child that gets rolled over by one of these.

  • They have one at the Tesla dealer near by. Looks way nicer in person than in pictures. That’s their best product for sure.

  • Oh yeah, I've been waiting for this one! These are more details than I've seen anywhere else combined. Thanks! 🙏Very funny

  • I bought one last week and i'm waiting for the moment to drive it

  • You have a marvelous way with words so I always enjoy listening to you even if the topic isn’t something I’d normally be interested in. That said, I think this truck looks like it was designed by a Jr. High school boy and belongs on the pages of a comic book. ☺️

    • Jr. High? You're too kind. The Cybertruck looks like the first car every young kid attempts to draw anywhere between ages 1 - 5. The thing looks like a caricature of itself.

    • and that's probably why it appeals to many. Simplicity. Elementary. Different.

  • Quality stuff presented in a relatable and useful manager. Your presentation skills are engaging and you have a skill that is rewarding. I'm pleased to see you use your communication and presentation skills to be of service to consumers. Well done. And continued success. I recommend your videos to youth as a way to demonstrate good speaking and presentation skills

  • I would love to see a road trip comparison between the Cyber truck, F-150 lightning, and R1T

    • Wasn't the Ford F-150 Lightning (newest EV version) have like horrible towing capacity?

    • @@phlooke I don't know too much about the F-150 lightning that's why I want the comparison lol

    • @@phlooke Every truck so far loses half of its range when towing. Nothing so far though shows they put any thought into actually making it easy to tow.

    • @@phlooke 10,000 pounds official vs about 14,000 pounds for the ICE equivalent which is a sizable difference. Cybertruck is listed at 11,000 pounds so also very disappointing.

    • That's really a comparison of the Tesla charging network vs the rest.

  • Oh yeah, I've been waiting for this one! These are more details than I've seen anywhere else combined. Thanks! Very funny

  • Excellent, Deployed Through The TRUTH Network… Thank You

  • we always look only pics cybertruck internet but detail review i see first time, good job and i think this is good car

  • I found out something that all other reviewers including Marcus and others have missed! Marcus et al all complain that the CT has no rear view mirror but err IT DOES! I first discovered this when I noticed what nobody else noticed which is on Tesla's website on the Cybertruck page there is an image of the interior showing a rear view mirror and also in the promo video of the family driving the actual truck around. I checked out the getting to know your Cybertruck video and it shows the mirror there as well. You may now say that this was an oversight from Tesla, it was not meant to be included or some nonsense like that. However I just found a video from someone who's friend took delivery of his truck and it shows a mirror ! When he demos the windscreen wiper you see the wiper moving on the mirror showing it is indeed a screen, as there is no wiper anywhere other than the front! The screen was showing the front view for some reason so can show either front or back view! This makes perfect sense as regardless of if the tonneau cover is open or closed the view is always there and if there is a error from the screen then the feed will display on the central screen! For once I found something nobody else seems to have found and the CT is one heck of an amazing vehicle and I hope it comes to the UK!

  • If you want to use stainless steel on a truck you should do the frame, rocker panels, cab corners and wheel wells. Not that this is a "real truck" but it would be nice to see on a Chevy or something

  • I’m a contractor - if a client ever see me with that - I will get the classic : “I wonder if I’m being overcharged” face from customers 😂

    • If your customers don't feel overcharged, you're probably too cheap to sustain your business. Ugly, but nearly always true.

    • Dont most trucks cost a lot of money, especially these days?

    • @@romeo7smith463 Not in the $100 grand range lol, a base model F150 goes for $36k new

    • 36k??? Post link

    • You show up at my place and I perceive you to be smart. Considering TCO is much more important than initial purchase price. Cheaper to “fuel” and less downtime for oil changes and other maintenance. Win, win for a business

  • *gets in the cyber truck* Marcus: “There’s a lot goin’ on”. the interior: literally just a steering wheel and a screen.

  • Creativity is stressful. Ive never made CS-tv videos, but I was into photography as a hobby and that creativity is stressful. I was constantly thinking of somewhere to take a photo, somewhere interesting, with good light, that’s original, but the weathers got to be right, the times got to be right. It was meant to be fun, but it ends up consuming you. When I watch photography CS-tvrs they must constantly have that feeling, but even worse as it is their job. I don’t envy it.

  • "activities" Nicely done

  • Yea I wanna be friends with this dood…I get Jaleel vibes…diggin your reviews brother! Keep it up! Same thing as other have said…your energy is legit! Chill and intelligent😬

  • My aunt's BMW X1 (forgot what year) has this speed meter that's only visible to the driver. So the real display is hidden right around the dashboard behind steering wheel. It is projecting the numbers vertically up and then being reflected ninety degrees on the windshield straight into the driver's eyes. Really cool stuff. I am more shock that Tesla didn't do something like this with their speed display.

  • So did anyone else think the tire covers will be the first thing to get stolen for no reason. Since it's toolless removal.

    • They better wear a mask because that camera sentry is gonna record the entire thing.

    • Pretty sure there’s gonna be updates or customs too lock it in.and even make it bullet proof like the rest of the car.kinda crazy

    • I don't think. Many cars have prettier wheels. For my car it would be aesthetically downgrade compared to my current looks.

    • I was thinking the windshield would be the first to go

    • @@georgetrice then what? the police don't care about your hubcaps.

  • Very well done. I like your style of review. One thing I'd really appreciate is if you could stop saying: "if you're used to a Tesla, you're familiar with this." The majority of us have never been in a Tesla, so we don't have that reference point.

  • Love the video and the insights, thank you Marques ! 🙏 2 personal notes/questions (maybe someone has mentioned it already) : - Is just me or the bed trunk is missing the emergency opener from inside? On this note, and now looking at it with "the worst kind of situation view"... looks like the ideal truck to kidnap somone. - I personally dont like the full stainless steel look and material. But I think this truck would look amazing in shiny black, specially at night.

  • My OCD was triggered by the seatbelt adjustment being too low. Dude, you are tall. You need it at the top. Great review!

  • late to this but happy to watch mkbhd

  • I just imagine how lethal this car would be in a car accident

    • "Cutting through traffic like a hot knife through butter.................pedestrian traffic, that is." 😵‍💫😵💀💀💀🥴

    • As Home Simpson said, "Yeah Marge, lethal for the other guy,"

    • @@reno145 lethal for everyone - check out the front on impact footage. Even the rear passengers are getting destroyed

    • @@reno145 Lethal for everyone because the stiffer the material the less shock it absorbs.

    • Safer for you though.

  • I really enjoyed the details you provided. They only make me love the truck more. The functionality of this truck will inspire people to buy Electric. Cheers and excellent job!

  • Great review! I also cracked up when you mentioned Nilay: after having listened to countless Vergecast episodes, all I could think about was the windshield wiper too :D

  • It feels so good to see a Black Man test driving a Tesla Cyder truck for a change. You are very Smart and intelligent. Please keep up the good work young Man God Bless You.

  • Hey just watching and its not a dryer plug its technically a stove plug which gives you (rated 50amp) but standard code does 80% so a 40amp rating. Keep up the great content!

  • I feel like this truck would look better if it came in other colors . I think this would look really cool painted in a nice gloss black all the way across with some Led panel lining

  • This is the most honest review I’ve seen of the truck. Everyone else has given somewhat glowing reports. Maybe because they don’t want to be shunned from future events. Good for you.

    • Tesla appreciates honesty.

    • product feedback is always good future iterations of cybertruck will be better for it

    • I don't think their "fuhrer would appreciate that.

    • no they dont. theyre a company, they appreciate profits and happy shareholders @@MGC-XIII

    • Elon is one of the greatest champions of free speech in the history of mankind, why would he censor bad review?

  • Measure the distance from the bottom of your feet while sitting in your normal driving position to the front bumper. Then sit on your couch with a ruler on the floor the same distance from your feet infront of you for a few hours. This will quickly get you over the fact tht you can not see any of the front of the truck from inside quickly. This will also give you a mental visual as to how close you can be to something while turning. Hope this helps.

  • Theo video is great, the car is way more great, i just dont accept some complains like the front trunk. The rear trunk fits a whole family in it!

    • Seriously, really? Complaining of a second trunk? Its a spare deposit for tools or something

    • Dude, the car basically almost have a bunker!

  • 31:32 the door panel is in MKBHD colors!

  • Great review! Nicely done. I do wonder what Tesla says about maintaining the finish. Pot scrubber?

  • I’ve been with your channel since the beginning. I’m so glad you’re still doing videos and you keep going up.

  • @Marques Brownlee First time I see you review, so nice to hear! No screaming, no overacting, no overexcitement, no exageration on little details, continuous talking without being tiring - long review video and I stayed on it 👏👏👏

  • Il est génial, vitres incassables, pare-balles, et son design futuriste, j’adore !!

  • 14:45 a good thing to mention might have been that those doors are a fantastic way to have your fingers either trapped or entirely chopped off.

  • I bet if you showed yourself ep 14 from auto focus a year or two ago when you started youd be surprised by how well they turned out.. keep going brotha tech and cars are so cool and your amazing at reviewing them!

  • Great video! Some of the features are neat, but I couldn't get past the design. I'm camp Rivian R1T 100%.

  • I saw one of these driving from Phoenix to Vegas. It was crazy looking.

  • I'm very curious to see how this car handles brutal winter weather. If your rear view relies on a camera, what happens when it’s covered in salty road spray? What happens if the rolling bed cover is caked in ice and you need to open it? Is the massive wiper blade heated?

    • I wonder how efficency of the batteries will look like after two or three years in this particular car.

    • Uh, like every other EV. There’s no new tech here. Same battery tech. In other words, say goodbye to your range.

    • well tested i believe

    • Like a steel dumpster sliding down a hill

    • @@arishokvok8460 According to the battery diagnostics test, the batteries in the model 3 performance I had on lease was still at 98% at the end of the 3 year lease.

  • marques is really good at presenting this truck. As for the steering-the learning curve will be all positive-different yes but different easy.

  • Now test it in the snow and give us battery life and characteristics and your favorite diesel generator charging stations.

  • The right side sit folds up!!!! Like a normal truck wow!!!

  • I'm still in love with the Rivian R1T more than any other electric truck out there

  • I'm trying the modded CS-tv APK on this video and loving it. It skips all the self promotion, fillers and sponsors.

  • Don't worry guys it won't look like that for long, the rendering should improve with the next patch.

    • The fingerprints will be more realistic?

    • Lol 😂 y'all are taking the mick

    • Yes my biggest worry in the entire world

    • Unless you’re Elon Musk. Forgive me if I don’t take this comment to seriously.

    • Na, na it won't get better. They'll cancel this thing within 5 years

  • I find it interesting that there are far more comments about the review than the truck. Its a good review foe sure but.......Strange world we live in when the personality is more important than the subject!

  • I suspect a lot of these are going to end up either wrapped or painted... I've obviously never been up close to a cyber truck but if the finish is anything like a DeLorean it's a damn near full-time job to keep one looking nice.

  • With that huge windshield, I can just image how hot it must get in the summer time.

    • You can cool it remotely

    • @@alexmiotke8016, fantastic idea, losing range.

    • @@johnnunn8688 lol, sure like 1 mile maybe. If you do t want a f**** electric vehicle dont buy one. My family owns one and it is better than any car we have had. Yes we need to charge it for a while sometimes but never when we are in a rush. We are prepared for that. Enjoy life friend, just appreciate when you have to slow down for 5 seconds ok.

    • @@alexmiotke8016 correct, no don’t want a fucking electric vehicle, so will not be buying one. Why do you feel the need to fucking swear?

    • @@johnnunn8688 cause you feel the need to hate on them for really no reason. Everything is just a gimmick in any vehicle. Because it doesn't act like every vehicle that has existed for the last 100+ years does not make it a bad vehicle lol

  • I got to drive one of these in mexico a few weeks ago. It was fun af playing around with it on the dunes. I personally think its a good truck but its definitely not for everybody.

  • This guy is dedicated to his work for real

  • I went into this thinking i'm only going to watch a few minutes but ended up watching the entire thing. This was a great video and breakdown, excellent content bro.

    • Same! Bro is thorough. Keeps you locked in.

    • @@t.e.stroud1781 facts

    • same here

    • His videos are like that one of the few people who I will watch a whole review start to finish

    • You guys must be new here... 🤷‍♂️😂

  • Excellent, Deployed Worldwide Through My Deep Learning AI Research Library… Thank You.

  • Look at them, the two best actors ever.

  • this look unreal we need it in Europe please

  • They should give an option for a matte paint coat similar to what is on the Iphone 15's. Would help with fingerprints and it would look badass.

  • 21:11 imagine you have the cybertruck for a few years get in a different car later and look at the screen for the mirror when it’s attached where it normally is

  • As a person who has done a bit of repair work on older trucks I can assure you no mechanic in existence could ever work on this thing.

    • Which is exactly what Musk and Tesla want, you're forced to visit their mechanics and pay them directly.

    • It's such a piss take of a truck haha

    • Yet! My first goal (when I get mine) will be to learn it inside and out. Like every other piece of hardware I own, it'll be fully custom. People doing the same will inevitably be in high demand as Cybertrucks start to roll (or limp) into shops. I can tell you I'm particularly excited that it can not only run my welder, but is _literally made of blank stainless panels!_ I think people are vastly underestimating the versatility of that, and the degree of customizability this will bring. *You can magnet/weld things to the truck!* Cybertruck might accidentally become a Maker fad! While I can only imagine in anticipation of the Artist's visions it'll enable, for me it's going to be a utility workhorse. Winches, boxes, benches, etc... This thing was built to be a Mars rover, and I'll probably end up using it much like they will, there.

    • @@Corbald good luck with that pal.

    • in what world do you expect some old man that has only worked on diesel engines to be able to get near an electric vehicle in a day.

  • Very clear and well done review. Not seeing the front bonnet when driving is common in several cars even small one like the Renault Twingo I. I find it pleasant since you have a better view of the road and a feeling of space. You could give it a try.

  • Gotta admit I was (sort of still am) a member of the "WTF is that!?" club, but your initial "not a review" has really helped to open my mind to the CyberTruck. On-sight, the CyberTruck appears to be a total waste of time and resources, but after your video examination I found myself eating crow and washing it down with a large cup of consideration. The more you revealed, the more I began to like the CyberTruck! So what are the "Get Rid of That!" on the truck? 1.) the ugly rubber hub caps that I assume will end up in the road somewhere after hitting a large pot hole, or being involved in an accident. A nicely designed steel wheel with no caps would add some appeal. 2.) the problem of finger prints on the doors. Install rubber cover plates where hand use is necessary like the door opening and tailgate areas. 3.) the tiny front trunk space - not sure how I feel about that, but "more space" is what I was thinking. 4.) the windshield wiper - can achieve 100% instead of 75% if the wiper stays flat against the glass and moves directly side to side across the glass. 5.) rear seat control of front passenger seat - that's got to go or that annoying sibling will be tormenting whoever sits in that front seat! HaHa! Can't believe I'm about to say this, but I would buy and drive this truck! Just call it Clark Kent because it's nerd-looking outside and in, but performs like superman!

  • You have to turn the power on to open the glovebox?

  • I'm truly impressed with this car

  • Wow... the future is now. Loved it!!